Last week we made a post of our top favorite scenes of the past week… so we’re doing it again, even though it wasn’t popular at all. Ready?

Michael | Everyone hates Whitney, yes I get it. But the last scene of last week’s episode, in which Whitney puts on a cup-inducing bra and fake buttocks to please longterm boyfriend Alex had me rolling.

Elodie | Sheldon jumping out of the chair at the barbers (sp? I don’t frequent these places) because he made small talk on The Big Bang Theory.

Kate | My reply is a picture: James May in a Fisker Karma (an incredibly sleek car, with amazing hybrid technology) in a drag race with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson’s 1928 Bentley. Car porn TWICE over, and an absolute riot to watch. Sorry to go all gearhead on you… and yes, I’m a girl and I like shopping and makeup and pretty things.

Camila | Fringe‘s Peter inside September’s mind, seeing the Big Bang, Henry, and his Olivia. Also, their talk where September explained who the Observers are, what Peter has to do and all of that. It was amazing.

Lizzy | Barney doing the “Single Ladies” dance on How I Met Your Mother. Words can’t describe.

Heba | Sheldon playing the bongos in The Big Bang Theory. I kept repeating that scene and laughing. He’s actually good. And can sing. Another reason to love him madly.

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