So a couple of people asked where the roundtable was last week — and that’s completely my fault, I’m not able to watch Gossip Girl “live” anymore so I didn’t initiate the roundtable and I’m the only one that publishes stuff on this site. I’m picky that way. So, from now on the roundtables are most likely going to be posted this late (and the recaps on Wednesdays). Plenty of people had problems with this episode so it’s just Camila and me for this episode. I’m sure if Heather participated, she would be singing this episode’s praises. Ready? Here we go!

General discussion

Samantha | I can’t even talk about this show rationally anymore. Blair Waldorf has become the worst character on television. Which is a sad state of affairs. Also, who knew Georgina would be so horrendously awful at being Gossip Girl? She is just making mistakes left and right. It is just hard to watch.

Elodie | I think that this is the point that I give up on Gossip Girl. Before it was a heightened reality, now it is cloud cucuko land.

Samantha | I can’t give up. I’m in too deep. People depend on me to watch.

Kate | I won’t be watching live next week- I just can’t. They are messing up so many good things about this show. I’ll watch the promos and wait for it to maybe pick up near the end of the season. I’ll just blissfully hide in fanfic until then!

Can anyone explain/rationalize Blair’s actions this episode?

Camila | Not really, no. Let’s see: She runs away with Chuck, says she is in love with him, they crash, she ignores him completely to “save him” and go on with the wedding. Then at wedding she says she loves Chuck more and more everyday, if it’s even possible to love someone that much. Ok, until then this still makes sense. She runs away from the wedding with Dan and when Chuck gets there, she basically gives him the “I love you but we can’t be together for the 1000th reason the show has given us”, which is the dowry. He’d pay it for her, but she wants to earn her freedom. That’s nice because I even felt like our old loved Queen B was coming back. Wrong. One episode later she makes out with Dan, betraying Serena (even though they weren’t together). I absolutely hated that. Not only as a Chair fan, but as a Blair fan. They’ve ruined her. That’s why I liked that final scene where Blair tells Dan that she’d never hurt Serena like that and that she doesn’t have feelings for him (that’s how I interpretaded the scene, no offense to Dair fans).

Michael | “Hello, I’m Blair Waldorf and I love Louis. No, I love Chuck. No, I love God. Nope, NVM, God can suck it. I have feelings for Dan!”
Gossip Girl season 5

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I just saved a lot of people from ever having to watch season 5. No, I cannot explain Blair’s actions since the God storyline which was then just abandoned because Louis became evil (but as far as I know, that doesn’t make a promise to God null, does it?). Anyway, I disagree with you Camila. I don’t interpret that scene that way. Blair has feelings for Dan… that’s what happened. And the writers used their good ol’ “have other people mention it in case the audience doesn’t get it” tactic when Georgina said so herself.

What sense does it make for Dan to have sent the video? And furthermore hasn’t he learned that this will obviously not remain a secret and will backfire in the end?

Camila | I think it does make sense. Because he loves her and he wants two things: 1 – Blair to be happy (by not marrying Louis) and 2 – Blair to be with him. Well, we know he sent the video, which makes him stupid. In spite of the reasons I gave previously (that are reasonable) he knows that Blair’ll hate him when she finds out. So, it does make sense and it was in character if you look at the previous seasons but it was a stupid thing to do. (I also didn’t like how Dan kissed Blair this ep when she’s married and in love with another guy, but let’s not talk about this now).

Michael | Better question: Why would Blair be mad about this? I still don’t get why it’s such a terrible thing to do. Which is why I’m confused as to why she is so mad at Serena. If anything, the person who sent the video technically saved Blair from a lifetime of being in a loveless marriage. They just reduced that sentence to a year. More so, what are the writers trying to accomplish by having Dan and Blair’s apparently budding romance begin with a lie? They’re basically using it to end their relationship if it ever happens.

Why is Georgina even here? For the sake of being here?

Camila | I like her being here! I find it hilarious. It’s amazing how she’s handling being GG (not very well!). I want her to stay; it’s one of the few things I liked about this episode. And Phillip is a sweetheart. He NEVER complains about her manipulation and even helps her without questioning anything.

Michael | Wake me up when the real Gossip Girl comes into play. Georgina needs to pick up the ante when it comes to her posts. She’s not posting anything! She just keeps saving stuff for when the time is ready! And she’s awful at it.

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Why were Blair and Dan in Chuck’s room…?

Camila | It may be the writers announcing a threesome, but it may be simply a coincidence to get to Chuck even worse when Georgie’d show him the picture. (The threesome part was a joke. Or not.)

Michael | Obviously, the threesome is happening you guys! No, but there’s no other way to answer this than: Georgina was in that room. It’s not like Blair was going to say, “Oh wait, don’t kiss me here. Let’s go over to Nate’s room… who was also my boyfriend and once the love of my life.” So.

What did you like about this episode?

Camila | Blair being a cupid, Georgina being GG and the whole Lola/Chivy storyline. I think that will bring some good stuff to the show. The return of the BAMF Chivy is always welcome, haha. Mike agrees.

Michael | Of course I agree! Ivy is the best thing ever. But she was off her game in this episode. She wasn’t the liar I know she could be. But other than that, I loved the scheming… the scheming, and the scheming!!!

What do you think about the promo for next week?

Camila | I feel like Blair is cray. Gurl, how do you love Chuck so much and after 3 episodes you’re all over Dan and don’t know if your feelings have changed? Oh well, it’s ok. I’ll just breathe and tell myself Chair is endgame because I know it is (no offense again, Dairs). I just sincerely hope Blair gets real and sees she doesn’t have feelings for Dan before they become a real couple. Because I don’t want to see him get hurt. That’s what Blair is doing, basically. Hurting people. Hurting Serena by being with Dan knowing that she loves him and hurting Chuck by telling him she loves him and then being with Dan. She will hurt Dan if she doesn’t end it before they are involved. And then she’ll end up hurting herself because of everything she did. But anyway. That’s only a theory, there’s no way to know what the writers will come up with. Oh, and I missed the Chivy/Lola storyline in the promo. I hope that storyline gets bigger, it could be awesome. Also, what’s up with Blair’s royal creeper liking Louis?

Michael | I thought there were a significant amount of kisses for the episode post-Valentine’s Day. But whatever. Also, I’m confused because what does it matter if Blair’s feelings have changed? Why would she “do stuff worse than kissing” with Dan if she wasn’t doing it with Chuck? Just got to wait for the episode and see, I suppose.

NoWhiteNoise Team
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  • As I was reading this, I find it slightly amusing that Dan is making all the mistakes Chuck made early in the CB relationship. Sending in that video is pretty similar to Chuck sending in humilating stuff about Blair to GG. Look how well all of Chuck’s past attempts turned out. When will these people ever learn? 

    I think the rationale for Dan sending in the video right now is he probably thought it would get rid of both Chuck and Louis at once. Louis would be pissed that B doesn’t love him. B would be mad at Chuck thinking that he sent it in. Dan probably didn’t expect Louis to marry Blair anyways. Personally, I don’t think Dan has the brains to pull a scheme like this off to get Blair, but it really makes no difference at this point. ITA Michael, that this secret basically set the tone of the DB relationship. It’s set-up to fail because no matter what Blair may feel in the upcoming eps, as soon as this secret is out, she will feel betrayed.

    As for Blair being mad about the video, I think she’s mad because it ruined her grand plan to live a fairly “happily ever after” without Chuck. She and Louis could have been happy and she could have kept her pact to God. We’re supposed to believe that Louis really loved Blair and the video was just the last straw.

    I’m mad about Blair’s “uncertain feelings” because the writers keep dangling those sweeping grand dialogue in front of us just to do a 180 a few eps later. Blair told Chuck that “you’re the one I’ve ALWAYS wanted and you’re the one I NEVER want to leave” then suddenly now it’s “I’m not sure…” Why so fickle? Anyways, her being married and the dowry stuff are still pretty big problems. At least DB can’t do much without some serious consequences for Blair.

    On the non-shipper side of things, I agree that it’s surprising Georgina is so bad at being GG. Wasn’t she a scheme queen back in the day? Such a rookie mistake to text Dan from the next room (at least turn your ringer OFF! LOL). The problem is she’s too involved in everything to be GG. She has to ‘save stuff for another time’ b/c other people can blackmail her like Dan threatening to expose her. The real Gossip Girl could have posted whatever she wanted because there were no consequences. I still find it so weird that Kirsten Bell narrates what Georgie is writing…

    As for Ivy, I think she was a little off her game because of what’s happening with Cece. She took a pretty big risk coming back. I hope the Ivy/Charlie stuff really blows up in the next eps.

  • Two-Headed Sex Beast

    I find it funny that THIS is the point in the story where people are getting outraged at how little sense Blair’s behavior makes. For the entire first half of this season (and really, the last several episodes of season 4,) Blair’s affections have been oscillating wildly between Louis and Chuck with basically ZERO on screen evidence to explain why. Blair kept TELLING everyone that she loved Louis, but she hardly ever ACTED like she wanted to be with him. Blair and Chuck kept SAYING to each other (in the most boring, repetitive way ever,) that they were in massive, world-destroying, epic love, but we never SAW them spending time together or being there for each other. It’s just an INFORMED love. It felt hollow and put-on.

    The only person we actually witnessed bonding and building a relationship with Blair this entire time is Dan. Starting way back in the middle of last season, they’ve been interacting and getting closer. Blair may have been surprised to find herself responding to Dan’s kiss in that way, but it’s actually the first thing she’s done in almost year that MAKES SENSE.

    Welcome back, Blair. Welcome back, Gossip Girl.

    • You make a valid point; I haven’t understood Blair this entire season in the least. I think the writers tailored this season way too much on the wedding… but it’s not like they couldn’t, anyway.

  • Sorry, but this roundtable was done by people who have the same point of view. Very uninteresting and gives no perspective. Try broadening the scope next time. Quite a few viewers have a different take and it’d be great to see someone who perhaps likes the development in Dan and Blair’s relationship.

    • Sandra

       Yeah, I think exactly the same thing…

    • That’s actually untrue. I don’t have the same point of view as Camila at all. I think you should re-read it.

      • guys, I just have a different point of view and I’m a Chair fan. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. point of views are point of views, everyone has your one. reading what Mike’s said and re-watching the scene, I see what he’s talking about. also, I made that before I watched next week’s promo. it is very clear that she DOES have feelings for him, at least in 5×16. I don’t like the development simply because I don’t ship them, but feel free to have your own opinion. 😉

  • Guest

    Although I want Chuck and Blair together, I’m thinking Blair should just stick with Dan now… just so she’d seem less of a slut and going from guy to guy (to guy). She was always my favorite character, but now she makes no sense to me at all whatsoever.

    I didn’t like how Dan kissed Blair, but that scene sort of reminded me of old Gossip Girl, but in reverse. Back in Constance, Blair would always be overshadowed by Serena; I can imagine Serena trying to play Cupid back then, with the guy ending up falling for her and kissing her instead. But now it’s reversed because it’s become The Blair Show.

    I hope they really end the show after five seasons, so they can leave off with at least some fans remaining.

    • AB

      A slut?

      Wow. So Blair is a slut for…being with maybe 3 guys in the span of a year? Gross sexism, Guest.

      • Guest

         Uh. It’s not 3 guys in a span of a year. She was with Chuck while she was with Louis, and now she’s with Dan even though she’s married to Louis and supposedly loves Chuck. I love Blair and Leighton Meester, but if that’s not a slut, I don’t know what is.

        • Sara

          But what is Chuck in that case? If Blair is a slut for having sex with her fiancee and her exboyfriend (which was cheating and wrong, I don’t disagree there) and kissing back a guy with who she has obvious emotional connection with, what does that make Chuck in comparison? A guy who has had countless sexual partners and sleeps with women for the solely purpose of hurting others. 

          There is a difference between doing something that is not right (in this case cheating) and being a slut. People should stop with the name calling, specially if you are a woman yourself. There is enough double standards as it is, we don’t need to enforce it. 

          If you look up slut on the urban dictionary you’ll find that “a woman with the morals of a man” is the first defintion. And sadly nowadays that really seems to be enought to call a woman a slut. Which makes it an icredibly sexist insult.

        • AB

          Um, a slut is someone who sleeps with someone else for money. Blair has slept with like 6 guys total in her life.

          And were you calling her a slut when she cheated on Louis with Chuck at the bar mitzvah? No? Yeah, didn’t think so. It’s only because it’s Dan, right? So transparent.

          • Guest

            No, a prostitute is someone who sleeps with someone else for money. By that definition, Chuck isn’t a slut since he’s never slept with anyone for money. And I definitely think Chuck is a slut. Not because he’s a man, just as I don’t think Blair is a slut because she’s doing what she’s doing as a female. It’s through her actions that I’m calling her a slut. Don’t assume that I only think Blair is a slut; most of the characters on Gossip Girl are – males and females. Blair is not as slutty compared to the rest, but just because a character is low on the sluttiness relativity scale does not give her a pardon from a label that is very fitting for what she’s doing now.

            I actually find it sexist for you guys to use the sexism card as a defense for saying Blair’s not a slut. She’s a slut for what she’s doing: cheated/ing on Louis with Chuck and Dan (regardless of whether Louis is nice or evil). Can I not call a female a slut for fear that I will be deemed sexist even though it’s true? How sexist is that to use sexism to protect a specific gender?

            And AB, don’t assume that I didn’t yell “slut!” when she cheated on Louis with Chuck just because I’m a Chair shipper. I actually felt the same way back then when she kissed Chuck as I do now when she kissed Dan. It’s not “So transparent” when what you’re saying is all based on your own assumptions.

            And as with the name callings, I did not initiate any name-callings with anyone here within our exchanges of disagreements. But if a character on screen is portrayed in a certain way, I will call it like it is.


          • TB

            I really don’t think Blair’s a slut at all.  I think of a slut as a person who’s generally open to the possibility of having sex with people they really don’t know very well.  Chuck’s a slut. Hell, I’m a slut.  But Blair?  Nah.  She did cheat on Louis and that was wrong (when she did it with Chuck, but I don’t think she owes anything to Louis now that their marriage is “all business”) but she is not a slut.  I think of sluttiness as an attitude, not a rap sheet.  Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a slut, if that wasn’t obvious already.  Unless you’re being dishonest and hurting people’s feelings. That’s not nice.

          • Guest

            To be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a slut. Although not a “moral compass” on the show, Blair has always been portrayed as the ‘least slutty’ of the bunch. I just don’t like how her character has now developed to that point. 

            I don’t agree that being open to the possibility of having sex only with people you don’t know very well is the definition of a slut. If you’re open to the possibility of being intimate with many people you do know, does that not still make you one? Just because you know them doesn’t nullify the effects of the action.

            And from her cheating on Louis with Chuck, Blair is being dishonest and hurting people’s feelings.

            I’m going to end our disagreement here as this is a matter of a difference in opinion. I respect that our definitions of a slut don’t align, and I appreciate that you didn’t base your arguments on assumptions, which saves us both time and the embarrassment of a certain proverb, TB.

  • Blair keeps making excuses up not to be with Chuck because she doesn’t want to be with him. She may still hold love for him because of their past, but it’s the same conversation over and over. They can never work, and she knows this, and he’s not good for her. 

    You didn’t talk at all about the fact that Chuck screwed another woman at the end of the episode. He had no feelings for her whatsoever and was only doing it to get revenge, whereas Dan and Blair have been friends for over a year and she realized in this episode all the things he had done for her. She was blind to her feelings for Dan before because Chuck and Serena and Louis were in the way, but she has ALWAYS gone to him over everyone else. 

    And she wasn’t betraying Serena because a) Serena. Doesn’t. Own. Dan. and b) the ending where she tells him she can’t hurt her best friend! (Let’s not even touch the subject of Serena being selfish and knowing that Dan loves Blair way before she tried to hook up with him again because that is a whole different animal.) 

    As for ” Because he loves her and he wants two things: 1 – Blair to be happy (by not marrying Louis) and 2 – Blair to be with him,” Dan never once cared about anything but Blair’s happiness until this last episode where he took some initiative for his own happiness only because Blair asked him. He thought she would be happy with Chuck before that! Chair shippers should be happy he sent in the video because that was really only to get Louis out of the picture. How would sending in that video benefit him in any way? That doesn’t make sense.

    I will stand by my argument that Blair is most like herself when she is with Dan. Because he accepts her for exactly who she is and supports her. I love where their story could progress, and no one can convince me otherwise.

    • I didn’t think of her making excuses ad nauseum as not wanting to be with him. That’s an interesting way to go. But unfortunately, this isn’t Gossip Girl’s strong suit (though they did it somewhat well with the Dair arc)… and Blair has just been (practically annoyingly) saying she loves Chuck “more and more each day.” It’s things like these that makes me feel like the writers don’t know how they’re messing up. You can’t have said that and then try to make Dan and Blair a viable option for the long haul. And even more so, they begin their relationship with a lie?

      BUT this is just the first episode. I don’t know how they’re going to write it out.

      Also, I in no way understand why Serena is THAT upset. I mean, she sort of led her on thinking that Dan was going to kiss HER, but Serena had sex with Blair’s longterm boyfriend so this is not the same at all.

      And lastly, we’re not trying to convince you of anything. 🙂

  • AB

    This round table is a hot mess of Blair hate. What makes it even shadier is that the people hating on Blair now or calling her slut/whore, etc, were the most ardent and staunch Chuck supporters after he traded Blair for his hotel, punched a window that cut her face, and fell for Eva and Raina while Blair was sad and single. So…my theory that Chair fans really are just Chuck fans has been more validated than ever. The “I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!” only counts when Chuck messes up – then it’s the writers fault. When it’s Blair doing something wrong (and for the love of God, she made a pact with God to save Chuck’s life and has  told him she loved him over and over), she’s just a slut, bad character, flaky, selfish, etc.

    I see your true colors shining through…

    • I didn’t hate on Blair, lol. I’m sorry if it looked that way. I just can’t understand her behavior. 

    • Pocket

      Well… in defense of the “whore” statement. She was a whore *once* you know that time Chuck pimped her out to his uncle for a hotel. 

      The slut thing I don’t get at all. So its perfectly fine for Chuck/Serena/Nate/Todd the Bellboy to grab any piece of ass that walks on the show.. but Blair can’t? Double standards.

    • Not *Blair* hate but hate on the way she’s been written this past season. The writers have lost her character. She can completely be with Dan (and in fact, I think she was most in character this episode than since the return in January), that’s most certainly not a problem.

      Also, I don’t think we called her a slut in this roundtable. :/ Maybe in my recaps, but that’s not how I actually feel about things. And once again, I don’t think Blair did anything wrong. I have a problem with how it’s being written out. But as I previously mentioned, I’m basing my judgements on promos and stuff, so IDK how it’s actually going to go. The point is that I don’t see how Blair would risk her family’s bankruptcy for Dan when she wouldn’t do it for Chuck, because according to her she loves him SO MUCH.

      I can understand maybe she wants to explore her feelings more to see what exactly it is that she… well, feels. But we’ll see.

      • Sara

        First of all I am a little surpised at how much hate this roundtable is getting, isn’t the idea of a roundtable to express opinions? Opinions noone has to agree with? While I might not have agreed with everything that was said, it was still interesting to read. 

        And I agree that Blair has been written rather inconsistent this seasons but actually what annoys me the most is how little of her POV we have seen. She says a lot of things, she claims her love for Louis and even more for Chuck but we don’t see any of it at all. So yeah, “according to her she loves him SO MUCH.” but do we really know that? The whole story with Chuck has been so over the top that it seems cartoonish and ridiculous by now, almost forced. I really think that Blair is hanging on to her “epic love” to Chuck because it’s what she knows, it’s what she thinks defines her. She had a moment of realization when she listed the things Dan has done for her and asked how Serena could not love him if he was that way with her. And there we actually got a shot of Blair’s face when Dan was looking away, one of the few natural shows of emotion Blair has had all season.

        And with that very long and very confusing paragraph I’m trying to say that Blair’s love for Chuck is being portayed as something almost hollow, a lot of talk but no action while her relationship with Dan actually makes sense and has had the biggest build up ever on this show.

      • Sarah

        I think Georgina is getting it started so that Blair will lose her families fortune and she feels as though she can’t be with Chuck. G is setting up Dan to eventually get caught for all of his lies but it will be much worse for him because Blair thinks he really is a good guy.

        Chuck will bail her out but not tell her and she will find out everything Dan has done and than all hell excuse the language will break loose because first she thought Louis was good, than Dan only to find out the only person she gave up hope in and stopped believing could change to his best self is Chuck.

        But I also think she will come to this conclusion even before finding out what all Dan does because I’m sure he is going to do more bad things in the coming episodes just to be with her.

        I would have liked Dan and Blair to become friends but he fell for her so fast that I just can’t take his feelings for her seriously plus dislike that he doesn’t care about how it would hurt Blair and Serena’s friendship because Blair really does need Serena even if Ban fans don’t care Serena is very important to Blair just like Chuck is  and will always be so enjoy while it lasts because it won’t end well for Dair.


  • people desagreed so much with me here LOL. I had just watched the episode, guys, my head was all messed up. and it’s just one person’s opinions. if you have a different one, stick with it. I’m not doing this to change what you think about the show or the episode. this is just for fun, to discuss the episode. PS: I’m not hating on Blair, I just don’t understand her atm. xD

    • Guest

       I think this roundtable did its purpose: people expressing their own opinions, which is good. We’re all just very invested in Gossip Girl; otherwise, there’d be tumbleweeds where this discussion exists.

  • Becca (@rauhlprincess)

    Love u as always Michael 🙂 I have never followed ur round table, but I really like it. I liked seeing DAIR point of view and chair point of view. Sorry for caps my iPhone is autocorrecting. I’m in study hall laughing my butt off at some of ur comments and everybody is staring lol. You guys completely summed up my feelings. But seriously I felt like Dan sent in the video for selfish reasons and Blair is falling into his creepy arms. No DAIR hate sorry u can tell how my iPhone puts it into caps automatically hahaha but just a point to look at. Did he send in the video to make her happy or did he just not want to see her happy? I hope we will find out. In the meanwhile, chair fan fictions here I come….

    Your favorite chair obsessor and blogger,


  • Becca (@rauhlprincess)

    TYPO : I didn’t mean not see her happy I ment married lol sorry …

  • Mimi101

    I love how the dair fans are getting mad because this round-table doesn’t have THEIR point of view. I guess it’s always boring when things don’t go your way.

  • Ocean

    Wow. dair fans are REALLY putting words in the round-table people’s mouths. No one said Blair was a slut. I find it funny that dair fans are taking THIS round-table so hard. Also, the WRITERS keep throwing in stupid excuses as to why THEY won’t put C and B together. The problem is the writers.

    • AB

      Look at the above comment by “guest” and you’ll see that a Chair fan did indeed call Blair a “slut.” Plus, I’ve seen on Chair fans’ twitters the terms: Princess Whore, Flaky, Slut, etc. Just own it.

      • TB

        For what it’s worth, I’m a huge fan of Chuck and Blair, and I think that calling her a “slut” doesn’t make any sense.  Sluts are sexually promiscuous, and Blair is probably the least promiscuous character on the show. 

        But what she has been doing this season is jerking a lot of people’s hearts around, Chuck’s especially.  In my book, that’s worse.

        • AB

          She’s not jerking hearts around, though. I think she’s been totally clear that she loves Chuck. She’s told him over and over (and over), and literally stayed away from him TO SAVE HIS LIFE. With Dan, we are supposed to believe that she literally had NO IDEA he felt “that way” about her until just this week. She hadn’t read the book and the show insisted on turning down her ability to decipher these things in order to make this a plot point.

          The only one she really did wrong IMO was Louis.

          • TB

            Yeah, but there was no reason she couldn’t have told Chuck about her sudden crazy religiosity instead of making him suffer for weeks and weeks without explanation.  Or did God tell her the plot was off if Chuck knew about it?

            I also think that she should have realized that she was taking advantage of Dan a long time ago.  If she’d been paying attention to anything other than herself for the past season, it would have been obvious that only a guy who was buttcrazy in love with her would have put up with her constant neediness and demands for emotional support, especially since she’s offered him essentially nothing in return.

            We’re agreed on Louis.  Girl done him wrong.

  • TB

    I just don’t get these two as a romantic couple at all.  They have fuck-all in common.  (I know someone’s going to say they both have Cabbage Patch dolls and like Nouvelle Vague cinema, but that’s not enough for me, sorry.)  Blair is a high society bitch, and Dan is a nebbish, self-deprecating outsider type.  I really, really liked both of their characters when they actually WERE their characters, especially during S1/S2.  But nowadays, whenever they’re together, everything that I once loved about them (e.g., Blair’s loyalty to her friends, Dan’s sense of right and wrong) just…disappears.

    I don’t understand why Dan even likes Blair.  Most of the time they’re together she’s treating him like crap.  Dan from S1/S2 would have had way too much self-respect to tolerate Blair’s bitchery for more than five minutes. The only time she ever bothers to be civil is when she’s crying on his shoulder about another guy…or two.  And Blair…I just don’t get it at all.  Five minutes ago she was in love with Chuck.  Then she married Louis because of an imaginary plot with God.  And now she’s kissing her favorite buttmonkey Dan?  Oy vey.  Did she sustain brain damage in that car accident?If they’d wanted to do the Dan + Blair plot, they should have at least tried to do it in a way that made some sense.  Instead, with the path they’ve chosen, Dan looks pathetic, and Blair looks insane.  Meanwhile, they’ve destroyed the Serena/Blair friendship…because you DO NOT get with your bestie’s EX who your bestie is STILL in love with, ever!  Hear that, girls?

    It seems like the writers are trying to make us feel sorry for Serena and Chuck, since they were less sympathetic last season, but I’m getting tired of seeing their little woeful faces every single episode.  Chuck especially.  It’s a wonder he hasn’t shot himself in the head by now.  I miss Chuck’s “I’m Chuck Bass” swagger.  I was profoundly grateful to see him return to his scheming ways at the end of this episode, because Chuck-the-saint does not good television make.  

    I’m hoping that this entire season is actually a dramatization of Dan’s book, Inside.  (Yes, including the plot surrounding the book, because Dan would think it’s super clever and meta of him to write a book about a book.)  This is the only thing that would explain how wishy-washy Blair has become.  The only mystery is why Dan would write himself as a such a pathetic dishrag….when he’s around Blair, that is.  Around everyone else he’s just a douche.

    • let me hug you for your true, perfect words. I couldn’t agree more. and if season 5 was all a book, it would be so funny, haha.

      • TB

        If it is, I called it first!

    • Guest

      LOL you’re totally insulting Blair.. calling her high society bitch. She used to be mean in HIGH SCHOOL! And I think it would be really sad, if Blair wouldn’t mature after all these years. I know it’s just a show, but it’s just really unrealistic to expect people not to change at all and stay the same person they were when they were 17 years old. XD
      But whatever, I will never get why people don’t want to see character developments.. But to each their own.

      As for Chuck, I have to say that I really feel bad for him. Blair is just toying with him, the same way she did with Louis. And it’s NOT ok. So I’m curious to see how things will be with Dan. 
      I’m not saying that Blair’s a slut, but right now, I just wish for Chuck to be mad at HER and not blame Dan. Because after all, she’s the one who’s messing with him. Telling him that they couldn’t be together, and then kissing Dan? WTF? So Chuck should just stop to mourn Blair and be whiny. He should move on, just like Ed suggested. Otherwise it’s really getting pathetic! 

      On another note, I think that Blair really didn’t plan to kiss Dan back. She was confused and started to realize that she might have feelings for Dan… so she let herself go for a moment. In her defense, she took it back at the end of the episode. And I expect her to be in denial in the next episode, which is why Serena tells her to stop lying to herself. 

      Plus, Dan isn’t pathetic, episode 14 and the fact that Blair is starting to reciprocate his feelings prove that. Unlike Blair, he’s just honest about his feelings and doesn’t fight them. 

      Last but not least, I have to say that I didn’t mind this roundtable. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So Camila, there’s no need to apologize for your opinion, it’s fine and if people can’t deal with it, then it’s really their problem, not yours. 😉 

      Can’t wait for the recap, Michael!!! 🙂 

      Buh Bye. I’m gonna go back to Dair-heaven right now. 😀 

      • TB

        Just a note…I liked Blair’s bitchiness!  No one could give out a verbal smackdown like Blair back in the day.  But we all knew that she wasn’t really mean.  She was a good girl at heart (albeit with a lot of insecurities), and fiercely loyal to her friends, especially Serena. We can’t say as much for her nowadays…

        I am more upset about Dan’s character devolving, though.  He used to be the moral center of the show…the one who called everyone else out on their bullshit.  But nowadays?  Pssh.  When he pulled that little stunt with the video at Blair’s wedding?  And telling everyone that Chuck did it?  After he supposedly became “friends” with Chuck, and knew the extent of Blair’s feelings for him?  I really hope that comes back to bite him in the ass.  I understand the writers wanting to do something different, and honestly, they kind of have to throw a bone to people who like Dan + Blair after dangling the relationship in front of them for so long, but they didn’t have to do it this way.  (With Serena all butt-hurt because she randomly loves Dan again, Blair married to someone else and self-proclaimedly in love with Chuck, and Dan being all manipulative and shitty.)

        • Guest

          I think everyone is manipulative in this show. Serena lied to Dan about the fake-date thing. Blair lied to Louis and Chuck and so on. Dan lied about the video and blamed Chuck for it (although I don’t think that he needed to. Everyone thought that Chuck sent it, anyway.. Serena, Nate, Dan AND Blair.) And now Blair knows that it wasn’t Chuck who sent the video. So his lying didn’t really affect anyone. 
          And may I remind you that Dan tried to reunite CB? It’s not his fault that Blair went crazy with her pact and all. 

          But all in all, you’re right, it’s really bad writing. I’ll just enjoy the pretty while I can…

          • TB

            It’s bad writing, all right.  I don’t understand why the writers don’t choose a plotline that makes a modicum of sense.  Remember when Blair lost her BABY in that car accident?  They just glossed over it and pretended it never happened.  I could actually see Blair feeling so upset and guilty about losing her baby when she was running off with Chuck that she doesn’t want to be with him for a while, because it’s just too painful for her to think about the child she would have raised with him.  That would have actually been a legit plotline, and one that gives something as devastating as a miscarriage the attention it deserves.  And if they had wanted to do the whole Dan + Blair storyline then, I would have been like, well, okay, because I’m not going to judge Blair for needing comfort after losing a child.  But instead we got this whole pact with God nonsense.  Totally superfluous and total crap.  And the baby has never been mentioned again, so Blair comes off totally callous, not to mention flighty for loving one guy, marrying another, and now making out with a third.

            Gossip Girl writers, if you want to hire me, please reply to this post, and I’ll immediately start working to clean up this huge mess that you’ve made of the show. 😀

        • AB

          You have some good points, but I just don’t get that Blair’s suddenly not being loyal to Serena. Blair and Dan have a legitimate friendship now, and remember, Blair set about to help them and reunite them! She’s confused as hell right now, and it shows. Maybe some sort of PTSD from her accident and miscarriage? IDEK, but I do know that she was not trying to hurt Serena. Plus, she is still loyal. She’s loyal to Chuck to the point that she got married to someone she didn’t love to save his life. It’s irritating watching Blair play love and friendship martyr all the time to be honest. I got disgusted when I read people saying that was Blair’s only good quality. There’s a HUGE difference in being a doormat and being loyal. Blair needs a good dose of anti-doormat-ery after the S3/S4 crap they pulled with Chuck.

          • TB

            Fair enough, I was basing the “not being loyal to Serena” on the assumption that she spends the next episode facesmashing with Dan….according to the preview.  I’m not sure why she does this after saying she can’t mess around with Dan because of Serena, but maybe there’s some reason for it we haven’t heard yet?  We will see.

            I agree that it would have been nice to see Blair acting more independent after S4, which is why I was so annoyed that all of her personal ambitions (doesn’t she still go to Columbia???) were immediately forgotten the moment she had the chance to become a pretty pretty princess…but I suppose that’s a topic for another time.

      • thank you for being a mature person. (: and as much as I liked Blair’s bitchiness, she’s grown up, that’s true. but her character development was done the wrong way. she was a powerfull yet insecure girl who wouldn’t let anyone treat her anyway she didn’t like. she lost her bitch self and it’s ok, but what’s not ok is that she also lost her power all of the sudden. she had dreams, ambissions! everything she fought for – attending to a amazing college, having a great job – desappeared with the bitchiness and the power. it’s ok if we don’t get our HBIC again – as much as I’d love to have bitchy, scheming Blair back – because she’s grown up. but she regressed as a character actually, she seems so weak now. that saddens me. =/

    • AB

      I don’t get this idea that Blair is not being loyal to her friends. The whole first half of the episode was her trying to help Serena and Dan. Then, Dan kissed her and she got caught up in it, but it wasn’t done maliciously.

      Also, I am really not getting the idea that suddenly Dan and Serena are like Chuck and Blair as far as being the loves of each others lives. What about Serenate? I’m sorry, but Dan has NOT always been “it” for Serena, and I think a lot of her wanting Dan now has to do with the fact that she knows he wants Blair.

      I also don’t think Serena and Blair’s friendship is ruined in the slightest. They overcame Serena actually having sex with Nate and lying about it for a year, and them taking turns being basically awful to one another time and again. I can easily see Serena getting past this once she realizes that she needs to let go of the past. Dan doesn’t want her anymore, and that’s hard on her ego, but it’s also good for her growth.

    • AB

      PS – I also find it interesting how much more harsh people are on women vs. men. Notice in your comment you’re “grateful” to see Chuck returning to his “scheming ways” which included banging an insecure woman for his own gain.

      But Blair? She’s getting slut-shamed and crucified in by the supposed Chuck AND BLAIR (remains to be seen) fans for her emotional confusion.

      Very telling and sad to be honest.

      • TB

        I would love to see Blair scheming too!  I can’t believe she just let the Grimaldis dictate her life for the next year without even putting up a fight.  But alas, she is now but the shadow of the Blair I knew and loved.

  • Monotoneskies

    Man, I can’t help but to feel sorry for Chuck. He’s been pretty selfless and reasonable, whereas Blair has been pretty selfish and stringing three guys along her rollar coaster ride for almost a year now. I hate how she was so ready to be with Chuck but is so fickle- but this is due to the writers, who seem to forget that characters need to act consistent to their personality/beliefs, and not act erractly…