Alex Karev has been my favorite male on Grey’s Anatomy ever since the show started 8 years ago. (Wow! Has is it been that long?!) So I’m one strong believer that he needs a happy ending. He’s been through hell in his personal life. The two women that he actually fell in love with, Ava and Izzie, both turned out to be crazy, one literally and one metaphorically. Even when the writers decided to hook him up with other women like Addison and Lucy, the relationship had to be cut short because the actresses who played those characters, Kate Walsh and Rachel Taylor, left the show to star in their own TV Shows. (Bad move, Rachel Taylor.)

Last season, Shonda Rhimes, the creator and executive producer of the show, said that they were hesitant about giving Karev a steady love interest because they were expecting/hoping Katherine Heigl would return to the show. And now after Heigl has expressed interests in wanting to come back, it doesn’t seem like Rhimes and the writers are willing to revive the character of Isobel Stevens. (The girl is practically begging.)

So why leave my Alex hanging? If it were up to me, I’d ship myself with him. But unfortunately, it’s a fictional show and he’s a fictional character. (Bummer.)

Alex Karev is probably one of the few characters on Grey’s Anatomy that has actually matured. He has transformed from Dr. Evil Spawn who gave George syphilis to the guy who married Izzie while she had Cancer and later to the brilliant peds surgeon he is today that would give his life to save a baby’s. Whenever Zola was sick, he was the one who took care of her. He tries to hide the fact that he cares, but he totally does.

A LOT of times, he’s an A-hole, I admit it. But he always makes up for his mistakes. He realizes what he did wrong, and he tries his best to fix it – whatever it is.  When he’s in love and someone’s there for him, utterly and completely, he’s the best. He just needs someone to take care of him, to be there for him, someone to stay with him always and not let him go. He just can’t take it anymore. And it shows in his hostile character.

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Alex needs a storyline! A good, happy storyline – one without him being dumped by Izzie or shot by a maniac. He needs a love life, stat. He’s a good guy who needs to end up with a good girl.

And I don’t think any character is a match to Alex like April Kepner. She, too, needs a storyline that revolves around her happiness and chirpiness. I don’t understand why she’s so misused on the show. She’s one of the BEST characters Grey’s Anatomy’s ever had. She and Alex have this sort of chemistry that makes them not sexy but adorable, exactly what they both need. So they really really really need to happen sometime soon.

April is ALWAYS there for Alex.

– In season 7, episode 8, “Something’s Gotta Give,” Alex comes up with a way to save a patient, but Dr. Stark (a peds surgeon) takes all the credit to himself, and Alex becomes frustrated. April finds him in the on-call room, and she tries to console him.

“You don’t deserve this,” she tells him, “I wanted you to know that somebody knows that – that I know that.”

The rest of this story is awful because they make out, and April asks him to take it slow. He blows up in her face saying he can’t take care of everyone. (We know that! Someone should take care of YOU. But you just need to calm down)

– In season 8, episode 3 “Take The Lead”, the residents finally perform their first solo surgeries – Only April opts out of hers to help Karev because he has no intern there with him. Even when the surgery fails, she supports Alex and defends him against Avery when he tells Alex that’s the loser for not succeeding.

“You did everything you could – you really did. He won’t be able to understand that, but I do.”


They Care About Each Other, But They Bicker

– In episode 6 of season 8, “Poker Face”, Alex is an ass to April telling her constantly that she doesn’t deserve the job of chief resident because she has no authority and is stressed out easily; he makes her cry. And the end of the episode, she tells everyone off with maximum authority, and you can see the smile on his face – he’s impressed.

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– When April and Avery decide to move out, Alex asks if he can live with them. At first, April refuses. But the end of the episode, she caves and tells him he can live with them in their 3-bedroom apartment. (“She wants what she wants.”And she means Alex by that, obviously.)

April: “I need 800 bucks”
Alex: “I told you. If you’re dumb enough to buy groceries, I’m gonna eat ’em.”
April: “No. Not for groceries, for a security deposit. We’ll lose out on a really great deal for a 3-bedroom if we don’t get it to the landlord today.”
Alex: “Now you wanna live with me?”
April: “No. You’re gross, and a pig, and a skank magnet, and you leave your boy socks everywhere. Keep going this way and you’ll wind up old and alone wandering the streets with some old form of syphilis.”


They’re Destined For Each Other

In “If/Then” episode, there were all sorts of crazy ships: Alex and Meredith, Callie and Owen, Addie and Derek. But by the end of episode, Derek and Meredith were having drinks, Owen and Christina were talking, Avery and Mark were helping in saving Lexie’s life, etc.. And we all understood that destiny is destiny, no matter how much you try to change it. In the episode, Alex cheated on Meredith with April. Signs from the writers or to the writers?


Yes, He’s a Jerk To Her

Alex has been a jerk with every woman he’s ever been in love with. That’s how it started with Ava and Izzie, but he was later CRAZY about them. He loved them way more than they ever loved him. He just needs to let her in.

What do you guys think? Should Alex and April be together? If not, whom do you think he should be with?

Heba could watch television forever. And she LOVES writing about it. She was never meant to be born in a land so far away from TV Land! Her favorite shows are Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Happy Endings, Community, Cougar Town and MUCH MUCH more. Follow her on twitter: @ClumsyHibz
  • yaaah I thought that all the time amd I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time until they will be together.

    • Heba Bsat

      Let’s hope so! Thanks for reading!

  • Marcela

    izzi volta….

  • I really thought Alex would take her V-card and I’m pretty much for that. But I had no idea Katherine Heigl wanted back on the show. I could not give two shits if she is the worst person ever, I would pretty much do ANYTHING if Alex and Izzie could have a happy ending. Their lame breakup was the only time I ever quit a TV show, and though I eventually gave in and am now caught up, if they redeemed Izzie it would make my life.

    But yeah, Kepner needs to get laid and Alex deserves happiness, so assuming Izzie never comes back, I could definitely see them together. 🙂

    • Heba Bsat

      Some of my favorite moments of the show are Izzie/Alex scenes, especially when he carried her after Denny’s death and when she was there for him when Ava cut herself. So yeah, if Izzie were to return with a great back-story, a convincing reason why she left and why she’s back, I’ll ship again. But the way she left and the way she dumped made me hate her character A LOT.

      • I pretty much completely agree with every word you just wrote. <3 OMG the scene when Denny died…I don't think a TV show has ever made me cry that much. It was down right mortifying. 🙂

  • ArissaMay

    I think the two of them have sooo much potential — it leaves so much room for both of their characters to grow. I also LOVE April, and would love to see more of her on the series. 🙂

  • Dndnd

    No doubt about it. And I laughed so hard at Percy’s comment at the end of “If/Then” Ah, poor guy. If you only knew.

  • arrina

    I hope they would eventually but the whole Morgan situation is kind of delaying it. 

  • Miche3773

    Yes!! I want them together! And I agree with everything you wrote! I don’t like april and Jackson at all, they make more sense as friends.

  • Chuchu_246

    I hope they get together!!!

  • Lauren

    I want him with Morgan (he really cared about her baby) as well as her with Jackson!

    • Lauren

      I always saw Alex as an jerk, especially after he tried to have sex with her and treated her like crap. (Though I know he is different now) But he has never shown any interest in her recently and neither has she in him too much..Who knows though when they all live together…however Jackson lost Lexie whom he loved and is finally getting himself back together so I don’t want to see him heartbroken again if she went for Alex..

  • Greys anatomy

    April and Jackson!!!!!! I love them, they are so cute and good together!!!

  • Neo Trinity

    Grrrr,what was the point rachel taylor of leaving the series???i would like to see his relationship with lucy developing 🙁