Wait… did Ringer just get good?!

Tuesday nights are so busy for me (well Tuesdays in general as you guys may or may not know) since I have to do the Gossip Girl recaps at night (thanks to my busy day schedule) but Ringer airs at 9PM… and pretty soon Cougar Town will be on right before it! So unfortunately with my busy Wednesday schedule this week and my usually busy Thursday, I didn’t have any time to mention how impressed I was with Ringer this week! (Actually, I think I gave up reviewing the show altogether a while back.)

I previously named Ringer as one of the shows I watch but don’t want anyone to know about, and here’s why: Ringer is a really, really technically horrible show. On paper, it just makes no sense why anyone would be doing anything. But I just love this show. It’s so addictive, it’s almost painful. I’m embarrassed to admit that — but no one said the best way to start a television blog was to lie about what you watch right?

Well, you should be judging. If you’re reading this post, chances are you watch Ringer too! Here’s what really shaped up the story for me in the past couple of episodes.

Bridget is playing the game

Before, all we saw was a lot of Siobhan trying to pull the strings from Paris… but now that she’s in New York, she’s trying to move the chess pieces herself — and it’s completely working for me, but not in the way you’d expect. Yes, obviously, it’s fun and scandalous that they’re in the same city and there’s a lot of “Um, didn’t you say this or the other?” confusion, but more so it raises the stakes for Bridget’s revelation that Siobhan is still alive.

That’s always been the best part of this show: they’re not afraid to put everything they have on the table and just continue the story. Case in point: Henry now knows, or at least was told, that Bridget assumed Siobhan’s identity. Drama cometh! But I’m still mostly interested in Bridget’s Nancy Drew skills. Use them detective skills to work, girl!

Seriously, she’s doing a better job than Agent Eyelashes. At least he got her fingerprints. Finally.

The Rape Storyline

How awful is it that I’m enjoying a rape storyline? I’m, like, really enjoying it, you guys. I need to go get that medically checked out. But in a show where there is really only one actual secret (well, then again there’s Siobhan’s crazy life and why someone wanted to kill her), this one’s refreshing. I thought it was just a rehashed “She’s lying” story, but it feels so real. Is Juliet just the world’s greatest actress? Or did something actually happen?

My theory is that the teacher has a twin brother of his own who forced himself on Juliet? I don’t know anything except that I want more of this mind play, please.

Characters’ actions that make sense

All in all, Ringer‘s latest episode, 1.12 “What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?” was an improvement because they finally wrote what characters would actually do! It makes sense that Henry would actually call the cops on Siobhan. It makes sense that Bridget would continue to look for more clues (and cleverly so) about her sister’s past life (which she doesn’t know is all too present). These are all somewhat more natural things that people would do, without getting rid of the blatant soapishness of it all.

This is an area where Revenge leads because although it’s ridiculous, it feels like that world can actually exist. You don’t watch an episode of Ringer and think, “Hm, that felt so real.” Because, no, it doesn’t. But 1.12 was a step in the right direction (while also as I stated being so cleverly addictive, even more so than usual!).

I don’t know. What did you guys think?

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