I want to start off with a big hello! My name is Brianna and I am new to NoWhiteNoise. I love, love, love television and I am so excited I get to write for people who share the same obsession. I will be writing about Revenge each week, which I think is arguably the best new television show on TV this year! I am a little nervous because I’ve never had a huge amount of readers on my own personal blog so I realize the pressure on, but just bear with me and I promise you I won’t let you down!

Time to get down to business. With the Grayson’s filing divorce, Tyler’s return and murder, Charlotte’s new drug habit, and all the other crazy things that happened in the last episode, this episode was sure to be interesting.

I did enjoy watching it, but it was not as good as I expected it to be. There hasn’t been a bad episode of Revenge yet, and I don’t expect there to be one in the near future, but I found my mind drifting off a little bit for the first 20 minutes.

Let’s just go over the highlights of the episode. Daniel was arrested for the murder of Tyler, Declan found out that Jack was indeed on the beach that night, Charlotte continued to take pills, Jack found a receipt for a $5 million wire transfer in Amanda’s jacket (basically, he is getting more and more involved), Ashley submitted the pictures of Daniel to the press and is milking the scandal for all it’s worth,  and drumroooooll we find out that Satoshi Takeda is the one who killed Tyler. Yes, Daniel shot Tyler — and who’s to say he wouldn’t have died from that shot? — but Takeda is the mystery shooter who shot Tyler in the back, twice.

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Does anyone else feel a little sad that Tyler is dead? Even though he was crazy, and tried to out Emily, I kind of, sort of liked him. Am I completely alone on this?

One of my favorite scenes of last night’s episode was when Victoria went to Emily’s house with her and Daniel’s engagement present. Her emotion seemed so real and seeing Victoria get teary eyed made me get teary eyed. And of course, Victoria never fails to get her digs in. This time, telling Emily, “Maybe your time in the Juvenile Detention Facility will end up being an asset in Daniel’s court case.” Watching Revenge has made me absolutely LOVE Madeleine Stowe. I’m slowly becoming obsessed with her. She is such a great actress and I love how she can make Victoria evil, yet so lovable.

Also, I kind of loved when Victoria and Conrad shared a laugh together talking about how they practically hate each other but they live under a 20 — make that 24,000 — square foot roof. Even with all the deceit and lies I think they make a super couple and I reaaalllllyy hope they don’t follow through with the divorce.

Overall, I think the episode was all right. It wasn’t my favorite, wasn’t my least favorite. What do y’all think? Write me a comment and tell me your favorite scene!

Also, thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for more!

I think a good way to end is with my favorite quote from the episode. “No matter how hard we try to escape our past, we seem destined to repeat it.” -Conrad

I’m Brianna, a freshman at Auburn University. I have an unhealthy love for television. Emphasis on unhealthy. I am a pop culture geek. I watch more shows than I need to and more movies than I should. I love music, coffee, traveling, writing, friends, and family. You can follow me on twitter if you like @brigeee
  • Lnhap

    My favorite scene was any and every scene with Nolan and jack. I love their friendship.

    • Brianna

      I do too! I love both of them and would love to see more of their storylines. Especially Nolan. Maybe next season!

    • I do too! I hope we get to see more of both of their storyline’s. Especially Nolan’s. I love him!

  • Jenna

    I was surprised that Takeda killed Tyler; I thought it was fake Amanda who did it. Lol I wonder where Takeda took her…

    Loved reading your review of Revenge; it’s one of my new fav shows this year as well.

    I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your reviews in the future 🙂

    • Sorry for the late, late, response! Thank you so much for reading! You made my day! 

  • Eric Pharand

    Will you be reviewing the rest of the season?