Gossip Girl is that show where everything’s forever documented on the characters’ computers, smart phones, or if you’re Nate, your Dell desktop. So it only makes sense to document the tangled web of love happenings along with all this gossip. Every kiss, every hookup, and every scene with a soft song playing in the background between two (or more) characters has been documented here. Or at least they’ve tried to be.

No assumptions though! Only what we’ve seen on screen. Check out the map below, with main characters (previous or current) interactions in red, main characters and guest stars interactions in black, or guest star to guest star happenings in blue. Check out the special addition below. It’s completely accurate.


And of course, no love web would be complete without a scoring of the characters. They’re classy like that. The top male, who comes out with 15 connections (though some are with multiple people), is Chuck Bass, to no one’s surprise. Close behind him is all-my-storylines-revolve-around-females-Nate, who manages 12 connections with his Natefused good looks. Dan comes out with 8. Next time champ. For the girls, we have Serena rounding it off at number one, obviously. She gets rowdy in the summertime. Then we have Blair, who actually beat Vanessa (7) by one point. Princess B indeed. And then Jenny gets thrown in there somehow. She was a beard. It’s whatever.

P.S. Let me just have this chance to point out that if Dan and Chuck ever vaguely happened. We’d have a pentagon. Geometry FTW!

Lizzy Marano
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  • Say what? I missed CB with Kati and Is? Could somebody point me to the episode that happened?
    Lol at half of Europe.

    • Lizzy Marino

      I believe it was mentioned sometime in the first 5 episodes of Season 1, if that helps.

  • guest

    We aren’t counting Dan and Charlie’s “call me Serena ” almost hookup in the finale of season 4?

  • Manu

    LMAO this show!!! Cameron’s missing from Blair’s list.

  • Guest

    OMG. You mad, mad person! I can’t believe you actually created this image of intertwined mess! Hahah!

    I don’t remember Dan and Juliet. When/how did that happen again?

    • Guest

       Oh, yeah. When she pretended to be Serena!

    • FabFixation

      Juliet and Dan never hooked up! He hooked up with Charlie/Ivy in Season 4

      • Lizzy Marino

        Juliet and Dan kissed when she pretended to be Serena. I missed Dan/Ivy thought!

  • Droz

    Ugh. So basically the writers want everyone to hookup and/or get an STD.

  • FabFixation

    When did Dan hook up with Juliet?!

    • Guest

      Juliet kissed Dan while wearing at mask at the masquerade ball. She was pretending to be Serena to screw with Dan’s and Nate’s head, and then she drugged Serena.

  • Vick

    Aw, you forgot Bart Bass 🙁 

    • Vick

       Or linking Diana to Lily…

  • lol! Charlie is missing from Dan’s list but whatever. it’s perfect!

    • Lizzy Marino

      Crap you’re right! I completely forgot that “Call me Serena” moment. I was just completely overthrown with all these links. It was a job.

      • lol, it’s ok. it has TOO many people. GG could be called The show where everyone hooks up with everyone, LOL.

  • catsinhats

    Juliet slept with Dan?!?!?!?!

    • Lizzy Marino

      I counted their kiss in the Masquerade episode, where Juliet dressed up as Serena!

  • Oh, Lizzy. I told you how much I love this map and you in private, but it deserves public attention!! You are, simply, the best!!!

    • Lizzy Marino

      Thanks! It was fun though, revisiting S1 &S2 makes me wistful and nostalgic. #ggproblems

  • Ana Muller

    Chuck ——– Manhattan LOL

  • it’s kind of sad how many lines there are lolol

  • Serena —————– Half of Europe

    LOL. True.

  • Raina is missing too from Chuck and Nate (and if I know him like I think I do) Jack Bass’s. But yeah totally nuts and after this season sure it’ll be even more complicated!

    • Lizzy Marino

      Raina is actually there connected to both Chuck and Nate. Raina and Jack were never mentioned, so we can’t put it on the map.