No, Orange Is the New Black doesn’t have a man problem

One of TV's best showcases of minority characters doesn't need to change a thing.


The Atlantic posted an article today criticizing Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black for its irresponsibility at how it portrays male characters. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with OITNB, here’s a brief synopsis: The show is the story of a woman named Piper who goes to prison for a drug-related crime she committed years back.

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INTERVIEW with Brooke Butler: ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE star dishes role in cult classic and teases new film!


There is certainly no shortage of horror flicks out there today, but I bet you’ve never seen one quite like All Cheerleaders Die. This new breed of horror comedy not only has a twisted sense of humor but a stellar cast.  And let’s just say that if Girls Gone Wild and your favorite gory film had a baby—its offspring would look a little bit like this movie!

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Emmys 2014 dream nominees: Supporting actor in a comedy series

These guys are serious. And funny.


Being really funny in a sitcom no longer awards you the Emmy for supporting actor in a comedy. The supporting characters are usually the sidekicks. The Robins to the Batmans. And because of that, they’re usually the comedic relief. They’re what Chandler Bing was supposed to be: the funny guy you bring it when you need a joke to land.

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Good-looking people who want to sleep together started playing Big Brother

The worst summer show you love to watch premiered tonight.


Television’s biggest social experiment that you tell people you hate but actually don’t premiered tonight. That’s right, we’re in for another summer of everyone’s favorite reality show ever Big Brother, this time for its 16th season. This year, CBS really looked high and low for people who truly care about the game. 

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American Horror Story season 4 spoilers

Only a few months after Coven, we know so much!


With such a long time to American Horror Story season four, I thought it would be a great idea to round-up everything we know about the next season. So, here’s everything you need to know about Season 4.

Season 4, titled Freakshow, will take place in Jupiter, Florida in the 1950′s.

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Devious Maids ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’ recap


Devious Maids continues to get better and better as the season continues. The more the mystery unravels, the further you’ll be drawn in. So, let’s see what happened with everyone’s favorite maids in the latest episode.

Valentina rushed her boyfriend Ethan to her home after showing up to her home with a major stab wound.

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Orange Is the New Black season 2 review: Delivers on killer first season


This season of Orange Is the New Black was possibly one of the most hyped seasons of a TV show so far this year, thanks to its killer first season. However, with such hype it’s easy to fail expectations. Showrunner Jenji Kohan clearly had her work cut out for her. And trust me, it delivered.

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Other shows about vampires and werewolves premiere this week

Their titles also begin with a "T."

The Vampire Diaries ended about a month ago, but if you need to satisfy your supernatural craving (or wash the bad taste out of your mouth, it really depends), just remember that two other shows including vampires and were-creatures make their season premieres this week, too.

Tonight is the final and seventh season premiere of True Blood.

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Child actors were amazing this season


Dana Brody on Homeland is home after a rehab stint. She’s just met a new boy she likes in rehab, but her doctors tell her she’s free to go. You can’t technically communicate with someone who’s still in rehab, but obviously this new boy has a cellphone. They begin texting each other.

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Maleficent thrives on Jolie’s portrayal, but not much else


As far as passive main characters go, Princess Aurora in Disney’s 1959 film “Sleeping Beauty” places high on the list. In “Sleeping Beauty”, Aurora sways, sings a tune, and can barely conjure up a few lines before she falls to her inevitable sleep. A reimagining of the fairy tale would have to give the main character role to someone else, but who?

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