So, Fringies, I have to say that I have no words for this friday’s episode. No words at all. (You know, except for this entire review.) I spent all episode going crazy and in the end I screamed in pain like I was Olivia. It’s not healthy to be emotionally invested in a TV show like this. By the way, Monday has become my posting day. Apparently, I do have a social life. And oh, my god, I’m so sorry it’s so long! I try to make it smaller but apparently I can’t.

Fringe 4.14

September showing Peter his son, Henry, through his mind.

So, there was no case of the week this episode. But for me it didn’t matter. NOT AT ALL. Because this episode was perfectly mindfucking without any case.

The episode started with Peter and Lincoln walking into Olivia’s house talking about Nina Sharp’s alibi and getting her to talk. Peter was acting pretty weird, moving stuff around and like Lincoln I asked myself why was he doing that. The answer is: He was looking for some kind of a camera.

And then Lincoln started talking about Cortexiphan and that’s why Olivia’s been acting strangely and in that moment I knew what was coming. Stop, Lincoln, stop! Don’t go there! But he went there. “She is not your Olivia, Peter.” GAH, LINCOLN, SHUT UP!

That’s basically what Peter said in a more polite tone. And then they found the camera. It could transmit it’s recording anywhere. There’s a disk! They can see who was with Nina abducting Olive. Oops, there’s a problem with the disk. It captures images in a 60 minutes loop. Well, problem’s solved because Peter and Walter are smart, awesome human beings.

We move to Nina and Olivia’s cell and Nina is telling Olivia how she was abducted. It’s pretty convincing but… well, I can’t tell it now. Olivia and her talk a little longer and Jones comes in. Like Peter, Olivia says she’s already met Jones and saw him die. How he doesn’t get low confidence – that I don’t know. If people started to tell me they watched me die I’d be pretty depressed. And crazy. But it’s Jones we’re talking about, so.

“What the hell did you do to me?” “I gave you Cortexiphan, bitch. But as an adult there are side effects. Those migraines you were having, for an exemple. My bad.” Basically. And then the torture time began, because, of course, as we know, Cortexikids’ emotions activate their abilities. I got goosebumps as Nina was tortured. And I’m not one to get goosebumps. But the moment was just so… I don’t know. Fringe’s tortures do that to me.

What time is it? Observer time! They spoke about September and how he intervened and now will have to face the consequences. I love September so I was pretty worried about that.

Who thought that after so many questionings, the one being questioned would be Nina? Well, Broyles’ “sit down” was scary. His voice is awesome. And Nina swears she doesn’t have anything to do with Olive’s abduction even after Lincoln brings proof that she entered MD’s storage facility twice in the last 3 months. Yeah, right. Even Lincoln was scary. Not Alt!Lincoln, our Lincoln. And that’s something.

Remember when I said that Peter and Walter were smart? Peter proved so (Walter didn’t help at all, hahaha) by getting older images of Liv. Am I the only one who thought dirty things as he did that? While Peter did that, Walter gave him the you shouldn’t have let your emotions speak louder speach. Can everyone please stop saying it’s not Olivia? Please?

Torture time. Again. This time it was even creepier. And all for Olivia to turn the lights on! Oh, God, Ability. Remember that episode? It was so awesome. It was basically the same storyline, only Jones threatened to explode a building if Olivia didn’t turn the lights on. But back to 4.14, Olivia couldn’t turn the lights on. We all know why. Being our Olivia (or at least having our Olivia’s memories), she didn’t love Nina. Nice way to get away with it, Liv, I’m tired gave you an extra hour. Come on, you escaped places with more security than this one before. Be the BAMF I know you are!

Peter is great with machines. Not The Machine, but with all machine. He found that guy from Wallflower in like, 5 minutes. Record time! And he even came up with a theory that Jones was behind all of that and that he was trying to activate Olivia like he did in his timeline. “Yes. His goal is the same.” Jesus! Wait, no, it’s September. And he is still hurt. How long can he be hurt anyway? He was like that since Back To Where You’ve Never Been. Peter’s reaction was so funny, btw. It was like: “Oh hell! Give me info nooooow!” And Astrid in the background was like: “The fuuuck?”. September: “She needs you.” And you ask me why I love September.

September is dying, basically, and they need to save him. Then Peter tells Walter the obvious (in his timeline): that the Observers only show up at significant events so this must be important. And Peter thinks that he can help them find Olivia. His phone rings. I love how he’s all nervous, it’s like he finally has a lead on finding Olivia and his freaking phone rings. It’s Lincoln giving a heads up about the guy on the camera and fake Nina. Apparently she isn’t cooperating.

Meanwhile, Olivia is apologizing to Nina for putting her into that situation and trying to remember the aspects of their relationship. Cute stories are told and sometimes she remembers but most of the time she doesn’t. It’s notable that Olivia made some kind of face in the middle of this scene that was very peculiar. Well, let’s go on. Olive tells her that this isn’t gonna work and that the only person it ever worked with was Peter. AWWW. HOW SWEET WAS THAT? Fangirling activated. Ok, I’ll stop.

Then, out of nowhere, Nina starts so scream in pain and I was like “oh noes!” and Olivia was like “hell, I won’t let you die!”. And so help came. That wasn’t needed because OMG THIS IS FAKE NINA AND THE NINA WITH PETER AND LINCOLN IS THE REAL NINA AND I’M SO CONFUSED! PS: Nina tells Jones that Peter is needed. Damn.

Back to the lab, Broyles in the house. He tells the Freak Fringe team about September’s little warning weeks ago. Then, Walter comes up with the theory that September knew where Olive was and Astrid comes in telling that the guy in the camera was dead for 3 years. Add Walter’s theory with death risk and you get Peter going inside September’s mind. Oh God.

Fringe tension and brain waves coming together and bam! Peter‘s beautiful eyes are given a close appears in a room with glass walls. Outside the room all we could see was something dark and giant purple clouds. And then one of them explodes. Peter, like everyone, was amazed by that image and concentraded in that, until September interrupted him saying: “The beginning of all things”. Wait a minute. Is that the Big Bang?! Only Fringe to do something like that.

Peter and September begin to talk and soon enough he asks the Observer for Olive’s location. September seems to think that’s not important. Hmm, sorry, BUT IT IS! Then Peter asks him who or what he is and we get the answer we’ve been waiting for 4 seasons. PS: The first time we ever saw the OBs was in episode four. now, on season FOUR, episode FOURteen we know the truth.

He finally reveals his name and tell us the real story. The Observers are – were, actually – humans from many genarations ahead of the present. The month names are a code name for their science team, and they also created devices that allowed them to travell within and outside time so they could observe their beginnings. But, like Peter said, September’s done a lot more than observe. It started out with when he disturbed Walternate in the creation of Peter’s cure. Then the lake. It all became a snow ball, basically.

This snow ball created a child that was never meant to be. Peter’s son, Henry. This scene was so flawless. Even though it was not with the woman he loves (the wrong Olivia, like September says), Peter gets so happy and proud about having a son that I wished it all could go back to normal only so I could see Peter with Henry, happy like that. “I have a son.” he says. “Had.” Gaaaah, his faaaace. Poor Peter, he looks so sad, it was like a gift was given to him just to be taken minutes after.

September says that it should have ended when he made the sacrifice but it didn’t and now he has to go back to his Olivia, the right one. It’s notable how the images outside the glass room changed with what September was saying.

Then the images start to fade and the glass breakes and the room starts to fall apart. Peter keeps trying to make him tell him where is Olivia but September only says he has to go home. And then he awakes. September is having a convulsion and Broyles starts to ask Peter questions but all of the sudden September disappears.

Funny moments with Lestrid (I ship it) and a frustraded Peter has the idea of going home, like, literally, just to check. Getting there, he is kidnapped too. Great timing. Olivia is in her cell alone and hears noises. She gets up to check what’s going on and they show her Peter, waking up and tied to a chair. She seems pretty concerned about him. My heart just skept a beat, of course.

And then Jones gets in and basically says the same. Turn the lights on or he dies. And she turned the lights on so quickly it even scared me. But it’s really sweet at the same time because it shows how much she loves Peter. And then the BAMF we know start to explode all the lights. Nina is like “gurl, watchu doin’?” and Olivia is like “you’re not the Nina Sharp I know!”

Jones and Nina escape, but the other guy gets toasted. So Olive has a moment to clear her head and runs to set Peter free. They start to run, basically, but she has a convulsion. A guy with a gun tells them to get up and Peter kicks his ass. They reach out Jones and Nina, who were crossing over and there’a pratically the same scene there was on season 1. Only this time Peter doesn’t cut him in half. Olivia almost falls down and they begin to run again. Poor Olivia. But she has Peter. <3

On the outside Olivia assures Peter that she’s ok and it must have been her abilitied that messed up with her nervous system but Peter says it’s another thing. Him. No, not this talk, please, Peter, don’t go there, don’t go there! That’s how I was on this scene. I almost cried. It was the saddest thing ever.

Peter said that on the gas station they were ready to go home together but he was wrong. He said he made the same mistake again. This scene is so emotional in so many levels. Peter know deep inside she is his Olivia but yet he is afraid to hurt her again. Because he knows how much she suffered. How can some people hate Peter? He’s perfect.

Moving on, Olivia tried to stop him by saying that this wasn’t the same but Peter ignores it saying that he saw her, the only Olivia Dunham he’s supposed to be with. Olivia says that she doesn’t know what’s going on with her but what the two of them know is that if he looks into her eyes he would see it’s her. Peter says that she had her memories or his memories of her, but he only saw what he wanted to see. He’ll make Walter fix her but it’s better if they just stay away. Noo, Peter, nooooooo! “Okay, Peter, I’m in love with you and I can’t just turn that off now!” God, this lines kills me. Peter starts to walk away. “Where are you going?” “Home. I have to go home.” All the awards to Fringe, this episode and this scene. It’s flawless.

Just to end this, I was really happy with how the Observers storyline turned out because I always had that theory, that they were people from the future. My science teacher said once that people from the future would be bald with big heads because they’d have bigger brains and be smarter. I started to freak out and couldn’t stop thinking about the Observers. Also, the glyphs formed the word “unite”, which is more proof of my theory: the two timelines have to come together and that’s the only way everything will turns out alright. That’s it, Fringies. We’ll have to wait 1 painful month before any new episodes but we’ll get through it.

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  • Eric Pharand

    Olivia activating was amazing. “I’m turning on the lights” You’re not Nina Sharp” Now I’m zapping you with my brain!
    Peter’s expressions in September’s mind were great.
    Peter/Olivia’s conversation at the end was great.
     Why didn’t Broyles and Lincoln try to figure out if “Nina” was their timeline’s or the other timelines’? If Nina said she was somewhere at the times the lab was accessed, they could investigate. If  they could verify that Nina was somewhere else because of videotape or eyewitnesses or computer access then Nina might not be guilty. 

    • I agree. I think the Nina they are questioning is the true one and that she’s not guilty. they were a little stupid not to check. I mean, there are two universes. the fake one can be the Nina from OT.