Fans of the Secret Circle book series were allegedly surprised when original character Nick died just five episodes into the television series, claiming that his character was an integral part of the books’ story. It also shocked just-TV viewers, who saw Louis Hunter (Nick) primarily featured in all of the series’ promotional material. This blogger, personally, was annoyed that the crystal wasn’t used to bring him back to life… seeing as that was a plot device that was used in the second episode. And then again twice since then. And has been the centerpiece of the parents’ story since the show’s inception.

Well surprise! It appears that Nick will be resurrected. According to Zap2It, Nick will make his return on the series soon (date TBA, apparently) and won’t be the same character we got to… uh, see killed?… in the fall. Nick’s return will have great ramifications for his brother Jake, who has somewhat taken his place in the Circle, and his girlfriend (uh, f— buddy?) Melissa. The series producers claimed that Nick’s death was needed to show the other characters that they were living in a dangerous world with real repercussions. Does Nick’s resurrection just undo all that?

More so, does this mean Nick can truly be in contention for The Other Blackwell Child? Uh oh!

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Michael Collado
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  • Let’s hope Jake gets the boot… god, I’m heartless. Eh, oh well. Welcome back, (probably evil) Nicky poo. 

    • If they bring Nick back to be the Jake that Jake was because they already changed Jake to be some guy that reaches for his heart when Cassie shoots him with an umbrella, I will yell. They had a perfectly good evil Jake already. Gah.

      • They clearly haven’t thought this through… or have they. I’m pretty sure he’ll be the other Blackwell child now that he’s returning… Balcoin magic isn’t that easy to get rid of… i.e. him resurrecting.  

        • luzmf

          In Sacrifice, a witch hunter will tell Cassie that Eben is trying to resurrect ‘somebody’, this ‘somebody’ might be Nick. And now Nick is going to work for the witch hunters… and then he’s going to die again (because they can’t keep him in the show with Jake running around as part of the circle) unless they make him the seventh member.

  • luz

    Welcome back Nick!! But I hope you don’t end up being John Blackwell’s son >_<!

  • Eric Pharand


  • Ally Jay

    Seriously I almost stopped watching the show when they killed him off! I seemed so unnecessary, even give the “reason” they apparently gave. I can’t wait to see how this will pay out I just hope I get my Nelissa ship back at some point!!!

  • Team Cassie

    Yay! I hope nick’s storyline will be interesting now and not just about him fucking melissa every day -__-

  • Lizzy Marano

    Gah, I’m glad they’re bringing Nick back, I’m just pretty peeved the TSC team is acting like it was planned all along. One of the producers gave an interview explicitly saying Nick would never be coming back. And now he’s…back? I’m just interested to see how they play this.

  • MikaelSikk

    Honestly, its’ not a surprise to me.
    They brought him up the other night, and a show in which Kevin Williamson was at least a little bit envolved doesn’t just mention someone without it implying an return. PLUS– they mentioned in a synopsis of a future episode that that guy Eben was going to try to resurrect something or someone that would shock the entire circle and especially Jake and I immediately assumed it was Nick.
    The only surprise here is that they are announcing it on advance, in my opinion.

  • Neiro

    I’m happy :D…
    But did Jake actually became a part of the circle? He never stoped using his own magic, did he?

  • RaYaNe

    Yuy that’s awseme i always loved nick he’s an amazing guy