Two more days until we’re all creeped out by that little girls haunting humming over The Secret Circle’s title card again! Once you’ve made it past that each week you’re in for a spellbinding hour. Read on to relive the top 10 moments of The Secret Circle season one so far!

10. The Circle is Bound

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Episode: 2.02 “Bound”

On a dark beach at midnight the Circle was bound. There goes the opening line to the novel I’ve been trying to write. All jokes aside, the moment when the Teen Witches of Chance Harbor bound their powers for group strength, over individual chaos, was more inevitable than shocking. However, magically connecting disparate personalities and emotions is a bold move for six high schoolers. The scene perfectly captured the Circle on the welcome mat to the unknown.

9. Diana and Adam Break Up

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Episode: 2.06 “Wake”

Diana breaking up with Adam is compelling, because of the conversation The Secret Circle is having about how the age-old battle of fate versus freewill complicates romance. Adam’s relationship with Diana was predicated on the choice to date her, while his bond with Cassie, is supposedly uncontrollable, primal, destiny. We often find ourselves choosing to act on a feeling with someone we’re attracted to, then having that unexplainable magic that happens effortlessly with someone else. The break ups payoff pushed Diana to realize no one else knows her other than Adam. She seeks comfort in the very inadvertent reason for her break up, Cassie. Diana may have interpreted her tears as insecure, but she was strong to confront the truth, and love Adam enough to let him go.

8. Cassie and Adam’s Near-Kiss

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Episode: 1.01 “Pilot”

Sure this moment was repeated ad nauseam in the promos, but that doesn’t rob the near-kiss of it gorgeousness. Cassie runs away from the creepy house hangout after hearing she’s a witch. Two possible reasons for this—I think that’s a pretty standard reaction, and earlier in the day, Faye’s cruel display of magic by locking Cassie in the car that failed on her drive home to see her mom, one last time is traumatizing. The sunlit drops of water suspended in midair was probably the first moment of genuine beauty in her life since before her mom’s death. We rarely get to see the lighter side of witchcraft on this show, and I loved that it was conjured in such a beautifully shot, and well-acted scene.

7. Jake’s Arrival in Chance Harbor

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Episode: 1.06 “Wake”

Jakes arrival in Chance Harbor equals fresh toil and trouble for the Circle. The binding ceremony did more than make unlocking a locker a two-witch project; it linked the Circle’s bloodlines. Thus, Jake is apart of the Circle, and everyone has reasons for and against telling him. Adam doesn’t like him, Melissa doesn’t want to replace Nick, and Faye is scorned. Cassie is the only one who sees the situation as urgent for all of their protection. Of course he didn’t just come with a cauldron and pointy hat, he has serious issues that propels the series forward.

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6. Charles and the crystal

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Episode: 1.08 “Beneath”

Charles acquires a crystal, and has a new lease on magic. He becomes Grandma Jane’s eerie marionette and his possession of the crystal gives him sway over the nefarious decision-making with Dawn too. However, Charles’ grasp on Jane’s memory is slippery, as she tells Cassie she never entered Henry’s cabin, but voila Cassie produces Jane’s scarf that was inside Henry’s cabin AND later on Jane reveals how Dawn used to jones for Blackwell back in the day. The full impact of this development hasn’t played out yet, but Charles’ quest for power is sure to get even messier.

5. Amelia’s Death

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Episode: 1.01 “Pilot”

Amelia’s death was really The Secret Circle’s first jaw-dropper. Everything’s creepy about the scene, from Charles’ slow-mo stroll to the house, to the sink gushing water,  to Charles nonchalantly lighting matches. He tosses the matches, and KA-BOOM–the kitchen goes up in flames. That’s how you ignite interest in a show folks!

4. Heather Barnes

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Episode: 1.04 “Heather”

The Secret Circle introducing forces outside of witches really intensified the need to find out the mysteries of 16 years ago. Heather Barnes goes from catatonic, to confessing that she’s possessed in Cassie’s kitchen, triggering the demon to crawl up Heather’s throat, into her skull. Then she becomes the Hulk, shoving Cassie against the fridge. But the most unnerving moment yet: in a single bound Heather leapt over the banister railing with a demonic yell in pursuit of Faye. Nick’s window finally has more convenience than for being a peeping tom’s dream, as he and Melissa see the horror unfolding next door. Once all-of-the Circle is present, Heather gets Regina George’d as a speeding car hits her. The demon, once possessing Heather, slithers out of a gash in her arm, into Nick’s jacket, and later in the night, into Melissa’s ear. We’ll come back to this shortly!

3. Cassie sets Luke on fire

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Episode: 1.07 “Masked”

Cassie’s dark magic heats things up just in the nick of time when her and the Circle are trapped in a ring of sulfur. The sulfur negates their powers, making them easier targets for the cruets (a jar of witchy ingredients and a Circle members possession that will kill them when set on fire). However, Cassie’s dark magic gets them all out of the hot spot when her hair-raising scream sets Luke on fire. Our first glimpse of Cassie’s darker side is disturbing, and surely far from over.

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2. Slither

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Episode: 1.05 “Slither”

“Slither” is such a standout episode for a Book of Shadows length of reasons. First, it allowed Melissa to finally shine. She conveyed her demonic possession with measured menace, the perfect amount of torture and paranoia, all the while hinting that Melissa’s still there. Then the episode featured the hot “time for dessert” between Adam and Diana, right after we get some backstory that makes their relationship more real. They were the first to know they were witches. All Diana wanted was normalcy again. Also, the Circle has to trust an adult with their secret as Cassie brings in Grandma Jane for some old school witchcraft. Oh yeah, and Nick’s death! Traumatic, beautifully shot, and tragic. It showed that there are no easy answers; we’d already seen Heather Barnes (a vessel for the demons) killed, but she wasn’t essential to the show, then Melissa possessed, and left without physical harm. Nick’s death was escalation with purpose. The Circle was in jeopardy so Dawn made a ruthless decision—Nick (Abadan’s vessel) had to die, because she and Charles had no other resource since they’re powerless. Nick’s death leads to Cassie’s painful realization masked as a question, “What is magic if you can’t save the people you care about?” What I really loved is “Slithers” final moments showing the characters relationships: Charles and Dawn alone, Cassie comforted by her grandma, Faye comforting a distraught Melissa, and Adam and Diana there for each other. Then Cassie returns to her room, and looks through her window to her first window to the magical world, Nick’s, and it’s empty.

1. Another Blackwell Child

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Episode: 1.09 “Balcoin”

“Cassie Blake is not the only child of Blackwell in the Circle,” Isaac said as calmly as Maury delivering the results of a paternity test. Say whaaaatttt?! I didn’t see this coming. At all. Double the dark magic in the Circle?!! This development doesn’t just influence an episode or a season, it has the potential to provide a series worth of conflict. Who may Blackwell’s other dark seed be? Check out NoWhiteNoise’s speculation here!

Do you feel one of your favorite moments got the short end of the broom? Discuss below!


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    I love this. I agree with all of your Top 10 moments. Like literally, all of it! This was extremely well written. I can only look forward to another Top 10 shocking, awe-inspiring, tear jerking, and many overwhelming moments from The Secret Circle when the first season is over from you guys. Thanks for the awesome article!

  • Realllly glad you enjoyed! The second half of the season will definitely give more for us to write about once it’s all said and done!