Before you ask if I’ll be doing a photo recap for this episode: the answer is yes! I’m going to try with all my might to do one. I apologize for not doing one this week. But Price does his and it’s hilarious, so as I say, no big loss. Also, no on really reads them anyway. Moving on to the (hopefully not unintelligible) review…

On tonight’s Vampire Diaries, the show returned to some good ol’ familiarity: insanely coupling every character they could and throwing a huge party. It’s been some time since they did the latter, but it’s only been two episodes prior since they did the former. Everyone and their mother knows I’m not a fan of how insanely they’re making every, single love interest under the sun a storyline… so instead I’ll just skip that.

Except for two things: Caroline and Klaus are technically gross (I mean the guy tried to kill everyone she knows) and since when does Matt say “yes” to Rebekah only because she’s a vampire and not because she’s hot? Didn’t he invite her to the homecoming dance? Also, non-couple related, does everyone in this town just know how to waltz?

Anyway, removing any reviewing about all the coupling (except of course the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle) kind of makes this irrelevant to the episode. So here is my short review:

The Original Witch Esther invites Elena to a ballroom party to ask her for her blood… she’s truthfully only, like, the 98,574th person that needs blood from Elena, so it’s really no big deal. Esther says the blood will bind all of her children and kill them all if she kills one — including Klaus. Elena just trusts her for no reason. Weirdly, they’ve made Esther the Bonnie of this episode.

“Oh, crap. We need to kill these people. Oh, let’s just make up a spell!”
—Every conversation in the writers’ room.

Except the problem is that apparently Bonnie and her mother are still passed out in that cave since no one really cares about them, so they had to make Esther the one to activate the spell this episode.

I know a lot of people are mad that Elena didn’t tell Elijah that his mom plans to kill him, and his other siblings, but I can only be proud of her for continually being smart these past episodes. She’s making plans, she’s staking people, she’s removing wood from vampires’ hearts — and now this! Listen Elijah is cool and all, but if you’re Elena, would you rather he be dead or you? Exactly.

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Meanwhile, Rebekah is toying with the idea of killing Matt to get back at Elena who stabbed her in the back — both literally and metaphorically, that last one is the reason she’s so upset, such a diva! Except, someone forgot to tell Rebekah that Elena couldn’t care less about Matt. These past two episodes they’ve shared one hug and have walked in close proximity to one another. That’s it. And unfortunately writers, that doesn’t make me think Elena would be affected by it. I mean, I know she would, but they were obviously trying to set up the past two episodes to meet with this storyline. Now, if they had only kept Jeremy and had Matt leave town, then it would have made more sense. But of course, again, they needed yet another couple on this show.

But I digress. Esther is going to try to kill her family, which I know everyone hates her for but she’s just BAMFy for me in that way (look we needed another threat, okay?). All good progress there. Why she can’t just kill one of them right away is beyond me. Guess we have to wait, let the anticipation build. And that’s about all that happened in this episode.

Oh, except for the usual Stefan vs Damon stuff that I write in my reviews often. I love what the writers continue to do here; blurring the lines between “Ripper Stefan” and Damon could have gotten tricky (and it made me groan in this episode) but they continuously make these subtle differences between both brothers. Stefan is still looking towards a longterm goal, that’s always what he’s set his sights on. So, he almost foolishly lets Elena talk to Esther (even having to lie and tell her that killing Klaus is the most important thing to him). Meanwhile, Damon loves Elena in a way that’s much more immediate (he doesn’t want her to talk to Esther because she could die in the process). And the writers show their love for porch scenes yet again by having Stefan and Elena do one. I found it almost out of place that they would write Elena almost begging for Stefan to admit he loves her for two reasons: (A) She obviously knows he still does; but perhaps more importantly (B) that I felt she was almost gone from that mentality of wanting so desperately as usual for Stefan to validate his feelings for her (like the beginning of the season) because of… well, everything. She decided episodes ago that she wasn’t going to try to bring Stefan back, then she acts horrified that he kidnapped her (Stefan’s words), and then she’s all googly eyes when she kisses Damon and “not sorry it happened!” Believe me, and you guys know this, I love me some Stelena but it was weirdly placed there.

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I think a bit more subtlety (as in not having her be inches from his face with her hands coupling his mouth and stress-whispering her lines) would have gone a much longer way. It shouldn’t have been an epic love story moment; it should have been much more understated, much more sweet, and therefore much more in tune with their dynamic in this episode (never mind much more sensical with the arc).

Meanwhile, Damon’s love confession getting shot down by Elena (who was somewhat right in that moment) was just a way for him to spiral down with a shot of whatever liquor and a little strange. I thought we were past this whole Damon’s-insecure-about-his-feelings-for-Elena thing?

Overall an okay episode but I sort of felt like not much happened, unlike the last episode when definitely nothing really happened but the scenes were written out well so the drama was so intensely heightened. I’m still intrigued by what I think is the show’s best storyline, the murder whodunit, so that’s a plus.

And whoa, that wasn’t a short review by any means was it?

A couple of other thoughts:

  • Does it make me a bad person if I wanted Kol to actually kill Matt? I feel like at least then he’d be interesting. Still crossing my fingers that he’s the town murderer!
  • Stop being good-looking, Original Family.
  • Someone needs to make a GIF of the Damon/Rebekah sexy times. K, thx.
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  • I need Tyler to come back ASAP…because Caroline & Klaus are growing on me. But I do agree that on many levels CK are so wrong and I also get this creepy ‘old man, little girl’ vibe from them! LOL I think I’m just a softie falling for Klaus’ sweet side. 

    I hope the Originals stay as long as possible. They are one good-looking family but I don’t want to get attached since TVD has a tendency to kill off guest stars en mass.

    • God I completely get that vibe from them! And don’t get attached, they’re all gonna die some day! xD Especially that one whose name I haven’t even bothered to learn.

  • I thought Klaus did drink it

    • You’re probably right, I don’t remember. I’m guessing if it bound them then it worked and he must have drank it.

    • Shamushka

       On that note – this is from E!online

      Plec confirms that Elijah did in fact drink the champagne. Sorry, Elijah fans!

  • viovio

    Honestly i really enjoyed this episode though i agree there were a lot of coupling but i enjoyed the couples who were paired up (I seriouslyed enjoyed Klaroline because I am a fan of both Klaus and Caroline but I only liked Tyler because of Forwood and not because I liked him personally. And I feel like this gives both Klaus/Caroline more depths to their characters)
    I disagree with you about Elena though. I never really liked her but honestly I think this is the first episode I really disliked her. She was being really selfish. I know that her wanting to talk to Esther is so that they can find a way to kill Klaus but she shouldnt have treated Damon that way when he was only trying to protect her. And even though she said that Stefan trusted her in their relationship and she told Stefan instead of Damon of her plan, I thought she was partially using Stefan just to get what she wanted- which was to talk to Esther. Rebekah spoke some truth when she told Elena not everything was about her.
    The Stelena porch scene happened too fast for me, thankfully they didnt kiss! It just seemed like they should take more time to work out the issues between them, yet it felt like Elena was sexually seducing him which just felt out of place since she was so mad at him during the previous episodes. It was a heart-to-heart conversation but if she didnt touch him it would have been more natural.
    Damon was being over-protective but still Elena was a bitch to him. Please Damon just move on and love someone who will treat you better! I loved the Damon & Rebekah hook-up they are so freaking hot and seriously I dont care why it happened.
    Although not a lot happened in this episode I loved the ball and everyone dressing up to be so gorgeous. I was impressed by the development of Esther trying to kill her children and didnt think she was being used as a plot device. Instead I feel like they are setting her up as the antagonist  and this opens up more potentials in the Original Family storyline because now the children have to go against their mother and if they team up with Klaus, the siblings would have to work out their issues and differences and try to work together which would be interesting to see.
    I love the Originals and hope they stay for another season!!! And screw you Elena Elijah just saved your life and you want him to die??? And lie to him like that??? I know that she is trying to kill the Originals but the fact that Elijah saved her life in this episode yet she still did that to him just made me lose respect in her. She is becoming more like Katherine in some ways. Overall a great episode in my opinion!!!Despite the Elena part!!!

    • I think we agree way too much. Get out of my head… except for the whole Klaroline thing. I can’t stop thinking about how technically gross it is.

    • Nina

      i completely agree with you on Klaroline!!There would be much more depth to both these characters!!!I

  • Manolo1976

    So I have a question, and let me say I am a huge fan who watches every episode at least 2-3 times so I’m not sure where I am missing this, but when did Esther try to kill Elena? They made mention to it about 3 x last night but from the time she left the coffin last week until this episode, I don’t even remember them coming in contact with each other. What piece am I missing?

    • Anonymous

      she was the original witch so she was the witch on the other side who sent Vicki back to kill Elena in ep.6

      • Manolo1976

        Thank you and you are 100% correct. I could not figure out for the life of me where that was coming from

  • Amelia

    i hope the TVD writers and producers explore more of the love angle of Klaus and Caroline. It is refreshing to have another love story to watch for.

    • I think it’s redundant :/ There are so many love interests going around!! XD

  • Well first of all, all of them drank the champagne. Second of all, I wanted Kol to kill Matt roo, but if he did there will be no people in Mystic Falls 😉 JK
    You mean who is town murderer? Kol or Matt? I think it is Matt because he is acting like someone compelled him.
    Klaroline thing is not gross – it is stupid. I mean Klaus is the bad guy here and they just screwed him. He is not acting like himself and I don’t like it! And the whole scene with him flirting and smiling like some kind of dork was just not right.
    I was hoping that Elena will tell Elijah not to drink that champagne, but noooo….. 🙁
    And Finn – WTF? He is just helping his mother to kill his siblings and that means himself. NO!
    And I like Kol, he could be interesting character. He’s acting like spoiled little kid who has to have everything he needs no matter what.

  • Aww I’m a total Delena fan 🙁  Btw anyone know what’s actually happened to Katherine? And I agree that the original family have some seriously good looking genes, but since they aren’t going to hang around for long, no need to remember their names 😛

  • Heba Bsat

    The coupl-y things on the show have become so redundant. The Stelena/Delena thing is the same every single week and I’m losing interest in both of them week after week. As for Klaus and Caroline, I don’t know, there’s something appealing about them. Just like the possibility of Elijah and Elena. I’m probably just saying that because I’m too in love with the Originals to let them go so easily. If Esther kills them, I’m killing her. lol.

    But the episode as a whole was fun. I have a thing for party episodes, they’re always entertaining and have so many events. I actually enjoyed it A LOT.

    Also, Klaus being nice is WEIRD. He admires art and draws?! Weird. I lurv him, though.

  • I agree with the grossness of Klaus and Caroline.  Hopefully his affection is never returned. I just can’t believe it.

  • Ailana22

    Come on, it’s TVD, everything is ‘wrong’. Saying Klaroline is wrong doesn’t make sense.[Most of the haters anyway, are forwood and klatia shippers]

  • Eric Pharand

    Klaroline could be ok if it wasn’t sudden on Klaus’ part and will take decades or longer on Care’s which wouldn’t work for a television series.