The CW in the past has made early renewal decisions in January, a somewhat smart choice to lockdown all cast and crew before pilot season gets underway. But new CW president Mark Pedowitz most likely wants to weigh out all options and make his final decision during upfronts, which takes place in May. What’s followed is a state of uncertainty for practically all series on the network — including once CW darling (and staple, and new image, and centerpiece, and face) teenage soap Gossip Girl. What hasn’t helped is that it has become the network’s — and all of TV in general — lowest-rated show. But could The CW really can its signature series just because of waning United States ratings?

Apparently not. According to The Wrap, someone close to production has stated that it is likely Gossip Girl will be renewed for a sixth and final season, á la One Tree Hill (whose final season, by the way, is probably deserving of another season given the network’s state). That being said, the final season of the iconic New York drama will come with a shorter episode order — just 13 episodes, which would bring the episode total count to 124.

It’s unsure, perhaps forever, if the network would bring back the series for good faith or for any otherwise monetary incentive. It’s still one of the most downloaded series and gets the network the biggest buck for Netflix licensing. But bearing the fact that the network does renew Gossip Girl for a final season, and given the lesser ratings, could a final season promotion help keep the series afloat to go out with a bang… or will it whimper?

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In other words, will you be watching?

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source: The Wrap 

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  • Monika

    sigh i started this show in high school, lured in by chace crawford’s beautiful face and since i’m still here five years later, i gotta see this shitshow through to the end

  • QMargo

    No, guys, GG has not been itself ever since s3 premiered and things only got worse from there, s4 had a glimmer of hope but the simple fact is that the writers have not been able to write a decent storyline for any character, they focused way too much attention on Chair thus abandoning Serena’s, Nate’s, Dan’s and Jenny’s characters. s5 is all about Dair but its happening way too late and the only ppl watching it are the dair fans and 25% of the Chair fans still hoping for a reunion. That’s all, no one cares about the main plot, GG as a gossip chick has no more power over the UES, she has become irrelevant just like the show, so it is time to let it go.

  • Firieness

    I will watch although due to the state of this current season meaning lame storylines or lack of them, I don’t have any expectations regarding the final season. Wish that writers of GG would watch final season of One Tree Hill – with all its craziness it manages to have new storylines that I am interested in after all those seasons. Plus I like how the writers respect the viewers – last season they weren’t sure will they get another one and season finale had really nice happy ending staying true to the shows characters and stories. I mean after all viewers still want resolved stories and happy endings – that’s what makes tv shows, books, movies etc. different from reality.

    • mmmkay

      I hated the ending of last season. It left me cold and wanting. Blair was going away with a prince who had little to no personality, becoming some subservient society matron, chuck pussied out, nate was irrelevant, serena was alone in LA and Dan was pining away like the girl in Some Kind of Wonderful, also pussying out. Oh, and a dire “cliffhanger” of a pregnancy test which we all knew would be Blair’s. I preferred the Seasons 1 and 2 finales personally, because they left on a light note and there wasn’t any impending doom to come in the next season-just fun, sexy TV.

  • they should do this with more series on the cw. Like 90210/ And maybe 13 episodes in one season. I’ve heard they will do this with Cult , if they pick up the pilot. If they do this with several series , they should have more space for new series and they could give Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle another chance. And the writers can focus on one big arc and not stupid storylines , I think this is the way it’s headed.

  • Ezgi

    Obviously! I’ve grown up with Gossip Girl! No matter what happens, even though I may not be happy with how things play out, I know that no matter what I’ll stay loyal. I’ve grown up from a child to a teenager with these characters and this show, and it’ll always be my alltime favourite :). 

    I really hope it gets renewed for a full season because 13 episodes wouldn’t be enough to tie up all of the loose ends. I’m already about to cry that it’s ending, omg. 🙁

    It’s the CW’s fault too. They really need to hype it up more with the marketing! Seasons 1 & 2 were really well advertised with all the billboards and posters and commercials that they made, but recently all GG gets is a 25 second promo every week, and that’s not enough
    Anyways, despite the low ratings, the CW needs to see that despite the low ratings in the US, Gossip Girl has the highest ratings in South America, UK, other countries in Europe, and Eastern Asia. It’s the second most illegally downloaded show EVER. That’s kindof a big deal! It has immense sales with the season DVDs, and very high Netflix and online streaming views. I guess there’s a time for everything to end, but it’s going to be so hard for me to let go of Gossip Girl. I’ve never put so much effort into appreciating anything as much as I do this show. <3 forever. 

  • Ciara

    Omg, it’s kind of devastating to think Gossip Girl will actually end. I’ve watched from the beginning since I was 14 and really it’s been like growing up with the characters. I could never stop watching GG although I hope for the rest of this season the show can get some of its sparkle back! Despite this I would still love a full season next year and so the show can go out with a bang, but that doesn’t seem likely now.

  • Sarahlynnl200

    I’m sure it will get renewed and will get a full season because they are still making money off it. Plus I’m sure they are also stop this Dair and will bring back Chair so that they show can go back to being what it once was and not this AU Dair which feels as though we are watching the Inside and not the real Gossip Girl

  • dee.

    First I thought that I’d wait and see what happens in this season and then I’d probably give the final season a chance, but I realized…that I don’t think I will. I realized that I honestly could care less about what happens on this show. I’ve wanted to give up on it for a long time, now. And it’s not because of Dair, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Dair, just like I don’t give a rat’s ass about Chair, anymore. They’ve been screwing with this show since the beginning of season 3, which was a very low point in the show’s history, in my opinion. I even dare compare it to season 5 (which is the absolute worst), because it made as little sense, and it had these ridiculous storylines thrown in with the sole purpose of shocking the audience (we all know how Safran loves his drama), with no regards to the characters and the consiquences on their lives. None of these kids have had decent storylines since season 1(maybe 2). Usually there’s like, one character who has a storyline each season and it’s usually Serena, Chuck has been having daddy and mommy and uncle issues over and over and over again (okay, we get it, the boy has a fucked-up family, move on), and they’ve been trying to kill him off ever since – with what purpose? Everybody knows he’s not going to die, so why bother, it’s not much of a cliffhanger, really. He and Blair have completely lost their snark ever since season 3 when they became an elderly couple at the age of 18 and started starring in their own soap-opera, so not much to see there. They’ve absolutely destroyed Blair, their most powerful female character; they’ve turned her into this whiny little bitch who runs off to Brooklyn to hide from her real life and to avoid making grown-up decisions. She’s one of the few characters who have actually regressed since the beginning of the show, she’s more immature now than she ever was back in season 1, which is just sad. And people are always picking on Nate for not having a storyline, but Dan has also been pretty much useless on the show ever since he broke up with Serena in season 2. I honestly cannot remember what he’s done since season 2, except for wasting precious screentime, alongside Vanessa in season 3 (the horror!) and becoming Blair’s lapdog in season 5.

    I think the show started failing when they started relying on guest stars to carry the storylines, instead of the four main characters – how was that a smart idea? Who came into the writing room and went all ‘Hey, I have a brilliant idea! Let’s just brush all our main characters aside and bring new useless, annoying people on the screen!’ – Hilary Duff, anyone? That Raina chick? Someone please tell me what was their purpose on the show.

    And where the hell is Gossip Girl? She hasn’t been relevant since they tried taking her down in 2×25. What happened to the awesome blasts? What happened to the anonymous sources? What happened to the pieces of gossip we found out about when the characters did? Now they just show the characters going around doing something stupid, they show them sending it to gossip girl, then they show us the moment when everyone receives the blast, as if we didn’t already know EVERYTHING. How is that dramatic/shocking/entertaining, if that’s what they’re going for?

    It really is a shame that they fucked up what used to be such a good show, isn’t it? Le sigh.

    P.S. Sorry this has become such a rant, it’s just that there are so many things wrong with this show.