Ok, first off – what an amazing experience. “A Day” did not disappoint. This show just keeps you in crazy suspense and they give you one piece of information and then somehow 10 new unknown pieces pop up. It’s genius. It’s Lost for tweens.

I’m putting on The Social Network soundtrack to get me back in the mood. There it is.

Ugh, do I have to start all the way at the beginning?? Soooo much happened. And yet… nothing at all happened. It’s the give a mouse a cookie effect. WE WANT A GLASS OF MILK!!!!!!!!

Garrett’s in jail for Allison’s murder. Melissa knew Ian didn’t kill Allison, and she took Aria’s frozen yogurt and apparently doesn’t know the difference between peanut butter and toffee. The pregnancy must really be messing with her taste buds, you guys!!

So then the girls drive out to the Lost Woods Resort and all of a sudden I feel like I’m in film class watching Psycho all over again. Seriously, down to the shower scene. If you don’t want to go so far as to call it theft, even though I wouldn’t be surprised if the motel clerk was wearing a name tag that said “Norman Bates”, it was a hell of an homage. Creepiest line from that guy was, “You check in at the Lost Woods because you don’t wanna be found.” Um… be creepier… Oh wait, it’s not possible.

This show is at a point that when they walked into Room 1 for the first time there could have been an old lady skeleton in the chair á la Psycho and although I would have been sufficiently terrified, I’d also be like not that surprised.

Spencer refered to herself and Aria as Sparia. Cool it Spencer, you’re too annoying to have a nick name and Aria’s name only combines with Ezra – Ezria (more on them soon).

There were a bunch of dead ends and unsolved incidents that were totally glossed over. Like one minute Hanna is standing in a towel staring out an open motel door into black space and then they go to commercial and we come back and it’s morning. Ummmm… No. What happened for the last 12 hours!? We also see that A (or someone) has a peep hole in the next room and is watching in on the girls.

I will freely admit at one point during the episode I thought it was Toby. When Spencer asked him if he’ll ever be able to forgive her I was just thinking “How have I been so Jenna-Marshall blind this whole time that I haven’t seen that it’s Toby!?!?!?” But I’m not blind… AND NEITHER IS JENNA MARSHALL!!!

Then Toby gets a phone call and apparently it’s Dr. Sullivan? Then Jenna is in the park meeting someone and we never see who it is. Also, was Jenna speaking in an Australian accent? Confusion.

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All of a sudden we’re at the Masquerade Ball and everyone is look fierce, as usual. If the liars can be accused of anything it’s of being dressed for the occasion. Spencer’s mask is super Gaga but I kind of love it, and her sparkly necklace.

Then Aria goes into some dark scary trellised area and you think someone’s going to be revealed to her – Jenna pop’s up behind her, but she doesn’t see her  – and she goes straight for Ezra. Oh, “straight” and “Ezra” in the same sentence… Questionable.

The masked party was the only place Ezra and Aria could be together in public and he gets all emo about the fact that it’s their first dance. But then he takes off her mask, and takes off his mask and makes out with her to a Lady Antebellum song (which I actually love so whatever).  Like, no one at this function is saying, “Um, that former teacher is making out with a student”?

I decided in this episode that I’m OK with Ezria again. Sometimes I hate them but I think I just hate them when they’re fighting and if they just make out in slow motion to music that I like then they’re OK in my book.

Cut to Spencer’s discovery in room 2 – A’s lair. The room is covered with pictures of Allison, newspaper clippings about her death and investigation, and pictures of the little liars. Cut to Paige being super dykey. Cut back to Mona saying A is dressed as the black swan – and someone at the ball IS dressed as black swan but we never find out who she is. I feel like we’ve all accepted that this is Melissa, but it’s unknown. AND Hanna is the only little liar wearing white.

And then they revealed it: Mona is A.

Then Lucas appears and is in conversation with the black swan and Jenna.

This is the moment I realized everyone is A. Right now we think it’s Mona, the liars think it’s Mona, Dr. Sullivan thinks it’s Mona, but it has to be so much more than Mona. And I’m fairly certain we’ll discover this in the next new episode. We just have to.

Back in the motel Spencer realizes Mona is A and then Mona somehow swats her like a fly, even though Spencer is super athlete of the world, and she’s unconscious.

Then there’s a chase and when the liars have Mona cornered she lets out an awesome scream as she tackles Spencer, and then she somehow falls off a cliff but survives.

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Yes, I wrote down Dr. Sullivan’s diagnosis: “She was living in a perpetual state of hyper reality. The adrenaline rush that accompanied her feelings of empowerment and her high level of intelligence fueled Mona’s ability to be seemingly all knowing and omnipresent.”

I mean, it’s pretty stupid and there’s also the issue of there being like 20 more A’s. I’m pretty sure we found one A out of a sea of maybe 7 people or more. Ok, so maybe that’s not a “sea”. But still…

Dr. Sullivan says Mona had threatened her son so she had to leave town, but Toby convinced her to come back. Then Toby stands like a sexual stud in a leather jacket leaning again his pick up truck, which I don’t remember being gold, but I dig it, and he says to Spencer, “Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” And then they make out.

But, What why did he have to pretend? Apparently Mona was threatening him but we have no idea with what (I guess we can assume it was his inappropriate relationship with Jenna?). We have no idea what she was threatening Dr. Sullivan’s son with. THERE ARE STILL SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Is Toby Dr. Sullivan’s son? For a second I thought he was until I realized he addressed her earlier in the episode by phone as “Dr. Sullivan”. And why was he convincing her to come back? And by the way, did anyone find Mr. Hastings’ gun?

Then Maya’s body is found in Emily’s backyard and Emily goes apeshit.

Then at the very end, Mona is in some sort of mental institution and says to someone “I did everything you told me to.” Revealing that although Mona was A (some of the time, at least) there was someone else in charge.

At this point I think A has to be Mona, Melissa, Garrett, Jenna, Lucas, Jason, and you might as well throw Toby, Ezra and Caleb in there too because really, no one is to be trusted. Maybe Byron Montgomery too. I also kind of think Ali is alive and that she had an evil twin that she either killed or that killed her and then that person, be it Ali or AliTwin, is a huge part of this.

All in all, I thought it was a suspenseful episode. They closed like one door and opened like a thousand windows. There are so many windows open that it’s super drafty in here and I’m going to need a shawl and some hot tea like ASAP, you guys.


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  • Leigh Raines

    you crack me up!! 

  • Bgrant9109

    OMG I said the same thing. It was like Psycho

  • dunno , but I was kind of dissapointed with Mona. 

  • dee.

    I was soooo disappointed that they made Mona A, after they said they wouldn’t. I know she’s part of something bigger, but it’s still a bummer, I was waiting for something entirely different. And I did get to suspecting Caleb, too; when they arrived together at the ball? They were both acting kind of fake, in my opinion, I just got a weird vibe from them. And Caleb  is a mysterious dude, I mean, he came out of nowhere. Not to mention that he has these frequent disappearences ‘visiting his family’ – I don’t think so. And although I love Ezria, I was kind of hoping that Ezra would turn out to be A, it would have been an interesting twist, plus, there’s a lot of evidence pointing in that direction…oh well, maybe next season.

    Oh, and the person who came to see Mona…we got to see a red coat, similar to Vivien Darkbloom’s. Looks like they’re going for the twins/Ali is alive thing, after all.

  • Eric Pharand

    Meh, I’m done.
    Good recap/review.

  • Pablo

    I really wanted to know who A is and be donde with this show, but I guess I have to keep watching although is pretty obvious they’re all A, I just have to know who is in charge :S

  • you’re so funny lol. this was an amazing recap. (: 
    I think A is Mona, Garrett, Melissa, Jenna, Lucas and Ezra. I don’t know why but I really trust Jason and I love Toby and Caleb to believe it’s one of them.

  • maria.banda

    A is definetly Aria, I’m sure.