The milestone one hundredth episode of Gossip Girl just aired — Blair marries Louis, Chuck is sad, Serena is pining, Nate is horny, and Georgina is Gossip Girl. Oh, and there’s scheming.

1. Let’s start at the end. OMGeorGina! Georgina is Gossip Girl! What are your thoughts?

Samantha | I think Georgina is the NEW Gossip Girl, meaning she hasn’t been it all along. And I think she will only be doing it temporarily (Michelle is supposed to be around for a while, but not for the rest of the season, I don’t think). I’m a little disappointed anyway. It was SO OBVIOUS. Especially throughout the episode. I wish there had been more of a twist.

Michael | Disappointed with Georgina as Gossip Girl, oh how do I count the ways… infinity I think just about sums it up. I didn’t make it a secret that I wanted Gossip Girl to be someone on the show from the beginning, but I also never wanted it to be Georgina. Georgina is so ridiculously in your face that she would never need to hide behind a blog. If she wants to reveal a secret, she does it in the flesh. I know it makes sense because she’s a troublemaker, but it also doesn’t. The blogger should have been someone more passive, someone with better motive, someone that could have actual implications. Who the hell cares that Georgina is Gossip Girl? No one. If Serena or Blair or Nate or Dan or Chuck or whoever found out that Georgina is Gossip Girl in the next episode, they’d shrug it off and go “Yeah, makes sense” and the episode would end. That’s not much of a reveal. Hate it. Absolutely hate it. There are going to be postmortems with this episode after this roundtable is published, but I don’t think the writers are going to backtrack and say “No, she just became Gossip Girl now.” Ugh. Also, was she just screwing with everyone or did someone else actually upload the video? And what about Kristen Bell’s voiceovers? And is she going to become a regular? God, I just… ugh. Awful.

Kate | I’m sorry, did I miss something? Somewhere on this ride I got the impression we would NEVER learn who GG is. So, big disappointment there- I just did not want to know, and I enjoyed not knowing. You could go all meta and take it as commentary on society, I mean, look at 2×25. That was the point! Now it is going to take some master story writing (insert blank face here) to convince me that this is genuine, because while some things fit, there are a lot of holes there. Sadly, it does not make sense she was Gossip Girl this whole time, which brings this down to… what? Georgina versus the NJBC? G versus S (again)? Way to freshen up the plot lines :sigh:

Lizzy | Whoa, actually watched Gossip Girl tonight. I remembered the good times of seasons 1 and 2 and it was the 100th episode, so I tuned it. And Gossip Girl being Georgina? While it probably makes her presence on GG more lengthy (I ship Georgina and my television screen), it felt somewhat forced. Maybe becuase the writers wanted this huge bombshell, they kind of forgot that Georgie never went to UES schools and met Serena in boarding school. And the blasts started before boarding school. (Fingers crossed all my facts are correct!) I did like, however, that a long long time ago they stated Gossip Girl’s first ever blast was Serena Van Der Woodsen. Disregarding that whole boarding-school-Constance-Billard timeline, it makes sense that Georgina would be the most interested in Serena’s life. I’ll have to see how this all plays out, but as of now, I’m in a wash.

Samantha | Lizzy, actually, Serena did know Georgina before boarding school. Remember they ‘killed’ Pete together, which caused Serena to run away? Just pointing it out. But you are right. There were so many times over the years where there is no way Georgina could have been Gossip Girl. I don’t know how the writers can explain their way out of this one.

Lizzy | Ugh yes you’re right. There goes my logic. If they take away Kristen Bell, I’m quitting.

Heather | Honestly, I am not really that disappointed about Georgina being Gossip Girl. Really, with the style of show, anyone would have been disappointing, but to me, Georgina makes sense. It explains Gossip Girl’s obsession over Serena, and her early fascination of Dan- after season one, Georgina always seemed a little obsessed with him, and Gossip Girl continued dissecting his every move even when he no longer was connected to the “it players” of the UES. It explains why, though Georgina was apparently crazy, we never get any blasts about her and the crazy shenanigans she’s partaking in, while every little breath that Serena or Blair takes is documented. It explains why Georgina was so desperate to find scandal at the end of a season where the character of Gossip Girl really had no importance to the story. I am actually glad it’s Georgina over some random, new character because it feels, slightly, less contrived.

2. “Always have, always will…” and other callbacks to the pilot: did you like them, were they okay, contrived, awesome — what?

Samantha | To be honest, I didn’t see as many as I thought I would, then again, I was so caught up in what was happening and the emotional aspect of it (I know, slightly ridiculous. I can’t help it). I’m sure when I rewatch it later this week that I’ll see a lot more of them. Though, I did notice the ‘always have, always will’ one!

Michael | The callbacks were nicely done, I thought, where it didn’t just seem shoehorned in there just for the sake of adding them. So, very nicely done there, Mr. Safran. And I liked how Gossip Girl was starting off again, technically, almost as she was when Serena returned to New York in the beginning. It felt a bit full circle. But I know people are going to be pissed about “Always have, always will.”

Kate | My favorite callback was Young Folks, “Always have, always will…” was a bit painful (that was Nair, which didn’t work, so is that the kiss of death for Derena?), and Eleanor’s mirror callback was a bit too much. It didn’t work, it made the changes in Eleanor’s character seem really jarring when you look at that scene and juxtapose it with this one.

Lizzy | I was a book fan of GG long before the television series, and since then I’ve been a Nate and Blair fan. So while the “Always have always will” tugged at my heartstrings a bit, I generally liked the flashbacks. There were tiny things that you might not have caught, besides the previous line and the “Young Folks” playing (though it was a cover version). If you noticed, Eleanor said to Blair something along the lines of “You get more beautiful everyday,” completely different from the pilot episode where she, played by another actress of course, said something like “You’ll never be as beautiful as you are right now”. There was also Dan looking up at Serena on the Waldorf balcony, in comparison to him looking up at her at the Palace hotel steps. Wow how do I remember this. But it gave me smiles and I think the tiny referenced may have made the episode for me.

Heather | I loved a lot of the callbacks, but honestly, I was disappointed by the “always have, always will” one. People who know me outside of this site know that I am an old school “Derena” fan, but I felt that whole scene was so forced. Since the spoiler of that line appearing was released, I assumed it would be Serena saying it Dan, but in the end, I was really disappointed with how that scene came off. For the most part though, I really liked the call backs. My favorite was the opening. I thought it was really great to use that music in the background but see how all the different characters had grown and changed throughout the years. My favorite callback was either them acknowledging the history between Nate and Blair or Eleanor telling Blair she was growing more beautiful every time she saw her. I had a lot of issues with the lack of Nate and Eleanor’s general characterization in this episode, but both of those things were touching and sweet.

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3. What did you think about Prince Louis making a 180!?

Samantha |  I swear, in whatever his next role is, Hugo is going to play a serial killer. He was so creepy during that dance! And it wasn’t a complete 180. He has shown some more evil sides over the course of this season. I think he is just a momma’s boy gone bad. He needs to get out from under her wing and get some freedom (which won’t happen since he is a prince and all. Oh well).

Michael | Okay, this is weird, but I kind of started to like Louis when that scene aired. I wasn’t just pissed because the wedding was still going on, I was also a bit like “Louis, what the hell, where’s your self-respect… dude!?” But then he became stern and “redehcoolusly” evil and sinister. Finally. We knew Louis could get dark, but who knew he was like this?

Kate | To be honest, Louis’ 180, while putting a lot of things into perspective in terms of his character, is still a line of logic that is lost on me at the moment. I guess the lesson here, amongst many, is self-respect? Blair threw herself at him (I hate how that sounds, but look at what she did in that scene?) and so can we really hate him for disrespecting her when she has failed to respect herself and her true love? She broke a lot of his ideals and he did what he had to in order to save face as a public figure. Ugh, and with that, I will now take off walking a mile in yucky Louis-bot shoes.

Lizzy | UGH. I haven’t been in the previous round tables, so you don’t know my thoughts on his “favor of Dan,” but UGH this episode made me dislike Louis and everything he brings to Gossip Girl (minus his accent, obviously). He’s already my least likable character – even more so than Lord Marcus since he had an attractive accent and all – but this episode just ruined him entirely for me. And while on some level I wanted Blair to see that she’s just so unintelligent for marrying him, I can express nothing but dislike for him. I hope he goes back to Monaco and realizes that the marriage was invalid and cries alone with his mother. He’ll try to call Beatrice, but she’s too awesome for him and ditches his sorry ass. I’d choose Diana and that Duchess chick combined over Louis.

Heather | I wish Blair would have been able to just leave Louis because she realized that she didn’t want to be unhappily married to him, but, on the other hand, I loved Louis in that scene. He was fun and evil, and I wish if we were going to be subjected to eighteen episodes of him, I would prefer cold, heartless, evil Louis over dumb, personality-less Louis any day of the week. Now, at least, it sort of makes sense why he would still be marrying the girl who has: kissed Dan for their relationship, cheated on him at a bar mitzvah with Chuck, almost ran away with Dan at the first sign of trouble, had a Dan write self!insert porn about her, kissed Chuck as a part of another “scheme,” ran off to temporarily live with Dan, attempting to run off Chuck before ending in a car wreck that resulted in the death of the heir and Louis’s child, and frequently told Chuck how much she loved him.

Michael | Ha, Heather! That’s the same thing I was thinking when they were going to get married anyway. In some way I don’t see how it’s less threatening to his image if they get married rather than not, but whatever. I also wanted Blair to be the one to stop the wedding, but I love a good Gossip Girl blast — and this one was as good as ever.

4. Chuck and Blair — your thoughts?

Samantha | Why does Chuck have to be sad 24/7 on this show? All he cares about is making Blair happy, which means sadness and heartbreak for him at all time? It is so dumb. And even once he knew about the whole God promise thing, Blair still wouldn’t give it up. It was completely ridiculous and contrived.

Michael | I can’t with this anymore. I want to walk in to my TV and slap Blair. Just… goodness. She’s basically yelling to everyone, “I LOVE CHUCK SO MUCH!!” but then does nothing about it. I know the producers say it was because she needed something to believe in, not that she became religious, but I honestly would rather have seen Dark Louis blackmail her. Blair, just be with Chuck if you love him so much. That’s how life works.

Kate | Thoughts? I’m supposed to have THOUGHTS about Chuck and Blair? How about actions? Like bashing my head into my keyboard (which looks like this: cnu5etwy4etw4ew4y8ertwr135), drinking premium scotch, and violently strangling the many pillows on my bed. Now, emotions aside… it’s all the same things it has always been with the opposite side of the coin. “I was scared. I was scared if we spent the whole summer together, just us, then you’d see. -See what? -Me.” (2×01) Now it’s Blair’s turn to be scared; she was half of season four and so we continue on… until maybe, just maybe, her story arch contains the ‘quarter life crisis’ issues she needs to face in order to claim her identity, and her love for Chuck. And of course, the right timing :groans:

Lizzy |  I wish, wish, wish, that Chuck hadn’t sent that blast to GG. I hope that somehow it turns out it wasn’t him, but I doubt it. I’m a Chuck and Blair fan, but not crazily so, but that moment where he was standing at the edge of the church? I just wish he’d walk away instead of turning back for the blast. It would’ve been just so cinematographic and with the music, just a perfect moment, even if I would be internally crying. After that, I’d make it so that Blair bounced on the wedding and chilled with him. I’d take it. But really, I don’t think this is the end of CB. In any other series, they’d logically have Blair somehow divorce/invalidate her marriage and spend some time enjoying her 20’s, but let’s be real. This is Gossip Girl. So it’s definitely not the end. And while I’m glad about that, I’m sure the writers will find another predictable way of their relationship not being possible and reunite them in the season finale. I don’t really know where my thoughts are going, but I don’t think this is the end for them at all. How will anyone breath without Chair?!

Heather | *Yawn* Wake me up when something new happens in this story line. We are just now half way through the season, and they have declared their love and said goodbye more times than I have unsuccessfully attempted to lose weight. As the great Willow Rosenberg once said: “Bored now!”

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5. The Real Charlie Rhodes: boring, awesome, don’t care?

Samantha | I really don’t care about Real!Charlie. But I do find it hysterical that Nate is going to hook up with both Real AND Fake Charlie. It doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Michael | She’s so useless. Why does Nate even care about her? She’s not particularly pretty and she’s so monotone and boring. Why couldn’t she be Gossip Girl? Then she’d have a purpose. Where the hell is Ivy?

Kate | Did she get enough screen time to answer this question? First she was slightly self-depricating, then she was snarky at the reception (which oh, you know Natie loves that), and we learn she wants to be an actress, who’s studying at Juilliard (poor baby) and… Carol disowned her? :waiting for this to make sense:

Lizzy | Let me be honest, now that Charlie isn’t Gossip Girl, I don’t really care about her. I find Ivy a lot more interesting, and even though it’s borderline impossible at this point, I wish Nate would have a story line that doesn’t revolve around a love interest. Just once?

Heather | I am interested in where this story goes. It’s too early for me to really love it or hate it. I think the actress is gorgeous and seems to play off of Chace well, but I didn’t think the 100th episode was the appropriate time to begin developing that story line. That was five minutes of times that could have been used for something, anything else pertaining to the main five.

6. Blair leaves with Dan. What are your thoughts?

Samantha | I think pretty much everyone knew this was going to happen. He is basically her best friend and go-to problem solver/helper at this point, since his character has basically been reduced to being her lapdog. I don’t know, I just want more for him. He needs a real storyline. And Blair needs a new hair-do now that this wedding nonsense is almost over.

Michael | Ha! I love how Serena professes her love for Dan and he’s like “Okay… peace!” and leaves with Blair. I imagine Blair plans to flee the country; I imagine she called Dan not only because they’re friends, but he’s the only one who kept her secret and he wrote her vows? I don’t know. I want to see what her game plan is here and what she’ll say about the vows.

Kate | She wasn’t going to leave with Chuck, though the end was cut a little to look that way. Did we really think she was? Dan was at the reception, he’s the logical choice, given she’s been using him for cover for months now. Plus, doesn’t that girl’s reaction in the teaser say it all? lol Who’s a better cover than Dan? Makes the opening scenes with Nate, Dan, and Chuck even more poignant.

Lizzy | I also like Dair because I can’t be expected to pick one person she should be with, so the end of the episode was nice. I think Dan should have more regard for the girl he was in love with for like 4 seasons, but it was nice. It was nice to see Blair once again lean on Dan, and I’m sure that he’ll be that person that says “Blair, you need to find a way out of this, I’ll help you find a way out of this.” If the writers are doing anything right, besides a select few amazing scenes from the past season, it was their friendship. This whole situation parallels when Dan helped Serena hide out in his loft, so we’ll have to see if it plays out the same way.

Heather | I may or may not have squealed like a twelve year old at a Justin Bieber concert. I loved it. I think it was, like the season five premiere loft scene, was put in as shipper bait, but I don’t care. It was pretty and sweet and it warmed my cold, bitter heart. I am cheap. I don’t need over-the-top melodrama or endgame reassurances, I just want cute scenes with them interacting and being adorable, and that’s what I got. I really would have liked a little more interaction leading up to that scene though, but I guess, I will take what I get. I have loved them together since season one, so I am in it for the long haul.

7 Other thoughts and what would you grade this episode?

Samantha | Despite its predictable and contrived aspects, I would give this episode a B+. It was definitely one of my favorites this season and it really kept my attention for pretty much the entire episode, even if it was a bit heartbreaking.

Michael | Obviously, I’m bitter because of the Gossip Girl reveal, so I apologize at how annoyed and frustrated I sounded in this roundtable, but it really affected my views on this episode. If I look at it objectively, it’s really bold for the showrunners to decide to reveal this, very ambitious considering the show’s not ending soon. So, it will be interesting to see a world where Gossip Girl isn’t just behind her blog. And plus, I liked some of the twists, namely Louis, so I think I’ll say a C+. Is that fair? Maybe too low.

Kate | Thoughts? I hope to have some magical greater appreciation for it the second time around (yes, I’m a masochist, didn’t you notice? I’m still watching after all!). A solid C, because there were a few tears, and I appreciated all the loops. But they lost points with the Gossip Girl ‘reveal’ and the general looseness of the plots. Being of the fanfiction crowd, I can confidently say, sorry, there is fanfiction out there better than this episode. Waiting for you to try again, my dearest frienemies, GGWriters. xoxo

Lizzy | D-. I still hate how Blair suddenly decides that she absolutely has to someone. She even said to Serena that she’ll have to learn to love Louis or something like that. Gossip Girl as Georgina was a terrible cliff hanger. I don’t care about Charlie. Why is Lily on the screen?

Heather | While there was a lot I liked about this episode, most of it happened in the final two minutes. I think season five’s biggest weakness has been pacing, and this episode was no exception. At the forty minute mark, we were at the same place in the story as we were at the fifteen minute mark. The OMG! moments of Blair running to Dan and the Gossip Girl reveal meant the rest of the episode dragged on. When you write an episode around those surprise twists, you tend forget the rest of the content, and I feel like that was what happened here. As much as I might not like it, I know that the Chuck and Blair saga is one of the main tent poles of the series, but could we have not spared at least one their repetitive “I love you, but I can’t be with you” scenes for some other story? Nate, one of the main five characters had less that five minutes of screen time in an episode that was supposed to be honoring the history of the show, and as much as I love Blair (she’s been my co-favorite since season one), I am ready for the story to start focusing on someone else for a bit. While her story remain “redehcoolus,” melodramatic, repetitive, and downright laughable, let someone else- Nate, Serena, Dan, Ivy, anyone else, take the stage for a while. No more royal weddings, paternity stories, weird and convoluted Sleep No More schemes. I want this show to do what is does best- analyzing the fallout of two vastly different worlds (Brooklyn and the UES) colliding. So, I guess my grade overall would be a B-, but as far as 100th episodes and hype goes, a solid C-.

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  • Karlos

    I was expecting Serena telling Chuck an actual BIG SECRET. Like, “The baby was yours Chuck”. I would’ve been like OMG whatafah! And the real Charlie…she seems like a dumb bitch. Really though. She’s useless. I honestly don’t think Georgina is GG. Not even that she’s the “new” GG. Ugh, I kinda don’t want Georgina back anymore. Oh and the priest getting sick lolz.

    • This entire comment was hilarious. I LOL’d through it all. XD

  • sorry for being angry

    I just couldn’t stand this episode. I didn’t like any of it. I don’t understand why the writers keep showing Chair scenes. They obviously have no passion for them, or if they do, they just suck unbelievably. How many times do we have to have this SAME scene? They used to have so much chemistry and wit and banter, now it’s like a Harlequin romance. I hate it. I’d rather just watch them chat about nonsense than do this again. And did we have to see Dair do the same thing they do every episode? When Blair is sad, Dan will hug her. I GET IT. Seriously, I’m sick of this Blair who can’t deal with a crisis. It’s not even her fault really, it’s the writers. She could have gotten herself out of this mess long before this. And Georgina being GG? What is that? No! And Charlie is dull. Ivy was so much better. Okay, that’s the end of my angry rant.

    • Ana Muller

      your comment has so much truth in it. 

  • Yeah, I don’t think Georgie’s really Gossip Girl. I think GG handed it off to her, or else Georgie hacked GG’s account. As for my thoughts? I LOVE Chuck and Blair and I love Serena and Blair, so naturally Blair is making me want to bang my head against a wall with the way she’s acting about both of them. I NEED IVY BACK.

  • Vhppdth

    Writers are insane! They’ve ruined all the main characters basically. Blair makes no sense at all, Chuck is a lovesick puppy indeed, Serena is boring, Dan is pathetic, well I guess Nate is Nate. At this point I hope GG gets cancelled after this season. Or better yet NEXT WEEK. Don’t want to witness more DAIR forced on us. Plus yet another one of Chuck unsuccessful attempts to make Blair come to her senses. 

  • my dad is deaaaaaddd

    “All he cares about is making Blair happy, which means sadness and heartbreak for him at all time?”lol ok, what show are you watching? lbr, he cares about is his man pain first and foremost. 

  • Guest

    …and then Dan wakes up, and this was all in his head! No? The way things are going so randomly on Gossip Girl, you just never know.

    I’m not sure if Georgina really is Gossip Girl. I get the feeling that she ‘hacked’ the account and just took over. I agree with Michael – Georgina would never use a blog to expose anyone. She would’ve done it in an all-out that’s-right-bitch-I-just-exposed-you-and-my-name’s-Georgina kind of way.

    And what’s with Louis at the end? It didn’t make sense that he would tell Blair that’s what he planned on doing: to not acknowledge her as his wife behind closed doors. If he really wanted to zing her, he didn’t need to tell her; he just needed to act it and really ignore her. I don’t think a talk with his mother would’ve 180’d him; I mean, he always knew Blair loved Chuck. So what changed?

    Why can’t the writers unite Chuck and Blair already? All this tug and pull is getting tiresome.

  • Le_hck

    If it really is the show’s on-again-off-again villainess Georgina, does that mean Michele Trachtenberg is now going to narrate the series? No, says Savage. “You’ll definitely always hear Kristen Bell’s voice as Gossip Girl because the idea was never that that voice was attached to a specific person and that one day, Kristen Bell would be on the show and you’d recognize that voice as Gossip Girl. So whenever we hear Gossip Girl, we hear Kristen.”Read more:

  • dee.

    This episode was stupid. Lol at Louis being bad. Frankly, I had been hoping that he’d turn out to be evil since the beginning – probably because I hoped that he was only /acting/ dumb and was not actually as stupid as he seemed – so this was actually the only thing I kind of liked about this episode. In my opinion, Georgina = New Gossip Girl, either by hacking her account, or creating a new one, I dunno, but I think that when Real Gossip Girl returns, we’re gonna have a Georgina vs G.G. showdown. One can dream, right? As for the rest of it…*insert head bashing into a wall numerous times* I literally yelled “REALLY?!” and “WTF, MAN?!” out loud several times throughout the episode, because…well, you’ve all seen the episode, right? It was awful. Blair/Dan/Chuck scenes were the exact same as they have been since the beginning of the season. Blair loves Chuck, but le gasp! – she can’t be with him, because…hmm, well….GOD! Blair is being a whiny bitch about not being able to be be with Chuck, so she goes to Dan for help (who has done nothing to help her, so far), and he gives her a big hug, because that solves her problems every time. They played the whole Chuck-turns-bad-again-oh-no-he’s-good-again card AGAIN, just when you thought they wouldn’t dare do it again, and he has also become a whiny little bitch, basically. Actually, all the characters on this show have become whiny bitches. I mean, look at Serena, who now realizes that she looooves Dan – suddenly the fact that they are siblings isn’t an issue at all! – but fate is cruel, and Dan is in love with Blair, because after all, this is the CW hit show Everybody Loves Blair, right? Nate said the same line  – which was basically whining about being alone – like twice in the episode and there goes his screen time! Dan has always been a whiny bitch, so no major changes there. The hilarious thing is that the only character who had balls this episode was Eleanor – which was completely uncharacteristic on her part, btw.

    Oh, and The Real Slim Shady, err, Real Charlie Rhodes? No one gives a rat’s ass about her, unless she /does/ turn out to be Gossip Girl and she suddenly becomes a bitch, ’cause otherwise…eh, just another fuckbuddy for Nate, who apparently is the new Lonely Boy.

    Overall, major, MAJOR disappointment; I expected so much more. And what the hell was Lily doing there, wasting precious screen time? AND Rufus was waffle-less. Hm.

    P.S. they ruined “always have, always will” for me; that was not the appropriate time/place/couple, just ugh. I expected more callbacks! They advertised those things like crazy, and now all we get is two lines and a song?

    Not cool, Safran, not cool.

    • 7pik

      Truly brilliant review:)

  • Vogueaddict7

    I gotta co-sign with Michael. I love evil Louis, I thought it was the best scene of the episode. Cuz you can tell his grudge is going to stick. Much as I love(d) Blair, she did this to herself. She needs to get her shit together. The writers have mangled her character to almost nothing.

  • A-M

    wow was so into the whole blair/chuck/dan/louis storyline I didnt even notice the real charlie part I guess 😛

  • Neiro

    LOL this episode was the best comedy of the month. Everything was laugh worthy, Nate, Real!Charlie Rhodes, Serena, Eleanor…
    I don’t know how can I keep up with this much stupidity just for the idea of Dan & Blair finally having a chance. Serena and Chuck are the worse really, they should go back to Serenate and have Chuck be with someone who actually want’s to be with him. Seriously Blair said so many times that she couldn’t be with Chuck that it should be canon just to shut her up, agh I’m really annoyed at this ship right now.

  • I agree with Michael that the Blair/Louis scene was actually pretty awesome- the reveal was great, and it was one of the few times I’ve felt any actual emoting out of Louis, or chemistry at all between the two of them. And I have to admit, I was kind of pulling for him in that scene, because Blair has been SO AWFUL to him. And normally I wouldn’t care so much, because he’s the worst, but in Realistic Character World he should’ve snapped about 4 months ago. 

    I also agree that I kind of wanted to slap Blair during all of the CB scenes. Yeah, Chuck has been a dick in the past, apparently it’s Blair’s turn now, I get it- but how many more scenes of her rejecting him (while acting like it’s for his own good) are we going to have to watch? I want fun, snarky Chuck, not sad puppy Chuck. 

    Along those lines, I would also like sane Blair back. She can go ahead and hang out with Dan until then, because seriously… I barely recognize this girl anymore. Almost every single person on the show pointed out, during this episode, how stupid it would be for her to go through with the wedding, but it’s like she’s determined to learn things the hard/crazy way. The entire show could be renamed The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Blair Waldorf. 

    Sorry for the rant, I just… hate what they’ve done to her. She used to be such a great character. 

    On a more positive note… err… well, the Chuck/Eleanor scene was great. And Serena mostly kicked ass. I think Nate did… some stuff… too…

    Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. 

  • Andrea

    Love Samantha’s take on the episode! I am also exhausted from seeing Chuck heartbroken over and over again. And Georgina as Gossip Girl didn’t make me gasp at all. I think my response was, “Really, writers?”

  • not the 100th episode I expected it to be. it was a bit dragging. i think.