“It’s not very PC to reduce people to a stereotype.”

The first episode back after the short break opens with Oleg (actually pronounce Aleg if anyone is interested… or actually Russian) coming down from his booty call with Sophie to borrow some sensual oils, but not peppermint because it makes his tongue swell and apparently “his tongue is the best part about him.”

The next day Sophie asks the girls to keep last night hush-hush because we all have things we’re ashamed of. Such as Max’s noon quickie at the port authority and Caroline’s dad stole people’s money. Sophie, however, forgets to learn the lesson of not repeating one’s mistakes and her and Oleg emerging from – what some might consider – unsanitary places, rather ruffled, becomes a motif of the episode.

At the diner Caroline’s two gay as gay can be friends ask if Caroline would mind house and dog sitting for the weekend, while they go out of town. Caroline is immediately excited at getting a weekend away from the shithole that she and Max call home and declares it to be her Spring Break! Max is also pulled along to the apartment, four blocks away, for her first ever Spring Break vacation.

The two gay as gay can be friends have a gay as gay can be apartment. White. Silver. Mirrors. Fluff. Dog in a tutu, not to mention the portable saunas that make one look like a rotisserie chicken. Yet another excellent portrayed stereotype. Caroline wastes no time in getting her Spring Break (and taupe bikini) on and the girls go to a fabulous cookbook party (mainly for the free bacon foodie food). Inviting the cute guy from across the hall to act as Caroline’s Spring Break fling. Max takes Barbra Streisand (the dog in a tutu) to the party to be the type of person that carries around a tiny dog in a tutu.

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At the party Caroline overhears an internet blogger lamenting the lack of cutting edge food stories to write about on her blog. Caroline (who is masquerading as ‘Ashley’) immediately takes the opportunity to pass the cupcake business’ card on.

But the only way that the blogger will write about them is if she can sample the cupcakes that evening. Max invents a bacon flavor (inspired by the party obviously) and they are a big success and land the girls a post on the coveted foodie blog.

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  • Eric Pharand

    The humor was better. Revenge shout-out. The plot was a mess. Behrs in her beach outfit gets bonus points.