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Community is leaping back into everyone’s television screens (and hearts) on Thursday, March 15th, 8PM. After its forced 3 month hiatus, with an unknown return date, it was safe to say more than a few loyal viewers were worried about the critically acclaimed, yet lowly-rated, comedy being cancelled. But the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, confirmed its return. On Twitter he posted, “What you call 8:00, we call home. Community returns to Thursday nights on March 15th.”

This means that Community will take over 30 Rock‘s 8PM spot on the 15th, moving it back to 8:30. Since Parks & Rec will be on its hiatus by then, back April 19th (at 9:30pm), The Office and Up All  Night will remain untouched.

The best part (or second best) of this whole debacle though? Damon Lindelof tweeting back, “COMMUNITY is back at 8 on the 15th. I have a good feeling about those numbers.” #LOSTproblems.

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Lizzy Marano
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  • xrnzaaas

    I predict a failure, because even such giants as American Idol can’t stand against TBBT on Thursdays. IMO NBC should’ve cancelled Whitney or Are You There Chelsea and given Community one of their time slots.

    • Lizzy Marano

      Yes, my thoughts exactly! I was going to write more about it in the post, but it seemed a little pessimistic. I do think that there’s a strong chance that it will get canceled, because even though I love the show, not many people watch it live because of the huge competition it has at that timeslot. I know NBC would love to keep the show, however, so maybe if there’s a next season, the date/time will change.

  • Thank GOD , community is back. Although maybe not for too long anymore

    • Lizzy Marano

      I don’t know, they do have a lot of avid friends (shown during this hiatus). Maybe the cult classic will make it? Fingers crossed.

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