Happy Endings has quickly become my favorite show of this season. And it’s so sad that we’ve reached episode 19 because that means the season is ending soon. It has been full of epic episodes that are, by far, one of the best episodes on TV… ever. Yes, I went there.

Last Wednesday’s episode was no different. It cracked me up so much, I thought my ribs were gonna break.

It opens with Max bragging about his gym, a gym he only visits do everything but exercise. And Dave tells everyone he’s joining him in the gym, as well.

Jane to Max: “YOU go to the gym? An exercise gym?”
Max: Oh, yeah. “I love the gym. The steam room, the smoothies, the free 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.”
Alex: “Haven’t you heard mention working out!”

That whole scene is one of the funniest in the episode.

Jane then tells them she has to get ready for the Home-Owners’ Association meeting of which she is:

The group: “Two-term president”
Jane: “The vote of which was?”
The group: “Unanimous.”

And as always, Jane has to control everything. So she doesn’t let anyone participate with any ideas because they’re all “wrong.” So Penny suggests that Jane should “sleep on it” whenever anyone proposes and idea. That way she’ll be more rational.

At the gym, where Max is training Derek (I’m so happy he’s back!), Dave gets called “bitch” by a bully who steals his place in one of the gym’s sets.

Dave: “Did you hear that guy? Did he just call me bitch?”
Derek: “Yeah. And not in a good way like “Hey bitch! Ohmigod, your skin is amazing! I wanna cut your face off, I hate you.”

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And Max starts crushing on the bully because he likes “bad boys.”

Dave tells the manager about Corey, the bully. But as always, “you snitch, you stitch.” So Corey warns him never to step in the gym again.

Meanwhile, Penny tells Jane that Michael, one of the guys she went all president on, is running against her for the HOA’s presidency. So when a neighbor comes over to suggest they add a gazebo to the garden they’re building, Jane says she’ll sleep on it. She does. And she wakes up at 5:30 AM…relaxed.

"The Kobe Bryant Intensity Face"

And all hell breaks loose after that, Jane becomes a different person. She stops being a control/clean freak. She accepts everyone’s suggestions and even adds a suggestion box in the lobby “because everyone’s opinion’s valid.” Basically, she becomes an anti-Jane.

Dave, back at the gym, decides he wants to step to Corey.. and gets punched in the face. But when Dave sees Corey bullying everyone, he tells him he wants a fight. The next day at 3 PM.

The next day, Dave goes to fight and Corey and finds everyone watching. So he starts saying that speech about bullies being bullies and, you know, Dave being Dave. And all of a sudden, Derek punches Corey because Dave “inspired him.” Impressed by Derek’s behavior, Max asks Derek out for a drink.

Alex, Penny, and Brad, on the other hand, realize that Penny have created a monster by telling Jane to “sleep on it”. Nothing is the same anymore. Brad can’t even finds his pants because they’re at the dry cleaners and he doesn’t know which one they go to, so wears cargo shorts.

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Brad: “My top half is at a museum fund-raiser and my bottom half is selling vegi-burritos in a parking lot!”

Alex, who was a bully in school, starts scaring Jane, and everyone, back into sanity. Even Michael, who’s running against Jane, apologizes to her and tells her that someone is tutoring Math in their condo.

“We are NOT ZONED FOR THAT!” She shouts when he hears Michael. And voila, old Jane is back. Thank God. And once again, she’s the HOA president everyone respects but fears.

Please welcome Madame President Jane Kerkovich and First Man Brad Williams.

I wish I could add every line from this episode in this post because the whole thing was seriously amazing. EVERYONE, was freakin’ hilarious. Even Dave. But the star of the episode was, by far, Eliza Coupe who plays Jane. She should get all the awards because she’s simply outstanding!

Just one note though: In the flashbacks of Alex as a child (and a bully), doesn’t little Alex have blue eyes? Correct me if I’m wrong, but adult Alex has dark brown eyes. Right? So yeah that was weird.

Did you watch the episode?

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