Thursday night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory was yet another episode I enjoyed from this season. It made me laugh a lot and got me a bit emotional for one reason: I really miss the old group — the group before Bernadette and Amy. I wanted to scream “You go, Raj!” when he did that whole “I miss us guys hanging out together” scene at the end of the episode because I feel the same way. The guys need to do “guy” weekends more often.

Basically, that’s what went down during the episode:

The guys plan to have to a boys-only Star Wars video game marathon all weekend. But Amy wants Sheldon to go with her to her grandma’s birthday, and of course, Sheldon doesn’t want to. Fed up by his behavior, and with Penny’s help, she confronts him about his behavior in front of everyone, but that doesn’t really seem to shake him off. He does offer to give her one of his Sheldon-coupons, however, which she accepts happily.

Bernadette also messes the video game marathon for the guys when she decides that she, also, wants to play. To be honest, I laughed a lot at the scenes where Bernadette is playing with the guys because I would have totally made the same sounds and same reactions she did. Like the whole “pow, pow” thing to shoot something? Yes, I would definitely do that.

The only girlfriend who seems like she doesn’t want trouble is Penny who gladly gives Leonard up to the guys for the weekend. He even asks her to care more and act upset that he can’t spend the weekend with her. Is it me or does Penny not care about Leonard at all? Getting them back together seems so pointless at this point. And their scenes together seem so forced, like the writers are trying so hard to remind us that they’re still together. It’s awful.

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At the end of the episode, and after Raj makes a very sad speech about how he wanted the weekend to be just about the guys and how he’s the only guy without a girlfriend, the girls decide to leave the guys alone and let them have fun. I wish there were more scenes with just the guys in that episode, though.

I have to admit something, though. I liked Amy in this episode. I just felt so sorry for her and wanted to smack Sheldon for being such a jerk to her. It’s stuff like these that make Amy tolerable, being Sheldon Cooper’s girlfriend. But I did like how Sheldon reacted at the end when he offered her the coupons. It wasn’t what a perfect boyfriend would do, and it wasn’t what Sheldon would have done in the earlier seasons. But gradually, Sheldon is growing up, and I’m liking it.

(By the way, I’m with Penny. I really have no clue what the difference is between Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve been watching the show for five years and I still cannot tell the difference!)

What did you guys think about the episode?

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  • Monika

    I swear, Raj had more lines this episode than he has had all season. I’m with you, I wish they had more scenes with just the guys

  • Eric Pharand

    Overall, I’d rather Bernadette and Amy weren’t regulars. Bernadette’s voice is annoying and Amy is too weird.