Now that holiday festivities have come to close, and we are awaiting our credit card bills, it’s time we focus on something more important than friends, family, and food- the return of our favorite shows from winter hiatus.

Returning in January*:

Tuesday, January 3:
NCIS (CBS)- 8pm
Switched at Birth (ABC Family)- 8pm
The Biggest Loser (NBC)- 9pm
Parenthood (NBC)- 10pm

Wednesday, January 4:
Modern Family (ABC)- 9pm
Happy Endings (ABC)- 9:30pm
Revenge (ABC)- 10pm

Thursday, January 5:
The Vampire Diaries (CW)- 8pm
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)- 9pm
The Secret Circle (CW)- 9pm
Jersey Shore (MTV)- 10pm
Private Practice (ABC)- 10pm

Friday, January 6:
Nikita (CW)- 8pm
CSI:NY (CBS)- 9pm
Supernatural (CW)- 9pm

Sunday, January 8:
Once Upon a Time (ABC)- 8pm
The Simpsons (Fox)- 8pm
The Cleveland Show (Fox)- 8:30pm
Desperate Housewives (ABC)- 9pm
Downton Abbey (PBS)- 9pm
Family Guy (Fox)- 9pm
The Good Wife (CBS)- 9pm
American Dad (Fox)- 9:30pm
CSI: Miami (CBS)- 10pm
Californication (Showtime)- 10:35pm

Monday, January 9:
Castle (ABC)- 10pm

Wednesday, January 11:
One Tree Hill (CW)- 8pm
Whitney (NBC)- 8pm
Ghost Hunters (Syfy)- 9pm
Law & Order:SVU (NBC)- 10pm

Thursday, January 12
30 Rock (NBC)- 8pm
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)- 8pm
Parks & Recreation (NBC)- 8:30pm
The Office (NBC)- 9pm
Person of Interest (CBS)- 9pm
The Mentalist (CBS)- 10pm

Friday, January 13
Fringe (Fox)- 9pm
Grimm (NBC)- 9pm

Sunday, January 15
Leverage (TNT)- 9pm

Serena waiting for at the PilotMonday, January 16
Alcatraz (Fox)- 8pm
Gossip Girl (CW)- 8pm

Tuesday, January 17
90210 (CW)- 8pm
Glee (Fox)- 8pm
New Girl (Fox)- 9pm
Raising Hope (Fox)- 9:30pm
Justified (FX)- 10pm
Southland (TNT)- 10pm

Wednesday, January 18
American Idol (Fox)- 8pm
Criminal Minds (CBS)- 9pm
CSI (CBS)- 10pm

Monday, January 23
House (Fox)- 8pm
Hart of Dixie (CW)- 9pm

Tuesday, January 31
Ringer (CW)- 9pm

*We will add the list for February in a couple of weeks.

Did we miss your favorite show? What shows are you looking most forward to and which are you hoping will receive a last minute cancellation? Discuss below!

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    Thanks for the list, but it would be great to mark new shows somehow… maybe with a bold font or a different color. 🙂