When I found out Jane Espenson wrote this week’s episode, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint! For weeks now, everyone has been wanting an episode about Red Riding Hood, mostly to find out who the wolf is! While everyone had good speculations, none came close to the real story.

This week started where we left off last week, which was David going into questioning. Since Emma has these “magical powers” where she can tell if people are lying or not, she sees David is telling the truth and lets him go. I’m sure that wouldn’t work in the real world, but this is Storybrooke so just go with it. Next we are at the diner with Ruby talking to August (AKA The Stranger). We still don’t know his real purpose here and I have no idea why we don’t. Anyway, he is talking to Ruby about how he can go wherever he wants while Granny keeps calling at her.

Then we go to fairytale land where we see Peter (maybe the boy who cries wolf?) visiting Red Riding Hood. Peter tells Red that they can run off together while Granny is calling at her. Apparently she loves to ruin Red’s game. And with that, Red kisses Peter goodbye. Finally she goes to see what Granny is fussing about. Turns out there are men at the door trying to create a group of people to kill a killer wolf. Granny tells Red not to worry about it and it is none of her concern. Red (as well as I) was confused on why Granny even called her in the room to begin with if she can’t even participate. Granny just tells her to stay inside and wear her hood because red repels wolves. Interesting.

What Red and Ruby have in common is feeling like they are trapped by Granny, so back in Storybrooke, Ruby quits her job without real thoughts about it. After that short scene we are back in fairytale land. Red is told to check on the chickens and that is where she first meets Snow White. Since Snow is on the run, she doesn’t want Red to know her true identity. Snow decides to tell Red to call her Margaret and then quickly changes her mind to Mary. It was fun to see that name come into play. Then, Red tells “Mary” to come with her to fetch some water from the well. Once they are there “Mary” sees dead bodies covered in blood everywhere and Red sees the well filled with blood. Obviously the wolf had done this.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret found Emma walking down the street and asks her about David. Emma tells her he is fine, but she should be worried about herself since Storybrooke is suspicious of her. Mary Margaret acts shocked by this information. (Really, Mary? You didn’t see that coming?) Meanwhile, Ruby is outside with her luggage getting bothered by Dr. Whale. He leaves her alone as soon as Emma and Mary Margaret reach them. Ruby tells them what happened with Granny and how she is going to leave town. Emma tells her she shouldn’t until she has a perfect plan, so Mary Margaret offers their house for her to stay in the meantime.

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Back in fairytale land, they are trying to form another group of men to go against the wolf. Snow notices Red smiling and making eye contact with Peter. Then, Granny steps in and is basically like, “You can’t defeat the wolf so just hide. I know this because my brothers and father died trying to defeat him. The wolf even bit me!” and she shows her scar on her arm. Somehow this gets through to the men and they are scared. Later, Red tells “Mary” about how she feels trapped because of Granny being overprotective with the wolf thing. “Mary” asks if this trap is keeping her from someone and Red was all like, “HOW DID YOU KNOW?!”. Red asks “Mary” if she has anybody and she says she isn’t sure it is in her future. Pre-Charming, I see. So Red suggests they kill the wolf so she can be with Peter. This is obviously the perfect plan and nobody has ever tried it before. Silly girls. So they go out and search for the wolf. They soon find out the prints in the snow go from wolf prints to boot prints. Then they see the tracks go all the way to the cottage to Red’s window. This could only mean one thing. Peter is the wolf. Snow tells her that she has to tell Peter. So Snow and Red switch hoods, so that Red can sneak off and Snow can cover for her. It is the perfect plan. But Granny finds out that Snow was pretending to be Red. Granny is upset and asks where she is. Snow tells her its okay. Peter is the wolf, but don’t worry! Red is just going to tie him up. It is the perfect plan.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret goes to the woods, because that isn’t suspicious at all! She then hears things and is soon relieved to find out that it was just David. She tells him not to worry because she will stand by him and help him find Kathryn. He seems almost possessed-like and kept saying, “I’m looking” over and over. Creepy. While that is going on, Henry is helping Ruby look for a new job. Emma finally offers her to be a deputy since Emma has enough money in the budget. Then Mary Margaret comes in and tells Emma about David. So Emma and Ruby go out to the woods to find him. Ruby finds David almost instantly, impressing Emma. He was knocked out and when Emma woke him up he claimed not to remember anything since he was at her station. She takes him to the hospital and Dr. Whale says blackouts are common in coma patients. David said that makes sense on why he doesn’t remember calling or seeing Kathryn making him think he unknowingly hurt or even killed her. Then Regina appears, because she is still his emergency contact. Seems like David needs to update his contacts. With all this new information, Emma calls Ruby and tells her to go back to the woods to look for something. Unfortunately, Emma doesn’t know what to tell her to look for. Just to find something related to Kathryn. Ruby follows her instincts and finds a box containing a human heart.

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In fairytale land, Granny has told Snow about Red being the wolf and how it is genetic! DUN DUN DUN. They quickly look for Red and when they find her, it is too late. She already turned into the wolf and ate the one she loves. Talk about forbidden love. Granny tells Snow to quickly give her the hood and she covers the wolf with it. Turns out the hood is magical and it keeps Red from turning into the wolf. Red is back to herself and quickly sees dead Peter and finds out she is the wolf. She is in complete shock. The men that are seeking the wolf is starting to get close and Granny tells Red she has to leave. Red can’t move due to the shock and finally Snow starts to guide her.

In our last transition to Storybrooke, Ruby realizes the deputy line of work isn’t something she enjoys, so she has a hear-to-heart with Granny and get’s her job back. Next, Emma finds Mary Margaret trying to calm down David. Emma doesn’t help by telling them that a human heart was found in the woods. Emma reveals there was fingerprints in the box that contained the heart and it matched someone in Storybrooke. David turns himself in assuming he was the one who killed Kathryn, but Emma turns him away and reveals the fingerprints matched Mary Margaret’s!

Whoa! So minus all the “perfect plans” this episode was brilliant and intense! Things are getting real in Storybrooke and fairytale land! What are your thoughts?

Is Mary Margaret framed or did Regina kill Kathryn? Is it even Kathryn’s heart? Did you think Red would also be the wolf? What about David’s blackouts? Is that Charming trying to emerge?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments and what you think is going to happen next week!

Celina Meza
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  • Lizzy Marano

    I finally got my Red episode, it was great <3

  • Firieness

    Great review – lol at “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife..” so accurate.
    I think it’s obvious that Regina framed Mary Margaret – I wonder how it all plays out but also this whole thing with David blackouts is really interesting. Maybe Mr. Gold will somehow help Emma to figure out who really killed Kathryn? I think he has his own agenda that is in contrary to Regina’s plan.