When are my shows returning from hiatus?

Now that holiday festivities have come to close, and we are awaiting our credit card bills, it’s time we focus on something more important than friends, family, and food- the return of our favorite shows from winter hiatus.

Returning in January*:

Tuesday, January 3:
NCIS (CBS)- 8pm
Switched at Birth (ABC Family)- 8pm
The Biggest Loser (NBC)- 9pm
Parenthood (NBC)- 10pm

Wednesday, January 4:
Modern Family (ABC)- 9pm
Happy Endings (ABC)- 9:30pm
Revenge (ABC)- 10pm

Thursday, January 5:
The Vampire Diaries (CW)- 8pm
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)- 9pm
The Secret Circle (CW)- 9pm
Jersey Shore (MTV)- 10pm
Private Practice (ABC)- 10pm

Friday, January 6:
Nikita (CW)- 8pm
CSI:NY (CBS)- 9pm
Supernatural (CW)- 9pm

Sunday, January 8:
Once Upon a Time (ABC)- 8pm
The Simpsons (Fox)- 8pm
The Cleveland Show (Fox)- 8:30pm
Desperate Housewives (ABC)- 9pm
Downton Abbey (PBS)- 9pm
Family Guy (Fox)- 9pm
The Good Wife (CBS)- 9pm
American Dad (Fox)- 9:30pm
CSI: Miami (CBS)- 10pm
Californication (Showtime)- 10:35pm

Monday, January 9:
Castle (ABC)- 10pm

Wednesday, January 11:
One Tree Hill (CW)- 8pm
Whitney (NBC)- 8pm
Ghost Hunters (Syfy)- 9pm
Law & Order:SVU (NBC)- 10pm

Thursday, January 12
30 Rock (NBC)- 8pm
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)- 8pm
Parks & Recreation (NBC)- 8:30pm
The Office (NBC)- 9pm
Person of Interest (CBS)- 9pm
The Mentalist (CBS)- 10pm

Friday, January 13
Fringe (Fox)- 9pm
Grimm (NBC)- 9pm

Sunday, January 15
Leverage (TNT)- 9pm

Serena waiting for at the PilotMonday, January 16
Alcatraz (Fox)- 8pm
Gossip Girl (CW)- 8pm

Tuesday, January 17
90210 (CW)- 8pm
Glee (Fox)- 8pm
New Girl (Fox)- 9pm
Raising Hope (Fox)- 9:30pm
Justified (FX)- 10pm
Southland (TNT)- 10pm

Wednesday, January 18
American Idol (Fox)- 8pm
Criminal Minds (CBS)- 9pm
CSI (CBS)- 10pm

Monday, January 23
House (Fox)- 8pm
Hart of Dixie (CW)- 9pm

Tuesday, January 31
Ringer (CW)- 9pm

*We will add the list for February in a couple of weeks.

Did we miss your favorite show? What shows are you looking most forward to and which are you hoping will receive a last minute cancellation? Discuss below!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the list, but it would be great to mark new shows somehow… maybe with a bold font or a different color. :)

    • http://nowhitenoise.com Michael Collado

      That’s not a bad idea. :)