UPDATE: It seems Bart removed his tweet, which only gives more credibility to this spoiler, quite honestly. This is what happened: Twitter user @missivthegreat asked Gossip Girl producer Bart Wenrich if he liked the Valentine’s Day kiss between Dan and Blair. Bart replied with “Loved it,” which seemingly confirms the couple will kiss during the Valentine’s Day-themed episode “Crazy, Cupid Love” which airs this coming Monday. And no, I’m not “messing with you,” I’m just telling you what someone tweeted.

Nope, sorry to disappoint you hardcore Belerena shippers with that picture, but it’s not Blair and Serena who will be locking lips on February 14th (or rather 13th, when the next episode of Gossip Girl airs “Crazy, Cupid Love”) but someone else entirely. Apparently, Gossip Girl producer Bart Wenrich (well, whose official title is “Unit Production Manager” but still) and longtime outed Dair fan has seemingly confirmed his favorite couple will share a kiss during the episode.

A Dair fan asked him on Twitter, quite cleverly, yesterday if he enjoyed the Dan and Blair kiss during Valentine’s Day and he replied with: “Loved it.”

Mr. Wenrich, it’s not the Monday before Valentine’s Day yet! Now to be fair, he could be completely wrong or maybe he just misunderstood. But Dair fans, there you have it. Take it for what you will.

As long as we don’t get a scene with Blair telling Chuck she can’t be with him for factors that make no sense and then have her running off to ruin Dan’s shirt with her tears.

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  • Applejacks

    What an unprofessional bASSHOLE.

    • Vick

      Oh, c’mon. If he was talking about Chair you wouldn’t call him unprofessional. And don’t tell me you would.

      • Comer

        Actually if it were the other way around, I’d say the exact same thing. I’m not some 12yr old. I don’t like unprofessionalism point blank. I don’t care if you believe me or not, it’s ridiculous.

    • so he is unprofessional.. but any writer/director/pr-related person that is wooing chair is absolutely professional? (yes, Kristin D Santos, im looking at you.) ‘
      you dont have to like dair, but at least be fair.

    • weh

      sourgraping much? LOL

  • Comer

    So Blair is going to try and set S and D up. Dan thinks it’s for him and Blair (like an idiot) and ends up kissing her, and possibly Serena comes and sees. lol The writers suck, and no matter who you ship, that dude that spoiled it is unprofessional and should be fired. Unbelievable.

    • whatevs

      you’re just so bitter that the spoiler isn’t pro-chair. stop being a baby.

      • Comer

        Say’s the person with the immature response.

    • Blair is already an idiot for getting herself involved with the Louis nonsense.

  • It actually make no sense that they’ll be kissing on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe they’re just trying to make Blair look less than herself and more like a … total slut ? I mean, she’ll try to help Derena but will kiss Dan. Then in 5×16 she’ll try to prove Serena’s suspcions wrong but in 5×18 She and Dan will apparently be kissing on a cab.


    •  it went out the window when blair made a deal with god .. nonsense.
      GG does not DO logic. or common sense.

    • Blair is already a slut when she cheated on Louis with Chuck and marries Louis to be a princes, not love.

  • Vick

    I think Bart it’s saying ‘loved it’ for the tweet in general, not for DB’s kiss. But I still think he kisses her. At least it’s not to “set her free” lol.

  • They’ve kissed before and it didn’t turn into a relationship. My Chair faith will not waver because of a kiss.

  •  As long as we don’t get a scene with Blair telling Chuck she can’t be
    with him for factors that make no sense and then have her running off to
    ruin Dan’s shirt with her tears.

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    come on, dont tell me you think that shows repetitv ..

  • Anonymous

    ohmygod just give us Chair already 🙁

  • Alishajjones

    I loooooooooooove it!! DAIR FTW!!

  • Anonymous

    the tweet is no longer available.. i guess he deleted it…so it’s a good sign for us Dair shippers!! yay!!

  • I’m so waiting even if it’s a fake kiss!  (there is another kiss in the EP18 or 19!) this is the best season so far! DAIR <3

  • Guest

    People saying he needs to be fired, really? He’s allowed an opinion and the writers constantly tweet spoilers anyway? Cause he’s a Dair fan? Well than the man has taste.

  • Sarahlynnl200

    It’s a kiss Blair doesn’t even want since she is setting up Dan and Serena which makes Dan look bad for coming onto her. But I’m sure the DBer’s will defend him since he can do no wrong. Either way we knew it coming and all the the writer’s are doing is making both Dan and Blair look bad like they did to Chuck and Serena last season.

    If I was DB fan I wouldn’t want a fake kiss are even fake dating because really that isn’t what makes a ship worth watching and it also makes the not root worthy since they are hurting both Chuck and Blair

    • Sarahlynnl200

      I meant and Serena not Blair

  • aram

    Why couldn’t they have asked him if CeCe’ the one that’s going to die???

    Sincerely, very worried DaCeCe shipper!!!!!!!

  • dee.

    hahaha, the dude just spoiled the whole episode! and no matter what you guys say, that /is/ totally unprofessional. it doesn’t matter who you ship or if you even ship someone; why would you want to know what happens in the episode beforehand? i mean, yeah, sure, they can give spoilers about lily/rufus, lol, because no one really cares anyway, but to give away a spoiler of this kind is just…ugh. i know they’re spoiling to make people tune in, but at this point, people have already  figured out what the plot of the episode is from the three promotional pictures and spoilers. that is no fun. dair shipper, chair shipper, or whatever, i don’t want to know the major stuff that happens, ’cause then i won’t watch the episode, right? it’s as simple as that. like, it’s the same way they gave chuck total will-he-live-or-will-he-die cliffhangers twice already, and everyone knew there was no way he was going to die, ’cause there were all these pictures of him filming and spoilers everywhere. why even bother to work on something like that, if you’re going to give it away before the episode actually airs, anyway?! honestly, i am disappointed, the same way i am every time i read any major spoilers regarding any of the characters/ships. 🙁