Just a short review of Cougar Town below…

It’s official: Cougar Town is one of the best shows on television and you’re not watching it. That makes me both angry… and just really, really sad. And at this point, when the show knows exactly what it is, it’s even more frustrating that not more people are tuning in to this wonderfully crafted show.

In a half hour that once again, and probably best-executed this, mastered the cartoonish nature of this show with just the right amount of heart warmth came hilarious gags about Canadians ruining everything (while being so nice), Tom Cruise action movie running, and the way Jules fantasizes about her plans, all during having the entire gang try to help Bobby win his son’s teacher’s heart.

And it worked, due to Disney song singing by creepy Hawaiian singers. That moment sounds weirder than it actually is.

Even with some of its callback gags (Bobby taking off his shirt to break up a fight or Jules’ constant trouble with films), this may one of those pivotal episodes you screen for your friends if they’ve never watched the series. And, truth be told, I never even watched Scrubs. (Not that I think you need to have watched Scrubs to enjoy any part of this episode that wasn’t the ending.)

Point blank: Grayson upset about how he kisses, Travis and Andy bickering, Laurie obsessed with chicken wings, Bobby repeatedly messing up his date, Ellie being stone cold heartless and then reaching for that soft spot (while carrying Bobby’s date piggyback no less), and Jules going through her inner neuroses to make the date work — all superbly fun and hilarious. Just a perfectly executed episode by the Cougar Town team.

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And even the running Quebecers gag synched up perfectly with the “Kiss the Girl” a capella version. Just… how do they do that?

God, why aren’t you watching?

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