You may have noticed that Gossip Girl articles aren’t exactly the friendliest places to be on the interwebs these days – namely the comments sections. We can thank the intense ship war between those who want to see Blair with Dan and those who believe she belongs with Chuck for this. We can no longer peruse the thoughts of our fellow Gossip Girl fans without reading a variety of arguments and insults that shippers rehash more often than the writers recycle storylines.

So I’ve been thinking about writing about this lately because seriously guys, this shit is way out of control. And then it occurred to me: what better way to address a war than to write up a peace treaty a la Chuck and Blair in season 4? Except that this one won’t result in hot, angry piano sex. Probably.

Article I

We recognize that everyone has valid reasons for liking the couple or characters they do. Maybe we love the way Blair has supported Chuck at his lowest or Dan and Blair’s witty banter. Maybe we like Chuck’s smoldering gaze over Dan’s puppy dog eyes. Maybe what we love about our ship is what we hate about the other guy’s, but that doesn’t make them wrong, it just means they prefer kinky sex games to charming movie dates.

Therefore, we agree to stop using the word “delusional” when referring to other shippers. It’s not like they’re going around claiming that God told them to be in a loveless marriage forever who to ship…now that would be crazy.

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Article II

We recognize that calling out the other fandom for being the meanest people on the face of the planet makes us look like enormous jackasses. Especially when we follow it up with a statement about how delusional they are for thinking Chuck and Blair could ever do anything but eat babies and rule over Mordor if they were together. Guess what? There are assholes in every group.

We agree to stop generalizing about the other fandom when discussing our ships. The words “you Dair/Chair shippers” should be avoided.

Article III

As shippers, we really are passionate about our pairings, maybe to an unhealthy extent. If we are this obsessed, there is probably something awesome about our ship. So yeah, we’re going to defend that and argue our points and talk about it because it’s fun and that’s what we do!

We agree to keep it classy and not get personal in our inevitable arguments. After all, we’re intelligent people capable of carrying on a mature conversation. Right? Right??

Article IV

With that in mind, there are things about these other couples that just piss us off and sometimes we need to rant. I’m sure we all have some very snappy one-liners to make fun of the other ship and it would honestly be a shame to waste them.

We agree to avoid trolling spaces devoted to the other fandom. This doesn’t mean we can’t visit to ask questions or make points; we just don’t go in there to incite conflict. In our own sovereign space, we reserve the right to be total bitches about other couples.

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Article V

Finally, we may have forgotten that we are all actually part of the same fandom. For some reason, we’re all addicted to Gossip Girl. So we could maybe talk about something other than our ship and focus on all the common ground that comes from loving (/hating) the same show and just be friends!

I have a dream, that one day Chair shippers and Dair shippers will be able to share the same comments thread without resorting to caps lock. I have a dream that we will be able to make fun of ourselves as often as we make fun of everyone else. I have a dream that we can all just relax and enjoy our favorite guilty pleasure together!

If that doesn’t work out, I have a bottle of tequila here. Any Serenate/Derena/non or multi-shippers wanna join me for a shot? Ooh, Nair shippers, can I pour you a double?

Feel free to sign the treaty by leaving a comment with your name and your ship! And let me know what you think. Are you sick of the fan wars? Do you actually kind of like the gruesome violence and bloodshed?

I'm pretty much just a big nerd who loves to interact with other people as obsessed with TV as I am! Some of my all-time favorite television includes sci-fi and fantasy staples like Buffy, X-Files, and Battlestar Galactica, but I won't attempt to list all the shows I watch and love currently - I'm kind of an addict. I'm also a big fan of reading, writing, gaming, and dancing (to make up for the rest of my lazy hobbies).
  • CO-MUTHA F**KIN’-SIGN!!!!!

    •  Really doubt this will change anything though.

      • Me too. A guy can dream right? Oy vey. I’m just tired at looking at my timeline and every other tweet is “I hate [so and so] fans blah blah blah!”

        • Viewer

          All the Chair fans have to do is just let go of Blair willingly and all this will be over. 😉

  • Me

    chair forever

  • ShawnMarieH

    I agree completely! I use to love this fandom & now it’s all bitter & mean! As a huge Chuck & Blair fan I agree to move forward only spreading the love of my epic ship. That being said I am human & I may eff up.

  • I agree…this fan war is sick and this is the main reason why I can’t enjoy GG anymore. Without this war it would be much more fun.

  • Ocean


  • chestal

    oh if this could happen!! Dair fan signing this!!

  • Post it

    I like your effort here and agree that the ship wars make no sense and are childish but you might want to make this a neutral post. The first two articles read as pro chair ( especially the second where your example is a blantant attack towards the Dair fandom) and besides all of this there are more than Dair or Chair fans on Gossip Girl. I quite frankly like neither of these ships and the stupid ship wars are taking away from me being able to discuss other storylines with GG fans online.

    • I tried to poke fun at both sides, but I may have overcompensated a
      little as I am, ironically, more of a Dair fan. 😛 Anyway, I aimed for
      neutrality. I have definitely seen both sides do everything on this

      I tried to throw a bone at the non-Chair and Dair shippers at the end
      since they seem to pretty much be keeping themselves out of the
      nastiness and this article is about the war between the Dair and Chair

  • Guest

    I sign. 🙂 Dair 

  • anon

    Let’s just have Blair killed off. Then Dan can be with his true love (Cece) and Chuck can go back to being a badass playa. 

    And no petty teenage girl fights. PERFECT.

  • Oh really? ship war? i don’t see any ship war here or if you mean chuckistans who boycotting show, sending death threats, manipulating, attacking dair shippers and being usual insane self?
    You guys are such hypocrite, it’s not even funny. I liked this site better before.

    • Was this comment meant to be ironic?

    • anon

      You are part of the problem.

      • So are you.

        • So is your mom.

        • Please, you’re being rediculous. You’re attacking a site because it has it’s own opinion. That is a part of the problem and jsut because someone tells you that doesn’t make him or her a part of the problem too, 

    • Yeah, I was about to say the same as Jen. I don’t think we’re being hypocritical in the least. There’s a ship war in the entire fandom… not one here, technically. We have plenty of Chair fans and Dair fans that write here, Jen herself being a Dair fan. But whenever we post, there are a few from either side that pop up. We’ve been lucky that it’s just a few. (Save for pivotal episodes like the last GG episode.)
      But again, that’s neither here nor there. The point is the ENTIRE fandom. Let’s just have fun!

      • anon

        As the person in charge, why don’t you just remove all posts that are blatantly hateful and purely for attack purposes. (there may or may not be one on this thread…I’m not naming names but….) 

        • I’ve thought about that (and actually if someone’s comment is flagged enough times, it’s automatically removed… that happened in the last GG post for the first time on three different comments; I never knew that) but once I start removing comments, it would be as if I’m censoring people. I would never want to do that because then it becomes a slippery slope. Maybe if the small community here wants it enough. But for now we don’t even get that many comments (though that’s quickly changing).

          And also, if it’s attacking me, I have no problem with that. I mean, I *DO* and it’s frustrating, but removing a comment just because it’s attacking me seems wrong to me somehow. It feels like I’m not letting them voice their opinion and want to live in a bubble.

  • Please and thank you. We all need this for our own sanity. Chair and DaCeCe FTMFW! 

  • Twanz

    *signature*.. dair.. TAWANNA WIGLEY.. ship wars are silly

  • kjeannefos

    I hereby sign the treaty! — Dair shipper

  • Chair forever! 

  • Beja

    Well written! Dair fan 🙂

  • Ievaaleksandra

    Proud Chair fan here,BUT never disrespecting any other ships 🙂

  • Justjaney

    Yes fan wars are all this show is depending on now we all should take a stand and tell the writers to stop playing us!

  • Amallama

    Ama. Dair.

  • Pacifist Chair fan here (most of the time). Meh, I don’t even comment anywhere since I can’t come up with coherent posts. 🙂 Signed, sealed, delivered. Over and out!

  • Wait, does this mean if we end this treaty we will have hate sex on a piano? Oh, when life imitates art! 
    I hate ship wars but what I hate most is how little consequence Blair and Serena’s friendship has in all this. If I weren’t a Chair fan already, I would still not root for anything that ruins the core relationship of the show. Ship preferences aside, we should be more worried how the storylines reflect on the characters and on us as viewers. (I’m still embarrassed to admit I watch a show who had one of its characters make a pact with God. I mean, REALLY?)

  • I think we should amend the treaty with an article that states if others, who have or have not signed the treaty, attack personally and get nasty… we should leave it alone. Fighting fire with fire hardly ever works.

    • This should totally be added. I can be guilty of feeding the trolls sometimes. It would definitely be better for those of us who want world peace to just ignore the warmongers and continue having fun. 🙂

  • YEp, totally agree to stop that hate and just spread the love! 🙂 

  • The only thing that i want is people to stop spreading the hate. Shippers should be about love between the characters and not about discuss why the other character is the wrong one. So if everyone stick to their ship, and say ‘i ship this thing because i love how these characters work together’ and not ‘i ship this thing (character y/z) because character x is that, that, that’. You know, that makes no sense. 

    Let’s love who we love and respect people who think different.

  • Talia

    I am signing this as a proud diehard CHAİR shipper who hates and loathes ship wars and mean people with nasty comments..

  • I was a Nair and then a Serenate shipper – can I have a triple Tequila shot then?

    • *pours a triple shot for Stella and a shot for my Serenate heart*

      Bottoms up!

  • Camila, Chair fan.
    we should all sign this. it’s perfection. I think I’ve never been to a ship war. I expressed my feelings, but I try not to offend anyone. I’m a little paranoid with not offending people, actually, lol. I don’t quite remember, but I think I had a discussion about Chair with someone on the 5.11 promo. I don’t remember if the person was Chair or Dair (lol) but it wasn’t agressive or anything. I think everyone should do that. be able to speak for their couple, to discuss it, but without agression. EVERYBODY START SIGNING THISSS! xD

    • Ana Muller

      I’m a Chair fan too and have the same paranoia, it’s weird because everyone is always being so aggressive and every time I try to take part in any of this I just can’t seem to offend anyone… my arguments always end up with “that’s just my point of view” and “I don’t mean to offend you” lol 

      • that’s exactly what happens to me, haha. as I speak I tend to put something like “(no offense)” lol  

  • Rememberorbeli

    Orbeli, Dair.

  • Hannah

    Chair shipper. I think this is a great idea. I’ve been getting really annoyed with the ship wars and hope that this will help, at least, a little bit.

  • enterthedragonmaster

    I understand why you ship what you ship… but chair ending up would be a horrible message… whether you like it or not.

    • AJ

      Why would it be a horrible message? You don’t think that two people who love each other can get past all the mistakes they’ve made and live happily ever after? Well that’s fine! 🙂 But Chair fans do believe. So kindly stop making us out to be the bad guys.

  • Wrighthang75

    Finally someone that sees it how I am feeling…I’m hating this shipper war…you do U and I gonna do me..Chair.

  • bunny

    you know that the writers wanted there to be a shipping war, they thought it would destract viewers from the incompetent writting 😀

  • ac

    i sign! Dair

  • Angel

    I was reading it and it seemed like the “we” you were mainly talking about were Chair shippers. I know you mentioned you are a dair fan, and you tried to be neutral. I did not find it neutral. I think this whole ship war is ridiculous, and I will definitely make an attempt to hold off on my remarks, although it is very easy to make them with people saying things like Dair is not good because Dan’s nose is not nice, or that Dair fans are delusional and our couple is not real.

  • Forever a chair fan I’m signing this. 🙂 Can we still have piano sex, though, or is that completely off the table?

    • Ana Muller

      Chair fan here, I also support the piano sex motion (:

  • signed. love the shout out to nair fans.

  • Jnico45

    I really couldn’t agree more. I ship Dair so I never visit Chair videos or tumblers. You know the old saying ” If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.  I like to stay in my happy bubble and I think everyone else should do the same. By the by I love Chuck.

  •  idc about the ships, I just watch how the show steer it and i’m gonna sail along… but for now I like dair because i think the story is adorable and fyi I don’t abhor chair. It’s more fun to watch a tv show where there is no hate and high expectations on the show.

  • ColeccionistaDeCanciones

    Dair is my OTP, but Chair will always hold a place in my heart 🙂

  • Dair fan and totally supportive.

  • I’m a Dair Shipper and I respect Chair. BUT instead of flaming and dissing each other, I remain in my happy bubble. So shipping wars are non-existent in my part. 

  • Sydney Quintana

    Sydney – A proud Dair (used to be Chair) shipper and Gossip Girl supporter. The writers have made us laugh and cry for half a decade, they know what they’re doing. 

  • Cathy

    Signed by a Dair fan. 

  • Nah

    This is great. Why do we need to insult the writers, though? We all tune in every week and get passionate enough about said storylines as to need a ‘peace treaty’, eh? Kinda hypocritical, I think! Anyway, signed by yet another Dair supporter

    • I definitely agree, if they weren’t doing something right we wouldn’t all be this invested. 🙂 I think it’s funny to make fun of the writers a little but actually they have me completely hooked. haha

  • cereza

     But the crazy ship wars are so much more fun than the show itself, this days!

  • Dair fan signing here … although I don’t have much faith in chuckistans to respect this treaty (Dair fans have been always attacked on tumblr – just take a look at the Dair tag -, on fanforum, on twitter and … it’s still the case unfortunately) 

    • Ana Muller

      hey now don’t do that! this “although I don’t have much faith in chuckistans to respect this treaty” thing was very passive aggressive, I’m a Chair fan and I intend on honoring my end of the deal thoroughly (: 

  • Scottysdiary1

    Other than being a hard core Dair fan. I dare to be a Duck fan to. I like how Dan and Chuck have really bonded over this season. I would hate to see them go, but officially not as much as I would hate to see Dair go.   Article VI We can come together to talk about how funny and silly this Dair and Chair treaty is. 

  • Fred

    Fred and i sign Dair

  • I couldn’t agree more! As a Chair shipper, I must admit sometimes I get so mad I wanna troll the Dair tag on tumblr forever, but then I remember we’re all part of the same fandom. 

  • Guest

    I sign. I haven’t been commenting on Gossip Girl opinion sections very long; NoWhiteNoise is the first place. And immediately, I’ve received attacks that Article II and Article III detail. People generalize comments they’ve read posted by other Chuck-and-Blair fans and use them to respond to me. And I hate it when they assume that just because I like Chair, it means I don’t like anything Dair.

    Anda s long as Michael keeps putting up his hilarious photo recaps (which take my computer FOREVER TO LOAD :P), other people’s comments won’t deter me from NWN and I will continue watching GG (for now).

    • It’s always frustrating to have someone respond to you with a million assumptions about you based on interactions with other people. Michael is, in fact, the absolute best and it’s worth watching the show just to laugh at his recaps. 🙂 He’s also really good at being an equal opportunity basher so Chair and Dair fans can come together on NWN for sure. 😀

  • emmajolie

    I completely get you, there is a line between passionate and plain mean :)xx

  • Dork

    Actually I hate that I like such a bad written show as Gossip  Girl, but Dair drags me in. From Guilty pleasure to shamefully obsessed with it.
    And to be completly honest, I never could stand Chuck since the pilot and his behaviour towards Serena and Jenny. So I never can understand someone wanting Blair ( as she is now, not as she were in S1 & S2) together with Chuck in this vicious cicle of Masochism.

    I like that you want to end ship wars, but I think the main problem is that both ships cannot get and understand the other side, because they are diametral opposed. I can see fans getting along ( a bit), but I can´t see both fandoms happy at he same point. This leaves disappointment and with this there is hardly peace to be found.

    • mmmwhatchasay

      I totally disagree-as a Chair fan, I can absolutely see a Dair fan’s point of view. Seeing other people’s POV is a useful tool and a skill that can be learnt. 🙂

  • Kim

    Signed by a Chair fan…

  • 2XL

    Pass me that bottle of tequila and I’ll co-sign! I hope you’re prepared to pour me shots all night, I’ve shipped every pair on the list (and many that are not). Don’t know if that makes me a multi-shipper or a non-shipper but, it doesn’t matter, I’d just like this to end so I can come out of hiding. 

    Some other advice: if you’re being trolled, ignore that person or kill them with kindness and move on. Also, don’t insult the actor’s looks just because you don’t like the story line their currently in (for e.g.: I’ve seen that Blake’s a “butter face”, Ed’s “fat”, Penn’s “teeth are jacked”). Seriously, making fun of their ability to act is one thing, making fun of their physicality is disgusting and hateful. 

    • 2XL

      One of those “their”s should be a should be a *”they’re”. Argh, typos!

  • anon

    Finally! This is a great idea. Signed Chair fan.

  • ourlittlenugget

    Signed. Chair (who like everyone here gets attacked personally for no reason at allbecause of a differing opinion).

    I think one of the biggest grey area at this point is tweets towards the writers, Josh, Norbuck and Bart. These get trolled/hijacked all the time and from there it escalates into just plain ugly.

  • harum scarum


  • Isn’t it logical that if you ship some couple, you just don’t like the other ship?? Now, if you go around telling those other ships you hate them and they are so stupid it makes you vomit… That’s a differen’t kind of thing. I’ve been Chair-fan for what seems like forever, and I can’t remember the last time I told a Dair fan their ship is stupid, or it just doesn’t make sense (I’m being a little too honest now)- but if I think so, why can’t I say it?? It depends on hów you say it, and the words you choose. That is the problem, not the different opinions or the fact we say them out loud.

    • ANO

      There are multi-shippers out there so I don’t think it’s impossible to like the other ship at all. Regardless, I totally agree with you. I don’t get why anyone has to censor their dislike for a certain story line, characters or a couple as long as they’re polite about it and don’t result to making it personal insults (against the poster or actors). People should realize that when someone says “I hate [insert character] and [insert ship] doesn’t work for me because of such and such reason” that it is NOT an attack on the people that do like that ship. 

  • Me

    This is good but it was better to see the pic you used of the NJBC. That is who the show should be about.

  • I would like to point out, that Dair fans’ arguments consists mostly of “Dan is the better guy”. Still, he’s not the angel most of you make him out to be. If he really cared for Blair’s happiness, when Blair had a second time after she realized it was a loveless marriage, he would have returned Blair to Chuck’s care, so that she could truly be happy, like he claimed as what he wanted the whole time. 

    Even without Blair’s reasoning, even when she claimed she still loved him – the only thing Chuck wanted -, Chuck let her go to get married to Louis. And that would have been undeniably hard for Chuck – to not have any control whatsoever. 

    Chuck may have done some despicable things, but he has every right to have done them. Blair didn’t deserve them, but Chuck deserved to be able to do them. It’s part of the package; Chuck grew up with a completely dysfunctional family without any love or support. And the second time he had the opportunity to open his heart without having any worries, he was betrayed. I cannot see how Chuck didn’t complete close his heart after then; how he could still have the capacity of loving Blair. It just shows what Chuck and Blair really mean to each other, the fact that they’ve been able to heal their wounds so quickly. With Chuck’s transformation, I still believe that he should – and will – get another chance to finally be the boyfriend Blair deserves, and for Blair to give Chuck the chance of having the girlfriend he deserves. No matter how much Serena is capable of pushing her feelings away for Blair, she will always be in the way of Dan and Blair. And really, if Blair’s going to do that, then she’s not the Blair that I thought she was, or many others thought she was. Now Dan is a good guy. There’s really no denying that. He does make a lot of stupid mistakes though, ones that are just made out of common sense. Chuck’s are made out of clouded judgement. Dan has a lot of love to give, and so does Serena. It fits together. Dan is a great friend as well – but he should stay that way with Blair. I hope the pair can see that. 
    As for Nate, I don’t see why he’s helping out Dan in the latest episode (S5,E18). He’s supposed to be Chuck’s best friend, which is why I reckon Chuck’s taken a raincheck. Because Diana’s his aunt or something… Deciphering Jack and Diana’s convo:

    Jack Bass: There’s been an accident. – That’s pretty straight forward.Diana: How bad? – Straight forward again.Jack Bass: You know I wouldn’t take a risk like this if it wasn’t serious. I had no choice. – Jack’s already taken the risk of donating blood because he was put on the spot? He wouldn’t take the risk of calling Diana because he can’t donate the blood and Diana has to?Diana: Okay, Jack. I’ll get on the next plane. You’ll meet us there? – Obviously they’re both coming to the UES.Jack Bass: Of course. Thank you, Diana. – Not much to say about thisDiana: It’s not me you should thank. – Diana owes someone a favour who is “working” for Jack Bass? 

    It would be nice if GG could stop screwing Chuck over. 🙂 
    But yes, Dan’s a good person for Blair, but not as a boyfriend if Chuck’s in the equation. If Chuck had better things to do for a while and wasn’t pining over Blair, I wouldn’t mind Dair’s relationship as much. 

    Anyway: Go GG Season 6! And please get rid of Ivy, I’m pretty sure everyone hates her! 

  • RajMahal77

    While I agree that both Chair and Dair fans have their respective points, as a Dair fan myself, I love this relationship because it feels so wrong that it feels so right and that just makes it even hotter.  Blair gives Dan the backbone that he’s always needed and the courage to be more forward and Dan brings out the good positive qualities in Blair like her love of nature documentaries and old films starring Audrey Hepburn.  That was one of the things I wasn’t fond of with Chair—Chuck tended to bring Blair’s bad negative qualities out, the scheming, the lying, the games, the betrayal, while Dan brought out a side of her that I’ve never seen until they saw that orangutan documentary over winter break.  When I saw the scene where they were both like “oh what? we’re gonna be in the city together by ourselves? Oh what?! we both like this orangutan and are going to see the documentary?” and then they sort of cheekily smile at each other and Gossip Girl narrates an allusion to a possible new beginning that was unexpected, THAT was when my jaw dropped and I knew that it was on like Donkey Kong ;-D  It always comes back to the sexual tension.  That’s what I love about this show IMHO.