In the promo for next week’s Private Practice, Sheldon seems surprised by Amelia’s behavior for some reason threatening to take her back to rehab. (I LOVE how much that guy cares about Amelia.) Amelia quickly says she’s pregnant.

That 3-second scene gave me all sorts of emotions. My face was still for a few seconds, and then I squealed. Amelia’s storyline through this season has been awfully traumatic but so brilliantly written and acted. Caterina Scorcone deserves an Emmy for this season of Private Practice, and with this pregnancy storyline, she’s nowhere near done being awesome.

After Ryan’s death, she didn’t hook up with anyone. (Or did she?) So I’m pretty sure she’s keeping the baby (If she is, in fact, pregnant.) She loved Ryan insanely and having his baby, having a piece of him with her, will heal her heartbreak.

But the question is, how will she raise the baby? I mean, she’s not known for being the responsible one. Will Sheldon help her raise the baby? Will this be the trigger for a relationship between the two? You can tell I’m excited. I never thought I’d want those two together, but after the hell Amelia’s been through this season with her drug addiction and all, I just want to see her protected and happy. Talking about her drug addiction, how will the pregnancy affect it? Will she fall off the wagon?

Next week’s episode is gonna be epic. I can tell. Let’s just hope the story is executed properly and that Scorcone’s amazing streak in killing it every single scene, every single episode won’t be ruined.

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Take a look at the promo below:

Will you be watching the episode?

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