In lieu of photo recaps, we’re doing this new mini-column that we like to call Gossip Girl Countdown in which we answer all the cliffhangers the show has yet to get to. Also, if you’ve never read or watched Shutter Island do not read this article. Also, go read Shutter Island just because it’s freakin’ great. Also, who am I kidding, you’re just gonna watch the movie. Also, you’re probably going to do neither, so proceed…

Last we saw Charlie Rhodes was… OH SHIT NEVER. All we’ve ever gotten about Charlie Rhodes was Ivy Dickens pretending to be her for a few episodes before the bomb dropped that she was a fraud. Since then a few tidbits have surfaced… she lives in Miami, she has a mom, her name is Charlotte, stuff like that.

The last time she was mentioned, Carol said “If they find out what happened to the real Charlie Rhodes…” which gets us thinking: what did happen to the real Charlie Rhodes? Well, we don’t know for sure, but here are a few theories we think are on the right track:

Charlie Rhodes doesn’t exist… and everyone’s just going with it

Think about it. Have you ever seen Charlie? Nope. And what you can’t prove by seeing, doesn’t truly exist — ghosts, Santa, and Charlie Effing Rhodes.

When did we ever hear about Charlie Rhodes before the end of season 4? Never. Sure, there was mention about Aunt Carol and her place down in Miami (what what!) but Charlotte Rhodes was absolutely never mentioned! Everyone just decided she existed out of nowhere! I don’t blame them; those guys in Gossip Girl world go through so much, they’ve just learned to roll with it.

Yep, I assume so too. Just gotta go with it, poor guy.

But that’s just Dan’s meeting with her. Upon closer inspection of Serena’s first encounter with Cousin Charlie, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

See, Serena is just as puzzled as the audience is about this new revelation, the supposed Cousin Charlie. Not even Serena van der Woodsen knows who this person is; just look at her face if you need confirmation. But she realizes she needs to just go along with it because this is Gossip world. So just as quickly as she’s confused about who the hell Charlotte Rhodes is… she puts her game face on:

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Aunt Carol knew she could pull this off since everyone in the UES goes along with plot points, so she concocted a plan to fabricate the existence of her daughter Charlotte in hopes that the entire family would believe she’s an actual person and rob them blind of her supposed inheritance. She hired an actress named Ivy Dickens to portray this non-person. It was the perfect plan!

That is until Ivy’s past came back to haunt her — Max. But that’s neither here nor there.

Why would CeCe Rhodes claim she remembers being there for Charlotte’s birth? Well, that poor woman is so senile and hopped up on medication…

So what did Carol mean by “what happened to the real Charlie Rhodes”? I believe she was referencing her nonexistence. That’s what truly happened to her: that she never happened.

Ivy Dickens is Charlie Rhodes

Aunt Carol supposedly found Ivy Dickens at some community theater — but what if that wasn’t Ivy Dickens, what if that was the real Charlie Rhodes?

Ivy lied to the van der Woodsens, to protect her cover, by saying her mom Carol used to make her pretend to be Ivy since she hated the Rhodes name so much. Well, what if little Charlotte Rhodes, an aspiring actress, took her second identity a little too far? What if Charlie Rhodes, for all intents and purposes, became Ivy Dickens?

It explains everything: she has a past with Max as Ivy because she couldn’t identify who she was after pretending to be Ivy for so long. Max thinks Ivy lived in a trailer park because she had to come up with a rich backstory for her other personality. Aunt Carol told her that the Rhodes wouldn’t forgive her if they knew what happened the the real Charlie — that she developed dissociative identity disorder (DID). We haven’t seen “the real” Charlie at all… except we have since she’s Ivy! CeCe expressed so vehemently that she witnessed her birth because it was actually her birth!

This address doesn’t exist because Ivy is a fabric of Charlie’s imagination. Carol got it for her as a prop to continue her delusion.

Carol saw an opportunity to rob the Rhodes family blind by getting Ivy to play the role of a lifetime, which she was so often used to do in real life since that’s basically how she lives now, unaware that she’s actually Charlie. So Carol thought if she doesn’t help treat her disorder, she can rob all the Rhodes women blind — including her own daughter by making her believe she wasn’t entitled to the inheritance and keeping it all for herself!

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Kaylee DeFer is a fantastic actress, but she may need to brush up on her Leo DiCaprio.

Or perhaps her best Sally Field circa Sybil. Speaking of which, DID is more often treated with therapy than medication, which explains why Georgina so acutely figured out that Ivy/Charlie was never truly on her meds.

Also, she knows this because she’s a psychotic bitch.

And it also explains a little something else…

She genuinely thought she was Serena. Common mistake.

Just sayin’.

Charlie Rhodes is Gossip Girl

Who else have we never seen in the flesh? Gossip Girl. So by the idiotic property of awesome, it stands to reason that Charlie Rhodes is the UES blogger that dishes dirt behind her cloak of anonymity.

Anonymous until now, that is.

Ivy Dickens may have been the world’s worst journalist, but she can learn a thing or two from her counterpart about how to protect your sources (until that little incident) and keep an audience coming back for more. Carol had been living in Miami, demeaning the Rhodes name for years to her daughter Charlie when finally, before she started high school, the pair decided to go to New York City and fight them the UES way.

The first Gossip Girl blast was Serena van der Woodsen during freshman year, was it not? Sounds like Carol is making her daughter execute a personal vendetta she has against her own family. But the gossip wasn’t enough — Carol wanted more!

That’s when she decided that hiring Ivy to be her daughter and rob the Rhodes of Charlie’s inheritance was just the thing.

That’s why if the Rhodes ever found out what happened to the real Charlie, they would never forgive her since she’s basically been badmouthing them and making their lives hell for the past seven years or so. Unforgivable!

And it also explains why Gossip Girl has probably yet to “find out” about Charlie: she doesn’t want to ruin her cover. Charlie Rhodes has been hiding in plain sight with her family for years, and they don’t even know it. What will happen when they do?

Poor CeCe.

What do you think happened to the real Charlie? And what other cliffhangers would you like answered?

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  • Karlos

    OMG i really like the second theory…that bitch is cray (with all respect to the disorder). LIke the bitch is probs like actually messed up. Charlie needs help. I hope the bitch never comes back to the UES. She’s useless to me. She’s nothing. I want to know why Georgina Sparks is back!!! Ugh, please answer this cliffhanga!! :] xoxo

    • You don’t like Ivy!? She’s AMAZING!!! 😀 And people have asked about Georgina. IDK if that’s really a cliffhanger since it hasn’t been addressed on the show but we’ll think about it 😀

      • Karlos

        Amazing? The bitch is just there. Her storyline is boring! I didn’t mind her in the fourth season, but she’s so useless. I want her out!!! What is going to happen with the Dan, Serena, Nate Vs. GG thing? Like, WTF.

        • But she’s got to be the world’s BEST liar! She needs to win an award or something xD

          • Karlos

            hahaha but you have to admit she’s boring this season.

  • Leile

    I think my head just exploded…

  • Anonymous

    so… I can’t read it because I hadn’t seen Shutter Island and I want to see it… Damn you!!!!! :/

    • I’m sorry! Go watch it!! It’s a good movie (and an even BETTER book, trust me).

  • Sam

    where the heck did Scott go…? (Dan & Serena’s half brother?)

    • That’s a good question; it’s not one that this midseason finale left us asking but seriously WTF happened to that guy? We might have to consider “answering” that one.

    • Sammijd89

      Great question! Wtf! I had forgotten about that! Im sure it will keep me up at night now. He just said he needed space and that was it. They need to twitter that kid!

  • Luxe

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Serena say she remembers playing with Charlie when they were younger?

    • Sammijd89

      Yeah I think youre right, when they were kids or something

    • pop

      Yes, you are 100 % right…..i was gonna say the same thing.

  • Beja

    No offence but I think that your first theory has weak point – if Charlie Rhodes wasn’t existing, then the leaflet Max was trying to show to van der Woodsen’s doesn’t make sense! 😛 There’s the name of Charlie Rhodes there.
    I myself think that the real Charlie is dead somehow because of her mother’s neglect…

    But, anyway, great article – I want more! 😀

    • Beja

      BTW, I’ve read and watched Shutter Island – It’s great, I agree 😉

    • Yes and we all know how good of evidence that piece of paper was! LMAO but you’re right, I decided to leave that out with the first theory as I often do when I do these xD BUT that doesn’t mean it’s the SAME Charlie — it could even be the some other Rhodes and Carol decided she would use that name in a haste because she needed a name quickly!! Perhaps meeting another Charlie prompted her to begin her inheritance stealing ways!

      And yes, Shutter Island is great! 😀

  • Kaylatheartist

    Maybe the real Charlie Rhodes is dead. Maybe thats what Carol meant by “If they find out what happened to the real Charlie Rhodes.”

  • Good theories, but my real cuestion now it`s what really happend to Cece??!!! 


  • Eugeniapolegri

    Maybe Ivy is one of chuck’s crazy psycho ex-lover and maybe she WANTS HIM back. That’s why when carol found out about her she made an agreement with her (pretend to be ivy and have chuck all for yourself)! There ivy found the perfect opportunity to get inside chuck’s life. That’s why she sent the blast of him and blair being at the party! She knew that the paparazzi’d follow them and that blair COULDN’T HANDLE the idea of being surrounded by paparazzi her whole life and to raise Louis’ baby w/ chuck! And if that wouldn’t work out Ivy KNEW that maybe there was going to be an ACCIDENT! Maybe she thought it was blair the one that was gonna have all the worst stuff! Then, when she found out that chuck was the one about to die, she just couldn’t handle it! So she left the UES, and never came back…

    hahaha LOLl! jk! That’s one of my superr duperr crazy theories 😛 Sorry for my writing (i’m french) ^.^  btw: My friends and I love your blog, specially your recaps =) xo

  • Hannah

    My prediction is that Carol’s murderer and Ivy is someone she met in jail who just happened to look sorta like Charlie, her daughter that she killed.

  • i really liked this theory. it actually makes sense unlike most of the story lines on GG now. 

  • Katherine

    OR: The real Charlie really did have meds and once she was off them she fresked out and jumped of a cliff or whatever…

  • Yazmiine

    This shit is so fucking deep.

  • Maringa

    I’m super late on this, but we know Charlie does or did exist. Serena recalls seeing her for the last time when they were little. Look it up, first episode Charlie/Ivy was in, Serena mentioned it. I think the real Charlie is dead or something like that.

  • karen

    Serena mentions that the last time they saw each other was when they were 8 and on the Van Der Woodsen yacht.

  • Manny

    She does exits ! But OFC no one knows wat happened to her .. Serena’s grandma said that she saw the day the Charlie born . Well maybe Charlie died or carol put her on adoption and the witch ( carol) never told her family to get more money which she only cares about 😉 … I think Charlie is afraid of loosing Rhodes family she don’t care about the money , u can tell she doesn’t