I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed Thursday night’s The Big Bang Theory episode. (Sorry for the late review.) Once again, it was Sheldon-centric episode, but it was kinda awesome.

Sheldon goes to get a hair-cut but finds his regular barber in a coma, and he refuses to get a hair-cut by anyone other than him. To him, his hair is so long that he starts brushing it off like a teen heartthrob. (Oh God, I love Sheldon!)

And then “chaos” starts spreading. Why bother planning everything if nothing goes wrong when your plan falls apart? No planning anymore, he decides. The world is his oyster! He wears his Tuesday PJs not on Tuesday (gasp!) and plays bongo in the middle of the night waking everybody up. How amazing was that scene? Haha, he’s a good player! And when he sang, SWOON!

Finally, Penny convinces him to let her cut his hair. I loved that scene between them. I loved those two together! It’s been a while since they’ve actually interacted on the show. It’s amazing how Penny has that effect on him that no other character does, but he refuses to admit how much he actually cares for her. She tells him that they know each other too well: she sings soft kitty to him when he’s sick, she took him to Disneyland, he has even seen her naked. So he should let her cut his hair.

Poor Howard, though. When he goes to Texas to get his NASA training, it’s obvious he’s not up for it. He tells Bernadette that he vomited in the no-gravity practice and then swallowed his own vomit. He was swooned by an Armadillo in another practice and ate a butterfly. I wanted to hug him! I just felt so sorry for him. And I’m not the only one; Bernadette travels to Houston to be there for him and finds that his mother is there, as well.

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ALSO! Penny beat Leonard in a chess game! I know it’s an important event, but it was so fun seeing Leonard lose in a chess game to PENNY! The blonde bimbo!

There was nothing much to this episode, but it was a light one that was actually enjoyable. But they HAVE to give Raj more lines! I think he had one joke the entire episode, the very lame “O” joke.

Did you like the episode?

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  • Guest

    I didn’t like this episode as much as you (surprise, surprise! Haha). It was OK; there were a few real laughs, but the rest of the episode was a dud, I thought.

    I used to LOVE Sheldon. When I happen to catch a TBBT rerun nowadays, I notice that I spend most of the time laughing and saying “Awww” to all the cute things that Sheldon does. But now I think Jim Parsons has lost it and the writers aren’t giving him the same sort of logical-in-Sheldon’s-ways humor scenarios. Unfortunately, I don’t find Sheldon cute in his awkwardness anymore; he just seems more pathetic now. (Just like Raj; I agree that he needs more screen time and a REAL storyline.) Although I am impressed with Jim Parsons’ musical ability; he played the bongos very well! I’m not sure if the Tuvan throat singing thing was really him, but if it were, then great on him for pulling it off.

    I’m actually beginning to like Leonard a lot more. I’ve always thought he was a good character, even if he didn’t appear as ‘cute’ as Sheldon before. But now I find him to be hilarious. I laughed most at his reactions and one-liners this episode. I think as I begin to see Sheldon as less cute – actually more annoying – I understand Leonard’s viewpoint even more. He seems like a jerk with his always-annoyed-at-Sheldon attitude, but in actuality, you can tell he really does care about Sheldon. I totally get more and more of where Leonard’s coming from now, which is why I’m beginning to find him funnier and funnier. And Penny beating Leonard at chess? The best/funniest scene of the episode, I thought!

    Howard’s scenes were OK. The first web chat was funny, but I thought the second one was too long. All I really remember from the second chat was thinking, “Wow. His teeth are really, really white!”

    TBBT was one of the few shows I actually catch live when it comes on. I’ll still watch it, but I think I’ll catch it online or On Demand from now on. It’s lost its Sheldon appeal for me. Too bad! 🙁

    • Guest

      Oh yeah, and Amy? She was mildly tolerable in the beginning when introduced as the female version of Sheldon. But now she’s gotten so creepy that she’s more the female version of previous-seasons’ Howard. Remember when everything that came out of his mouth was creepy and sexual? That’s Amy now, only I don’t find Amy funny like I did Howard. 

  • Eric Pharand

    Shenny’s the best!

  • I love Sheldon in both the old season and recent episodes. You can tell that he is evolving as a character and understanding in some cases what is acceptable and what is not. I have been waiting for an episode like last Thursdays “Werewolf” episode to show a side of Sheldon we rarely see, and I was definitely NOT let down. Thank you writers!