2011 has come and gone; now we’re in 2012 — a full 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of television left to explore (well, with a few exceptions)… more so, opportunities to see our strongest television wishes come true.

They may be a long shot, but here are the NoWhiteNoise writers’ top 5 respective TV wishes for the year 2012:

Heba Bsat

1. Community and Cougar Town return.
2. Idina Menzel gets her own show on TV.
3. Carrie remembers everything in the second season of Homeland.
4. Kirsten Bell/Gossip Girl cameo on Gossip Girl.
5. Sheldon & Penny together on The Big Bang Theory (or one kiss at least)

Spotlight: Carrie remembers everything in the second season of Homeland.
The season finale of Homeland was beyond epic. It made my heart race so fast, I thought I was going to have a heart attack — especially during the final scene. Carrie whispering, “please don’t make me forget” while getting ECT gave me chills. She finally figured it all out. She finally had the chance to tell everyone, “I SAID SO!” but she couldn’t because she was electro-shocked. So my TV Wish for 2012? Please don’t make Carrie forget. Maybe she won’t remember everything right away, but she has to remember Brody and everything she found out about him through the second season. She has to remember how in love she was with him. If she doesn’t, season 1 would have be pointless. Every gut-wrenching episode would be moot. Brody is running for Congress, having her remember everything would make for an interesting twist. I don’t know how the writers are going to tackle season 2, but I really hope they don’t ruin one of my favorite shows of this season. I really really hope season 2 is as (or more) amazing than season 1!


1. Jamie Dornan comes back to Once Upon a Time.
2. We get Season 6 of Skins UK.
3. Erin and Andy get together in The Office.
4. Nick and Jess get together in New Girl.
5. Harvey and Donna backstory and/or relationship in Suits.


Spotlight: Harvey and Donna backstory and/or relation in Suits.
In the season finale of Suits, we find out that Donna has feelings for Harvey. A lot of people didn’t like the writers going in that direction, but I couldn’t have been happier. Yes, we love the witty banter between them and we don’t want that relationship to be jeopardized, but who says it has to be? They have obviously been through a lot for each other which brings up the first part of this wish: a back story. So many comments have been made about them working together previously and I want a flashback! Mostly to support their feelings for each other (and to see Harvey’s hair in action). As for the second part of my wish, I would like a romantic relationship to unfold. Or at least Harvey realizing his feelings for

Donna. That would be a good first step. No matter what happens, I am sure the new season of Suits will be amazing!

Michael Collado

1. An air date for one of the best comedies on television (oh, the irony!): Cougar Town.
2. More eyeballs on NBC and The CW, two networks with some of the best shows on TV!
3. The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley to get more much-deserved credit for his amazing performance as Stefan — and yes, even pre-season 3 and “The Ripper.”
4. Ringer to get with it. (As in step up the quality.)
5. Chuck‘s series finale to be the amazing, action-filled, heartwarming end it should be.

Spotlight: An air date for Cougar Town.
I have (for the past couple of years) kept insisting that 30 Rock is my favorite comedy on television, but last year that quickly began to change — and I’m more than sure that once season three of Cougar Town comes around, it will be definitive: Cougar Town is my favorite television comedy. There’s just no show on television with this kind of loving, inside-joke dynamic! Tina Fey’s pregnancy already delayed 30 Rock, then came word that Cougar Town would also premiere in midseason… but now, there’s absolutely no air date whatsoever. And what’s more: they cut down the episode order to 15 this season! I need my weekly fix of the Cul-de-sac Crew, my Wine Time, my Friends With Beverages; I need Cougar Town back, ABC. Stat.


1. Somebody on Gossip Girl makes some reference to the existence of Jenny or Eric, it’s not as if over half the cast are related to them or anything.
2. Make it or Break it remains on air until the 2012 Olympics
3. The end of ship wars within the Gossip Girl fandom (ha!)
4. SOPA gets rejected… who doesn’t love watching Glee with Serbo-Croat subtitles?
5. Friends returns to our television screens.

Spotlight: Friends returns to our television screens.
is basically the comfort food of television. It’s like chicken soup – you can curl up on the sofa with your box set and watch (and laugh) for hours, no matter how many times you seen the episode. My only criticism of Friends is that the series finale was the single most depressing moment of television – ok the phalange joke was funny and the twins were cute… but what were we (and when I say “we” I mean the collective “we” of the populations of over 100 countries) supposed to watch now? There are several other comedies, but nothing with the same escapism and nostalgia for the world of the ’90s and arguably nothing quite as far reaching as Friends has been. The Big Bang Theory is perhaps a close contender, airing in 72 countries, owning the Thursday evening timeslot and already renewed through its seventh season(!), but in comparison to Friends, The Big Bang Theory is niche. Friends is about people that have friends and drink coffee, most people fall under this bracket, and if you don’t you can probably substitute the coffee for an iced tea. So why did it end? Wouldn’t it great to come home on a Thursday evening and turn on the TV to the only thing better than a rerun of Friends? Imagine, the opening bars of “I’ll Be There for You,” you clap at “the clapping part” alone in your apartment, and open to Central Perk coffee shop. A new episode of Friends. Could your Thursday evening GET any better? It would make 2012 a pretty stand-out year for television. So for 2012 I wish that Friends could start filming again and give me some relief from the plethora of shows revolving around technology, let me revel in the fashion of the ’90s and indulge in ‘when-Monica- was-fat’ jokes.


1. Syfy reverts its ridiculous name-change.
2. Syfy reconsiders the unjust and enraging cancellation of Eureka.
3. Project Runway recaptures its lost charm.
4. Gossip Girl commits to a real romantic storyline between Dan and Blair.
5. A Joss Whedon-penned episode of Doctor Who.

Spotlight: A Joss Whedon-penned episode of Doctor Who
One of my favorite writers doing an episode for one of my favorite shows? Yes, please! I have been wishing for this since I started watching Doctor Who, and read an interview with former showrunner Russell T. Davies in which he stated: “[Buffy the Vampire Slayer] showed the whole world, and an entire sprawling industry, that writing monsters and demons and end-of-the world isn’t hack-work, it can challenge the best. Joss Whedon raised the bar for every writer—not just genre/niche writers, but every single one of us.” Not only would this combination of two huge pop culture icons cause my Tumblr dashboard to explode, the episode story potential is incredible. Joss’s passion for strong-female characters presents the opportunity for a great, high-quality, butt-kicking, intelligent female foe and/or friend for our favorite Timelord. Whedon’s snappy, intelligent dialogue and love for surprising character deaths combined with the quirky, timey-wimey nature of Doctor Who could result in one of the most enjoyable, hilarious, and touching episodes of television of the year.

So those are our top 5 wishes for 2012. Now it’s your turn: what do you wish would come true in the next 12 months for our fictional television characters?

Not all writers participated in this article for extraneous reasons.

NoWhiteNoise Team
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  • Anonymous

    Nice wishes. I also want Sheldon to hook up with Penny. 😀

    As for my wishes:
    1. Community back on the air.
    2. Impala’s return in Supernatural.
    3. Dexter scoring his sis. 😉
    4. Some major death in Sons of Anarchy.
    5. Finally moving the action to prison in Walking Dead.

    • I don’t watch Dexter but this incest thing has been on every site I’ve been on that I couldn’t help laugh at “scoring his sis ;)” xD

      And moving to prison!? OMG!

  • Elodie, you’re my hero. my TV is not the same without Friends. I just wish it’d return… and sorry for not being a part of the article, I didn’t see it. 😛

  • Vir

    Joss Whedon writing Doctor Who?? Yes please!!!! Imagine if he and Steven Moffat worked together to write the 50 anniversary special 😀