Hello, Fringies. This is my first review here, someone else was going to recap Fringe, but the person posted once and didn’t anymore. So I took the liberty to do it.


Case of the week: An increase on the electro magnetic force causes cars and planes to stop working.

First of all, I just watched the episode (I can’t watch it live and I was out all day) so I just have A LOT of emotions. So let’s begin at… well, the beginning.

The episode started with a couple having sex. We found out moments later that the couple was Peter and Olivia, which made me scream right away. Of course I knew it wasn’t real, but a girl can dream. Ha. Forget it, bad joke. So, I was fangirling so hard at that scene that I almost got mad when Peter woke her up asking her to come to the lab.

And so she went. It was almost like old times. Walter doing something funny and crazy, Olivia being all like “what’s this?” and Peter being “just Walter.” It made me miss our timeline and old Polivia. But then Peter was being all cute and worried towards Olivia and before I knew it I was hoping they’d be together. That confused me and now I don’t know what I want anymore. I guess I want the timelines to come together. Moving on…

Peter needed Broyles’ authorization to work with the machine to get him home. At this time I noticed that Lincoln wasn’t in this episode. And as much as I like him, I was perfectly fine with that.

Then we moved on to the case. Apparently everything — cars, trucks and even airplanes — stopped  working at a certain road causing a plane to crash and our team to go there. The affect Peter has on Walter is amazing and very clear. I love that. Walter is a totally different person with him. Like Olivia said, he’s more open. I hope that if and when Peter goes home — in my theory Peter doesn’t have to go anywhere — Walter stays this way.

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Walter reveals things about the case such as the electro magnetic force being increased and Olivia, Peter, and Bishop go off to eat pie. Classic. And that’s how the trio ends up at Westfield, the deserted town with crazy cooks with two pupils that no one can leave. They were trying to leave town to take Cliff Hayes (another victim of the crazy cook) to a hospital. When they realized they couldn’t, they went to the sheriff’s department to try to save Cliff and take guns and stuff. Cliff told us about what was happening to the people of Westfield and they went to the town’s school, where the rest of the survivors were.

Then, Olivia began to feel like there was someone else in her mind and have memories of the “other” Olivia, what got Peter instantly worried. One more moment of confusion where my heart wants old Polivia and new Polivia. Oh, well. Continuing, Walter ran tests on a sick person and took her blood and Olivia’s, just to make sure she wasn’t sick (by the way, I almost died at them simply talking and making jokes) and actually came up with a theory.  And it was that the two universes came together in this town. This episode was, for me, a mixture of “Jacksonville” and “What Lies Bellow,” two fantastic episodes that are definitely on my top 10 list.

Olivia turned out to be ok, which could not be said about the town. Earthquakes began to happen and Walter came to the conclusion that the disaster couldn’t be avoided. And the Peter/Walter dynamic saved the day when Peter made Walter think and the both nerds super intelligent men found a safe place to be in.

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Everybody ran to the bus, a guy suddenly had two faces and attacked Peter, only Walter saved him with the pepper spray he gave his father earlier. It was funny and awesome. I love their dynamic in so many ways. So, they made it to the safe place and survived. The next day the FBI came to Westfield and Peter, Broyles, and Olivia began to think this was all Jones’ plan. But why? That’s what they were asking each other and what I was asking them. When the season started I had a clear theory, but now my head is a complete mess.

More Peter/Walter/Crepes in the lab and Peter left for his house. But first, why not stop at your partner’s/somewhat ex girlfriend’s house, only to find out that she’s no longer your ex (well, at least they kissed) and that she is just like the Olivia you left at the other timeline? Can I just stop for a moment here and explode? No, seriously, I don’t think you understand what this did to me. Fangirl like the world is ending tomorrow is an understatement. I can spend the whole night talking about this but I won’t because this is too long. I’m just gonna say that, beside the fangirl fact, I was mindfucked like I haven’t been in a while. Period.

The glyphs formed the word Olive. Fringies know what this means. It’s no big deal, it’s just Olivia’s nickname at the original timeline. Which means, SHE’S BACK! Or not, I don’t know. I just love that she’s her again. That’s it. The best episode of the season ended and I can’t wait until next week. See ya!

PS: Brigadoon is a play mentioned by Walter. According to Walter, the same thing that happened in the play is happening to Westfield. Only the fake one was better. Oh.

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