How I Met Your Mother finally returned from its 3 week hiatus, fitting since Barney had been M.I.A. from the group for a while (3 weeks? Well played). This episode warmed me up to Quinn just a bit more, as well as made me curse CBS after I realized the show will go on another break until April 16th. Missed last night’s episode? Don’t worry. Either watch it on CBS’s website or read our recap right here. I strongly suggest the latter.

Barney’s been missing from the group for a bit, and when he finally calls Ted to his apartment, he administers the bro-oath to him. Or the broath. Barney sincerely asks Ted to keep Quinn/Karma’s job a secret from the rest of the gang, because she wants to finally meet Barney’s friends. Ted follows this sacred broath by immediately breaking it and warning the gang that Quinn might still be using Barney for his money. After spending the night at Quinn’s apartment, where Lily finds a super expensive planned getaway, and where Quinn is constantly ordering Barney around, the new couple announces they plan on moving in together. After this, Lily and the gang decide it’s time for an intervention in order to break Barney and Quinn up. Quinn walks in on the quinntervention, and breaks up with Barney on the spot. The group feels terrible and goes to Barney’s apartment to apologize and do anything they can to make it up to him. There happens to be something he had in mind…

After performing another broath ceremony, in which Ted, Marshall, Robin, and Lily must swear not to interfere in his life “unless it is a matter of health, national security or (he) is about to get up on a fatty.” Then Robin & Lily and Ted & Marshall proceed to kiss. Sexual tension diffused! However, Quinn and Barney then reveal the whole spectacle, starting from Ted’s broath, to be completely false. In order for Barney’s friends not to judge Quinn, the pair concocted the whole story, including her bossiness and their moving in together, knowing what the rest of the group’s every move would be. Except plot twist! Barney and Quinn have decided to actually move in together, leaving Quinn’s apartment for Robin and Ted to battle over.

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Oh yeah, I forgot that part of the storyline. See, ever since Robin moved out of Ted’s apartment, and Ted left the place to Lily and Marshall, both had been homeless. Well not homeless, exactly. Robin had been living with Patrice (bets that Patrice is the mother? Anyone?), and Ted’s been staying with some college students who look eerily like a college Ted, Marshall, and Lily. Because of this, the pair have been fighting over who deserves to have Quinn’s apartment after she moves in with Barney. Ted feels he deserves it because Robin broke his heart, and Robin wants it because of Patrice’s annoying habits, ending an engagement, losing her best friend (Ted), and possibly losing her job that Friday. However, following that Friday, Robin and Ted meet up at MacClarens and she reveals that instead of getting fired, she was promoted to a co-anchor on WWN, got a new raise, and plans to take an apartment on Central Park West, leaving Quinn’s place for Ted.

At the tail end of the episode, Barney and Quinn are talking in his apartment about Quinn being a stripper. While he initially says he’s okay with her job, Barney also says it’d be okay with him if she changed careers. He then asks “hypothetically” what it would take for Quinn to stop stripping, to which she replies she’d stop stripping if she ever got married.

So what did you guys think of “The Broath”? Do you think Quinn could be that “other tie” Barney was talking about at the flash forward of his wedding. Or is she the tie that he’s wearing? Or is Quinn not even a possibility to be Barney’s wife, just a missing puzzle piece? Comment below to tide me over until the next episode!

Lizzy Marano
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  • Can we just talk about how Ted said at the end that he doesn’t see Robin for a long time?! Quinn is definitely the tie Barney’s wearing, Robin is the Other Tie. 

  • AdeyDebebe

    I actually found myself finding Barney/Quinn cute…which annoyed me. idk why. Also sorry but Ted really annoyed me this episode. 

    This part: 

    Ted feels he deserves it because Robin broke his heart, and Robin wants it because of Patrice’s annoying habits, ending an engagement, losing her best friend (Ted), and possibly losing her job that Friday. 

    pretty much sums up why he annoyed me. I mean really Ted? He didn’t even care to see Robin’s side until she told him all her problems…to which he was like ‘whatevs we still can’t be friends ever again.’ Then all of a sudden when Robin gets her promotion and buys a different apartment and makes sure Ted gets Quinn’s, that’s when he decides they can try to be friends again. *rolls eyes*. Though it wasn’t lost on me that he said he didn’t see her for a while…wonder how that plays out. 

    Basically this season is really annoying me and I just would like Barney and Robin to happen for longer than 2 episodes. That is my dream. Also looking forward to Baby Eriksen. That’s about it though.

    ETA: oh wait what is this tie business? It’s been soo long since I saw the flashforwards I can’t even remember them. All I know is Barney is definitely gonna at least attempt to marry Quinn.

  • xU

    Hi there, I’m new to your site however I feel so happy reading your recap here and cant stop coming back to read more 🙂 I remember one ep Robin and her imaginary children refer their dad is Barney right? So IMO, Robin will be the tie 😀

  • Eric Pharand

    Good episode. Ninjas attacking Ceasar LOL. I don’t like Quinn though I did at first.