Let me just get one thing out of the way: Amy is creepy. And last night’s episode just kept reminding us of that. I don’t get her character, and I don’t get why she’s on the show. At the beginning, she made me laugh A LOT because she was so Sheldon-y. But now I just don’t get what the writers want her to be. I think I’m as lost as they are at this point. Please, if you do like her, tell me why in the comments section. I would really love to know your opinions about her.

So basically, Amy buys Penny a huge painting of both of them as a gift and, of course, Penny is expected to hang it somewhere around the house. The problem is Penny is too freaked out by the gift to hang it. She asks Bernadette to come and see it, and Bernadette agrees with her. Plus, she thinks Penny looks like a dude in the painting. Penny decides to hang it only when Amy’s around and then take it down when Amy leaves, but Amy finds out and ends up hurt. Penny has no choice but to tell her that Bernadette is jealous because she’s not in the painting. Of course, she is. Who wouldn’t be? (Sigh.)

Now let’s get to the good part of the episode, Sheldon, Kripke, and the office. When a theoretical physicist is forced to retire because he kinda lost it, Sheldon and Kripke fight over the office. To solve their problem, they decide to have a dual. They’re both better than each other in something, but they’re both equally bad at sports. So Leonard organizes a one-on-one basketball competition, and they both SUCK at it. Those scenes were the BEST. Any scenes between Kripke and Sheldon are awesome.

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Leonard: “You know all those terrible things bullies used to do to us?”

Raj: “Yeah?”

Leonard: “I get it.”

Since neither of them wins, neither one of them actually scores, Leonard suggests that whoever throws his ball higher gets to have the office. The winner? Sheldon.

But it turns out, he’s no winner at all. When he arrives to the office, he finds the retired physicist standing in the corner of the office, naked. Apparently, he’s “invisible.” There’s no thermostat in the office, and if you know Sheldon, you’d know how much that would piss him off. There’s a hole in the wall where Sheldon gets his head stuck. (Very Mr.Bean) There’s a bird outside singing out-of-tune. And there are geologists above his office drilling all the time. Sheldon ends up going insane. AND IT. IS. EPIC.

The Sheldon storyline in the episode was beyond incredible. It was entertaining seeing him go crazy. It really really was because he’s Sheldon, crazy is his thing. But again, the Amy/Penny storyline was a big no-no to me. The jokes have become very redundant.

What about you? What did you love and hate about the episode?

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  • Guest

    It’s funny: I think our reactions to The Big Bang Theory seem to be opposites each week! I absolutely hated this episode. I thought the Sheldon wanting the office storyline was anything but funny and didn’t make sense at all.

    To me, Sheldon wouldn’t care that the office is bigger with a better view, or whatever the beneficial reasons are. The thought of moving would’ve been enough for Sheldon to not want the office. He’s not good with such a major change! He had a fit back in season one when Leonard got new furniture for the apartment (even though he later loved it), so there’s no way he’d initiate the move. Plus, it’ll mean he has to disinfect the entire office because he’s such a germaphobe; there’s no way he’d want an office that he knows the previous owner has strutted around (and perhaps sat everywhere) naked. Even if the retired owner wasn’t naked (or half-naked), Sheldon still wouldn’t want to inherit someone else’s space.

    When I first saw the previews of the episode, I thought it’s definitely worth watching. I mean, Sheldon playing basketball? Automatic tune-in! But the basketball scenes were so predictable that I didn’t laugh once. It kind of made me sad that a premise with such humor potential was so badly done.

    I do agree with you about Amy though; I really don’t like her, and I never have. I’ve always thought she was creepy. However, at least the writers had her stayed true to her creepiness in this episode, so I’ll give it points for consistency.

    • Heba Bsat

      Haha! I actually wait for your comments every week! Anyway, don’t you think that’s wh he broke down at the end of the episode? Because he can’t handle change? He was freaking out about EVERYTHING.

      • Guest

        Aw. Thanks for reading my comments. 🙂

        Yeah, that’s why Sheldon broke down at the end, but he himself knows that he can’t handle the change, so I don’t think he would’ve volunteered for a move.

        I think it would’ve been more logical if Sheldon rejects the office at first and lists out reasons why he wouldn’t want a new space. And Raj plays pranks on Sheldon to force him to want to move. It’d be like a continuation of Raj getting that huge desk into the office. Maybe he could change the temperature of the room or something; I don’t think Sheldon got him to sign an Officemate Agreement. Of course Howard would be involved since he likes screwing with Sheldon. Finally Sheldon gives in and moves, then he starts freaking out about everything. The episode would end with a classic “I told you so.”

        Lol. Sorry for rewriting the episode. 😛


        • Tam

          Sheldon is very reliant on his control of his environment and preventing change but he can’t resist the opportunity to assert his status. The office represents his percieved superiority. The office distinguishes him from the other phycisists. He needs others to recognise how superior he is which is evidenced time and time again (The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization for example). He is also notoriously short sighted and lacks self-awareness; incredibly emotionally immature. Its not hard to believe that he’s focus on asserting his superiority would overwhelm his concern for avoiding change. At the end, his OCD unhinges him once more but, again, his competitive need to be the best continues to out weigh his need for the familiar.
          The inconsistency in character and story are becoming disappointingly frequent as the seasons go on but I do think this story is fairly consistent with Sheldon’s character and any excuse for Sheldon and Kripke’s sporting is good enough for me 🙂
          I do realise I’m about 2 weeks late for this discussion and would like to take the opportunity to sob about the ridiculous amount of time taken for BBT to be aired in Australia – I miss all the good discussions 🙁

          Live long and prosper!

  • Fairdathm

    I completely agree–I thought the Sheldon/Kripke scenes were the best.  I think the Amy-Penny storyline was exceedingly creepy and I completely fail to see the humor there.  The hot water/soap comments at the end made it even worse.  Early in the series I too loved Amy for being so Sheldon-y.  Their interactions, the way he respects and cares for her (in his Sheldon way), and the fact that she doesn’t let him get away with some of his superior/selfish behavior adds a great dimension to the show.  Her early friendship with Penny and Bernadette was also amusing… but it has gone a direction that I really find uncomfortable.  To me it makes Amy seem really, unpleasantly weird, and that to me devalues everything else about her, including all of her great interactions with Sheldon.  I feel like Raj has gone just a little bit the same way, reduced of late to just sounding kind of ‘girl-ish’ and not much else.  I was a HUGE fan of the show until this season.  I’m still watching but not enjoying it much.  I feel like the core of the characters and interactions have really been changed.   

    • Heba Bsat

      I just saw this! And I totally agree about Raj. They’ve changed all of them this season and it’s annoying!

      Thanks for reading!