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Fringe 4x13

Peter and Olivia share a scene at the lab.

Oh. My. God. I don’t have words for this episode. It was too freaking amazing. It started where the last one left off. Moments after Peter and Olivia finally kiss, they share a talk where you realize Olivia is still this timeline’s Olivia. I hopes it wouldn’t be that way, to be honest. I wanted Olive to be fully back. Either way, Peter seemed rather confused, as well as Olivia. Hell, they were confused the whole episode. I felt sorry for Olivia, she seemed so lost.

She assures Peter that she’s fine yeah, right and that she feels another migraine coming. I hate Nina for giving her Cortexiphan and making her feel that way. We should all hate on Nina and send her to Brigadoon Town. I mean, Westfield. Continuing, Peter left and Olivia had a flashback of Jacksonville, one of the best episodes of the show. Like, ever. Who fangirled with me?

The case of the week was about a young man who heard voices in his head. The voices belonged to three other men who were breaking into a house. A nurse found him standing in a room narrating the crime and tried to let him into his room. Because they were in a mental institution. Oh. Sean, the guy who heard voices, narrated the whole crime as it happened and his nurse had to sedate him with help from another person.  This case reminded me of Ghost Network, that season 1 episode where a guy draw crimes related to the Pattern that hadn’t happened yet. A lot of this season’s cases remind me of season 1 cases. Coincidence?

Then there’s the best intro ever and Lincoln and Olivia going to the mental institution. I love how Olivia’s behavior around Lincoln changed a bit. It’s there, you just have to see it. They talk about the case and meet with the nurse, who explains what’s up with Sean. Apparently he is schizophrenic, but we know he’s not. Nothing is that simple in Fringe, please. Also, Walter talking with a pacient there was adorable.

While they walk, Olivia has more flashbacks. This time, of taking Walter out of St. Claire’s. I love her flashbacks.  They remind me of old times, lol. Moving on, they talk to Sean and he explains how the voices thing works. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him. It must be awful to live like that. But hey, there’s a good side. At least you can help the FBI with the crime they’re investigating. Bla bla bla with the nurse about Sean’s diagnosis being wrong and they tell her he’s gonna be off his meds. Not that he needs them, but it’s totally ok for the nurse to do that.

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“I remember everything.” That’s a good way to kill me. Olivia went to Peter’s house to take a look around and have flashbacks, confusing the poor guy and herself. She’s basically Original!Olivia now. Oh god. My feelings.

And everything in Fringe ends up with Walter testing people. Ended up Olivia was fine but her memories were slowly being replaced by Original!Olivia’s. Walter came up with a theory that Olivia was doing that to herself without knowing because that’s what Peter wanted. Whaa? Doesn’t make any sense.

Lincoln in the house, ya’ll. DNA comparison and science a la Fringe. Turned out the DNA of the guy whose blood was on the subway station’s bathroom (that’s how Sean helped the FBI) had the same anomaly Sean’s have. Which means they are half-brother and they may be sharing their thoughts. But Sean is an only child so Lincoln and Olivia went out to investigate. I’m gonna ignore the fact that Walter blamed Peter for what’s happening to Olivia making him feel worse about himself.

At Sean’s mom’s house, we found out that he was conceived by in vitro fertilization. Dr. Owen Frank did the job. And a few days ago Daniel Greene, the reporter who was killed, called. Maybe the kids were trying to protect themselves. Yeah, ok, but you don’t need to kill people.

Then there’s a Dr. Frank scene where he’s scared about the murder. Astrid and Sean share a cute scene where they are having lunch and he tells her she’s beautiful and asks her if she trusts Walter. Yes, she says. Also, the voices are back. Walter tests Olivia’s DNA and starts making some drink with honey. Maybe a new milkshake? But once again food is the answer to Walter’s questions. He has a new theory.

Olivia and Peter are talking where, all of the sudden, Olivia grabs Peter’s hands, saying that she doesn’t remember that scar, so Walter’s theory must be wrong and she doesn’t remember everything. Peter responds saying that he only got that a month ago so she continues to hold his hand. It was almost hand-sex. I fangirled. Until Walter cockblocks them. Walter: clockblocking in every timeline of every universe.

Walter’s new theory is that the brothers are like a hive, they comunicate with their thoughts and make every move to protect themselves. Olivia receives a call informing where Dr. Frank is living, so Peter and Olivia go there. Walter was a little too harsh on Peter, don’t you think? It’s not his faaaault!

Dr. Frank  was very honest about everything. He told Olivia and Peter all of his intentions. He manipulated babies’ DNA, he was the doner and he was trying to create a better human being. It was about 200 of them and the habilities the dr gave them included telepaty and high protective instinct. That’s why they’re killing. To protect themselves from people asking questions, taking them to labs and all of that.

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Meanwhile, Sean hears a new voice. Walter sees Olivia’s test results and Lincoln comes in blablablaing. Walter says he knows what’s happening to Olivia! Tun tun tun! And they go off to Massive Dynamic to see Nina! Olivia has been given Cortexiphan! Ok, tell us something we don’t know. Maybe Massive Dynamic’s security system and that they finally suspected Nina! Yay, Walter, you smart crazy scientist.

Olivia and Peter are in Back Bay. God, that is SUCH a parallel with the Pilot. I loved that, it’s awesome. They have a heart-to-heart where Olivia express her feelings, such as feeling really close to Peter, knowing everything about him and expecting a look in her eyes that isn’t there. That’s really confusing for the both of them. Didn’t I say they were confusing the whole episode? Whatever, I fangirled (a little) at Olivia’s words. Also, Peter finds out that Walter’s old theory couldn’t be correct because he didn’t have a memorie that Olivia had about his timeline.

They find the storage but it’s full of strange stuff that looked like bombs. Back in the mental institution, Sean tells Astrid that “they’re gonna kill her” meaning Olivia. So Astrid calls her letting her know and there’s Fringe action. No one beats the BAMFness of Peter and Olivia.

Two of the hive members kill Dr. Frank and the cops find him there. What were they doing there is what I don’t know, but anyway. And poor Sean watches incredibly loud tv because the voices aren’t there anymore and it feels lonely. Astrid comforts him. I so ship Astrean.

The case being over, Olivia and Peter go to the gas station and they have another heart-to-heart. Olivia says that she doesn’t know what to do and I felt so bad for her again. Then, Peter basically says he fell into the wrong vagenda once and is afraid to do that again. But that’s not the wrong vagenda, when he looks into her eyes, it’s really Olive! And then they kiss!! Fangirl attack. I’m almost dying in that moment. Poor me, seriously, that’s not ok to do, you could’ve killed me, Fringe writers!

Then Olive goes to the bathroom, lol. And there’s that scene I already told you about where they unmask Nina! Peter gets out of the car and Olivia is nowhere to be seen. Oh no. And the the most mindf*cking ending ever. Olivia tied to a chair with Nina tied to another chair in front of her. Oh my God. Does that mean we finally get to see Alt!Nina and she is evil and has replaced Nina?! Guess we’ll have to wait until next episode.

Oh, and the glyphs formed the word Henry. Peter’s son. Wonder what that means…

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  • It’s sad to leave a comment on my own posting but incase anyone reads this, I’m here just to correct something I said: I’m not sure it was bombs on the storage, ok? it looked like it but I don’t know, looking again it doesn’t seem like bombs and they didn’t say anything like “oh damn.”

  • It was an awesome episode! This season is on a roll! But the next one looks EPIC and Observer-packed! Can’t wait!

    • I think the season started slowly, but since episode 8 it has sped up and now it’s more exciting than ever. next episode will certainly be EPIC!

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    Great recap – thank you!!

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