The Good Wife 3×18 ‘Gloves Come Off’ recap: All about Alicia

So this is my first post about The Good Wife, a show that I marathon-watched as recently as 2 weeks ago. I got completely hooked on this courtroom drama, which is at its core a true ensemble piece. As a result, the pace of the storylines is considerably slow, although I hadn’t really noticed since I was watching episodes back to back. “Gloves Come Off” was my first time watching as it aired on CBS, so we’ll see how I feel about having to wait a week to see the next one. Anyway, on with the recap.

If I had to name this episode, I would call it “All About Alicia”, simply because she was involved with all the A plots this week. She was head on the case about a former hockey player suing the makers of a snow mobile for malfunctioning and leading to the death of his wife. While that was going on, she dealt with the monetary limits of being only a third year associate, for she cannot afford her old house. After asking Lockhart & Gardner for a raise, she entertains taking a longstanding job offer from Louis Canning. In the end Alicia wins the case and leverages Canning’s job offer into a raise from Lockhart & Gardner.

The B plot this week was Diane’s, as she rekindles the romance with her old flame Kurt, all the while entertaining new possibilities with new man Bryan. I suppose the purpose of this was to show us that Diane is no longer all business, and is enjoying having the attention of both men. I’m sure this will blow up in her face down the line…

The C plot was actually my favorite part, and a long awaited one at that. Alicia FINALLY forgives Kalinda and my favorite friendship is BACK ON. THANK GOD. Although I must say I object to the reasonings they gave for Alicia finally relenting.

Tammy, Will’s ex, comes back to town basically to tell Alicia she was a homewrecker for sleeping with Will after she went to London because in her words, “It wasn’t over between WIll and I when I left for London. Then you slept with him. And it was over.” Right after Tammy makes her exit, we see Alicia glance over in Kalinda’s direction from her office before later going over to Kalinda and informing her that she would like to become friends again.

What is the message here?  Seriously? Because this is how it came off. ‘Oh well Kalinda slept with my husband years before she knew me and didn’t tell me about it when we met and became good friends. I shall hold this grudge for an entire season.’ She even spurns Kalinda’s attempt to talk with beers earlier in the episode. And then in walks Tammy and poof. Are we supposed to think that Alicia’s thought process is something to the effect of  ’Well, I don’t consider myself a homewrecker. More like an accidental one since I didn’t know they were still an item. Therefore, Kalinda must not actually be a lying homewrecker just like she says. It seemed utterly ridiculous to me but you know what I will take it since I can finally see some Kalinda and Alicia scenes again.

That being said, I cannot wait until next week’s installment. One of my favorite actors Matthew Perry is guest starring as an opposing lawyer, which I can’t see being anything other than pure fun.

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