For a while now, people have been claiming that the plot, humor, and mojo in general of How I Met Your Mother has been slowly but surely disappearing. Here’s why I obscenely disagree. With highlights from the stunning last episode, of course.

  • Plot: The past week’s episode may not have seemed like a complete stunner, I was in absolute internal tears. If you really look at it, great steps were taken in the plot, characterization, and future storylines. Ted’s finally gotten over Robin. And although it seems like this Ted/Robin plot has been dragged out over 7 seasons, it does take long to lose a great, possibly prosperous love. Ted is virtually in the same place as he was in Season 1. Many things have happened, of course, but Ted was by definition still a single man pining for Robin,  his best friends Marshall and Lily were still deeply committed, and all Ted wanted to do was move on with his life into finding the perfect woman. And after finally accepting that him and Robin will never work out, Ted stops carrying that old flame that seemingly would have never burned out, and actually can accomplish moving on with his life and finding that woman. Remember when Victoria visited and told him she expected problems with him, Robin, and Barney? This was it. Last episode’s happenings was an integral point in our narrator’s life. He finally has some closure on his eventually-doomed relationship with Robin.
  • Humor: I know I’ve said this already in the “TV’s favorite scenes this week” post, but Barney dancing to Single Ladies was probably the most flawless thing I’ve laid eyes on this week. And Marshall and Lily’s bets? Amazing. Sure, HIMYM has developed a slightly more serious tone, but with the characters maturing, the storylines must too.
  • Mojo: This season admittedly does feel different than others. There’s a fear about Marshall and Lily moving to Long Island, and with the impending birth of their child, it’s natural to worry that the group might lose it’s magic. Change can be scary for a television show, but I’m trusting Carter and Bays. They’ve carried us this far.
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Now I’m not saying that Season 7 is the best season yet, because not even I believe that. But I honestly think that (with Zoo or False being the exception) HIMYM can’t have a devastatingly terrible episode. And the same goes for seasons.

Lizzy Marano
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  • Adey Debebe

    Is Zoo or False that awful episode with that whole episode basically spanning 5 minutes? Because if so I agree. That was horrendous and really gave new meaning to the word filler. 

    In regards to the rest of what you wrote, I really disagree. I don’t know. I’m not really laughing like I used to at the jokes. And I’m growing tired of the fact that literally everyone else’s story aside from Marshall and Lily (love them) is just one giant misdirection that doesn’t actually go anywhere. I mean seriously with Kevin (I love Kal Penn but he just had no chemistry with anyone) proposing? They have dated for what…a month? two? Who knows, all I know is for the first time watching HIMYM, I found it ridiculous not in a funny way. And I am one of those who absolutely hated Ted/Robin because I really found them to be completely annoying together. As friends fine. But ugh they lasted long enough as it was in my opinion and I already had closure myself with them and didn’t need another episode to tell me Ted was over Robin. Though you raise a good point in that the character Ted probably didn’t have that closure LOL. 

    Of course, like you pointed out, the show runners have done a remarkable job these past years, so I’m definitely gonna stick around to finish out the season. Even though it has been lackluster. 

    ANYWAY haha good post 

    • Lizzy Marano

      Agreed. I don’t believe that this is the best season, and while I loved Kal Penn on the show, proposing after a month knowing that she was in love with Barney only a month or so ago (he was her therapist people!), it seemed very unrealistic. I could never quit HIMYM, but I agree it does seem to focus more on plot than humor now a days, which can be hard for a 30 minute spot. Eh, I’m not sure. I was really motivated to write the Ted/Robin point, and after that it became hard because HIMYM’s humor HAS changed/slightly faded. 

      I despised Zoo or False. Just ugh. HATRED.