“Cassie Blake is not the only the only child of Blackwell in the circle.”

The Secret Circle is probably one of my favorite freshmen shows of the fall. Its mid-season finale kept me on the edge of my seat. That’s how you lead a show into a hiatus, you keep the fans guessing giving them the most nerve-wrecking cliffhangers. (You hear that, Gossip Girl?)

The moment the episode ended, my mind started wandering in all sorts of directions. Who’s the other witch from the circle who has dark magic? Who is Cassie Blake’s sibling? Could it be a brother? Or is it a sister?

The only possibilities are the members of the circle, so: Adam, Jake, Diana, Faye, or Melissa.

I would definitely eliminate Jake and Adam. I’m guessing the writers aren’t going to tackle incest on the show; they both have feelings for Cassie and both have already kissed her. (It’s the CW not HBO) Plus, Ethan, Adam’s dad, always tells him that he and Cassie are meant to be together which I think eliminates him by default. If it does turn out to be Jake, though, I’m going to hate this show forever. They can’t break my shipping heart like that. (Okay, not forever. I don’t think I can ever quit TSC)

So that leaves Melissa, Diana, and Faye.

I, also, do not think Melissa is the other dark witch. It would simply add nothing to the plot. And if she really is in fact Cassie’s sister, I think it would be a waste of a cliffhanger; she was barely even mentioned in the episode. (They should really give her a storyline though, it’s getting sad seeing her either in the background or not even in the episode at all)

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The two left? Faye and Diana. And I think it would be plausible if either one of them is Cassie’s sister. (Kevin Williamson, the creator of the show, is also an executive producer on TVD. Does it ring a bell? Siblings fighting over the one person they love?)

Diana has been very peaceful through the first half of the season; she’s the leader who follows the rules and never crosses the line. And in the whole Cassie/Adam/Diana triangle, she’s the victim. So giving her a dark side would be an interesting twist and would definitely complicate things more between the three of them.

However, I’m almost certain that Faye has dark magic within her:

a) There’s A LOT of competition between Cassie and Faye, and the writers did say we’re going to see a lot of that in the second half. Sibling Rivalry?

b) Before the circle was bounded, Faye did a lot of “dark magic”. She threw Sally Mathews off the dock, she burned Cassie’s car, and she created an epic thunderstorm on her own. (However, after the circle was bound, she was no longer magic without the circle, Cassie can.)

c) Apparently, and according to Cassie’s granny, Faye’s mom was obsessed with John Black, Cassie’s father. Maybe she cheated with him and got pregnant with Faye? I wouldn’t rule that out at all. 

That said, the writers aren’t known for being predictable or for giving signs about what they’re planning on doing next. They did kill off Nick, after all, when we didn’t even see it coming. I guess we’re going to have to wait till the second-half of the season (the show is returning January 5) to find out.

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Who do you guys think it is?

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  • The obvious answer is Faye. Her mom was apparently interested in John Blackwell and whatnot, so I have a feeling that it’s not her. Otherwise, the cliffhanger would be a letdown. However, if it’s Melissa, at least she’d have a storyline! XD

    • Heba

      Haha, that’s what I think, too. The thing is I don’t know whether to expect the expected or the unexpected with those writers, you know? I just really need the next episode – like NOW!

    • Heba Bsat

      Haha, that’s what I think, too. The thing is I don’t know whether to
      expect the expected or the unexpected with those writers, you know? I
      just really need the next episode – like NOW!

    • Cindy21

      Well I read that the ep saud that it wasn’t Fay so I reckon it’s Diana

  • Steveatplays

    With Cassie the ibvious hero, her sibling is the show’s main villain. By Season 3, Cassie versus this sibling will be everything. So who makes the best villain for Cassie to fight against? Faye has already proven she makes a GREAT villain, and her mum had a thing for John Blackwell. Lead suspect, then.

    But Diana is already Cassie’s nemesis, bc it’s written in the stars her true love will dump her for Cassie. That sets up MASSIVE drama for when Diana turns really evil. And her darker eyes do seem just that little bit more threatening than Faye’s lighter eye color. (I am darker eyed, so I know, lol).

    • Oooooooooh!!!! I didn’t think of it that way. I kind of want it to be Diana but not for the reasons you described. I love the idea of Cassie and her sibling having a showdown at some point.

      Yes, Diana is the other sibling. And the above is the reason why!

    • juuu


      • Amym011297

        But Charles may not be her real Dad after all in Episode 2 when Mrs Chamberlain mentions John Blackwell Charles goes all sad and angry!

  • juuu


    • Just because he’s her father doesn’t make him her biological father. He may not even know.

    • Steveatplays

      A German statistic (involving DNA tests, etc) showed that 13 percent of men who think they are the father of somebody. . . are NOT. 🙁

      So Diana, in a DRAMA, . .

      Plus, horror flics have always loved the false paternity thing. In Rosemary’s Baby, even the mom didn’t know who the real father was. (Paternity involved the devil impregnating her in her sleep). And John Blackwell sounds mighty like the Devil to me. 🙂

    • Matt Henry

      well he was gay in Queer as Folk 😀 no I’m kidding 😀 maybe Diana’s not his kid, maybe it was his wife’s and she told him it was his 🙂

  • Cindy21

    I think it is Diana cause Charles might not even b her real father and it prob won’t b Melissa cause Wat does that add to the story line????

  • cinnamon

    wen they was at the party her grandma told faye mom that she could never leave cassies dad alone so im guessing its faye…..maybe the mother got pregnant  by cassies dad.

  • kate arkless

    I think cassies sibling is either faye or diana
    but i defently think its faye cause fayes mum liked john blackwell and aswell faye and cassie kinda always argue so it would be a good sibling story, 😉 

    • Eva

      …but all we keep seeing is that Faye wants to get her individual power again!! The only way the writter could make Faye Blackwell’s daugther is if they explain Cassie’s individual power in a different way, this could perfectly happend because Diana’s grandmother said that she was testing Cassie’s magic but never said something about her black magic. We know that Cassie is meant to be the most powerfull witch, the one who put in order good and evil and that’s because she’s Blackwell’s daughter but also Amelia’s (who come from an other powerfull linage of white magic).

  • Matt Henry

    Well I’m thinking either Fay or Melissa. You sure are right about everything what you wrote, and there was kind of a lead on in that episode too. When Dawn,Charles and Cassie’s grams were talking, you know with the whole “you liked J.B. a lot!” thing. But that’s the point guys! Do you think they are going to make it so obvious? (okay well maybe, but it would be dumb :D) but Melissa hasn’t even had a storyline yet, so we can’t rule her out yet right? I can’t wait to find out! 😀 Thanks a lot for this article, I learned some new things 🙂

  • i think its melissa, but i dont understand why she doesn’t show signs of dark magic and her magic was bound to the circle. In ep 15, Callum tells melissa she has strong or alot of power(cant remember the exact word :O) Maybe when her power wasn’t bound,..maybe her real father had a strong bloodline but not the balcoin/blackwell line. IDK but if she is why didn’t she ever use it, or why couldn’t she sense Cassie’s dad???so confusing:(

  • kiersten

    what if its eva??

  • Kie181910

    I hope its Diana, it would be so cool seeing Cassie and Diana as sisters because they have that love/hate relationship, and then Cassies and Adams families are “written in the stars” which could also mean Diana and Adam could have happened again. And Diana was the one Cassie was protecting when that witch hunter tried to kill the circle so they have that sisterly bond then. It would make the show A LOT better if they were sisters. Also about Faye being Cassies sister it didnt seem like John Blackwell liked Fayes mom at all, I hope its not Faye she is to evil already and to obsessed with power so if she had the dark power it would end the show faster, Diana would probably be more mature with the power like Cassie.

  • People it’s between faye and melissa. But, faye is the obvious choice…i honestly want faye to be the sister b/c her and cassie have that i hate you but i love you type of relationship.Yet, melissa would be unexpected…..sooo idk and john blackwell did have a connection with melissa mom..b/c him and melissa had that heart to heart talk and made melissa tear up a little. yet, she has no storyline…soo it’s like a waste of time. Yet, faye has a storyline and dawn and blackwell secretly dated! And it will be sooo interesting and hilarious b/c they argue so much..and faye wouldn’t have to be jealous of cassie anymore. I don’t think john hoped around…alot but maybe he did b/c he’s such a good liar.

  • why would they(writers) waste all that time..making us believe that faye is the sister like…they make it so obvious  sooo if it’s not her…it will be disappointing.

  • Sham_kand

    I think both daiana and faye….

  • Guest

    It’s Diana!! Watch season episode 20. The ones with black magic can’t get into the mine and Cassie couldn’t and either could Diana and at the end Cassie says “You’re my sister”

  • It’s Diana!! Watch season 1 episode 20. The ones with black magic can’t get into the mine and Cassie couldn’t and either could Diana and at the end Cassie says “You’re my sister”