Has your show jumped the shark? Guide to Eternal Sunshine rewatching

I’ve actually been meaning to write this for a while, but never had quite enough motivation to execute it. But now seeing as I have quit watching several shows, it’s time for me to share what I call an ‘Eternal Sunshine Re-watch’. I named this ritual after the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In case you are unaware, the movie deals with the prospect of being able to completely erase your memory of a person. The protagonist decides to get over the breakup of his girlfriend by having this very procedure done. It included bringing every item that could possibly remind him of his girlfriend, as well as some scientific process that obviously does not exist in reality. But the very principle of being able to erase a part of your life always intrigued me. And this is the best way I know how to cope…


1. Think back to the last great moment or episode you can remember. Choose carefully as this will be your lasting memory of the show.

2. Re-watch the entire show up to the place you selected in step 1. DO NOT go any further.

…Seeing as there are only 2 steps, Re-watching the show itself is not the hard part. It is suppressing those ugly memories that poses the challenge.

3. If this show is still on the air, avoid it like the plague. If it is no longer running, make sure you don’t bump into reminders of the past. There is no hope to erasing those memories if you continue to acknowledge the story past your stopping point.

You: *scrolling through tumblr* oh what a cute photoset of Simon and Alisha…wait what why is there blood omg she’s on the ground omg dsvljknnlk;vl;kmfbmdkn

Avoid the above behavior, for it will cause a relapse.

4. Be very, very careful when speaking to a friend about said show. They may bring up the very memory you are trying to suppress.

Friend: Remember the episode where Quinn decided the meaning to life was in being a teenage mother?

You: …

5. If the situation presented in step 3 or 4 occurs, and you are exposed to storylines occurring after your stop point RUN AWAY. Or simply deny their claims.

Friend: I’m just so disappointed in Supernatural. That show got so bad.

You: What are you talking about that show is great?

Friend: Are you telling me you thought it was great when they killled-



Friend: Can you believe Blair married the prince?

You: What prince? What weird fanfiction have you been reading?

If you can follow all of the above steps congratulations, you have overcome the traumatic experience of watching your favorite show past its prime. There actually is a shorter solution than this, which is to not care that much about TV. But I am incapable, so this is the process I must live by.

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  • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

    Ah, it’s so… applicable. I have decided Gossip Girl ended about 10 minutes before the end of 4×09 :) 

    (Goes to erase rest of memory)

  • xrnzaaas

    In my opinion it’s hard to watch tv shows these days with that kind of attitude (not being ready for the shows to go on for forever). How many shows will end this year ON THEIR OWN TERMS? House, Chuck, Desperate Housewives – anything else? Basically all US stations are giving green lights to another seasons of their hit shows, even if this means their decreasing quality (Dexter, Californication, Burn Notice) or expanding a story that was originally intended for one season (Homeland). I usually watch entire seasons of shows and stop watching them when I see they’ve reached the limit and I’ve been satisfied with the ending (even if it means watching 2-3 episodes more than I should). Did that with Mentalist last year (S03 ending was perfect) and it looks like I’ll do the same with some of the shows this year as well.

  • Neiro

     I love the Supernatural example… I’ve been doing that since 2010. I had relapses with Grey’s Anatomy, but I will stay strong, that show sucks too much right now.
    I seriously don’t get why they have to drag this shows untill they are on artificial breathing :|

  • viovio

    AHH this will be a challenge! When Dair is over and ruined by GG writers I will have to try it out!
    Thanks for the method ;)

  • m

    Thank you :) I might do this with OUAT. For me, gossip girl didn’t happen whenever nate and blair weren’t together – so that means only a handful of episodes are canon :)