The one thing that I love about The CW is that it’s the one network that knows exactly what young adults want and delivers it to them on a silver platter. It may not get it lots of viewers, but it has us as its loyal fans.

Its (hopefully) upcoming gift to us? Arrow.

Geeks of the world, rejoice! They’re giving Green Arrow his own series. Calm down, Smallville fans. It’s not Justin Hartley. TV’s newest superhero will be portrayed by Stephen Amell who’s equally handsome as, maybe even more than, Justin Hartley. This series will be the first leading role for Amell who previously guest-starred on 90210 and Private Practice. (His character just broke up with Violet on PP, actually.) Starring alongside Amell is CW favorite, Katie Cassidy, who was on the short-lived Melrose Place reboot and as Juliette on Gossip Girl. And guess what character she’s playing? According to TVline, she’s going to portray the role of Dinah “Laurel” Lance aka Black Canary. But there’s still no word on whether we’ll actually get to see Laurel’s alter-ego or not.

The network is no stranger to DC-Comic superheroes. Just a year ago, Smallville, centered around the adolescent life and then adult life of Superman, ended its 10 year reign as one of the most watched series on that network. And its end broke our heart.

The pilot of the series, which will revolve around Oliver Queen, a rich playboy who becomes a crime-fighting vigilante, will actually be directed by the same man who directed the Smallville pilot, David Nutter. Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg will also serve as executive-producers for the show.

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I didn’t think I would be willing to watch a series centered around Green Arrow not starring Justin Hartley. I loved him for 5 seasons as Arrow and letting go of him was pretty hard. But then I saw the first photo from the pilot and I couldn’t help but cheat on my 2nd favorite superhero. (Tom Welling’s Superman being the first, duh.)

Designed by Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, the costume is bound to make you want to give this show a try next season.

How EPIC is this?

No matter who’s playing Arrow, to be honest, you know the show’s going to be great. It is based on a DC-Comics character after all. (Yes, I’m team DC not Marvel.) And from the comments I’ve seen on Twitter by TV critics, it seems like the script for the pilot is pretty strong. But it’s gonna be a long time until, we, the commoners, can know for sure. I just really hope they make it as captivating and intriguing as Smallville was. I mean that show set the bar really high for this one.

(I wonder if Tom Welling & Erica Durance will cameo as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane on that show at some point. How cool would that be?)

Knowing The CW, its audience, and the shows it usually picks up, I’m almost sure this show is going to be a part of its Fall lineup next year. And I cannot wait. I wish the script of the pilot could be leaked or something. (I shouldn’t say stuff like that, right?)

So, will you watch this show if it is picked up next year by The CW?

Heba could watch television forever. And she LOVES writing about it. She was never meant to be born in a land so far away from TV Land! Her favorite shows are Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Happy Endings, Community, Cougar Town and MUCH MUCH more. Follow her on twitter: @ClumsyHibz
  • MikaelSikk

    Well, I’m kind of over superheroes, since High School, really, but the fact that Arrow is centered on a more human hero, like Batman, it was makes me want to see the show, it’s the whole viking god, supersoldier or radioactive subgenre between superheroes what bugs me.

  • Oh yes , I will def. watch this. So exited for this