Why I quit Gossip Girl

NOTE: this is filed under opinion for a reason. Even though I make some statements in a factual connotation, it’s because it’d be redundant if I kept saying I think.

Holy crap I just read this and it was way longer than I intended. So I included a shortcut way to read this monstrosity by listing out my grievances and then going after and explaining them in depth. So feel free to avoid my word vomit and just get to the point quickly.

The producers of the Gossip Girl tried to sell the 100th episode as an homage to the 99 that came before it. A turning point in the narrative that would put things back on track to the show I used to love. The milestone episode had the opposite effect, for it made me quit the show I lived my high school years with; the show I spent time on for 5 years. It was a hard decision and really made those 5 years feel like a waste..well at least the last 3. If you will indulge me in this cathartic experience, I would like to go through why I loved this show, where it went wrong, and why I was forced to give it up.

Initially, watching Gossip Girl was the last thing I wanted to do. I firmly hold on to the belief that if this show had been named something more…ambiguous sounding it would have garnered much more ratings in its glory days than it did. Even for me a freshman in high school, the show just sounded stupid. Think about it. I watch Gossip Girl. If you ever are trying to convince someone to watch, the name gives you an uphill battle. But, my friends convinced me to watch since it was free on iTunes. Mind you I did not go into this expecting to like it, and yet I still came out of it really loving it. (And seriously I have gotten so many people to watch it. After they got over the name and actually sat down they would look at me and say “wow I actually enjoyed that.”)

Immediately, I identified with Blair, and she became my favorite character. In addition to the fact that I am always drawn to HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) characters, she had so many more layers. She had a knack for doing the most heinous things, but always for valid reasons, in my opinion. Rather than be horrified by her scheming tactics, I found myself rooting for her. And I mean if you watched season 1, you know that Blair was the baddest bitch that ever lived. The dialogue was quick and witty between almost every character. Furthermore, it really just felt new and sparkly, literally. I was in awe with the wealth of the teens (my reactions were pretty similar to Dan’s but without some of the judgement). While Blair was my favorite, I liked every character (except Vanessa, and later on Jenny and much later on Dan). The show had its flaws sure, but I would venture to say, the first and second seasons were anything but a guilty pleasure; it was just good television.

Then, amidst all the excitement post Season 2, something happened. Perhaps it was the inability for the writers to make the concept of this show work with the absence of a high school setting (I mean it is a bit ridiculous for them all to still care about Gossip Girl). Everything just became so convoluted and boring. Characterizations that were spot on in the first two seasons began to erode to make way for new story lines. I stuck with it, until I saw the character that was once my favorite in all of television act in ways I could have never imagined. The Blair that I admired, the one who was strong, calculated with every decision, ambitious, driven, yet the character who loved the hardest and did anything for those she loved, now stood at the altar to marry a guy she did not love for no reason. I mean based on some monologues she gave to Dan it was because she didn’t want to be alone. That in itself is a slap in the face. Why can’t she be alone? Why is she so needy/damsel in distress like? Why doesn’t she scheme or seem to have any inclination to make something of herself other than a wife?

The Blair who made her living manipulating others and seeing right through people (think “The Wild Brunch” scene where she just gives Jenny one look, and knows she has complete power over her, or “Roman Holiday” where she gives one look to Vanessa and knows all her motivations) was now suddenly being manipulated and easily lied to by people? Who asks permission to scheme? Making pacts with God? This same Blair who told Vanessa in “Enough About Eve” that she would never leave her fate in anyone else’s hands which is why she always wins. This Blair made some pact (which was just a complete copy of The End of the Affair) and spent the episode saying that she’ll suffer any indignity as long as she stays away from Chuck and he stays alive.

Truthfully, I would’ve stopped after that shit episode but for some reason I believed the 100th episode would actually be good. This same pact went out the window the minute she found out Louis didn’t love her…I mean wasn’t that the point of the pact? Suffer through your loveless marriage. Oh, I’m sorry it was only worth it when Louis loved you. Now that he doesn’t, she can now leave him without a thought to that pact. It was this figurative death of the character I held so dear that made me quit.

Unfortunately, Blair was no longer the “crazy bitch around here” as she proudly proclaimed in the season 1 finale, now she is just plain crazy. When you are at the point when the only thing resembling your favorite character is their name and the actress playing her (she hasn’t been herself for a while but I kept lying to myself) it’s time to move on. Let me make it clear that my quitting has NOTHING to do with shipping preferences.

Full disclosure, I ship Chuck/Blair, but their not being together is not why I think the show became terrible. I loved everything about the show’s first and second season. Besides that awful Hangover-like storyline with Chuck in season 2, the senseless season 2 Blair/Jack hookup that to this day makes no sense and the character Aaron, everything else I loved. This includes anytime Chuck and Blair were apart or together. And newsflash Chuck and Blair were not a substantiated story until season 2. Sure I preferred them together, but that was a novelty, a luxury almost. I was just invested in the characters and their interactions with each other. I loved the NJBC (why they never were allowed to be the core focus of the show I will never understand), Chuck/Blair as friends/lovers, Nate/Chuck friendship, Chuck/Dan interactions, Dan/Blair interactions, Blair/Jenny interactions, Serena/Chuck as siblings, Dan/Serena as lovers, Nate/Serena as friends and lovers, Eric/anybody and most importantly Blair/Serena. Additionally, I loved the focus on their relationship with their families; it is one of the things that endeared these rich spoiled kids to me. The show was light, funny and diabolical most of the time, but when it chose to go dark (Bart’s death), it handled the aftermath with proper care and time. Jump forward to the show’s present state, and it is now as stupid as its title suggests.

The most fundamental problem I have with this show is the writing. Yes, I know this statement is neither new nor specific, but it’s the truth. And there are many levels to what it means:

1. The broader, longterm storylines became ridiculous.
2. The characterizations were completely off and sacrificed for dumb plots.
3. The subtlety was gone, and they began telling the viewer instead of showing.
4. The dialogue has suffered in terms of character interactions and continuity.

1. The broader, longterm storylines became ridiculous.

On one level the broader stories became less organic feeling and more soap opera like as the seasons wore on. The first time I noticed it become a detriment was the Rufus/Lily baby storyline. They spent all this time looking for this long lost child that Lily never told him about, only to find him, and never hear from him again. Then you have the Chuck’s mom is still alive (even though that makes no narrative sense, and voids every scene Chuck shared with Bart in season 2), the Chuck/Blair indecent proposal and the subsequent Last Tango, Then Paris finale storylines (which I saw coming a mile away and felt like I was watching a look back to the days when I watched soaps with my mom at age 10). I don’t have time to go over the others because the ridiculous storylines have only increased exponentially post season 3.

Furthermore, while the Gossip Girl of Season 1, 2, and even Season 3 burned through storylines, the later seasons dragged on and on. Exhibit A: The atrocity that is season 5. It is abundantly clear that the writers thought it would be so cool for the 100th episode to be a big event. And what is the biggest event one could have? Why a Royal Wedding! No seriously, the development between episode 1 and 13 is zero. Chuck is pining after Blair still, check. Blair and Louis are still engaged and going to be married, check. Dan is still pining after Blair and hasn’t revealed his feelings, check. Serena and Nate are irrelevant, check. So as you can see literally nothing has changed within those 13 episodes. The only change is that Blair lost her baby… *crickets* oh right that baby never existed the way these people tell it.

By contrast, if you take the first 13 episode of season 1, Blair is no longer the Queen B in charge, but unlike the pilot has Serena to lean on. Chuck is not the unrepentant bad boy you thought he was and shows his care for Nate when he turns Blair away because he is devastated that Nate disowned him as a friend. Serena has now settled into a relationship with Dan and exchanged those three words that she never has before. Jenny is no longer the outsider and has been inscribed in the main clique. So as you can see massive changes in character development and story. It’s not just season 1. In season 2, for example, the displacement is great between the 13 episodes. Blair admits to Chuck that she loves him. Bart is dead. Chuck spirals out of control. Nate’s monetary situation gets figured out. Eleanor gets married. Serena fights her feelings for Dan out of deference to her parents. And lastly, Rufus and Lily are finally going to be together until the bomb of their secret lovechild drops. The same is true for the other two seasons, the exception being the horrendous Season 5, where no movement has been made and everyone is in some state of limbo. There are no couples except Rufus and Lily and honestly they don’t really count.

2. The characterizations were completely off and sacrificed for dumb plots.

But its more than just these stagnant and ridiculous storylines. You can write any external obstacles you want but make it work by keeping people in character. It was clear that rather than stick to the characterizations pioneered in the first 2 seasons, the writers opted for a more plot driven show. The first to go was Jenny, who the writers allowed to dress and look exactly like Taylor Momsen instead of keeping her in character. She just became this terrible person who did horrible things for no apparent reason. One minute you sympathized with her because you thought she was an insecure girl who felt judged for being from Brooklyn and just wanted to be liked, to being recognized as queen, to her making a full transformation into a mean girl, to purposefully trying to break up Serena/Nate, to wanting to go back to Brooklyn, to sleeping with Chuck. This is nothing like the Jenny of the first two season in my opinion, and while I always talk about Jenny with disdain, upon reflection that really was not how I felt throughout the majority of her stay. When I re-watched the show I found myself remembering how much I used to like her.

Next was Chuck, and contrary to popular belief, I thought his character was assassinated way before the IP. From the beginning of season 3, he just wasn’t Chuck Bass to me anymore. It was an abrupt character change from a snarky playboy with a heart (not just for Blair but for Nate, Serena, Eric, and so on), to a middle aged business man without a college degree. Then it went from him regarding Blair as a partner in crime, to him selling her out. A plot point that still makes little sense to me because even before they were together Chuck and Blair schemed together. And yes I know that Blair made him kiss that guy for a speech but for one, that is an offense at such a lesser degree, and I too thought that made no sense. Why not just tell Chuck he needed to kiss the guy? When Blair wanted to scheme to get Serena to see Gabriel was a loser, she called Chuck. When she wanted to socially destroy Serena at the Ivy mixer in season 1, she called Chuck. When she wanted to take down Georgina in Season 1, she put aside her differences and went to Chuck for help.

But back to the IP, the most annoying part (notice I did not say disturbing, the act itself was disturbing and to this day I don’t know what the writers were thinking) was when Blair asked Chuck why he simply did not just come to her he replied “If I asked it wouldn’t have worked. You would have been too willing when Jack asked and he would have known we were working together.” I’m sorry… what? This is the same Chuck who regarded Blair’s ability to scheme as one that rivaled his own, the Blair he saw as an equal. The same Blair who 3 episodes later he went to for scheming help for her “mind game mastery”. So now they are telling me Chuck believes in her scheming ability (well actually 2 years of show told me that)? Then he just got drowned in Ed Westwick’s whisper voice in Season 4 as well as some family drama that doesn’t even make sense. Sigh.

Then, Nate stopped being a character. It’s so weird how you can spend part of the season with Serena and really not have a story, but that was Nate. A trend that has only worsened. Serena’s character was sacrificed so that the writers had an excuse for her to stay in New York and not go to Brown, when they could have just had her want to go to Columbia. Instead they made her look stupid with her “I don’t know who I am” speeches, getting a faux job as an assistant before deciding she was better than that…and then doing nothing else with her time. And then when you get into Season 4, they rose her flakiness to crazy levels with that ridiculous Nate and Dan triangle, where two attractive men waited around for one girl to choose either of them (I realize the irony of me thinking this was dumb, and couldn’t get worse when the same thing would happen with Blair only *gasp* this time it was 3 men waiting for her to choose. How interesting.). Even though Serena was never close to my favorite, I never perceived her flightiness and going from guy to guy as her taking any of them for granted. It was more that she makes it so easy for you to get to know her, she’s so personable and charismatic, that people gravitate towards her. And while she had many partners, it was never at the insensitive expense of anyone else. She just got swept up in her romances and was blinded to reason.

Enter Blair. Although I felt Blair become a little less of the bad ass Blair I knew and loved, she still had her great one liners and I suppose it would be redundant to have Season 1 Blair kick everyone’s ass at all times for the rest of the show (not to me, but I guess Blair’s not everyone’s favorite), so I forgave that. Then as I stated above she just went crazy. Dan honestly just seems like the same guy to me, expect one major difference. In season 1 I liked him a bit, I found him funny, even though he was so freaking judgmental. BUT that was the point. He would judge, be proven wrong and ALWAYS apologize. That somehow morphed into him judging without remorse, while he went and did the same thing without being called out on it. The last time he was called on it was by Blair in the Season 2 finale. And now Dan just goes on being the same person but without the humility he had in the first 2 seasons. Yes it was acknowledged through the character in his book, but notice how he no longer acknowledges it like he used to. I don’t think he even realizes anymore. Or the writers don’t care to give him POV on that. I was re-watching part of season 1 and literally within the first 4 episodes there were about 3 different times where Dan would say “I’m sorry I judged you. I know nothing about your world.” And it was things like that at least made him tolerable, even if you were annoyed with how judgy he was.

3. The subtlety was gone, and they began telling the viewer instead of showing.

Now while, I disagreed with the writers’ portrayal of these characters, I hadn’t lost faith yet. Until the back half the season 4, I held out hope of a recovery.That is not a passive aggressive jab at Dan/Blair (They weren’t really the true problem. It’s more how it was done. More on that later), there was a much deeper problem that still plagues the show today. In fact I will go as far as to say this is the number 1 reason under the moniker “bad writing” that the show is unrecognizable. Subtlety. It’s gone. Disappeared. Does not exist. I took some creative writing classes in my day, and the FIRST thing they tell you is to SHOW not TELL. That means do not simply write: She was happy. He was sad. They were angry. They loved each other. You must SHOW it. This show used to possess subtlety. IT did not explain explicitly with words in dialogue every character’s actions. Rather they showed you POV through ACTIONS not WORDS, and let you deduce motivations for yourself. There are so many old examples of this on the show.

In season 2 literally the whole season was Blair and Chuck showing themselves and the audience that they loved each other without saying the words. If this was written by the current regime there’d probably be less direct scenes of Blair with Chuck and more Blair telling Serena how much she loves him and Chuck spilling his feelings to someone else, all the while the viewer is sitting there with no visual evidence of these words. I first noticed this worrying trend in season 3 when everyone and their mother (literally) told Dan he was in love with Vanessa, when there was no visual evidence to back that up. You could tell they just decided to go in that direction on a whim, so they did not plant any seeds. In fact, there was a funny scene where a horrified Vanessa said to Dan “I’m not in love with you, you moron” earlier that season. That’s only a trend that worsened

The most egregious of those being the season 4 finale when Blair randomly told us she loved Louis and Chuck with no prior evidence to back that up. It actually got worse in season 5 when she made all these melodramatic and over the top declarations of love to Chuck from 5×10-5×13. And while I am a Chair fan, even this rubbed me the wrong way. The whole first half of the season was spent on Chuck being awesome, and Blair about to get married, living completely separate lives from each other and with no evidence to back this up they have her say this and we are supposed to believe it. I know they did this to throw Chair fans a bone, but to me it really cheapened the words that they had previously built up to mean so much in season 2. “I love you more and more everyday if that’s even possible.” But there is literally no recent history to back that up.

The same goes for what used to be my favorite part of the show: the schemes. When Blair schemed to ruin Serena’s life in “Poison Ivy” she did not tell Chuck or the audience what she planned on doing. She left it as an ambiguous “total social destruction” statement. Then as the show unraveled, you pieced together what Blair was doing until she actually just did it. Same thing in “Hi, Society” where Chuck schemed to get Blair at the end of Cotillion. He thought up and executed his scheme without audience explanation they just showed it to us. And later had Blair confirm what we saw him plan. Once again it was confirmation, as in a reinforcement of something already shown to us. Again, just to reiterate the point, in “Roman Holiday” when Blair schemes to get Freddy at the party they actually never tell you her plan in dialogue. They just give you pieces of information and you can deduce what she is going to do/did. Fast forward to the scheme the gang uncovered at the end of Season 3 with William Van der Woodsen, and all you got was a bunch of information that literally made no sense together, and Blair in a limo explaining the past year of the Van der Woodsen’s lives instead of showing it to us. “The Big Sleep No More”, which is actually one of my least favorite episodes ever, has the once scheming mastermind, going around in the least conspicuous manner possible yelling out her entire plan to Dorota, executing it poorly, and having Chuck verbally have to explain to the audience at the end what went down.

4. The dialogue has suffered in terms of character interactions and continuity.

The final nail in the writing coffin is the dialogue. There was once a time when the staples of the show were Chuck/Blair sexual tension, Serena/Blair friendship, Dan/Serena relationship, Jenny vs UES, and just all the funny things that would happen when the mains interacted with each other (the running jokes of Blair’s headbands, Chuck’s scarves, Lily’s German Klaus and Danish Claus, Blair’s Brooklyn hate, Dan’s UES hate, limo sex, “I’m Chuck Bass,” etc). One of the best parts to me about the on and off relationship between Dan and Serena was waiting to see Blair’s reactions. Or whenever Serena and Chuck shared a scene you prepared to share a laugh. Even further, Chuck and Dan scenes were always sure to be hysterical. And honestly, I love Nate’s interaction with Chuck, Serena, and especially Blair (not in a romantic sense). I just think they are so funny together. It was the great dialogue between characters that made them all coming together (end of season 1,2 and 3).

The only season in which they did not unite all together to uncover a scheme at the end was season 4. That’s not a coincidence. That was also the season where Serena was off with a retconned story about her boarding school days with a bunch of guest stars. Chuck was off with a bunch of guest stars (one of the worst in history in my opinion). Nate is always off with guest stars so no change there. All this left Blair and Dan to hang with each other. I actually found their scenes to be funny, as I stated I always laughed at their dynamic (mostly because of their mutual hate). I even accepted the reluctant friends bit. But what I did not understand was why they had to isolate everyone else in boring stories to do it.

People blame Dan/Blair for the second half sucking because it came at the expense of the show but I contend that it is more the writers’ fault. When Dan and Blair were hanging out they happened to go to the same movie that could have happened regardless of if their friends were occupied or not. Furthermore, it would have been even more interesting to me if they became friends despite all the external blockades. Instead, the writers chose the easy way out and had Blair always running to Brooklyn because everyone else was too busy. Enter season 5, where suddenly Dan became her best friend and Serena downgraded to…just a roommate I guess. I laughed every time Blair would say “Serena is my best friend” in season 5 because as stated in my third grievance, there was no evidence to back that up. Just empty words. Furthermore, the one liners are tired and no longer funny. I suppose they got a new writing team and maybe they just don’t get the characters like the old ones used to.

So these are my major grievances with the show. The show is now an unrecognizable shell of itself, and I know the writers cannot fix it. Mostly because they don’t even acknowledge that anything is wrong, and even if they did I wouldn’t trust them to fix it. I often wonder why I even held on as long as I did, and I think it was because I was in denial. Though I still ship the old Chuck/Blair to this day (I just re-watch season 1 and 2), the Chuck/Blair presented to me in the back half of Season 3 through 5 are not the Chuck and Blair I loved. In fact, if that Chuck and Blair relationship was presented to me in season 1 I would definitely not have shipped it. It would have just been another melodramatic, generic couple. But Ed and Leighton have such wonderful chemistry and are great actors that I lied to myself and continued on. Even in 4×07-4×09, the last time I caught a glimpse of the old Chuck and Blair, I was thrilled because I’m cheap and no matter what if my ship is having sex I’m gonna support it. However, storyline wise they had not earned the right to be in that place again. Regardless from then on, all of their conversations were devoid of the banter and sexual tension, and replaced with these ridiculous melodramatic lines. Every. Single. Scene. Worse than that, their whole relationship was retconned. With their “I was the dark, you were the light” conversations I want to pull my hair out. How about no. They were partners in crime. She was the baddest bitch on television and he was the bad boy and the tension there just worked. But then it got changed to this whole Blair needs her fairytale storyline, which was already dealt with at the end of season 2 and handled very maturely by a high school Blair “Fairytales end when they do for a reason”, only to be brought back when she was a 20 year old where she has apparently regressed and hasn’t learned her lesson.

This goes back to my theory that if this staff of writers and regime in charge tried to recreate the awesomeness that is season 1 and 2 it would be a BIG FAIL. I swear if I hear the word fairytale one more time…I digress. I still shipped Chuck/Blair out of stubbornness more than anything else (well Ed and Leighton’s chemistry), but they were not the same. I unconsciously kept thinking, “They’ll go back to being the partner in crime pair I shipped in Season 2.” The Chuck and Blair I shipped so hard was not the one I was seeing on screen, but rather (to quote every sappy movie) the idea of what it could be, what it used to be. I went on watching knowing something was off (for both the show and the couple), but held on to the memories and was unable to see that the reality of the show and my ideal version did not overlap. It was pretty much like a relationship you don’t realize has gone bad because you are too busy thinking back to the glory days. That’s true for how I feel about Blair, Chuck/Blair, and the show itself. Good Riddance Gossip Girl, it was fun while it lasted. Now the show is delegated down to what I call my “Eternal Sunshine re-watch” list. Essentially that means I will re-watch Gossip Girl until season 2 and pretend it ended there.

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  • Lizzy Marano

    Ugh, I completely agree with you, and I’m only on the first paragraph. It was a tough decision, because I’d been such a long Gossip Girl fan. From the books, to the pilot, all the way up to the 100th  episode. Granted, my applause of the series had waned since the 2nd season, but it was a difficult (though necessary) choice.

    • Lizzy Marano

      And I just read the introduction and it’s just exactly what I’ve been thinking. The downward spiral of Blair was the beginning of the end for me.

      • Adey Debebe

        thanks for reading :)

  • http://twitter.com/mockingbird2424 Meg

    I agree and I’m done too.

    • Adey Debebe

      I would say I’m glad you agree, but not really because this is all just sad. 

      • http://twitter.com/Takeitaway1 Takeitaway

         It’s very depressing but many have had it.

  • LeeEightySix

    I agree with everything and I’m done too. RIP Gossip Girl. It was great while it lasted, no, actually it wasn’t and that about says everything.

    Chuck and Blair and Blair and Serena and my poor NJBC, you’ll always exist in an alternate universe for me where the GG writers and producers didn’t completely ruin you.

    • Adey Debebe

      Thanks for reading!

  • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

    I agree with so much of this. I still can’t give up on Chuck/Blair, unfortunately… even with the shitty writing, I feel like these characters deserve to end up together. But this show definitely doesn’t deserve me as an audience member… 

    The “showing not telling” is a huge issue, btw. I agree that there’s been very little evidence of Blair loving Chuck this season, despite the fact that she keeps saying it. I believed her when she said it in 5×10, but not at any point since then. Her character’s just been completely thrown under the bus to service the plot. 

    • AB

      Was her being willing to give up her happiness to marry Louis in order to save Chuck no “evidence” of her love for him? Or her willingness to run away with him and dump Louis?

      • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

        The latter point is what I was referring to in 5×10. The former one was just evidence of her having lost her mind, as far as I’m concerned. Can you imagine S1-S4 Blair seriously believing that God is going to run over Chuck with a taxi unless she offers herself in marital sacrifice? That is hands-down the most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened on this show, and that’s saying something. 

        • AB

          Well, Blair with Chuck is traditionally nuts. She was willing to sleep with Jack for Chuck’s hotel, which is far crazier IMO given Jack’s history of violence toward women and known drug use. She could have lost her life.

          • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

            Blair being nuts is no one’s fault but her own. You can’t keep blaming Chuck for all of her ridiculous behavior, he’s certainly done nothing to cause it this season. 

          • AB

            You missed my point entirely. I’m saying that Blair’s love for Chuck has always made her do stupid things – ie being willing to sleep with a known drug-using attempted rapist. The pact was only the latest example of the lengths she’ll go to in order to save him.

          • TB

            So…since her love for Chuck makes her do crazy-ass things, the solution is for her to be with someone she loves less?  

            How about she just keeps loving him, and stops doing crazy shit?  

          • AB

            Or realizes that a love that is so unhealthy is not the right love. Real love not only would not exacerbate her worst instincts, but wouldn’t manipulate her knowing her weaknesses, as well. Chuck and Blair are beyond repair IMO. They could have fixed things past the IP if they’d made any effort, but they did Chuck’s redemption arc a season too late. Plus, Chair were 18 when they got together. Of course they’re not going to stay together. Who marries the person they date in high school or at 18/19?

          • TB

            I agree that there is definitely something unhealthy about Blair making a pact with God after she’s never displayed any evidence of being remotely religious (other than asking a priest to grant her a birthday wish back in S1), but it sure as hell isn’t her love for Chuck.  It’s her crazy-ass brain. 

            And your point about high school makes no sense at all.  People do marry their high school sweethearts. Especially if they’re on a TV show that was set in high school during its first two seasons and has a limited number of characters.  Or haven’t you noticed that none of them seem to have made any significant new friends in the past five years at all?  They’re got a limited dating pool.

            You are free to opine that Chuck and Blair are beyond repair.  Obviously I am not going to change your mind about that.  But I will stand by my points about Blair’s behavior not making any sense whatsoever to me.  They could have come up with solid reasons for her to not be with Chuck while keeping her character’s motivations understandable and sympathetic, but they didn’t.  Instead they had her profess her eternal undying love for him, then go completely OOC by making this God pact, and then stop speaking to him and proceed to marry Louis for no logical reason.  And now, after all this, she’s apparently developing feelings for Dan?  Granted, a lot of C/B people do not like the idea of Blair with Dan at all, but it’s just the latest in a series of events that’s convinced us that the show’s writers have no idea who she is or what she wants anymore.  Poor Leighton, I don’t know how she even begins to figure out how to act her scenes.

          • AB

            I couldn’t disagree more that Chuck had nothing to do with her behavior. Clearly, Blair was at fault for ever being willing to use her body as a trading piece, but the context of that situation was quite clear: Chuck knew exactly which buttons of hers to push to get her to even consider such a degrading thing. Jack said it: “Chuck knew you wouldn’t be able to resist coming to save him.” Russell used it again to lure Blair to Brooklyn in the S4 finale, and Blair herself even said it to Eleanor: Chuck makes her vulnerable because of her love for him. So no, it’s not JUST about Blair, it’s about Chuck clearly also taking advantage of that weakness that she has for him. And yes, it’s an issue Blair needs to work on, but that’s my point. I don’t think Chuck helps her propensity toward these behaviors at all. I think he makes them worse.

          • TB

            What about my point (further down in the thread) about how Chuck has completely stopped trying to control Blair since the end of last season?  I think he could have easily “taken advantage of her weakness” at the end of S4, but chose not to, and let her be free to make her own choice.  I think this is an important character development and warrants consideration.

            Also, I wanted to thank you for being respectful during this thread. By this point I’ve discussed a lot about the show with you, and even though we’re not likely to agree on Chuck/Blair anytime soon I think this is the longest I’ve ever debated an issue with a stranger on the Internet without the argument devolving almost instantly into pissed-off name-calling.  I wish more people who I disagreed with were like you!

          • AB

            You’re right about Chuck’s growth. I haven’t found it that satisfying of an arc because it’s felt very plotty to me and sort of clunky, but he is clearly growing. For me, Chair are beyond repair because I don’t think they bring out the best in each other, and that’s not just for Blair’s sake. I actually think her past with him makes her distrustful of him (I think we’re supposed to understand that as some of her reasoning for not reuniting with him right now), and he is going to need someone who can trust him. I sort of feel like logically they’d both need a clean slate, because with their baggage, it’d be such a hindrance in any future relationship to not fall back onto the same arguments, etc. If they had done this growth story for Chuck last season when Blair was stronger, I think it would have been better for Chair’s viability, but I’m not sure what’s going on with Blair this season, and it somewhat feels to me like Chair have outgrown their initial love. I think they’d need to either make a clean break or start all over to have a chance, and I’m not sure that’s entirely possible anymore.

            Thank you for your kind words. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts. This is, at the end of the day, a TV show, and as such, is no reason to ever make anything personal with someone. I do enjoy a healthy debate, though, and thank you for engaging with me.

    • Adey Debebe

      thanks for reading

  • http://twitter.com/filigree_apogee Sally

    Thank you for this brilliant, intelligently-written article. I agree with you about almost everything, but particularly about the mess that is the current writing for Blair Waldorf. If someone had told me even a year ago that we would have a Blair who could not make decisions, who had no idea when people were lying to her, who was so confused about her feelings that she kept hurting everyone she cared about – I would not have believed them. And the appalling deterioration in the writing for Blair is just this depressingly appropriate metaphor for how the show as a whole once had something special and wonderful and unmissable, and now is something I watch on youtube, or not at all.

    • Adey Debebe

      hahaha. you know I actually sensed a weird Blair change in season 4 episode 3, when she was all eager to get Juliet’s approval…I thought that was odd and needy of her. Also that mess of a NYU stroyline….but yes even amidst this she still had her spark as a character to me. I think her spark was the last to go. The whole show is way past its prime.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EX2ZTVYYGTXYHQJRVEYMHC7SRE Christina


  • Adrienne

    I agree with you completly,and i have the same reasons as you do for which i’m giving up on the show(plus a few more). As a Chair fan,not to mention the fact that i feel completly ruined(yes that’s the best word to decribe my state atm) i feel like the whole strory went down-hill once Safran took over. He’s trully like a dark force which lead to this whole disaster, and i’m not finding excusses to either Schwartz or Savage for letting him ruin the show like he did. They keep telling us a story of a grown up version of the S1 kids we all loved (except Dan,Jenny and Vanessa,i was really numb towards them, ofc the numbness turned into hate). But their growth was nothing more than becoming plainly stupid (except Chuck,i really loved his redemption tbh). Where is Blair Waldorf,she wanted to be a strong woman but instead we get the weak little gUrl, afraid of ending up alone? Where’s her best friend Serena, who is shattered by her highschool feelings for Dan? Where are Nate’s storylines, and why do they keep making him date guest-stars or older women? And the new friendship between Chuck and Dan made no sense to begin with. Not to mention that in just one episode Blair found herself kissing Dan (even as a DB fan u’d have to see that’s not the way that should start).
    What mostly made me give up this show was the disrespect the entire staff/writers/directors showed toward us,CB supporters. 
    I loved to read this as it made me feel better knowing there are others who are going through what i am now. Don’t apologize for it’s lenght,if anything you could have wrote it even longer:P

    • Adrienne

      But i have to admit once they will write something good for Chuck and Blair (that meaning that Safran won’t be behind this,he just can’t write about Chuck and Blair) i would watch it again, because i want to see them end up together,that would be the closure i need.

      • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

        Yeah, I’m the same. Even though I’m quitting for now, I know I’ll come back to see CB reunite… if for no other reason than I feel like I need a happy ending after all this.

        • Adrienne

          I’m not having high hopes for the rest of season but see you when S6 starts bb :)

    • Adey Debebe

      hahaha thanks. 

  • http://twitter.com/MegamiTenchi Kate

    I’m so with you. I quietly hope in my heart that maybe the next couple months something will shift and I get to come back but… for now, I’ll play with my fanfiction and remember the good old days. 

    • Adey Debebe


  • http://twitter.com/Christiana_Dets Christiana Oreana

    I couldn’t agree more and thank you SOOO much for writing this. Thought i won’t give up(yet) because is so hard to give up on Chuck/Blair!! 

    • Adey Debebe

      haha good luck hanging on. Thanks for reading

  • Dazzling_angel2006

    This is such a beautiful articulation of everything that’s wrong with the show. Somebody tweet this to the GG writers ASAP. 

    • Adey Debebe

      thanks but um they will never admit anything is wrong, let alone read this. 

  • http://twitter.com/MissWires MW

    AMAZING. I can’t believe the writers are actually proud of their work. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve shed a tear reading this. :S

    • Adey Debebe

      </3. On one level though, it is important as a writer to have confidence. The problem is, these people think they are infallible

      • TB

        Agreed.  They act like they’re second to Shakespeare and we just can’t appreciate their genius.  

  • gtfo

    LMAO all you Chuckistans should quit. Good riddance tbh.

    • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

      Did you even bother reading the article? Because I honestly don’t see how anyone, Chair fan or not, could disagree with most of the points she made about plot, characterization, and dialogue- you know, basic fiction writing. Nothing to do with ship wars. 

      • no really, gtfo

        lol quit acting like a butthurt Chuckistan didn’t write this article. And glutton, no1currs about your pressed opinion, bb.

        • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

          So that’d be a no, you didn’t bother reading it (or simply don’t understand the fundamentals of writing). Carry on. 

          • no really, gtfo

            “Understand the fundamentals of writing” lmao yeah, no one in their right minds would read past the first paragraph. Even Norman Buckley couldn’t be fucked with this shit. But go ahead and go down with the failship that is CB…you are a glutton for punishment, after all.

          • Adey Debebe

            LOL. Sorry you feel that way. But uh, pretty sure I made it clear that it is not a shipping thing, which is why I was forthcoming with the information that I shipped Chuck/Blair before. 

        • Andrea

          At least she has an intelligent, reasonable opinion and doesn’t use phrases like, “butthurt Chuckistan.” Take your incoherent internet rage back to Anon.

          • no really, gtfo

            No, she’s a crotchety 40 year old with nothing better to do than obsess over an abusive couple on a teen soap. You can go shave your back now.

          • TB

            Uh, no.  She’s an extremely well-educated, happily married, successful professional who likes Chuck and Blair, follows the show and enjoys snarking about it online.  You, on the other hand, are a troll who obsessively stalks people on the Internet and harasses them for having the audacity to like a ship that’s not yours.  So…if we’re talking about obsession, you’re on a whole ‘nother level.

          • no really, gtfo

            “likes CB”

            Null and void everything.

          • TB

            Just troll away on your trolling motor, troll.

          • http://twitter.com/steph2you2 steph

            Ignorant. It’s so stupid that to say  because people like CB they have no opinion. Get a life and stop trolling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000156811218 VanVan Joyce

    WOW!! well said…i don’t think you missed anything…

    • Adey Debebe


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3APNSL42RV6XXHZ73M2GGCTCIQ Laura

    Couldn’t have put it better myself, all spot on. I think the writers think most people kicked off about Dan and Blair happening and for most people its not really that, its everything you have just said and they only have themselves to blame when the shows ratings continue to drop massively. They have completely forgotten everything that was good about the show and sacrificed it for complete nonsense and idiot story lines and turned fans against eachother. Like everyone else i’ll be back watching once we get Chuck and Blair reunited and simply because after the crap thats been thrown at them and sticking though it i think we bloody deserve to see them together! If anything just for it to make some purpose as to why i have watched this show for so long!
    Funny thing about your last comment aswell “Essentially that means I will re-watch Gossip Girl until season 2 and pretend it ended there.” The last episode was named goodbye Gossip Girl and what an amazing ending to the episode for Chuck and Blair too.

    • Adey Debebe

      Exactly. This is what I tried to make clear. This is not a shipping thing. I think this misconception is part of why the writers don’t listen to the criticism. They are convinced people are only upset because their ship isn’t together. 

      • Lila

        it’s not a shipping thing, but that dan/blair mess was the last straw. It ruined the only thing I kept watching for. I used to watch b/c I loved the show and everything about it, but after season 2, it was just chuck and blair and even they were different. so when they threw them under the bus, (especially blair who isn’t even blair anymore) I decided that I have wasted the last 2 1/2 years on this trash and I should’ve just stopped after season 2. This show is a travesty now.

  • Guest

    I totally agree with you. The show has definitely not been the same, but at least season 3 and 4 were mildly tolerable. Season 5 though? Wow. Not only has there been no progression within the storyline, but there has been no connection between anyone. No chemistry. Everyone just seems to be hopping from one character to another spitting out dialog that doesn’t sound believable at all.

    • Adey Debebe

      I agree about the chemistry. I think all the spark is gone.

  • Carolinemw

    Everything you said was true. It hurts me to watch gossip girl s1 and think of how much it was ruined. Regardless of how bad the writing is i can’t give up on chuck and blair just yet (on the inside we all know they are end game) I love blair waldorf and if louie had done what he did now in s1 blair would have made sure he was sorry. Its so sad and i will forever love this show<3 chair forever

    • Adey Debebe

      Yes I admit re-watching makes my heart hurt. It used to be so good…

  • Lala

    completely agree…it’s just sad

    • Adey Debebe


  • fabfreckled

    Agree with all of this. Through the years I have always dvr’d the show even if I wasn’t going to watch. This year is the first season I have deleted it off my Dvr and I am pretty much done blogging about it. So sad :’( I used to be so into it!

    • Adey Debebe

      Right? I remember season 2 when everyone cared. That was a fun happy time.

  • Jtrocksdaworld

    Amen! You read my mind and my heart to no end! If only the writers could read this!

    • Adey Debebe

      haha thanks but I’m sure that wouldn’t change anything :/

  • My dad is deaaaad

    Hahahahahaha @ people calling this “beautifully articulated”. Characterization suffered post Serena “I killed someone”. Blair as HBIC and a “bad bitch” is such a reductive description of a much more nuanced character who was insecure enough to try to enforce her own outcomes even though she could never go about them the right way. Blair, with her father abandoning her and her mother’s cruelty lashed out with scheming because of control issues (which also manifested in her eating disorder). 

    Gossip Girl’s main problem is that the “drama” isn’t driven by organic extensions of the characters. The writers are more concerned with “OMFG” moments that upend established characterization by shoehorning characters into plots for the sake of contrived scandal. The whole Yale arc in season 2 was ridiculous. A school like Constance would have multiple acceptances and Blair’s acceptance would basically be a guarantee. NO guidance counselor would let a student only apply to one college.  As petty and nonsensical her actions to Miss Carr were, Miss Carr still would have been disciplined because that lone photo was incriminating enough. Nothing about the Yale plot made sense and it was clearly done so everyone could stay in New York. 

    Serena and Blair’s fight in season 2 was the first time it became apparent that the writers abandoned their core conflict. Serena was the only one to fully love and validate Blair’s loyalty, but at the same time, exacerbate all of her insecurities. Serena would always be more loved because she was open and charismatic and Blair could never trust herself that being as open would make her as loved, and retreated into being closed off as a defense mechanism. It was kind of beautiful that society’s reaction to Serena made Blair feel inadequate, but at the same time, Serena, herself, was the only one that accepted Blair openly. In season 2, they started to explore their dynamic, but abandoned it with shoddy writing. Serena can’t help that everything comes easily to her, and why should Blair expect her to not live up to her potential? But Blair was also right that Serena could be self-involved and insensitive with her naivety. Instead of fully exploring this to a natural resolution, that their love for each other overcame all of their issues, the explanation was retconned into “they were scared that they were going to different schools” and later in season 3 “they were fighting about which one loves the other more” when that was not what they were fighting about AT ALL. Now their friendship is degraded so much that Serena knows her best friend was pimped out for a hotel and still encourages her to be with that man. 

    The rampant misogyny of the show disgusts me, with the treatment of Jenny, Serena, and Blair. It honestly disheartens me that Jenny ends up losing her virginity to the man who attempted to rape her, and after is dismissed while he proposes to another girl. Also, Blair writing “whore” on Jenny’s designs made me loathe what was once my favorite character. Serena shouldn’t be constantly made fun of for her sexuality. The show really pushes unfair attitudes about girls to the young audience that watches this show. 

    I’m not going to get into Chuck’s dalliance into Bore Industries and his trite daddy issues. Chuck should have never been upgraded from the snarky sidekick who flaunts his privilege. He’s insufferable as the woobie “bad boy” with never ending man pain.  

    I used to like this site as I thought the recaps were quite funny, but the commentary is really turning me off. 

    • AB

      Now THIS is well said.

    • Adey Debebe

      You make some excellent points. 

      My referring to Blair as a bad bitch and HBIC is me reminiscing about my favorite ostensible characteristics she exhibited. It wasn’t meant to say those traits are all encompassing of Blair. She’s much more multi-faceted than that.  I actually can’t believe I forgot to explicitly mention the Blair/Yale storyline. I touched on your point a little when talking about Serena and how the writers’ goal was obviously to get all these kids to stay in New York. In Blair’s case they opted for humiliation. This is the one thing Blair worked so hard for her whole life and this is how you get her to stay in New York? How about you let her get in. ANd chose to go to Columbia *rolls eyes*. Of course the whole college process was not realistic but in terms of the show universe I just went with it (remember this is a world where everyone and their parents subscribe to a  Gossip site). It has been this way since season 1 with the SATs where they made it seem like you could only take it once. Who cares if Blair sabotages Nelly Yuki? She can take it again. And your points about Serena/Blair friendship are well taken. I always laughed at the way to very valid fight in season 2 was resolved with Serena saying “Oh we just fought because we were afraid of being apart.” But then again, They only allowed Blair to be mad at Serena for 2 episodes before they made her forgive Serena for sleeping with her boyfriend and running away without a word. So it’s not like they always had a handle on how to pull off these fights. 

      I don’t fully agree with your other points, but you know what it all adds up to one thing. This show sucks now. 

      • My dad is deaaaad

        Blair forgives Serena that quickly because the show made it clear that it was more about the abandonment of leaving for a year without telling her than just sleeping with Nate. Also, Blair retaliated with to a more severe degree with jeopardizing her college future, it’s not like she forgave her out of the blue in first season. That’s what made Blair compelling. In her eyes, Serena was sabotaging her future, as a high society wife, so Blair thought she was justified in tampering with Serena’s academic future. Was it misguided? Yes, but at least somewhat sympathetic with her reading the letter that made it known just how much being abandoned by her best friend hurt her. 

        The Nelly Yuki situation further bolsters the idea that characterization wasn’t upheld around the “I killed someone” storyline. Previously, Blair didn’t scheme for “shits and giggles”, she only desired to exact revenge on those that she had perceived as wronging her. While she hazed and bullied underclassmen and minions she didn’t seek to “ruin” people that posed potential threats. It didn’t really make sense that Blair would go so far to steal calculator batteries from a girl who is just as hard-working as Blair. Blair’s resentment stemmed from people who got things with out really “earning” them, at least previously (and in the books). Nelly Yuki was the start of Blair is a scheming bitch who lives to “take down”. Don’t get me wrong, Blair was classist, petty, and addicted to drama and romance from the get-go, it’s just an important distinction to make, IMO. Also, her supposedly inspired scheming was inherently lame. Her grand idea to get Georgina to go away was to call her parents? That is something that would happen on a Disney show.

        I agree that show is heightened reality and thus maybe doesn’t have to comply with “real world” rules, but the previous examples of privileged kids getting off scot-free and the lackadaisical attitude toward drug use and underaged drinking led me to expect the show would handle the college storyline better (especially because ambition to attend Yale was such an integral part of Blair’s character).

        I do think it’s telling, however, that you feel characterization suffered at the beginning of season 3 when season 2 was such a mess. Blair returning to France and demanding that Chuck immediately say “I love you”? In the season 1 finale Blair flirted with the guy on Bass Industries Marketing Team and wasn’t devastated when Chuck informed her she would be late. Chuck turning the tables and demanding that she say “I love you” first was equally ridiculous because what did Blair have to apologize to him for? He was the flaky one that aired out her dirty laundry on Gossip Girl for revenge, told her she was worthless because she was no longer “untouched”, and then abandoned her in Tuscany. Blair was in no way strong while panting after Chuck and was downright pathetic in her reaction to Miss Carr and her attempt to sabotage her mother’s fashion show. 

        Chuck proved that he was unworthy to helm a billion-dollar-empire and the “Eyes Wide Shut” storyline where he meets the “most beautiful woman he has ever seen” was also a lame plot contrivance. Man, not sleeping with prostitutes and actually having your father believe in you is SO HARD. 

        I could go into the other characters, but it seems like you don’t really care about them based on your article/reply. 

        • My dad is deaaaad

          should say Blair retaliated to a more severe degree* 

          Didn’t really feel like proof-reading when I already wrote such long replies about a show that’s clearly not worth this much analysis. 

          • Adey Debebe

            And uh you know what, the reason I didn’t think the “I love you” demand was ridiculous is because I liked the show at that point, and was sort of sucked into it. At least the dialogue was fresh throughout that particular episode, and i felt Chuck/Blair to have good chemistry. And honestly I didn’t take the show that seriously, I just rolled with the punches. I actually don’t know the exact point where I got super invested.

            Anyway, I disagree with your opinion of why Chuck sent Blair away in 1×13. While that scene itself actually gave me chills the first time I saw it because it was just SO mean. If you look at it from his point of view, I don’t actually think he meant them. I believe what he realized was that for the first time he actually liked a girl, she blew him off for his best friend (the only other person he previously cared about). And he let this new found feeling destroy the relationship he cared about most (Nate). So he just landed the punches that would hurt the most to make her go away. Although i didn’t agree with his choice to out everything to Gossip GIrl….

            Anyway I do agree that this show definitely isn’t worth this much analysis because nothing that happens is actually making at least some sense anymore. I just wrote this whole thing as my long goodbye.

          • My dad is deaaaad

            Sorry, I know we should leave this as an “agree to disagree” but I have to address how vile the “rode hard and put away wet” line was. I’m not calling into issue Chuck’s motivations or the idea that he was hurt, it’s HOW he expressed that hurt. If he had left it at “Actually, you don’t even have me”, that would have been fine. Adding in the “You held a certain fascination when you were beautiful, delicate and untouched” supplies this gross sense of judgment about Blair’s sexual activities and  furthermore kind of fetishizes her virginity. I get that he was going for the jugular and Blair herself is certainly guilty of shaming other girls for their sexuality, but at least she wasn’t previously hypocritical about it. Chuck had attempted to rape 2 girls and it was alluded that he successfully forced himself on others. And for HIM to say that he couldn’t see why anyone would want her after she was “rode hard and put away wet” just contributes more to the overall misogynistic tone on Gossip Girl. 

          • Lila

            I love Chuck’s character (minus the awful things that he’s said/done. I wish the writers would be more realistic…selling someone for a hotel? royal weddings? at age 20?! come on it used to be a bit realistic!!) but things he has said/done and other characters have said and done are insanely offensive. I don’t know how the writers get away with this stuff. Also, this show is disgustingly incestuous and every character is connected sexually to another in some way. (and probably in more than 1 way) I’m just so done with this show. So, so done.

          • http://twitter.com/melissadeq1 melissa

            yup. That scene always upset me SO MUCH.

          • bb

            Aggreing with all of this. He treated her the way he treated Jenny, like she was a discarded tissue. Virgins and limos, indeed.

    • Joeylove

      That’s your opinion, like how Adey gave her’s. No need to try and insult other people who don’t agree with you.

      • My dad is deaaaad

        If you are referring to Hahahahahaha @ people calling this “beautifully articulated”, that was an insult to those who are tweeting this article to Gossip Girl writers demanding them to read it. I mean, it uses the adjective “sparkly” and describes Blair as “the baddest bitch that ever lived”. Obviously the author has every right to express her opinion just as I have every right to respond. 

        • Adey Debebe

          LOL. you do realize this isn’t actual journalism, and is just me expressing my opinion. It isn’t a formal complain or paper. But uh next time I’ll use a thesaurus.

          • My dad is deaaaad

            That was the point? This is an article on a site that’s known for recaps making fun of the show. You’re obviously not obligated to present your argument with formality, and that’s what made me laugh at “beautifully articulated”. Obviously I’m in no place to judge because my posts are rife with grammatical errors. This is the internet.

          • Lila

            Um it doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece to be ‘beautifully articulated.’ There are a million problems I have with this show that I haven’t been able to express very effectively. Reading this really helped me come to terms with my decision to quit the show. I agree that this is beautifully articulated because she very effectively describes what happened with GG and why it’s just over.

          • My dad is deaaaad

            if you are throwing around “beautifully articulated” to describe works that aren’t literary masterpieces, you’re probably using the phrase too freely~

    • AptlyNamed

      You make a lot of great points and this is an excellent analysis. However I’m just personally wondering: when did you stop enjoying the show (faults aside- this show has never been flawless). I’ve seen quite a few people still say they enjoyed the “back 13″ and that’s that. It makes no sense that these people liked 13 episodes, started to lose interest and then watched the subsequent 90 odd installments. Not trying to project anything, mind you, but if you do hold that particular opinion, I’d like to understand how the fuck you’ve stuck with the show? Christ on a cracker, the last 2 seasons have been torturous enough!

      • My dad is deaaaad

        I was originally drawn to show because of the complexity of the relationships presented in “Bad News Blair”. I find a lot of teen drama shows rely on cliche stock characters. On first glance, Gossip Girl seemed to conform by including the well meaning parents, the plucky protagonist who is trying to change, the sensitive outsider, the insecure Queen B(ee), the jock with conflicted feelings, the bad boy who just wants approval, and the girl who just wants to fit in. But the characterizations turned out to be much more nuanced in that fourth episode. Eleanor restricted Blair from eating a croissant knowing of her daughter’s eating disorder, and chose Serena to be the face of the fashion campaign without even telling Blair. Serena wanted to be there for Blair, but was perhaps willfully naive about the “test shots” and how Blair truly feels about almost everyone important in her life seemingly preferring Serena. At the same time, Serena was only trying to encourage Blair to go for something she thought Blair would be great at and have fun doing. In the end, it is Serena and Blair together who turn the situation into a fun celebration of their friendship. They weren’t teen drama archetypes, just two flawed girls coping with negligent parents and societal expectations by sticking together. 

        Even the romance in the episode was somewhat of a fresh take. Dan found out again that building up Serena in his head as his muse without actually knowing her would lead to unpleasant surprises, but also it’s unfair to Serena to put her on a pedestal instead of realizing she’s just a teenager struggling through like everyone else. The Chuck/Nate B-plot also drove home the “relying on friendship” for emotional support to deal with being a lost teenager.The idea that a teen drama would explore actual issues faced by teenagers in an almost Wildean take on the effect of money on morality made me think Gossip Girl had the potential to be more than the zeitgeist-y teen show of the moment. Depictions of strong female friendship on TV are so rare. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Ann and Leslie on Parks and Recreation and maybe Cece and Jess on The New Girl. I liked that not only were Serena/Blair the core relationship of the show, but also they didn’t just have a one-dimensional friendship lacking substance. Things that should have killed their friendship, like Serena sleeping with Nate and then flouncing off to Boarding School and then Blair purporting that Serena was an Ostroff patient for drug addiction at an Ivy mixer for revenge, couldn’t make them cut their losses because their friendship was comparatively so much more important. This is all really fell to the wayside with the aforementioned nonsensical Yale plot and the fashion show plot, but in hindsight, was initially weakened when the resolution to the Georgina and “killing” Pete arc was so frustratingly simple.I think what was especially frustrating about the the narrative shift of turning Gossip Girl into basically a teen soap was that characters would make strides to maturity (ie Blair telling Nate she didn’t need him, Blair getting over her classism and somewhat bonding with Vanessa in “School Lies” and Dan in “Bad News Blair”, Blair defending Chuck and Serena to the Colony Club, Serena realizing she can be loved for being herself, and later Serena breaking up with Dan because they are caught in the cycle of withholding and judging) and then later would be reverted like nothing ever happened. Blair deciding to try to become “Queen B” of NYU was just cringe inducing, especially because she had already come to the conclusion MULTIPLE times that minions aren’t true friends.Sorry, that exceedingly long preface was to set up an answer to your question of why I still watch. Well, to be honest, I did quit in season 2, but I actually came back around 3.18 because I was so incredulous that the writers actually had the audacity to go through a storyline where Chuck knowingly exploits Blair’s weaknesses to get Blair to offer to prostitute herself to the rapist uncle of her boyfriend to get back ownership of a hotel for said boyfriend. Now, it’s sort of a ritual to sit down on Monday night with my roommates to try and guess what farcical path the writers will travel down next. Serena is a joke with her apparently “hilarious” blog about her life, Nate is a nonentity who is currently stalking his love interest of the week, Blair is a pathetic mess that seriously utters things like “I bring out the dark side of men” and didn’t even care about her miscarried baby let alone previous ambitions to have a flourishing career, Chuck was magically redeemed from being a alcoholic rapist with rage issues that pimped out his girlfriend by one week of therapy and getting a dog, and Dan is now this sort of ruthless manipulator who used Serena’s feelings to play her like a pawn to cover himself while being blackmailed into doing Georgina’s bidding (not even touching the implications of him sending the video because we don’t really know how that is going to play out). So yeah, I follow the show because it’s ridiculous and I want to see how they are going to pretend to give these crazy characters some closure in the series finale. 

        The only problem is, I get disgusted when I read fandom complaints about “Chuck deserving more than Blair” (just scroll down to see that one…) and Jenny is a “bitch” who deserves to be “exiled” (i’m sorry, CAN YOU READ WHAT YOU ARE TYPING?”) because it reflects on really scary attitudes that further perpetuate sexist beliefs in society. Like, it honestly frightens me when I see young girls say that they want their own Chuck Bass or proclaim that Jenny is a “slut” that ruined Chuck’s life. Like, as much as I can laugh about how Gossip Girl is a terrible show, I also cannot fathom that such misogynistic bs is marketed to and accepted by the impressionable girls that still faithfully watch.

        • My dad is deaaaad

          ugh sorry, i guess my comment was too long. some of the paragraph breaks disappeared.

          • http://twitter.com/melissadeq1 melissa

            hey “my dad is deaaaad” – would you happen to have a tumblr where you talk about GG I could follow you on? I’m sorry if I’m coming off as stalkeresque – if so just ignore this – it’s just – I’ve never read such insightful comments about GG before. I loved how you broke down Blair and Serena’s friendship. I’ve read the books since I was in high school, and I’ve been watching the show for three years, and I’ve never seen it that way, and it was so delightfully simple :)

        • AptlyNamed

          Thanks for the response. This is exactly how I feel towards the series. All of it. It’s like you read my mind and then proceeded to write a better comment than I can piece together. 

          So I won’t *try* to add too much other than more agreements. The initial complexity of the characters drew me to the show as well. I liked that the protagonists had faults and that there wasn’t this huge gulf between “good” and “bad” characters like there is now (I’m thinking specifically of Chuck’s “light and dark” speech in S5 *cringe*). 

          As far as the resolution to Georgina’s arc in S1, it was an incredible let down and indicative of things to come (“OMFG” moment followed by “JK! Fuck you, audience). However, I’m one of those who enjoyed S2 enough that I overlooked a lot of the obvious faults resulting from the increasingly plot/shock driven writing. 

          I think one of the biggest reasons I’m personally still watching the show is the manner in which I was introduced. Last year I divested series 1-4 on iTunes. When you watch the episodes back to back, the decline in quality is all the more obvious but the lack of season breaks coupled with the ability to fast forward scenes makes it all easier to get through.

          Anyway, this is getting a little long and potentially gas baggy so I’ll proceed to the wrapping up portion of this post. GG is hilariously bad now and I only watch to poke fun of it. I have to agree with you that the laughter is quelled by the show’s antiquated attitudes towards women’s sexuality. For a while I thought the writers were simply representing what a sect of society feels but, err, no, they are just that misogynistic. That much is clear. 

          I also agree with the general points made in the original post re: the shit writing but, ironically, must thank nowhitenoise’s hilarious photo recaps for keeping me hooked on the show!

        • Basstard

          i want to marry your comments

    • http://twitter.com/melissadeq1 melissa

      thank you for writing this. I have never read anything where Blerena was expressed so beautifully :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O3YZP6JPVG4RHDSWSF5DG4RXYU Amber Aguilar

    I myself have been a loyal Gossip Girl fan since season one and although I would like to believe your decision isn’t based on the fact that Chuck and Blair aren’t together your timing just happens to say the otherwise. I may be wrong but I do find it quite interesting that you’ve given up on Gossip Girl right when a buildup to Dan and Blairs relationship has been brought up. I’ve heard so many times the excuse that Blair is no longer the same person.. Well Duh, what did you expect it’s called maturity. People grow up, people change, just like people fall out of love. Now on other note I do agree that the show has gotten ridiculous and some story lines are very soap like (Blairs vow to god). Now I’ve watched Gossip Girl mostly because of Blair and now I watch because of Dan and Blair which is the only good thing this show has to offer anymore. Now I do love Dair, but even if Dan and Blair weren’t endgame the last person I would want Blair to go back to is Chuck. I rather her be single for ever rather than her go back into a toxic relationship that wasn’t making her happy to begin with. I want Blairs happiness, I feel like I’ve been waiting for her to find the right man she deserves. Only then can I truly move on from Gossip Girl. (I have been waiting 5 yrs. for it).

    • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

      You think Blair’s behaving differently because she’s matured? Seriously? Just count up the number of times she’s used the word “fairytale” in a non-ironic context this season… the girl’s less mature than she was in S1. 

      • AB

        Meh, I do think it’s fairly ironic that Chair fans all seem to rush to call Blair ooc whenever she’s doing anything but letting Chuck or Serena run her over (you call it her being “loyal”). She was fine this past episode, you guys are just angry that she kissed Dan, be honest. She didn’t do anything to purposely hurt anyone. She was trying to do good by her friends, was back to scheming, and wasn’t thinking about herself at all. She has accepted her consequences (being married for a year to a guy who hates her), and is trying to make the best of it.

        That’s why the sudden outcry of Blair being “not Blair” NOW is totally suspicious timing. I haven’t found Blair compelling or fierce with Chuck for ages, but never saw one Chair fan call her on that. Being willing to prostitute herself to Jack for the sake of “love” was a good thing for her character? No. Chair was toxic to Blair as a character, because it became some all-consuming, totally unhealthy dynamic for a 19 year old.

        • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

          I think Blair’s been OOC all season, and I’ve said as much plenty of times. It really ratcheted up a notch in 5×11 and now in 5×15, but she kind of went off the rails as soon as someone waved a tiara under her nose in S4. When she hasn’t been going on about her ridiculous fairytale, she’s mostly just been crying/whining about one self-inflicted problem or another, regardless of whether she’s interacting with Chuck or Dan. So yeah, I think Blair’s been weak and childish all season regardless of who she’s with. 

          And yeah, I thought what she did in the last episode was awful, and not just because it was Dan- I mean, if Chuck had kissed some other girl *in Blair’s bedroom*, an episode after telling her he loves her but can’t be with her, fans would literally murder him through their TV screens, and it would be well-deserved. It was horrifically thoughtless, but I guess that’s how I would describe her in general these days .

          • AB

            Except you were so clearly known and vocal about your defense of each and every one of Chuck’s actions last year, even going so far as to help find ways for other fans to word defenses against Chuck’s abusive actions in episode 4×20. Using Blair as an out now is hypocritical when reading your past posts in defense of Chuck’s far more offensive offenses IMO.

            Not to mention that you missed the whole arc and only saw the fronting imagery if you think this was about a fairytale. Recall that Blair was ready to drop this fairytale for Chuck about 5 separate times. It was never about the fairytale. Blair had been treated horribly by Chuck and wanted to be loved in a safe environment and not hurt anymore. In the end, though, she chose Chuck over and over again.

            Blair’s arc is about feeling powerless, and every time she was hurt by Chuck, she felt more and more so (per her words to Eleanor), because his love had such a strong hold over her. She has been trying to reclaim that power ever since, and moving on with Louis was one such attempt.

          • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

            Wow, okay, you clearly take quite an interest in my opinions, which is… kind of scary, but whatever. I buy that Blair’s fairytale delusions are partly about wanting something safe, and I don’t dismiss that aspect of it (of course, it’s the exact same storyline as S2 NB, only longer and worse- as the author pointed out in this article). But that doesn’t really take away from the fact that she’s acting like an insufferable child, and has been all season. Chuck’s behavior at certain points in S3 and S4 is a separate issue, and I absolutely understand people taking issue with it. That being said, trying to understand a character’s behavior is not the same as defending it. Chuck’s POV was significantly lacking for most of that time, so it took significant effort to understand. The same, unfortunately, is now true of Blair. She’s treating people horribly, and the fact that they’ve wronged her in the past in no way excuses that. Her thoughts and motivations are never made clear, and it’s just left to the fans to argue over them. Personally, I don’t think that’s acceptable writing in either situation- fans shouldn’t need to try so hard to understand why the hell the characters are doing what they’re doing.

          • AB

            That’s my point, though. You made that effort for Chuck and then some. But Blair? She’s gotten slut-shamed, called crazy, insulted, and I’ve seen many of you wishing for Chuck to find another woman while the same generosity was never bestowed to Blair while Chuck was acting way more offensive in S3 and S4. So I just find it telling that Chuck’s behavior is wanked to high heaven but with Blair (and I believe because it involves Dair), it’s just an automatic offense that gets no explanation but merely a “this is ridiculous, she’s the worst!” type comments. Seriously, the things I’ve read about Blair in the past few episodes are appalling – slut, whore, flaky, selfish, childlike. I never heard the same people utter a single negative word about Chuck. And that includes when he was trading Blair for hotels, sleeping with Jenny, falling for Eva, falling for Raina, or punching windows. It’s just silly and that’s why I find all these arguments null.

            I just find it funny that NOW you see Blair as “an insufferable child” when she’s been at her least Chuck-centered. Could that have colored your sudden Blair hatred, perhaps? I think if you’re honest, it’s a whole lot more of your problem than you care to admit.

          • TB

            It seems like you’re blaming Maria for a lot of things that other people have said.  That doesn’t seem fair to me.  Hold her accountable for her own words, not your memory of what other C/B fans have said.

            For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t have a problem with the way Chuck acted in S3/4, and agreed that Blair needed to stay away from him for a while.

          • AB

            I apologize if it seemed that way. I don’t know Maria at all, I’m simply familiar with her posts on various forums. It is not meant to be an attack at all, simply because this is not a subject worth attacking another person. I respect everyone’s right to their opinion. I just find her total write off of Blair to be ironic considering her views on Chuck’s behavior in the past. She was quite outspoken in her defense of Chuck when he was being just awful to Blair, hurting her repeatedly, and always came to CHUCK’S defense, not Blair’s. But now that it’s Blair who has hurt Chuck, it’s just a free-for-all hate fest with the character, with no apparent attempt at realizing the subtext of her motivation. I just find it odd that no one jumped to the idea of wanting Blair with another man when she had to sit crying repeatedly over Chuck, yet now I read that Chuck should move on and find someone who “deserves” him when it’s Blair’s turn to go rogue (and yet still, her love for him has been at least verbally undermined time and again this season, and in her actions of running away with him and trying to save his life).

            I don’t see Blair’s character as having been assassinated this season. I think she’s supposed to seem lost. Which is why I’m suggesting that it’s simply that she could dare develop feelings for Dan Humphrey that has fans turning on her quicker than Chuck Bass turning out a hooker after sex. Chuck’s relationships last season weren’t given nearly the scrutiny, but Blair maybe caring for Dan (which has been built since late season 3, I believe) is treated like the unpardonable sin.

          • Star

            PREACH! Blair has given Chuck her undying love, loyalty, and devotion even AFTER he has done horrible things to her, its about time he truly feels what he should have felt a long time ago, what it is truly like to lose someone who only ever loved and tried to be there for you, even if he didn’t deserve it AS HE HIMSELF SAID in 5.06. Chair fans are merely mad that the first person in 3 seasons she might actually have feelings for other than Chuck is Dan Humphrey, which is probably one of the biggest OMGs this show will ever do. Who would have predicted this? They might be shitty writers I agree, but to never fully explore Dair would be the biggest mistake they ever made b/c their dynamic is the fundamental theme this show was built on, UES vs Brooklyn and how these two worlds mesh. We saw Jenny be completely destroyed by the UES in 3.22, with Dan and Blair you get to see the meshing of the worlds from a positive angle rather than a destructive one.

          • TB

            I find it hard to see her developing feelings for Dan at this point in the story (after the failed elopement with Chuck, the God-pact and the marriage to Louis). It would have made more sense last season, when Chuck was suddenly infatuated with Raina (and believe me there is no C/B fan who has ever had anything positive to say about Chuck dating Raina!) and Dan was being kind to Blair. 

            For me, the God-pact is what has made me throw up my hands in the air, more so than Dan and Blair.  Next on my shitlist is Blair going through with her sham marriage to Louis for no discernible reason. But I will be honest and admit that I am not a fan of Dan and Blair as a romantic pairing either. I probably would have grumbled like crazy if they had gotten together at the end of S4, because I’m just not into them as a couple at all. I prefer them in a snarking friendship.  Remember when Dan was reminding Blair that he wasn’t her minion, but her equal?  I miss those days, because I don’t recognize Dan any more.  He used to have self-respect, and now he’s just Blair’s buttmonkey.  

            But you know what I realize now?  A funny, snarky Dan/Blair romance would have been infinitely preferable to this storyline with Louis.  Chuck could have “let Blair go” be with Dan…fine.  But now everything’s just a huge clusterfuck.

            Per your advice, though, I’m going to try to interpret Blair’s behavior kindly. Maybe she’s just super confused and depressed and grieving over her baby, and that’s why her behavior is so erratic. I will try to keep this possibility in mind.  And then I can be angry when the show’s writers NEVER BRING UP THE BABY AGAIN, because they think that a few weeks of offscreen mourning is enough for Blair to get over it. :P

          • http://twitter.com/yesmamu Elisha

             blair is ooc and the writers said on twitter. i don’t get why people are going after maria. she has an opinion. i agree with her on a lot. people slut shamed serena too. now that blair is acting much worse people get mad when she is slut shamed. both should not be but i am not surprised.blair is not herself. she was my favorite. not anymore. sorry about my writing. english isn’t my first language

          • TB

            I realize this is opening up a can of words, but I haven’t commented on this before, so…I’ll say it.  I don’t think Chuck’s actions in 4×20 were “abusive.” The guy was drunk and heartbroken, and punched out a window because he was frustrated and in pain.  My older brother actually did the exact same thing in college when his girlfriend dumped him.  Like Chuck, he was about 20 years old at the time…barely older than a teenager.  Was it stupid?  Yes.  Was it abusive?  No.  Abuse isn’t a momentary act of anger, it’s a pattern of controlling behavior.  And we saw at the end of the season that Chuck completely relinquished any attempts to control Blair.

            He saw that she was choosing him not out of free will, but because she thought they were inevitable.  He didn’t want to be with her if she was going to be unhappy with him, so he let her go back to Louis.  He reminded her that she WAS powerful, that she was the one with the agency in the situation.  It was a selfless thing to do, and it did a lot (in my eyes, at least) to redeem a lot of his controlling and manipulative behavior in the past. 
            Ironically enough, after choosing Louis, Blair’s found herself to be more powerless than ever before…with nearly every aspect of her life controlled by Louis’s family, trapped into a loveless marriage and constantly surveilled by a harping royal minion.  Blair ended up choosing a prison.  What I don’t understand is why she didn’t realize ages ago that she’s holding the key to get out.  All she has to do is unlock the door.

          • AB

            Because it’s a shipper show and them doing a big Blair/single arc doesn’t fly, particularly because the obviously most loved pairings on this show all center around Blair pairings. It’s a curse for Blair as a character, because she’s been caught in the crossfire of shipper wars, and, as a result, people seem to want her more as some prize for their chosen guy (Dan or Chuck) vs. wanting what’s best for her, which is CLEARLY to be alone right now. Not going to happen on this show, though. Without the Chair/Dair stuff, they really have no buzz, so Blair will sadly probably be tied to these stories for the rest of this season and season 6.

          • http://twitter.com/firingaway BonnieLeigh

             They turned Blair into an unrecognizable character this season. I don’t get her POV at all and if that’s on purpose what a poor ass choice. It’s all been building up for two seasons and the show has just done a piss poor job of telling stories and most never have any closure. It’s just a piece of utter crap

          • bb

            I do think his actions in 4×20 were abusive. It wasn’t only the window, he held her close, sort of overpowering her and she tried to resist and then he cornered her, so she couldn’t move.

            Yes, he did, magnanimously gave her away, but after they had sex. Blair initiated it, but with Chuck it was always a sort of grandiose gesture. It was always a “big thing” even when he didn’t take credit for it. Honestly, if Chuck hadn’t been a fairygodmotherchucker could Blair have had a great prom? Sure. It might not have been amazing, but it would have been okay. These gestures Chuck made, there were just ways to entrap Blair, to show her that he knew her better than anyone else, that she belonged to him – which is what he said in 4×20.

          • Ella

            Are you effing kidding me??
            Chuck spent a few good hours that same day having sex with Alessandra!
            But that’s ok for you i guess, because it wasn’t in Blair’s room.
            Jeez. This chuck worshipping is so gross.

        • Lila

          no. I’m a CB shipper and I don’t even want this blair to go back to chuck. the  ”I love you more and more every day” and dark/light melodramatic BS was not lost on Chair shippers. Chuck and Blair were so amazing during S2 that we kept rooting for them, but now everything is so ruined that I just don’t care about the show anymore. I would’ve watched regardless of whether CB was together during S1 and S2 because it was a great show on its own. But when the show became terrible (starting S3), the only reason I watched was for CB, and I’m sure everyone can relate to this in some way. Maybe you watched for another character or pairing, but no one watched GG and liked it for all of its SLs, characters, etc because it turned into an awful show overall. The timing isn’t a coincidence, and no one is saying that it is! CB is ruined for a lot of us now, so we’re reflecting on what a waste the past 3 years have been and moving on. The truth is that we haven’t enjoyed this show since season 2, no matter what our ship. 

    • Adey Debebe

      There’s nothing I can say to convince you, but I assure you it is not shipper related. As I said I only held out this long because I was lying to myself about the state of the show, and thought the 100th would be something different. Of course there was no prior evidence to lead me to believe that. I would also disagree the notion that Blair has matured in anyway. As I stated, she handled this fairytale business maturely as a high schooler, and as a five year old in season 4. I’m pretty sure I’ll never look at the word fairytale the same way again. I would also rather her be single right now and for the rest of the season.

    • Lila

      It’s not a coincidence. I’m a chair shipper and if I wasn’t, I would’ve stopped watching after season 2. The show lost it’s amazing-factor after that, so it makes sense that most of the people that kept watching were only watching for a certain aspect that wasn’t ruined for them yet. For me, it was Chuck and Blair. For you, it might be another character or pairing. So when they threw the only reason I’ve kept watching, I decided to finally quit this once amazing show. So for some of us, it was the last straw, and this is just her way of saying goodbye. 

      obviously chair fans wouldn’t just quit b/c they’re not together. The show has been bad since S3 began, but we held on, hoping for GG to go back to its former glory, or hoping at least that our favorite character/pairing would stay strong. But alas, everything has gone down the drain. We don’t have any motivation to watch and it’s just sad b/c after 5 years, we’re realizing what a waste GG post S2 was. 

    • Dr.Holland

      Whilst i believe the writer of this article to be true to her word in that her abandonment of the show isn’t ship related (she provides many detailed reasons), most of the people who you will see in the comments section here and on other sites who are complaining about the current standard of the show are indeed saying so from a “ship” point of view.

      It is far too coincidental that there has been hardly any mention of the slide in quality of the writing up until the Dair ship has started to come to fruition. There was a growing sense of discontent as the pair grew closer together during the course of this season, but as the friendship has turned into a fledgling relationship their annoyance at the neglect shown towards Chair has manifested itself into this whole “the show is awful, i’m not watching” movement.

      Indeed, it seems as though they are now actually turning off if vewing figures are anything to go by. The Chair fans have now gone beyond a collection of fans, they have become lobbyists and will not stop until they have the show moulded around their Chair obssessed agenda.

  • Veronica

    Agree so much :( I also feel like I’ve been hanging on to this show because of what it used to be, not what it is. Ever since the whole royal engagement thing happened, Blair has just been a shell of herself. No more ambitious, driven, powerful woman, just a weak little girl who wants to be a princess. Does she even go to school anymore? Do any of them? Before, even when I didn’t agree with some of her actions, I could always sympathize with her, but not anymore. I don’t even recognize her now, and she was my favorite character :(

    • AB

      See, THIS is what I’m talking about, though. The engagement is what made Blair a shell? Did you not notice that when she was with Chuck she was living in total delusion about ruling NYU, and basically just played the role of non-driven cheerleader from Chuck, while continually sacrificing more and more for him, culminating in her being willing to actually sacrifice her body to a known rapist (Jack).

      So, yeah, I absolutely don’t buy that this is anything more than shipper-driven offense tbh, because NO ONE was objecting when Blair cheated with Chuck at the bar mitzvah, which was the weakest thing a person can do. Especially a person like Blair who has been cheated on by as many as 3 men in her past. She knows how awful that is. Blair became weak when she started letting her “love” for people blind her and put herself second. And THAT is what killed her spirit IMO.

      • http://twitter.com/SunnyEmm sunny

         She became weak to me when she decided to be a “powerful woman” then ended up wanting to be a princess. Now she looks for any man walking around to “help” her. The old Blair would have helped herself. Even with Chuck she put her foot down, now she can’t even do that.

        • AB

          It was never about being a princess. It was about safety and control. Blair felt like following her heart and put her in a place of losing control – she loved so much that she did something that made her ashamed of herself when she was willing to sleep with Jack. After that, she wanted to let her head rule, but she was still vulnerable to Chuck because of her love for him.

          I don’t see Blair looking to “any man walking around” to help her. Dan is someone she’s bonded with and he’s an obvious choice up until this point, because she was oblivious to his feelings for her. She felt with Chuck there was too much emotional subtext, and with Serena, there’s so many underlying issues, that she feared her response. So she goes to Dan for support, but her inability to make a decision lies solely on her own confusion and struggle to regain power IMO.

          • http://twitter.com/dontcareforyou2 dontcareforyou2

             But Dan isn’t helping her.He’s a crutch. One who does her bidding, even if it’s bad for her. He’s not her equal and is more of a doormat. She’s not regaining power with him, she’s loosing it again in another guy. One who is willingly lying to her. Her “agency” is not based on one person but herself.

      • http://twitter.com/dontcareforyou2 dontcareforyou2

         Why are you attacking every Chair fan because you don’t like that they hate the show and agree with the article. Many have been on the brink of quitting or have quit (haven’t you noticed 1 million people left over the past year?). Good shows don’t drop half the audience in a year. We all have a point to where we say enough. Now is enough. We’ve been put through enough. I don’t see why you can’t accept that. And Blair, we’ve been saying she’s gone crazy all year.

  • xoxo***

    I just spent 40 minutes reading this… And I’m so glad I did. And that’s nothing when you compare it with last 5 years ( actually 3 years, first 2 years of GG weren’t a waste of time ) I spent loving GG ,Blair and Chuck. Blair used to be my favorite character, my idol. She’s the reason why I started to watch GG ( I started to watch at middle of season 1, a friend retell me everything and than I watched on internet old episodes ), and I reallu miss bitchy Blair. I completly agree with everything you wrote, but I’m not done yet with this show. I guess I’m still hoping somehow the show will become like it used to be first 2 seasons.
    Thank you for this brilliant article !

    P.S. I hope you’ll understand, sorry for my bad english! :)

  • http://twitter.com/gooseswifey Courtney Gosvener

    This was so well written and finally breaks to the core so that all those that say it’s simply over a ship war should be silenced by reading this!  I ship Chair as well, but you put into words so clearly what I felt with the season 5 chair scenes declarations.  Point 3 was what I was trying to articulate but couldn’t.  I wanted Chair together but felt like the declarations in Season 5 were so contrived and “without back up” to put it one way.  We have story lines that are haphazardly put together.  I want to go back as far as 4:09 with the “nothing to back it up” thing.  Blair was Queen B of Constance, but really never talked about a career path or anything, just that she wanted to get into Yale.  While at College she tried to do the whole “Queen B” thing which was such a weak story line.  So when in episode 4:09 she suddenly wants to not be “Hillary in the White House” but “Hillary Secretary of State”, I personally do not see the evidence to back up this reason for her to not be with Chuck.  Honestly in her character up until that point I think she would have been fine being “Chuck’s girlfriend”.  So when just a handful of episodes later she accepts a proposal from a prince, it makes met think, “How is being a princess any different than being a billionaire’s girlfriend?” Isn’t being a princess by definition sort of the same as being First Lady?  Ok so that is where my true problems with GG started.  After introducing Prince Louis everything really was too forced and not all too realistic.   Engaged after a handful of dates, pregnant but never showing only wearing big baggy dresses, running to Chuck after ignoring him most of the season, getting in a car accident and losing the baby that no one now mentions, a pact with God to not be with Chuck, and then declaring the undying love for Chuck then getting married and running off after Louis turns dark. But running off with Dan??? If I was to run out on my wedding it would be with the man “I love madly” if such a story line presented itself in my life.  Then 2 episodes after wedding she begins the episode furiously planning to get her best friend Serena with Dan whom she loves and somewhere during this storyline she wants to ask what will make “Dan happy”.  Well, I thought you wanted to make Serena happy as evidenced in the opening scene of the show.  And then kissing Dan back without going, “Oh wait you are supposed to be with Serena!”.  And then acting all juvenile when Serena is upset.  This show is ridiculous now.  The writers must spend 5 minutes writing each episode or have interns from middle school right this junk.  It certainly doesn’t flow or make sense! 

    • Adey Debebe

      Thanks! Yes, the show vs tell with these writers is the number 1 problem. I don’t know if they just don’t realize that they are having these characters walk around telling each other  revelations instead of showing us through action.

    • AB

      You totally missed the nuances about Blair feeling powerless as a result of the IP then. Clearly, realizing what a huge, unhealthy hold her love for Chuck had over her heart and actions was a shock to her, and she then wanted to go in the opposite direction and reclaim her power. That’s obviously where the rush to be “powerful” came from. Power=her not getting hurt for love/her heart anymore, but following her mind.

      • http://twitter.com/gooseswifey Courtney Gosvener

         I never “saw” this revelation.  It was basically that she couldn’t be apart of the Archibald foundation and Chuck was still popular with a GF and so she was like, “i got to be powerful on my own” thing hence the hillary reference she used.  In that moment, which was episode 4:9 they had made a slight declaration of love but not full on because they were just sleeping together and then Chuck said, “I love you” on accident.  So I seriously doubt Blair really had these “I am powerless because I am with Chuck”  Not in that moment.  But if she did and I missed it then she lost herself a few episodes later agreeing to marry a Prince after knowing him for 5 minutes. 

        • AB

          I think it was shown in her fears that immediately sprung up after the IP. She didn’t like who she had become and said she thought it might be possible to love someone “too much.” At the center of Blair’s story has always been a control issue. Having felt like she lost control, I believe she feared falling right back into a place of making those same mistakes with Chuck, so she wanted to become stronger. She even verbalized to Eleanor that she felt weak around Chuck, so it was a fairly clear arc in the first half IMO.

          Louis was about safety. It wasn’t about being a princess. Blair had tried and tried to take a chance on Chuck and got hurt for it over and over. With Louis, she loved him enough, and felt safe around him. In the end, she chose Chuck anyway, and then he let her go. Again, a direct affront to her need for control. He made the decision for her, so she was now with Louis, but not even of her own choosing. I think she’s been spiraling in that area (her agency or lack thereof) as a result since then.

  • Jusrjaney17

    Love it! So well written Thank you :)

  • http://twitter.com/MidoSalvatore Mido Salvatore ♥.

    oh.im totally agree with ya,loved it !

  • Annie

    Sad but true! GG went from “must watch live TV” to “record and watch later” and now the last two eps are still on my Tivo and I dont even really want to watch them. Its not even just Blair, although shes the hardest to understand right now, but all of the characters feel off. Nate barely has a story at all, Chuck and Serena dont do much except be sad all the time, Dan is just kind of a douche but not in a lovable way like in earlier seasons. Im glad they brought back Georgina, shes always entertaining, but overall the characters dont seem smart and fun like they used to. And dont even get me started on the hair!

    • Adey Debebe

      Oh the hair and styling! How could I have forgotten to address that!?!?!?!?! haha but I guess I would have been able to get over that misfortune if this show went back to being the way it was.

  • http://nowhitenoise.com Michael Collado

    There are plenty of things that could have caused many people’s disdain (and apparently, sudden movement to quit the show), sure, but it does mainly seem that everyone is coming out in droves right after the last episode “Crazy, Cupid Love” in which the Dan and Blair romance has somewhat-begun. But personally, Gossip Girl never seemed “subtle” to me in any way possible. Everything, always, has been a blunt, in-your-face, let’s-shock-’em story. “I killed somebody! Not really.”

    Now, I’m not quitting the show. I don’t think I’d quit Gossip Girl in this way because I’m not that invested in the show to quit feeling hurt by the storytelling or anything. I quit Glee earlier this year without feeling like I wasted my time, but simply because I didn’t want to continue spending an hour watching something I didn’t care about. That said, I’m having too much fun recapping the show for now. And I do get entertainment out of it.

    Anyway, regarding what’s wrong with Gossip Girl (in my opinion) this season — it’s the story, which is to say: there’s, about, one story that’s getting any focus, which is the love interests story. There’s nothing else, much, going on and everyone is an extension of that story. Serena isn’t taking down Gossip Girl anymore, she’s fighting with Blair. Chuck isn’t doing anything. Nate is intertwined with a B story somehow, I guess. Meanwhile, Blair is the center of this love interests trapezoid thing and Dan is in one corner — and finally their story is actually going somewhere after standing still for about 15 episodes.

    As aforementioned, I don’t think Gossip Girl is lacking too much subtlety. I hear a lot that Blair just decided she liked Dan out of nowhere, and that’s completely untrue. I don’t know if the writers wrote it that way or Leighton decided to act it out this way, but clearly if you watch it… there are hints that she’s liked Dan ever since their first kiss. I know you didn’t mention that in this post, Adey, but I don’t doubt it was one of your decisions to quit. I mean, you clearly don’t like Dan, so it’s hard not to keep that bias in mind when reading your thoughts. Though, I believe it’s possible to remain neutral. (Now about Louis… yeah, it was mostly just said.) But they ruin that when they have Blair explicitly state that she loves Chuck “more and more each day” and so the message gets confusing. It’s as if the previous episode’s writer didn’t consult the next episode’s writer or something.

    So, regarding subtlety and plot-driven story: it, to me, has been a facet of the show for a long time (if not the beginning), where guest stars just enter the Gossip Girl world to manipulate our core characters. That probably began around college?

    Blair isn’t acting like herelf, which is fine if it was any kind of progress… and if you watched Gossip Girl for anything other than escapism. Maturing is a good thing, but that’s most definitely not what Blair is doing. She has lost any focus she had and had Princess blinders on. Meanwhile, she’d have some melodramatic with Chuck in some scenes at the end of episodes and then go cry to Dan. So it was also annoying repetitive.

    Blah, idk. This comment has become long and has no real structure. Just a stream of consciousness that doesn’t begin to explain what I think is wrong with Gossip Girl this season. Too bad people are quitting the show; it doesn’t seem like it can afford to lose any more viewers.

    • Adey Debebe

      lmao please calling this comment long after that monstrosity up there. 

      And uh true I don’t like Season 4-5 Dan, but I have liked him every other season. As I stated, I really think Dan was supposed to represent how the audience felt watching these spoiled kids live. And I often laughed about and identified with his comments.

      As for the Dan/Blair thing, I assure you this is not why I quit. In fact, going back to the whole show vs tell, I think the Dan/Blair arc in season 4 is one of the last times the writers showed instead of told. Instead of having one or two Dan/Blair scenes and having them spend the rest of the time talking to other people about how they’ve grown into being friends, they took the time to show us this. We saw them first be very reluctant to admit they were even seeing movies together to each other. Then after admitting that, they later admitted to themselves that they enjoyed it. Again they didn’t talk to anyone else about enjoying this UNTIL 4×19 where we saw their POV in words to Serena, which confirmed the actions we had seen throughout the arc. My problem actually comes with 4×18, where they had Blair say she felt nothing for Dan romantically. This was very surprising to me, and the sudden shift to wanting to be with Chuck is another example of telling instead of showing. This is more what I mean about the subtlety that used to exist on the show. In the past if Blair was going to have this revelation, there would at least be underlying build up at some point during the Dan/Blair arc to indicate that while she has fun with Dan, she just wants to be with Chuck. All we saw was her witnessing Chuck/Raina and that’s that.Still let’s say i bought this…she was so easily swayed to not be with Chuck because he schemed against Dan. She said it was because apparently scheming is childish…but then she schemed the next episode. They could have just said it was because maybe she actually did like Dan. Nope instead of going there. They brought in the prince. 

       Then 4×20 happened which made no sense. But I thought, well I guess they are putting closure on Chuck/Blair then ok. Maybe they can rebuild and at least become friends (I loved them as friends 1×01-1×07). But no. Without a real apology from him…(apparently saving her life was the apology…idgi)they went to a Bar Mitzvah. Had sex. And then had over the top proclamations of their great love with NO show to back it up. Like sure if you go back to Season 2. But no recent memory to back this claim up. Just words the writers are throwing out. Then she tells us she loves Louis after knowing him for 2 weeks. This is what I mean with no subtlety. It’s just telling us how the characters feel. 

      4×18-22 makes absolutely no sense together. I thought that was bad but 5×01-5×09 makes no sense with 5×10. 5×10-13 makes no sense together. Its just all a mess. I actually agree (even though I made it clear I don’t ship Dan/Blair) that this whole mess was created because they didn’t just go to them in season 4. That makes narrative sense. Having him be her lapdog throughout season 5, have her confess she loves Chuck out of nowhere, then go back to Louis, then run away makes no sense to me. Actually for Dan/Blair fans I’m glad you are at least getting some pay off. But honestly, if I was a Dan/Blair fan, I would actually be really mad right now. The writers have already planned their demise with this stupid video crap and randomly reactivating Serena’s feelings when Dan hasn’t been that nice to her. It’s all contrived to give Dan/Blair conflict. Not a fair shot at all if you ask me.

       Anyway, as you said at least the show made some progress now apparently. But I won’t be watching. 

      • http://twitter.com/maribells01 Maria

        I agree that it would’ve made much more narrative sense to do Dan/Blair in S4. Not only would it have had some continuity to it, but they wouldn’t have seemed like the bad guys in that situation, because Chuck and Serena were both kind of being dicks at that point. Whereas now, you’re right in that they’ve pretty much doomed it, plus they’ve made Blair’s POV such a mess who even knows what she’s thinking or feeling anymore. The 5×07-5×10 episodes felt a lot like the 4×06-4×10 arc, only less sexy and enjoyable- like the writers feel like they need to throw in some Chair episodes to make sure we all know they’re not done, and then they go back to whatever else they wanted to write. There’s just no continuity to a lot of it. I totally expect the last few episodes of the season to play out like that as well- they’ll seem done for awhile, then there’ll be some OTT love-of-my-life business in 5×23 and 5×24. And as much as I love them, I’ve grown… weary of the all-talk, no-substance melodrama. 

    • Star

      To me the season isn’t over yet so there is still a lot to be covered on where Blair will go as a character. IMO the first half of S5 was an extension of the end of S4 where Blair was willing to be with Chuck even if it meant sacrificing being happy, what is mere happiness in the face of a great love that she feels is inevitable. No matter what she does she feels something will always bring her back to Chuck, the show romanticizes these things for shippers but to me the subtext is this is not a good thing. Since 3.18 she has felt all she deserves is Chuck  (“at least we won’t  be lonely in hell”), she was so ashamed of what her pursuit of love/happiness had caused her to do that she felt who else would ever love her but the guy she did it for. Not only does Chuck constantly tell her she will never find anything to measure up to what they have (which is a toxic, obsessive relationship that did evolve from love but still), even her own friends have told her she belongs with Chuck AFTER they knew what he did. She has put sooooo much work into her relationship with Chuck that I think it physically pains her to think  it was all for nothing. When Chuck turned “good” and Louis turned “bad” she saw her chance to maybe make it work with the guy she has loved forever now and he would make her happy, she obviously has no clue if he can and based on how he is still selfish in regards to her I don’t think he can. It’s always about him, “what I have been going through?”, “how I feel?” etc Even in 5.14 KNOWING she is being held hostage in a marriage with Louis he says “I can’t stand to see you with anyone else” and “How could she PICK him?” ALL ABOUT HIM, and this is what I think Chuck’s lesson is this season, to practice what he preaches and want her to be happy even if it means its not with him, he was almost there in the beginning of S5 but they hadn’t the closure they needed as Blair was only with Louis b/c Chuck couldn’t make her happy. I think it is intentional that they have never been big on showing not telling with Chair, b/c their mistake is being sucked into the epic quick sand of their love for each other, neither of them truly know what love is b/c neither of them ever really had it, so they kind of created this twisted toxic love together that satisfied their need to be loved until it blew up in their face b/c they began to expect the other to do things NO ONE in a relationship should be willing to do.

      IMO they have contrasted all of Chair a great deal with Dair, if you go read textbook definitions of obsessive love you get Chair and if you go read healthy relationship characteristics you get Dair. Sure they romanticize a lot of Chair for the shippers but there is a definite underlying theme to their relationship and it isnt that they belong together in their current incarnations, perhaps down the road but they have to learn to be apart first IMO. Girls like Blair who are obsessed with a man like Blair has been with Chuck take years if ever to get over these obsessions, so its not surprising to me the route they went with Blair once they created the masochist/narcissist dynamic in S2, they wanted to tell a twisted love story with them, I doubt it was to end it that way, they will evolved form it since it is a fictional world and then we will see where they end up. I absolutely think Dan is Blairs key to evolving past this obsession, and Chuck will probably also be given a meaningful romance somewhere down the line. They have to learn to love in a healthy way to be together.

      I know you mentioned how Blairs OTT love declarations are weird, but actually they are not, in 5.09 I think Chuck told her that losing her made him go dark and she had to tell Louis she would never leave him to make him good. I feel that was how the writers were telling us she still doesn’t trust Chuck, she was telling him what she thought he needed to hear to stay good and not go dark again. Just like the reason she never picked up on Dan being in love with her is because Chuck had told her last year in 4.09 that he couldn’t be friends with her b/c it hurt to much. Dan being her friend basically told her on prior experience that if he was able to be that good of a friend to her, he couldn’t possibly have felt anything for her romantically. The fact she takes everything Chuck says to heart is proof enough why she thinks there isn’t any way  anyone would ever love her the way he will so she clings to him.

      Anyways just some food for thought in the form of my opinion!


  • Adey Debebe

    thanks :)

  • Adey Debebe

    Thank you!

  • ourlittlenugget

    I mostly agree with this, and it is the best essay I’ve read so far that best represents how I feel with the show.

    I do think the show has lost it’s subtlety where feelings and relationships are concerned. In the first two seasons while they never said it, we would see a pondering look or a sneaking second glance from the characters who were meant to be developing feelings for each other. It didn’t HAVE to be narrated by the dialogue of the character themselves, or to a lesser extent by Gossip Girl. In the last two seasons in particular, nothing makes sense, nothing is organic; and we rely solely on the narration to tell us what the episode is trying to show us. This is how I interpreted the subtlety critique.

    I think the biggest folly is how Blair Waldorf has been written. She is undoubtedly the most popular character on the show, and one that most fans connect with. That for the last year we have little to no point of view from her explaining her actions, emotions, decisions, etc; is the main reason why the show is currently failing to connect with its audience.

    IMHO the Dan-Blair-Chuck-Serena geometry lesson from the writers would have been better served had they scrapped the whole Louis distraction. But they wanted their grand royal wedding which not only bored the audience for half the season, but annoyed them immensely as he was diluting the love-shape dynamic they were trying so hard to push for.

    That’s my 2 cents :)

    • Adey Debebe

      Yes that is exactly what I meant with my subtlety gripe. It actually causes me to cringe when I watched episodes this season because that’s all every episode was. Telling me how everyone feels instead of showing it to me.

  • http://twitter.com/Cybagem Wendy

    A lengthy but good read. I can’t say I agree with every point made, Chuck was assassinated in the pilot, but bottom line is that GG is a shadow of its former self. 

    • Adey Debebe

      THanks for reading. Of course, we can’t all agree with every point, but as you said, the main point is that this show is terrible right now.

  • Robear

    I can’t discuss the issue with the writing, when all you get as a response is that ALL Chair fans are bitter and mad at something we ALL knew was coming. Just because someone doesn’t share your point of view, doesn’t mean you have to insult them. Subtley or directly.

    • http://twitter.com/dontcareforyou2 dontcareforyou2

       I think Chair fans have just had enough.

    • 2XL

      Word, dude. I don’t even ship anybody but when I post something against the bad writing I’m immediately attacked (“Just admit you don’t like Dair!” “No, I’m fine with Dair. The writing is terrible…” “JUST ADMIIITTT ITTTT!!!!!”). Why is this fandom so mean? It’s unreal!

  • iluvenis

    I love you! This is so accurate, and it summarizes almost perfectly what I think about the show.
    I LOVE that you’re posting this. Thank you, even though it’s a sad truth.

    • Adey Debebe


  • iluvenis

    Oh, I also meant to ask, are you the one that makes the GG recaps?
    I hope the writers read this, they really need a wake up call in Limbo and get a clue of what’s going on.

    • Adey Debebe

      haha no Michael does. He does a great job too! He also did a great job editing this. And unfortunately, I really don’t think there is anything you could say to them to make them see what they’ve done.

  • http://twitter.com/melc51 melc51

    This was so well stated and I think this show has just dismantled. I don’t even recognize it. I will always be a Chuck and Blair fan. Note to Dair fans- Dair was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I used to love Blair but she is nothing but a shell, maybe not that of her former self. The Blair I knew was not a weak, whimpering child who ran to every man. Even Serena has more guts than Blair and Serena hasn’t wanted to nail three men in a year. I don’t get Blair anymore and when the writers say she was purposefully OOC it just tells me they only want plots not to focus on who the character were. Bye GG!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZDRNLJB5SQOWA2RR6X5IIPN7GU eidnoreid

       No it wasn’t, the show was getting worse without Dair, the start of Season 5 was the stupid love triangle while Dair was pushed aside, it’s only recently that they got together.

      • http://twitter.com/dontcareforyou2 dontcareforyou2

        Not according to ratings. Sorry, but this last episode was the worst ever and it was heavily promoted Dair. Last year Dair’s arc was the lowest rated arc until this year. I’m sorry but I disagree. It was interesting when they were snarky frenemies, now it comes off as pretentious, nonsensical bantering more than entertaining.If they wanted to do Dair it should have been last year. Not this year when it’s been nothing but Chuck and Blair telling each other their each other’s one and only. The writing is just bad.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EX2ZTVYYGTXYHQJRVEYMHC7SRE Christina

          it wasn’t the worst episode, the worst episode was 5×12, and also you must haven’t watched ratings for chair heavy and centric 3 episodes of season 4 finale if you say ratings was lower with Dair. Also looking at the ratings this season with chair heavy episodes..i’m pretty sure Chair is not helping ratings either.

          • http://twitter.com/mockingbird2424 Meg

            That’s not true, actually. If you go to tvbythenumbers and look at the ratings it’s the 0.5 for the demo that makes it their series low. They’ve never had a 0.5 for their demographicAnd the other poster said the arc for Dair got the biggest drop in viewers (it lost like 600,000 viewers) 

  • http://twitter.com/firingaway BonnieLeigh

    They fucked this show up. Look at the damn ratings, people. If you look at the damn ratings and don’t think there’s a problem you’re on drugs or I just question why you were even watching in the beginning. Season 5 is the biggest clusterfuck I’ve ever seen. I only hope it gets canceled at this point

  • Theexperimentsgonewrong

    A lot of good points were made by the original author and some of the commentators (for example:  Michael Collado and My dad is deaaaad and ourlittlenugget).

    First of all…

    Although there were some really good, well-supported points in this
    article, as well as in some of the comments made by other GG viewers who
    are choosing to quit (so far all I have seen have been Chair shippers 
    <.<), I think the fact that GG is "daring to Dair" is playing a
    much bigger part in this decision than most of you care to admit. And it
    really seems like now you are mostly trying to justify your actions. Not
    to say that this is the ONLY reason you're quitting or that you are
    being dishonest about the other things, but Adey asks the writers to at
    least ADMIT or acknowledge their mistakes or mix ups. Personally, I
    think it would be nice of YOU to ADMIT that Dair alone has a bigger
    impact on you than you lead on. And in reality… it's only HUMAN to be a
    little biased.

    The writing? As AB mentioned, how suspicious of you to suddenly have a
    problem with the writing. How suspicious that mostly Chair shippers have
    a problem with the writing. I myself am a Dair shipper. I actually
    wanted them since Season 1. Of course, it didn't make me not want to
    watch the show when they weren't even getting alone back then or through out season 5 when
    Blair was with Chuck and it seemed Dair wouldn't go anywhere. I enjoyed some
    Chair moments as well but, in my opinion, Chuck blew his chances over
    and over again (sometimes, though not as often, it was Blair) and unearned Blair's heart. There
    have always been a few loose ends… like.. Chuck tried to rape Jenny in
    the first episode. Not only that but Blair implied that the incident
    was not really a one-time-thing when she told Jenny that Chuck only
    brags about his conquests (something along those lines). More evidence
    of this is shown when he tries to force himself on Serena later in that
    season, and then on Blair when she tells him she is engaged.

    I think the writers have been, for the most part, consistent with their
    inconsistencies. So your timing is 'ironic'. I don't think it's just
    because of denial… I think it's because Chair seems to move further
    away or you feel Dair is ruining the integrity of Chair (I don't think
    the Chair relationship has any integrity left but that's just me). If
    that is the case, that is fine, it is your right to decide not to watch
    the show any more for any reason. But given that you want to be all open
    and disclose in full detail all your reasons… I just want to share that it is in my
    opinion that you forgot to fully disclosed one important reason… Dair.
    Maybe I'm wrong but from my POV it certainly seems that way. Again, not
    to say your points aren't valid or that there aren't other reasons for
    your decision.

    And I fully agree with what Michael Collado said, the main problem has
    been that the show was too focused on one thing which wasn't making any

    As for Blair and fai…. err, I know the original author hates the
    f-word so I'll try not to use it. ^_~ I also personally felt I related
    most to Blair. I still do. Has Blair matured? In my opinion, in a lot of
    ways, yes. But it's only been (5?) a few years, people! So in a lot of
    ways, no. In REALITY, people don't mature that quickly! She still has
    the same foundation, she is still young, she is still learning. In her
    H.S. years, one of her main afflictions was her insecurities. As someone
    said before me, she didn't think she would be loved if she was so open
    about herself so she schemed instead. She came off as an "HBIC" but it
    was kind of an act… well, she was intelligent and fierce and determined,
    yes. But she exacerbated those things to hide her insecurities and her
    vulnerabilities. She STILL does that now, only now she is a bit more
    open about her vulnerabilities. She wanted to marry her high school
    sweetheart – f-word alert! Even though Nate clearly liked Serena. Even
    though he cheated on her with her best friend, she pretty much forgave
    both of them. She was strong because she made herself be, but in reality
    she has always been fragile and vulnerable. Then she met Louise… but
    do you remember how she almost blew her chance with him because she
    thought Louise wasn't the prince but the driver? Back then she was still
    trying to live out an f-word. And now… she came so close to being a real Princess… it's only human for her to want the life she always dreamed of when she is so close to having it.

    Each time that she says "I want to be a woman of power!" it makes me
    laugh a little and smile. Well, this mostly happened when she was
    doing that internship with Dan. I laughed because of the irony and
    'subtlety' of what it really means… she WANTS to be a woman of power
    but she says it like a little girl pouting.

    The truth is… Blair has ALWAYS been needy. That's why she kept going
    back to Nate and then Chuck. That's why she forgives Serena even though
    Serena has betrayed her and abandoned her and even though she also
    resented Serena. She NEEDED Serena's love.

    She is STILL needy but what makes her stand out and what makes her great
    is that she knows her weaknesses and she DOES something about them. Or
    at least, she tries to. Even though sometimes she slips. Like with
    Chuck, she told him they had to break up so they can make something of
    each other separately because she wanted to make something of herself
    first. But as we see later that season and/or in the next season, she
    keeps going back to him. And of course, she 'needs' Dan.
    A lot of people complained that she kissed Dan given that she was trying to set him up with Serena. Personally I understood. She was TRYING to be her BEST SELF, like she always does. She wanted her 2 friends to be happy. If she really wanted to be a bitch she would have just gone for Dan and rubbed it on Serena's face. But she was weak, not for wanting Dan but for pretending not to and doing the opposite by trying to fix them up, and kissed Dan.
    I also think the problem is that we don't see Blair's POV so much… I agree that it would have a better feel if there were more hints (there were some but they were TOO subtle, IMO, especially with how slow Dair moved) that Blair felt the same way about Dan. Just like how there haven't been a lot of insight on how Blair felt about losing her baby. Obviously she must be devastated and it would make sense that it would make her more vulnerable than usual… but we're not seeing that. It would help everyone connect things better if we all saw more of that, IMO.

    As for the writers… if it seems like they are not 'listening' it's probably because it seems too convenient for so many people, mostly Chair shippers, to suddenly have a problem with the writing. It probably makes them wonder, and with good reason too, if it really is the quality of their writing that you have a problem with. Not to mention, they are more ahead with writing episodes than we are with watching them.

    If it continues as is (though I admit, it could use improvement) or gets better, I will keep watching Gossip Girl until the end. Even if Dair is NOT endgame. Whatever/whoever endgame is (of course I admit I DO hope it's Dair), I want it to be deserved and to make sense to m and be a beautiful ending.
    But to sum it up… Gossip Girl, perfect writing? No. Entertaining? Hell yes! :)

    In case the writers do see this… TAHNK YOU FOR KEEPING ME ENTERTAINED ALL THE WAY THROUGH! <3

    • http://twitter.com/Takeitaway1 Takeitaway

       You’re blaming fans for crappy writing? For real?

      • Theexperimentsgonewrong

        No, I’m not saying that at all! *sigh* Please re-read my reply. I feel that the writers are NOT trying to be influenced by the fans, not the Chair shippers OR the Dair shippers. However, a lot of people that are ‘quitting’ Gossip Girl (*ahem ahem* most of them Chair shippers, just as the show is heading towards Dair all of a sudden they find it to be ‘crappy writing’) are complaining that the writers aren’t listening to them. I’m not saying the writers are going out of their way to upset Chair shippers. I’m just saying a LOT (though not all) of these Chair shippers complain about the writers but they are being biased, only complaining after they see things are not going their way, and a lot of them are even rudely harassing the writers. They want to come off as if they are unbiasedly critiquing when, most of the times, it’s really not the case.

        As for ‘crappy writing’. In my opinion, it is NOT crappy writing. Like I said, it’s not perfect, there are lots of flaws and boo boos and storylines gone wrong, but it’s still one of the best damn shows on TV (in my opinion, in my opinion!)

        • ourlittlenugget

          Thanks for the reply but I differ once again. As a Chair shipper the past 2 seasons have been painful to watch, yes. It’s like everytime we get sick and tired of the crazy storylines, and yes, the writing; we are dangled the golden carrot just to garner our interest again. The writers do this deliberately. Out of the blue Chuck will need Blair, or vice versa; without any intention of plot progression at all where those two are concerned. It is transparent and it is a trick they have relied on time and time again for the past two seasons.

          If this was entirely about ships, I would have left in S3 tbh. As a fan of the show, I continued to watch right up until this season. But now I no longer enjoy the storylines of ANY of the characters and therefore do not enjoy the show on a WHOLE.

          This has nothing to do with convenience of disdain at all.

    • Adey Debebe

      hahaha you made me laugh with the f-word. Thanks for that. 

  • http://twitter.com/lexieflavor lexie

    You really got down to the nitty gritty of everything and it’s much appreciated. I think the writers lost their way a long time ago and all these people wanting to quit (myself included) are just tired of the non-sensical run-around, I think. I’m a Blair and Serena fan first and the biggest problem, and what is my breaking point, is that there’s such an imbalance with these characters right now and the relationship is hardly show anymore. I’ve begun to question why I bought them as friends sometimes too. This year Blair turning into Serena was,perhaps, the worst idea I’ve ever seen. Blair is coming off as an unsympathetic, selfish brat, where Serena actually was able to pull it off (because she was flight and didn’t intentionally hurt people). Blair has no layers anymore and her constant neediness is grating where Serena’s didn’t come off this way. While the Serena character has grown and become the more rootable character this season, Blair has fallen into the depths of writing hell. I really can’t connect with her anymore and she was my favorite once upon a time (a time I miss). I ddin’t love Serena as the aloof, I get everything character all the time, but she wore it better compared to Blair’s “I will take everything because everyone loves me”,step all over your feelings knowingly self. It makes me sick. I can’t really blame Louis for treating her like he does.

    And while I am a Chuck and Blair fan, it’s not like the writers have treated them great in the past. I know their mistakes but right now, after Chuck has grown, I don’t think Blair deserves him unless she grows up. I never thought I’d say that but it’s how I feel now. Chuck is actually the only character who has shown great strides and it hasn’t been just for Blair.

    And don’t get me started on Dan. I used to love Derena but he treated Vanessa terrible and now he’s doing the same to Serena. He’s so unlikable and ,I’m sorry, I hope he goes down eventually. Lonely Boy is now Obnoxious Boy. I can’t take him anymore.

    All over your post in brilliant. The biggest crime they’ve done to this fan is neglect who their characters are and sacrifice it all for their mediocre to terrible plots.-plots that they steal from movies. They messed up when they stopped doing plots for who their characters were,instead they made the characters change to fit the plot. Terrible, terrible tragedy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=65500772 Brooke Rode

    I agree. I just decided to quit gossip girl too.. and it’s so sad! I really loved the old Chuck. The badass Chuck.. Now they’ve made him into this.. wimp.. whose like a lost puppy. What? If I were an actor/actress on the show I would refuse to play those role. They just gave up their dignity.

  • http://twitter.com/Takeitaway1 Takeitaway

    This kicked ass. Anyone saying it’s all because of DB. DB is a tipping point. It just epitomizes why Gossip Girl has gotten so bad. The DB build up was fake, OOC, and contrived. If they were so “organic” they wouldn’t have to separate them from the rest of the cast and the ratings wouldn’t have been the worst in the series last week. As this poster said, it’s really a combination of things, this is just the tipping point for many.I got hooked because of Chuck and Blair, the Blair that was the real Blair. I think it’s funny that some DB fans here are saying Blair has grown when the same ones have been hammering the writers about her character all year. That character is tarnished and the honest ones know that.

  • http://twitter.com/Takeitaway1 Takeitaway

     Dan’s no better. He’s already manipulating and isolating her. Go watch the last two episodes. He’s been a deceitful little bitch to her. Chuck didn’t have to manipulate her or seclude her to get her to love him

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZDRNLJB5SQOWA2RR6X5IIPN7GU eidnoreid

      Blair went to Dan, not the other way around.  Blair was the one constantly causing all of the unnecessary drama with the whole Louis business.  Unlike the author, you just sound like a butthurt fantard.

    • Theexperimentsgonewrong

      eidnoreid said it best!
      Dan manipulating and isolating Blair? I’d like to add to eidnoreid’s comment, Dan actually tried to get Blair with Chuck because he thought it would make her happy. On the other hand, Chuck found out about Dan and Blair and it seems (from the previews and teases of the upcoming episode) that Chuck is going out of his way to sabotage Dan out of revenge. So in my opinion, yes my dear, Dan IS a lot better, especially on the past episodes.
      If you’re referring to releasing the tape of Blair… it was also teased that it might not actually have been Dan who did it. Either way, it’s too soon to judge either way (as a Dair shipper OR a Chair shipper) on that yet as there’s still a lot to be revealed.

      Also, Dan hasn’t tried raping a single person yet.

      Oh yeah, I went there.

    • http://twitter.com/dontcareforyou2 dontcareforyou2

      I don’t find Dan much better because he is lying to her. He pretended Blair wouldn’t want Serena to find her after she ran off, he lied in the premiere about Louis when he tried to get her to run away with him, he lied twice blaming Chuck for that video when he did it. He’s acting very low.Chuck is progressing and growing into the man Blair knew he could be. I think Blair is OOC desperate or something. He’s just lying to her to her face. I hope it bites him but I will not be watching. What a pity.

  • http://twitter.com/steph2you2 steph

    Best article I’ve read in a while. Too bad writers don’t care about fans like you with well thought out posts. RIP Gossip Girl

  • http://twitter.com/jenkins_leigh1 jenkins_leigh

    Intelligent post. I don’t agree with every thing. I think DB jumped the shark last year and it continued into this one. All Chuck and Blair fans should have left after season 2. If I knew they’d have Blair turn out this way in season 5 I never would have watched.

  • http://twitter.com/SunnyEmm sunny

    I’m so sad to say alot of this is perfectly right. Yes, I’m a Chair fan but this past episode was more of it being a last straw for me. I think this article hit the spot when it said now the writers tell us what characters were thinking instead of telling me on screen. I’ve had trouble deciphering why characters are doing things or acting a certain way but saying something else. And Blair, it hurts so much to see what happened to her just this year. I thought they tried to ruin Chuck last year and in season 3 for the OMFG but it’s nothing with what they did to Blair. She was the reason I started watching. I suppose it’s fitting her character imploding is the reason to leave. Gossipgirl, I loved you for awhile but now I hate you.

  • http://twitter.com/yesmamu Elisha

    i liked this. i’m sad gossip girl has made me so mad i have to leave. chuck and blair will be back but i cannot watch anymore in the current state with characters and plot.

  • Lila

    Every single word of that essay is exactly how I feel. I have so many complaints about this show (post the season 2 finale) that I couldn’t even explain it. Thank you for writing this. I ship Chuck/Blair too, but back in S1 and 2, I also just watched because GG was a great show. After that, I watched because of C/B, but as you said, they were never the same. I still think the chemistry is great, but it’s like they hired middle schoolers to write this trash. It lacks everything that made S1&S2  so perfect. It just sucks that something so great has become this awful. Such a waste of a great cast and a great concept…they did an amazing job w/ the first 2 seasons…I just don’t get what happened :( and btw, I refused to watch GG for the first season b/c it just sounded so vapid and ridiculous. I thought it sounded so ditzy when people were talking about watching it haha. I can’t remember when/how I finally gave in, but I was obsessed. 

    then I was SO excited to see season 3 after the awesome CB scene at the end of S2 and it felt off. I kept watching, and it kept getting worse and worse. I don’t know why I’m still here either. I guess I just kept waiting and hoping it would return to its former glory. But GG is one of the worst shows ever now. The writers could not be worse. It just makes me really really mad that a show that gave me chills 3 years ago is such a joke now. I quit GG too after the last episode. I agree, I’m going to buy S1 and S2 on dvd and pretend that it ended there. 

    xoxo :’(

    • Adey Debebe

      Thanks for reading! yeah I really judged my friend when he started watching it, and he gave me this bashful look because I’m sorry we all know the title of the show makes it sound stupid. But he meekly said “Shut up I like it”. I watched it and like you said I thought it was awesome. But yeah…it’s pretty much a soap opera now.

  • Regina Phalange and Ken Adams

    Great article :) Pretty much sums up how I feel about the show, yet I continue to watch :-/ The lack of wit just kills me sometimes, but then again the show was always kinda stupid.

    I don’t think Blair’s character is beyond hope, though. I didn’t see her kissing Dan as OOC and I feel like most of her actions this season can be explained.

    If this season has taught me anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter who she ends up with. They’re both gross and chauvinistic in their own ways, as well as insanely loving guys. The more they shove this triangle down my throat, the more I believe it is ultimately irrelevant in who Blair is as a person.

    I kind of want a tragic end now because anything else would be fake as hell, but then again hopeful endings are 1000x easier to watch. So… yeah… I’ve gotten super off topic, haven’t I? Anyway, I really enjoyed this article and would tweet it to the writers if I had a twitter or thought they would read it.

  • http://twitter.com/MrsDexterHaven Tracy

    What I don’t like is Chair fans being called bad fans.  They have pushed, and pushed, and pushed us. The writers and the producers are rude. The whole thing is just ridiculous.

  • MSC

    I’m not sure where to begin. I like a lot of what you are saying in this post. I think continuity has been a big problem with this show since season three and the worst this season. Characters literally say things on episode and then the next it’s like they never said it or don’t remember anything happened. Or they treat one character like a minion one episode then are dry humpung them the next with little continuity (*cough Blair *cough*)  The plots have been soap opera-esque at best since season 3.  I think I’ve hung on because I kept hoping the plots would get better or they would get the characters back to who they were. I had some hope of that at the beginning of season 4( I mean they even had fun,payful sexy Chuck and Blair which I had missed) but then it fell apart again. I’ve waited and waited for Chuck and Blair, but I’ve also been through too much and another obstacle in a guy who’s hair is literally it’s own species now, well, I can’t sit through it. I wish I could sit through terrible tv for my couple, but when half of the couple is acting so strange this year, it’s very hard to watch that. maybe I’ll watch the series finale but Gossip Girl has officially gone off my DVR list.

  • http://twitter.com/dontcareforyou2 dontcareforyou2

    This was great! It expressed so many valid points. I didn’t agree with all of them but your main points made so much sense to me. This show is really a mess. I’ve tried and tried to stick with it for Chair but when the writing it this choppy and the stories are just bad it’s time to walk away when it’s too much. It’s too much now. I loved Gossip Girl a few years ago, now i suffer watching. No need for that anymore.

    I do have a bone to pick with DB fans here. You guys are the same ones who said “no dair, no care ” on the writers timeline. That’s a little hypocritical. I also don’t understand why you care if people want to quit. They can quit when they want to. We all have a choice on whether to pick up that little remote or not pick it up.

    One last bit on Blair. The writers actually have a tweet on their timeline saying we are supposed to see Blair as OOC,so to the writers themselves, Blair is all over the map. That is not fans making it up when the writers said that. I don’t like her OOC . It never sits well with me when writers choose to do that. I don’t get it except that they want to do whatever they want and then back track to say “they were supposed to be OOC because…”. Lazy writing.

  • Jlsvendsen

    Wow! You’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with this essay! 

    I can’t say I’m done quite yet, but I have never felt more disappointed in a show in my life. (I read and write fan fiction to correct the wrongs of the show in my brain…. maybe that’s why I haven’t given it up completely yet).What gets me is how they could take the only two characters that carry the show and continue to desicrate their relationship. What the writers need to do is develop a better plot line where the other characters have a role that’s functional and developable, so poor Chuck and Blair can be together where we all know they belong.And please, Blair and Dan as a couple? Gag me!  Not only is this unrealistic, but it’s completely repulsive as well! I will be surprised if there’s another season after this year. After watching the ratings fall since Season two, you’d think the writers would have gotten the hint. But obviously not.  They have ruined it for the fans who have supported this show from Season one. For me, its like watching someone I love, die!

  • linda

    Great article. I agree with a lot of the points especially about the show don’t tell problem.
    I’m one of the fans who has kept watching the show because I was interested in Chuck and Blair both individually and their journey as a couple. I like flawed characters with layers, who you end up liking despite their harsh exterior. Their dynamic felt fresh compared to standard teen show romance and Ed and Leighton’s chemistry was amazing. I don’t know what happened but ever since the season 3 finale I don’t think the writers have tapped into Chuck and Blair’s full potential. Maybe some of the writers left who were invested in their dynamic or maybe the depth their relationship used to have was something I made up in my mind when viewing. I’m not a shipper who wants to avoid conflict in the storytelling in fact I love angst. Unlike you, I really liked the second half of season 3. I think it made sense that Chuck and Blair’s relationship would implode due to their lack of trust in each other. The IP was horrible but I could analyze the character’s motivations for days and the episode raised the stakes in their relationship in a good way. I could even make sense of that awfull season finale. It was the fall-out in season 4 or rather the lack off that disappointed me and I think that’s where I started to give up on the show. First of all they sent Jenny away and robbed her of a POV about the whole thing, secondly when the show did return to CB’s story they never really addressed what went wrong in their relationship. Blair was only pissed about Jenny not the IP and even that was quickly swept under the rug to pave the way for a few sex scenes that acted as a bone to CB fans who had to sit through a second half where the writers chose to focus on DB. I have a feeling the same thing happened in 5.10-513. To me it feels like the CB moments we’ve gotten ever since the season 3 finale has not really been about exploring their dynamic and developing their story. To me it feels like pure fanservice to shippers, some over the top love declarations that make for good tumblr. gifs but as a story it’s deeply unsatisfying. Like you said it’s show don’t tell, which leaves you wondering both why they still love each other and why they are still apart because the writers have not really taken the time to flesh out either on-screen for a long time. The only development they’ve given them for two seasons is Chuck’s growth this season but I fear it’s too little too late. There are so many great ways they could have kept Chuck and Blair apart, but instead we get pacts with God, dowrys and quests to be powerful which are then quickly forgotten. I can still fanwank what their real issues are and why e.g. Blair’s actions this season makes sense even though her POV is missing in action but it’s gotten to a point where it’s not enough. When you have to learn about the writers’ intention with a character from a tweet there’s a problem!  I need to see some of that drama on-screen otherwise it’s not really worth it. Fair enough if the writers simply lost interest in the pairing and wanted to explore other options and stories. It’s their right as writers, the only power I have is the choice of whether I want to watch it or not.

    • http://twitter.com/gooseswifey Courtney Gosvener

      I totally agree! We have all the long love declarations but for a while now they just feel “dead” somehow. It’s like, “I love more and more everyday”…as she rides off with Dan.  Hmm…When there is no story or evidence of that love it’s actually a freaking waste of writing.  I will DVR the next episode and watch. If I am still shaking my head at the “where’d this come from” story lines then I will probably not watch it. 

  • natttt

    exactly my thoughts, every tiny detail. i wish the show didn’t get to the point of no return. I really liked it when it was good, what a real shame. CHAIR FOREVER!! hahah

  • Gossipgirlfan

    I read the entire thing and I have to say I completely agree with you and though I know I should probably just quit I don’t think I can, this show used yo be life, I loved so much and I don’t think I can’t ever quit it, no matter how painful it is to wathc now :(

  • ciara

    Really good article! You’ve totally expressed a lot of my views on Gossip Girl at the moment and how the show has changed so much, it’s almost unrecognisable. I hate how the show completely revolves around Blair and the others are pushed aside. Hate the stupid declarations of love from Chuck and Blair every other episode when they used to be a really interesting couple, although I was always more of a Dan/Serena fan in the early days (now they’re ruined too). I almost quit the show myself mid-season 3, left it for months but for some reason now I’m sticking with it until the end :/

  • B.

    AMEN! I agree with everything. Season 1-2 Blair will forever be one of my favorite characters of all time, same as S1-2 Chair will be my favorite couple but the show is beyond salvageable and has been for a while now. The characters are unrecognizable and the storylines and plots are just plain awful. What used to be fun television is now a really,really bad soup opera and that is such a shame because this show could have been so great…Alas, for me it was amazing and it ended with the episode 2×25.

    Anyway,amazing article. :)

  • Con

    I totally agree with you. Blair used to be the greatest teenage bitch TV gave us. Now she’s just whining about her feeling for Chuck around NYC. But I still watch it because GG has the best cultural references and fashion. And obviously, because I still love Blair. GG producers, just 6 seasons please!

  • http://twitter.com/jennyad Jennifer Dickson

    This is a really well though-out article. You make valid points for sure. The only thing I really disagree with is I feel like the show was always kind of like this. From the beginning I thought it was kind of ridiculous but also a lot of fun and totally addictive. I have some complaints mainly with Blair’s characterization this season, but then you see glimpses of her again. Anyway, I still enjoy the show and have hopes it will gain some semblance of sanity now that the wedding is over. I agree that the first half of this season was kind of stagnant and weird because they wanted her to still be engaged by the 100th ep even though it made no sense for her to go through with the wedding. But yeah, if you don’t enjoy the show anymore, why watch it? I still look forward to it every week, but if that ever changes I’ll bow out too.

  • Judith

    Thank you! Such a well thought out article.

    Just as a general comment. I think the whole statement of people are quitting ONLY because they aren’t getting Chuck and Blair at the moment, is ridiculous. It is quite the contrary, so many people have been watching this show for YEARS while feeling all the while like they should be quitting as the quality has dropped massively season by season and they (maybe naively) kept thinking that the writers will eventually give us something worth watching. After the whole first half of this season dealing with our favourite female character, Blair, being an absolute mess (no grief allowed to be shown over her miscarriage, pact with god etc.), Blair’s OOC behaviour in the last ep was just the tipping point for us.

  • emmajolie

    i do like season 3 until the contrived swapping for a hotel idea, the first half of the season includes some of the most beautiful scenes i have ever encountered but it goes downhill from there…

  • Kristicane

    your article is absolutely accurate and to the point! great job!! i couldn’t agree more!the show jumped the shark when they gratuated high school and once they did, the writter didn’t now what to do with their lives anymore…!

    • Kristicane

      ‘didn’t know’..sorry i am not american :)

  • http://twitter.com/weirdSally Lai

    GG opened door to  some new wind
     and it worked, just see todays gossip

    • TB

      If by “wind” you mean a big smelly fart, then I completely agree.

  • Just me

    The writer makes his/her actual point* at the very
    beginning itself (but then provides filler after filler to somehow obscure that
    very point!)


    Here is a more succinct version:


    I am a
    Chair shipper. I enjoyed every single episode of GG, because my ship was the
    focal point. Despite Dair rearing its head somewhere in between, I wasn’t too
    bothered because – how can Chair not
    be end game, right!?! But then…the last few episodes – uh oh – looks like Dair
    can actually happen! And what’s more, looks like many viewers are enjoying
    Dair. Waaaaaaaaaaah! (Stomps feet! Pushes out lower lip! Sticks out tongue!) I
    quit Gossip Girl. The End.


    * What is the actual point, you ask? Here we go:


    ·      “…my reactions
    were pretty similar to Dan’s but without some of the judgment”

    YOU judged the show just by its
    name! Dan, who is actually living that life, has more reason to be judgmental.
    The fact that you added that unnecessary bit about Dan shows you really
    dislike him. Yes, you do say later that you dislike Dan – but it’s that little
    snide bit in your quote above that shows you REALLY dislike him.


    ·      “…amidst all the excitement
    post Season 2, something happened…”

    you’re never specific about that “something” now, are you? (Of course anyone
    with a little sense can read between the lines and hazard a guess as to what
    that something could be!)

    The fact
    that you STILL, way past Season 2, sat through episode after episode of what
    according to you by now was so not the show GG used to be tells me 2 things:


    1. You
    are such a hopeless masochist that you sat through 3 more seasons of a show that
    was obviously causing you unparalleled grief


    2. As
    long as Chair was still being shipped, everything was hunky dory.


    If 1. is
    the actual reason – I suggest you seek therapy and if 2. is the actual reason – I suggest you SUCK IT!


    I could keep going on…but
    won’t…except for one more observation. Taking your words at face value – you
    seem to have had a high opinion about Blair, her ambition, her drive, her power
    etc. etc. HOWEVER, according to you, she stopped displaying all those
    quintessential Blair qualities by doing things like – and I use your examples
    -  marrying a guy she didn’t love, that
    pact with God and subsequently reneging on that pact. 

    Which means that
    according to you, she still had all that power and drive and what not when she was
    – now where do I begin – 1. Still with Chuck despite being traded like a
    commodity. 2. Still with Chuck – a would-have-been rapist. 3. Still with Chuck,
    who rough handled her…should I go on…? 

    During all those humiliating, degrading
    phases, she was still YOUR Blair – but wanting to marry because she didn’t want
    to be alone, making (what she supposedly thinks is) a bargain with God to save
    a life and then breaking that pact – BAM suddenly she is not Blair anymore!
    Come on!


    I would have respected your
    opinion if you’d at least been honest about your obvious bias towards Chair and
    how seeing another ship taking center stage has fuelled your dislike for the
    show – rather than blathering on giving all sorts of contradictory reasons for
    your dislike.


    As for me – I am an unashamed,
    unabashed, proud Dair shipper. The most beautiful thing to have merged from GG is Dair
    and I hope they will be end game. I’ve waited long enough for them to get
    together. I have enjoyed the show. I am aware of all its shortcomings. I will
    not quit Gossip Girl.

  • Just me

    The writer makes his/her actual point* at the very beginning itself (but then provides filler after filler to somehow obscure that very point!)
    Here is a more succinct version:
    I am a Chair shipper. I enjoyed every single episode of GG, because my ship was the focal point. Despite Dair rearing its head somewhere in between, I wasn’t too bothered because – how can Chair not be end game, right!?! But then…the last few episodes – uh oh – looks like Dair can actually happen! And what’s more, looks like many viewers are enjoying Dair. Waaaaaaaaaaah! (Stomps feet! Pushes out lower lip! Sticks out tongue!) I quit Gossip Girl. The End.
     * What is the actual point, you ask? Here we go:
    ·      “…my reactions were pretty similar to Dan’s but without some of the judgment”
    YOU judged the show just by its name! Dan, who is actually living that life, has more reason to be judgmental. The fact that you added that unnecessary bit about Dan shows you really dislike him. Yes, you do say later that you dislike Dan – but it’s that little snide bit in your quote above that shows you REALLY dislike him.
    ·      “…amidst all the excitement post Season 2, something happened…”
    But you’re never specific about that “something” now, are you? (Of course anyone with a little sense can read between the lines and hazard a guess as to what that something could be!)
    The fact that you STILL, way past Season 2, sat through episode after episode of what according to you by now was so not the show GG used to be tells me 2 things:
    1. You are such a hopeless masochist that you sat through 3 more seasons of a show that was obviously causing you unparalleled grief
    2. As long as Chair was still being shipped, everything was hunky dory.

    If 1. is the actual reason – I suggest you seek therapy and if 2. is the actual reason – I suggest you SUCK IT!

    I could keep going on…but won’t…except for one more observation. Taking your words at face value – you seem to have had a high opinion about Blair, her ambition, her drive, her power etc. etc. HOWEVER, according to you, she stopped displaying all those quintessential Blair qualities by doing things like – and I use your examples -  marrying a guy she didn’t love, that pact with God and subsequently reneging on that pact. 
    Which means that according to you, she still had all that power and drive and what not when she was – now where do I begin – 1. Still with Chuck despite being traded like a commodity. 2. Still with Chuck – a would-have-been rapist. 3. Still with Chuck, who rough handled her…should I go on…? 
    During all those humiliating, degrading phases, she was still YOUR Blair – but wanting to marry because she didn’t want to be alone, making (what she supposedly thinks is) a bargain with God to save a life and then breaking that pact – BAM suddenly she is not Blair anymore! Come on!

    I would have respected your opinion if you’d at least been honest about your obvious bias towards Chair and how seeing another ship taking center stage has fuelled your dislike for the show – rather than blathering on giving all sorts of contradictory reasons for your dislike.

    As for me – I am an unashamed, unabashed, proud Dair shipper. The most beautiful thing to have merged from GG is Dair and I hope they will be end game. I’ve waited long enough for them to get together. I have enjoyed the show. I am aware of all its shortcomings. I will not quit Gossip Girl.

    • Adey Debebe

      ahhhh I tried to delete your first one but it didn’t work. oh well. And the point I was making about Dan is that I related to him. Especially during the college aspect, as I went to a private high school due in part to financial aid I knew how Dan felt. All I said was that since it was a show, I wasn’t as judgmental as he was because that world is not real for me. Sure I saw aspects of my school in the college process at least. But what do I care I watch TV for entertainment, so who am I to judge. That’s not a condemnation of Dan…in fact that made me relate to him. I didn’t start disliking him until season 3 as I said. 

      lmao as for your reenactment of this…word vomit that I wrote, I really laughed. Uh that’s not accurate at all. If you read it you’d see that I disliked Chuck from the beginning of season 3 on. And then you’d see that I always saw everything from Blair’s point of view, and disregarded any other side. I seriously just think the writing of this show has disintegrated to a point lower than daytime soaps. That is all I was saying. If you don’t think so ok that’s fine. And as for being honest about my Chair bias as you say, I did put in the line “Full disclosure I ship Chuck and Blair” for a reason. Once again I loved the show with or without Chair when it was a well written, fun show. Now its just a sad soap opera. Again just my opinion. I’m sure there are people who don’t like this show because their ship isn’t together. But I am not one of them. In fact, I think if Chuck and Blair the way they are written now were to get together, it would be incredibly boring. I don’t even know what connection they have anymore. 

  • Just me

    I apologize for the terrible formatting of my first comment – hope you can deleted it if possible. Thanks!

  • Foo

    Totally agree.  Sad to see such a guilty pleasure turn into this.

  • Mandy

    Great article! It perfectly outlines everything that is wrong with the show: writing, characters, storylines…The sad truth is Gossip Girl lost its “It-Show” factor after s2 when all the characters graduated from high school and did not know what to do with their lives. Not one of them. That is why everything is such a mess. Why I fell in love with the show in the first place was because of its originality, really. I mean there were teen shows with sex, drugs and alcohol…and then there was Gossip Girl which took all those ingredients and mixed them up in the most fantastic and stylish cocktail ever created that would not give you a lame hangover the next day. Gossip Girl was special because it had the UES elite vs their UES kids who want to live a normal life yet they do not feel like saying goodbye to their trust funds. The show’s music and fashion were their own characters on the show. The monologues were great, especially UES vs Brooklyn: Chuck vs Dan and Blair vs Jenny. Not to mention we got a whole lot of OMG and WTF moments in every episode. Gossip Girl its-self was an incredibly well thought out character due to the juicy and scandalous gossip that came down hard on the spoilt rich brats like the guillotine on the french aristocrats. In s1 the famous saying ‘knowledge is power’ was twisted into ‘information is power’. The characters were unique even with their flaws…Blair with her insecurities, Serena with her dark past, Chuck with his assaults, Nate with his indifference, Dan with his criticism and Jenny with her angel looks yet bitch attitude. I remember those amazing ads the show used to advertise itself with the provocative pictures and critics’ view on top of it: “Every parents’ nightmare”, “Totally inappropriate”…It was a great time in tv history..now its just like an old soapie. 

  • QMargo

    I would like to thank you for this article, as it brilliantly highlights everything that is wrong with Gossip Girl these days. The awful truth is that after s2 Gossip Girl did not know how to improve the plot and its characters. No one knew what they were going to do with their life and as a result this led to the many mistakes made by the lead characters. Gossip Girl lost its spark and the “It-Show” status because it forgot or I should say the producers forgot what made the show a hit. I fell in love with the show because of its originality. There were teen shows with sex, drugs and alcohol…and then there was Gossip Girl which took all those ingredients and mixed into this wonderful and stylish cocktail that would not give you a lame hangover the next day. The show’s key elements were: the music added this amazing beat that made you instantly think of New York, the fashion was so creative and it was like a separate character. The characters were so unique and diverse that you would love and hate them at the same time even with the flaws: Blair and her insecurities, Serena’s dark past, Chuck’s assaults, Nate’s indifference, Dan’s criticism, Jenny’s sweet face bitch attitude. It also showed what the UES is all about: glamorous housewives, cheating husbands, spoilt rich kids who had access to anything they want, yet they wanted to lead a normal life outside their circle, at the same time not forgetting about their trust funds. Gossip Girl herself was a very intriguing character, whose juicy gossip came falling on the lead characters’ heads as fast as the guillotine fell on the heads of the french aristocrats. Every episode had OMG and WTF moments, that you would find yourself so into what is happening: you would smile when the characters had a good time, you would feel embarrassed when their secrets were revealed and you would sympathize when they had to deal with personal issues. The initial ads for the show were simply unforgettable: I especially loved thsoe where they had taken the most provocative pictures from s1 and added the critics’ reception on top of it: “Very bad for you”, “Every parent’s nightmare”, “Highly inappropriate”. The simple fact is Gossip Girl used to make me care… a lot about what was happening. But over the years the writing got worse, the new writers did not understand the lead characters, it just became like a latina soap opera you would watch every night at 8pm. I would only add to your list the horrible acting from all main actors, as over the 5 years not one of them makes an effort anymore: Blake just pouts, Leighton just makes grimaces, Ed has reduced his acting to annoying whispering, Penn just says his lines, Chace never really made an effort. I am truly sad that a show I so looked forward to after The OC was massacred.

  • FabFixation

    This. This. A million times this. You wrote everything I was thinking and brought up a lot of new points that I agree with. It’s just so sad because the show was GOLD. It was so good. It’s so fucked up that it’s come to this. That they LET it get to this. *sigh* Idk. I said I’d keep watching, but at this rate, I might do like you & just keep re-watching old episodes and act like this shit never existed. I can’t bare it.

  • thevoiceinsidemyhead

    I agree with you, they’ve completely ruined the show
    however i won’t give up on Chuck and Blair no matter what, maybe I am still holding onto what they use to be, i don’t know but yeah i will still ship chuck and blair until this show ends once and for all. if they end up together then i will be overwhelmed by happiness but if they don’t, i guess ill just pretend  it ended at season 2.
    But yeah, i really do agree with everything you said and i wish the writers would read this 

  • ILM

    I agree completely! This show should have ended this season since obv the writers are out of ideas

  • Marie

    One of the worst parts is that they don;t stay focused. In 4×09 Blair said she was going to follow her head and not her heart, focus on a career. Now she is jumping from guy to guy?

  • DanielRamirz

    i Have some things to say i TOTALLY agree with you in the season 5 episodes 1-13 being irrelevant But as we were introduced to Ivy in season 4 which in season 5 is actually the only “Action” we have since seasons 1-2 but seriously dude you CANT live from the past, would you expect them to be in the school forever? i know the outside-school storyline is more difficult to create but they did a great thing, the only problem i noticed was “when did they drop out of college?” i say Characters were destroyed  blair were to independent biggest bitch to loner, depressed stupid girl (but she Married louis because that was her dream, to be a princess!) im not in the mood of writing anything else the only thing i say is. IVY’S PLOT IS THE BEST THIING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN SINCE SEASON 2!

  • Anon

    Seriously, as a writer, you’re just going to quit because they’ve deviated from you favorite couple?

    • ColourMeConfused

      Oh come now, did you even read her article??

  • Tata

    et oui oui oui oui DAIR is on and your pathetic CHAIR is over, dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAIR<3<3<3<3<3

  • Gaga

    dair dair dair DAIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Angel

    I agree. I stopped watching after the 101th episode. Absolute crap. This whole Dan/Blair and Louis/Blair thing makes NO sense to me. Actually, BLAIR makes no sense to me anymore. Serena is actually making sense to me for once =/

    Won’t watch the show until I hear of some improvement, but with the way they’re going… why even bother with a season 6?

  • brittany

    Somebody want to explain to me why people are quick to defend Chuck, Blair (not them as a couple but as individuals)? The defense of Chuck/Blair of how he/she deserves better than the other because they went through so & so event I think is flimsy. Sorry but both Chuck and Blair have done horrible things in their respective pasts – neither of them are angels that have done such good in the world *anime eyes*

    I get a bit confused when I see comments where they extol the praises of Chuck or Blair without mentioning the horrible stuff they’ve done. I like Chuck and Blair a lot but I’m not about to forget how terrible the both of them can be.

    Now the main reasons I’m not going to be watching GG for a while (if ever again) is the treatment of their characters and the ridiculous timeline of season 5. I find it quite hard to believe the Blair that told Chuck in a past season that she wanted to build her future on her own, not be defined as his girlfriend 1st & foremost (feminist in me loved that) could turn into the Blair who loves Chuck but loves Dan but most of all wants her fairytale. That’s a major change in my opinion. 

    [Random but shouldn't all of these characters still be in college? And when are Nate and Serena going to be relevant again?]

  • AM419

    I’m new to any kind of gossip girl forum, I’ve never actually cared to converse with fellow fans but I desperately need to vent with people who understand what I’m going through. I won’t sit here and BS anyone. I am a huge fan of Blair and Chuck. I will not deny that Chuck is a bad person, but I think it makes him appealing. The Blair and Chuck relationship was hot. They were both bad people and did horrendous things, but honestly it worked. It made for absolutely excellent television. At 22 years old that show used to make me giggle like a 13 year old. It flat out sucks now. Every damn episode is a party. That is all that happens. it’s Blair/Dan/ Chuck drama. Blair yelling at Chuck and a party. Serena and Nate are basically dead, they are so irrelevant. It seems Dorotoa has more lines than they do. Also, I truly do not understand where the plot has gone. Why the hell do all of these kids not go to school anymore???? how the hell can they just cut that out and never speak of it again. I agree with what some of you are saying about Blair’s pregnancy too. But these past few season have been that way. They introduce ground breaking scenarios and just never follow up. I understand that Chuck absolutely does not deserve Blair, and vise versa but how the hell can she decide she’s madly in love with him, goes to him, plans a life with him, gets in an accident, pulls away for God reasons (sigh), meets privately with him during her wedding to confess undying love for him, run away after Louie tells her he doesn’t love her, run away to Dan no less, than just completely stop loving Chuck. WHAT THE HELL. Regardless of personal stance on their relationship, that was the single most random and completely ridiculous twist in this show, and it wasn’t even done in a shocking crazy manner. These writers simply must not care about this show. It is maddening, they do not bother to explain anything. I will not pretend that I don’t hate Dan/Blair. I do, I’m not ashamed to say I love Blair and Chuck together, you know what? it’s scandalous and it’s exciting. Blair and Dan are completely unmatched and random, but that’s apparently the direction of the show now. I truly liked Serena and Dan. I thought they complimented one another nicely. Dan had the ability to bring Serena down from her pedestal, he helped her to love life for the simple things. She was able to knock some of that judgmental outsider BS from his personality too. Plus, because the actors were together at that point their chemistry was also really great. I’m really not into the show anymore. It’s kind of pathetic how much this all bums me out, but I think we all know now that it’s over. The heat of the first two seasons is something that cannot be duplicated. I actually feel more depressed with each new episode. How many times can someone go to a party, and have the same disagreements at every single event. I know there have always been inconsistencies in this show ( hugest one being Lily/ Rufus love child that vanished as quickly as it appeared) but honestly, I didn’t care because I found that to be annoying and over complicating. But because of my Chuck/Blair love I’ve taken notice of the over all flaws of this show. It used to be sexy and so well done, it had a very addictive nature. But now, it’s just flat out boring and I don’t think anything they do (even bringing Chuck and Blair back together) could fix the major cracks in the foundation. Frankly, I’m just done. They flat out exhausted every single remote plot they could have used. Every single character is absolutely revolting. It’s just Chuck moping every single episode, Nate pretending to be busy with his ridiculous job, Serena being sneaky and feeling sorry for herself, Dan pretending he’s better than everyone and than doing everything possible to show that he’s not, and of course Blair, she’s as bland as a character can be. Regardless of any love interest, Blair was once a sneaky, gorgeous, nasty, entitled rich girl. But I loved her character, she was so obnoxious that it was charming. She was very selfish and very motivated for no one but herself. So above all else, destroying the very foundation of who she is has ruined this show. Serena never offered very much but she was painfully gorgeous, mysterious, flawed, and very ignorant. But she has never been the strong woman, the individual, or confident. She really hasn’t changed, but she was better because of how great her relationship with Dan was. I loved them together, they completely brought out the best in each other. I’m sad to see this show go, but honestly it’s a tragedy to see what it is has become.I am now embarrassed to say I watch this show, and I do not know a single person (personally) who watches this show. I feel bad for the actors, although this show has brought them exposure and made them very wealthy kids. It must be sad to be on a failing show that was once so friggen good. If I were them I’d be dying for my contract to expire too. Oh well, lets hope something new comes along one day that will captivate us all again. It’s truly a shame, this could have been something legendary.

  • Gossuckcock

    The mere fact that you could spend so much time & effort writing an incredibly long winded review about what has to be the stupidest most shallow, unrealistic show about a bunch of spoiled brats who live in a bubble and commit incest so to speak on a daily basis & trade lovers like baseball cards is beyond me? As someone who grew up in Williamsburg Brooklyn as did my father before me I would have enjoyed kicking the shit out of Dan Humphrey if he lived on my block,… pretentious self righteous prick that he is. This show is all that is wrong is wrong with America wrapped up into a 42 min package and teaches young kids nothing except how to scheme, manipulate, have lots of unprotected sex and act like your royalty because your rich,… but a bullet stills kills you no matter what your bank account says.