Hello, Fringies. I’m gessing you are not very happy today, right? I’m not that happy either. The episode was great but there was that thing in the end that kind of killed it. So, let’s begin. PS: Since I am sad after the episode, this recap will not sound exciting as the other ones. And it may be shorter. But anyway…

Alt!Livia and Lincoln talk about the case of the week.

The episode began with an adorable scene with Gene! We missed you.

Poor Lincoln, the day already started badly. Olivia, in her no-memory-of-my-life thing, doesn’t remember that Lincoln gave her an amulet (is that an amulet? I don’t know any specific name to that thing) that his dead partner had given to him as a thank you for saving his life. There’s kind of a labyrinth in it, that represents the jorney of life, the obstacles and making right choices. When you get past those, you get to the center, home, a place to belong. His partner gave him this as a reminder that Lincoln was home with him and his family.

Olivia goes away to help the Bishop Boys and Astrid comes in with two boxes. Lincoln, being the sweetheart he is, helps her. Turns out Astrid has to tell the other side how the recent encounters with Jones were. How about he tried to kill them for the tenth time? But, since Olivia has gaps in her memory, Astrid has to do it, breaking a promise to her dad.

Lincoln then tries to go in Astrid’s place, saying to Broyles that everyone but him is busy. After some insistence, Broyles lets him.

Case of the week: A woman was about to be assalted when someone stopped the thief with, like, super strengh and stuff. I won’t say freak of the week because it wasn’t too much of a freak, right?

So, Lincoln crosses over to the Other Side and is waiting for Liv and Linc (Alt!Livia and Alt!Lincoln) when Liv opens the door, saying that they’ll have to talk about it on the way. To where? To what’s left of the thief!

But first, Over There is healing! The bridge really worked! And Lincoln’s middle name is Tyrone. Seriously, I laughed hard because the only one this name reminded was this guy. No, I don’t watch Backyardigans, I just have a one year old sister. I guess Linc agrees that Tyrone is not a cool middle name. And we also learned that there’s no Batman OT. It’s Mantis. Whaa?

Apparently someone has been catching bad guys but never leaves them behind. Except this time. And disgusting Fringe is back. Back to the case, what’s changed? The answer is: creepy shapeshifter guy is moving. Two government guys were checking up the area with no more amber when they found a church with losts of dead bodies just like the one we were shown. Ok, maybe they were a little more gross. And creepy guy is hiding inside a van with a wallet that has a picture of a kid.

And so the Fringe Team goes to the church. Instead of going home to enjoy the pastures with Gene, Lincoln chooses to stay and help with the case. And aw, he even receives a thank you. For what? As Liv says, OT they are heroes for being partly responsible for healing their world. Awesome!

Then we cut to our creepy (I’ll start saying creeper of the week anytime soon) guy being not creepy in a homeless people place (I think). We discover that his name is Canaan and he helps the lady who apparently works there and sits down to eat. Then, he runs away after some other guy tells him he has something on his neck.

Back to the church, Linc basically tells Lincoln that the tough one in the team is Liv, not him. I guess that’s a pattern, since Over Here Olivia is the tough one too. At least over Lincoln. Liv then asks for Linc to tell him her theory: that whoever or whatever did this was living there and ran away when realized he was about to be found. That’s why he left the last body behind.

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Meanwhile, Lincoln is chopping a head off to get a necklace. But it was worth it because he saw something that startled him. He gives the necklace to Liv and asks her if they can determine the time of death and see surveillance shooting of the area.

Already on Fringe Division, Astrid (Alt!Astrid but anyway) says that there won’t be any surveillance of her, basically. Linc appears with time of death and asks why they need it and Lincoln answers saying that he’ll tell him if it’s relevant.

The next scene is fun. Linc asks why is it that Lincoln doesn’t want to go back home and he answers with a simple they don’t need me. We all know the real reason, but anyway. Linc then gets cocky, saying that that’s the difference between them: the Red!Verse wouldn’t survive without him. You’re so right. Then Lincoln starts to say that Linc is super confident and a narcisist, and it’s funny to see Linc’s reactions. Then they start to talk about their lives and it’s all the same. I mean, all of it.

Turns out Lincoln’s theory was proved right. The headless woman did walk around after she died. But that’s impossible, right? Not according to Lincoln’s theory: a shapeshifter. I told you. Broyles didn’t seem to like the theory that much but he’s a traitor, so. He sent Lincoln home and told the Fringe Team to let him know when they have something more concrete. Oh, shut up, Broyles.

Canaan is being creepy again by watching kids play soccer. But this time he’s kind of sad too, so I feel sorry for him. We cut to two drug addicts using drugs until one has to pee and Canaan kills the other, turning into him. Yep, shapeshifter.

Astrid finds something that may be related to the suspect. The drug addict murder. Broyles says to lock down the perimeter and Lincoln suggests they circulate the guy’s photo because if it is a shapeshifter, then that’s how he’ll look like. Broyles again and they go to look for him.

Lincoln and Liv are in the car when Astrid gives them a street to go. And so they do. They meet with Linc and then they split through the perimeter to catch Canaan. While the team looks, Linc and Lincoln have a heart-to-heart. “You’re a good agent. Not as good as me, though.” We know that, Linc. And Lincoln still doesn’t get how they are so different. It’s simple, Lincoln, the Fringe producers made the other one cooler. No, I’m kidding. Or maybe not. According to Linc, it’s free will. I agree, Linc, you said it perfectly.

Liv interrupts them and Lincoln sees Canaan. Astrid confirms it and they start to chase him. That leads Lincoln to a dark house. Oh, no. Canaan knocks Lincoln down and steals his gun, but doesn’t kill him. He runs away, only to be caught by the Fringe Team. When Astrid tells Broyles that the suspect was caught, the colonel calls Nina to tell her that they have him in custody. Damn you, Broyles.

Then, Lincoln asks Liv for five minutes to talk to Canaan. What for? His obssession with shapeshifters, you guys. At first she doesn’t let him, but after Lincoln says that she’d do the same for her partner, she lets him.

We cut to some suspicious guy with a suitcase. He enters a building, goes upstairs and sets up a large gun. Oh, no, a snipper. It’s not like he’ll kill anyone with it, right?

Then Lincoln starts to talk to Canaan and we discover his real story. He was once human and had a woman in his life. She had a son, Daniel, that he wishes was his. But they left him. He just wanted to be needed or at least missed. He asks Lincoln if he understands and he says he does. In that moment I felt so sorry for both of them. But continuing, Canaan says for that he needed to be more than he was, something unique and that Jones understood it and made him the first of a new breed of human beings. But he was a disappointment.

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Lincoln says that stealing other people’s DNA is what’s keeping him alive and that’s why he’s been targeting criminals. Canaan nods, confirming, and Lincoln says he’s disposable to Jones, but Canaan says that Jones promised he’d come back for him to fix him.

Lincoln gets out of the room and Liv is waiting to take Canaan outside to transport him. But then it all begins. The snipper tries to shoot Canaan. The shooting begins and no one knows where the shooter is. Liv sees him and Lincoln covers her while she takes her super gun (I don’t know the name of the guns, so for me it’s a gun or a super gun, ok? xD). Being the BAMF she is, in a few seconds she is able to take the suspect down.

Everything is alright until it isn’t anymore. Linc’s been shot! Don’t you dare die! You are so amazing! And you are the only one who’s not dumb and actually realized that Fringe Division has a spy.

What was wrong with Nina’s face while she was looking at the shapeshifters? Just look at it!

We discover that the shooter actually didn’t die and Nina starts to talk about how the Olivias always surprise her and now that they’ve taken care of the problem, they just need for him (Jones?) to… Oh, wait. They haven’t taken care of the problem because there’s been a breach and it’s Canaan! Way to go, Canaan!

Nina tries to run, but the Fringe Division helicopters make her surrender herself. Then we cut to Broyles receiving the news and he doesn’t seem happy. Astrid comes in and says she has something to report but we don’t get to know what it is. She seemed nervous, though.

Back at Jones’s hideout, Liv and Lincoln discover a lot of stuff about the shapeshifters. There’s even a tracking board for all the shapeshifters! And they were all excited talking about it until someone gives Liv the bad news. Lincoln doesn’t know what’s going on and when he asks someone about it, the answer is: “Captain Lee. He didn’t make it.”

Oh no. No no no no no. Linc can’t be dead! He can’t, he just can’t. There was a commercial break at this moment and the Fringe fandom exploded tumblr crying. Yeah, I was included.

But we have to go on. Lincoln takes Canaan to OH for Walter to help him. Can I just say that Peter had the most “I just had sex” face? If you didn’t see it, watch that scene again. It’s there. Ok, I’m joking but I’m still sad. Lincoln gives Canaan the amulet of the beginning of the episode and he sets off with Walter and Peter.

Meanwhile, Liv opens up Linc’s closet (?) with his clothes and personal objects to clean it. It’s such a beautiful scene, with no desperate crying, just a silent pain and Liv missing her partner. There are some photos with her and she takes one. After a little while, she’s staring at a picture and smiling when Lincoln comes in to check up on her.

All the awards to Anna Torv, you guys. She does an amazing work here, as usual. We can see that she is almost crying when Lincoln enters the room, but, being the tough one, she doesn’t. Lincoln says that there’s a lot of work to be done and that he’d stay there to help her. She thanks him and the both stare at each other, teary eyed.

Could that be the beginning of the Linham (do not confuse with Leeham, please)? That is, Alt!Livia and our Lincoln. Leeham stands for Alt!Lincoln and Alt!Livia. And I’ll ship Leeham forever and ever! Even if I ship Linham in the future (it can hapen), Leeham will always be in my heart. Because Alt!Lincoln was so much cooler and I loved him. And I loved his relationship with Alt!Livia.

Just to finish, the glyphs formed the word Dream. So… maybe Alt!Lincoln is not dead because dreams are things that only hapen in our heads? I don’t know. There are a lot of theories like that in tumblr. See you next week, Fringies. Try not to cry too much.

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  • Eric Pharand

    He survives getting roasted but dies from a gunshot?! Lees comparing lives was cool. It was also cool that they turned the tables on Jones/AltNina. Proto-shiftter tech is gross.

    • the shapeshifter’s tech was probably the most grossest thing ever. and I didn’t get that either, about the explosion. there are rumors that he’s actually alive because we didn’t see he die. let’s just wait and see, I guess.

  • See and while I shipped Leeham for me it with Linvia that broke my heart into a million pieces. I just hope they handle Linham just right… having a romantic relationship for them will be difficult because they may both always reference back to the others doppelganger. It’ll be interesting to watch it all unfold.

    I was so in love with Lincoln being OT and interacting with Liv and Linc and I was pumped up about future episodes with the three of them and then the world ended… like seriously I am still a little emotional about Linc dying… It doesn’t add up and i’m hoping that since we didn’t see his body that maybe he’s alive! :]] fingers crossed!!!