We have arrived at the third episode of this newest season of Top Model and currently we are down one Brit and one American. Is this back and forth pattern going to continue the whole season? Who knows, but I wouldn’t be surprised. It is fairly easy to predict that the final two are going to be representatives from both groups.

But that isn’t what ANTM is all about. It is about the cat fights and the crazy challenges that Tyra puts these girls up to. And this episode got right down to business. It takes less than 3 minutes to have Seymone yelling at the British girls for interrupting her beauty sleep. However, it is all forgotten after the first commercial break so we can really get down to business AKA a visit from Tyra!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Tyra bonding session if we didn’t talk about what makes her amazing (in this case, smize-ing) and she could bestow some ridiculous ‘super power’ characteristics on the girls that will undoubtedly come into play in either the challenge or the photo shoot (spoiler alert: it does).

Kelly Cutrone is running this week’s dual challenge/photo shoot and all the girls are a bit scared, as they should be.  Kelly is intense and will easily put these girls in their place with no apologies. Basically, she is awesome. For this challenge, the girls have to put together a whole ad campaign for one of Kelly’s fashion clients. They are split into British and US groups (again), but each girl will have to take their photos individually.

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Both teams come up with their theme ideas, the Brits for a 60s mod look and the Americans for a punk love royal vibe, and Kelly quickly tears them both apart. The British sees her criticism as a sign of rudeness (obviously they aren’t familiar with Kelly’s style), while the Americans see it as a necessary evil since she is the expert and she knows what she is doing.

During the photo shoot each of the girls is supposed to be utilizing their super power, but the Americans didn’t really seem to understand what the concept of ‘punk’ really means, while the British girls were completely and totally disorganized.

In the judging, the real excitement happens when Louise goes up for a critique. Nigel describes her photo as ‘mean’ which Louise does not agree with. When Kelly brings up her ‘rudeness’ on set, Louise responds by claiming that Kelly was the rude one, not her. The judges try to tell her that her attitude could use an adjustment causing Louise to flip and storm out of the studio and onto the street where she continues to scream that she doesn’t need this criticism and she wants to go home. Ultimately she cannot be calmed and she does, in fact, leave the competition.

After some tears from the British girls, the judging continues! In the end AzMarie gets best picture for her fierce, ‘matador’- like pose and no one goes home because all of the girls have the ability to take critiques, which obviously Louise did not have.

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Next week the girls work on their sales skills and someone else threatens to go home. Should be entertaining! I know I’ll be watching. This show always brings the drama.

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  • viovio

    wow i cant believe u like Kelly. I feel bad that Louise went home because she is a really good model but her attitude is really bad, but Kelly is very rude and condescending to all the girls too, and not just to Louise. I think it’s good to give them criticism, but she doesnt have to be so mean all the time and after the episode i looked up the video she posted on Youtube about how Louise is messing with the wrong woman and seriously that’s the behaviour of a teenager and she is almost 50 years old! i really dont like her as a judge!! :S

    • I guess you never watched the Hills, huh? That is just how Kelly is. It is how she has such a successful business and so much respect in the industry. Also, if you had watched the Hills, you would know that once you prove yourself to her, Kelly can be your biggest supporter and friend (she was for Whitney and eventually for Lauren too). 
      Sure she can be mean but that is because she makes you earn her respect. She doesn’t just hand it out willy-nilly.

      Also, I just love watching bitchy people on TV. I find it extremely entertaining.