Ghost Bobby is still hanging around and the boys are still torn.  I am still not.  No flask burning.  Keeping Bobby.

Sam and Dean are making calls, trying to figure out what Dick is looking for and coming up short (not literally, you’ve seen them.  They’re large).  Dean takes a drink from the flask and Bobby appears.  We all wonder if he’s a genie, but he tells us he’s not.  Sad.  He would have been my favorite Genie ever.  Even beat the Genie in Aladdin.

Bobby has some info on Dick, who is getting into the soil business.  Basically, according to Bobby, Dick is curing us to make us healthier food for the levithans, who aren’t ever going to leave.  Bobby’s still speaking about the living as “we’re” as in “we’re all going to march our happy fat asses down to the death camps” and it’s sad.  Oh Bobby, unless Cas heals and can bring you back, you don’t have to worry about the death camp.  You’re already dead.

The boys are kinder than I am and don’t try to psychoanalyze Bobby’s inability to let go of being human in that moment.  Instead, they get an email from Frank, explaining that someone is hacking his drive.  No big deal except that drive contains all of their aliases, hide outs and most importantly, the location of the Impala.  Let’s all take a moment for Dean’s Baby (unsurprising, Dean’s looked less upset when someone was threatening an actual baby). The hacker is hacking from Richard Roman Enterprises

From here, we go back 5 hours and meet our mystery hacker.  Now, there’s been huge excitement about her all week (probably before, but it just came to my attention this week).  While I watched Buffy, actress Felicia Day hasn’t really been on my radar.  Quite frankly, I found her annoying as hell as a Slayer in Training (I found them ALL annoying, nothing personal Ms. Day).  But I was pleasantly surprised by how adorable her character was in this episode.

The show does here what it occasionally does and gently kids the geek girl stereotype.  I always wonder how this goes over in the fandom because many people share similar interests to these characters and there never seems to be an overwhelmingly consistent answer (at least not when the fan girl in question is Becky).   I’m thinking Charlie will fare better.   Charlie is, quite frankly, almost everything I think a fan gurl would want to be.  She’s adorable, unabashedly proud of the things she enjoys (from Wonder Woman and Hermione action figures to attending Comic Con).

Charlie gets called into her manager’s office, meets Dick Roman and is told to hack Frank’s drive (without looking to see what’s in it).  He claims she has three days to hack it or she’s fired.  Charlie regrets her decision to be as indispensable as possible. She goes to work on the drive with a little encouragement from her Hermione action figure.  There’s some cute geeky banter here, but ultimately she doesn’t manage to hack Frank yet.

Sam and Dean are planning how to get into their Death Star and Bobby points out that that is simply not possible.  All Roman’s guys (and computers) know their faces.  There will be no sneak attack.  He has a rather good alternate plan – mailing in the flask and letting Bobby go to work – but the boys are concerned seeing Dick will drive Bobby into vengeance mode.  Once that starts, there’s no telling if it can or will stop and then they might have to salt and burn Bobby.  I agree with Bobby that this is a tad bit offensive.  Dick did kill him and if he wants to go in and have his vengeance, I say go for it.  I trust Bobby can keep it under control.

Charlie finally hacks the system, but curiosity gets the best of her, and again at action figure Hermione’s prompting, she checks it out.  I have to say, I love how they have Charlie’s decisions tied to what she thinks Hermione would do in a situation.  It’s a cute detail and most of us use similar patterns in doing what we want VS what we were told in different ways (for me, I’ll ask the eight ball continually until it gives me the answer that I’m looking for).

Charlie gets a crash course in the back history of leviathans to help out everyone who has either forgotten or just joined us.  Leviathans:  shape shifting monsters as old as all time, huge teeth, bleed black, killed with borax.  Dick Roman is the head Leviathan.  Charlie’s pretty sure everyone’s crazy, but upon going to find her boss, she sees Dick Roman’s henchman kill her boss and shape shift into her now deceased boss.   Just like that, Charlie decides she’s out.   She makes her way home and when Pete calls uses the time old excuse women use to make men uncomfortable and leave us alone – lady problems, killer cramps, talk to ya later.   She’s about to make her getaway when Dean busts through her door.

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Now, given Charlie’s emotional status, she’s pretty upset to see Dean.  She immediately thinks he’s a Leviathan and when Sam shows up behind her (Jesus did he come in through a window?), she attacks him with her plastic sword.    The sword breaks apart upon meeting Sam’s rock hard abs.  Dean’s giving her a “You idiot” look and pours some borax (they carry a rather large bottle with them in Dean’s jacket pocket which is just odd) on both Sam and himself to prove they’re just crazy people who broke into her home.  I have no idea why this is reassuring.  She’s a very tiny woman with two, yes incredibly gorgeous, well built stranger men in her house but they don’t exactly play non-threatening.  For whatever reason, it clams her down and Charlie also splashes some borax to prove she’s just a hacker.

Sam and Dean explain they’re hunters.  Charlie still doesn’t get how they found her, but it turns out Frank hacked her webcam sending them a picture of her.  Tricky Frank.  Also this makes me slightly nervous about how crappy I look without covering up my webcam.  I probably should do something about that.

Sam’s impressed with Charlie’s hacking skills and wants her to hack into Dick Roman’s email.  She agrees after finding out we’re all about to “meat in the extra value meal.”  Oh Dean, your way with words.  Turns out that Dick’s email is on a private server, in his office, and she needs to be in there to do it.  Yes, SHE.  Dean and Sam don’t have the skills.   She waffles for a few moments on whether she should participate, but ultimately decides to be Team We Don’t End Up Extra Value Meals.   So Sam and Dean use their breaking and entering skills to help her break in and hack Dick.

Sam and Dean are undercover in a black van outside.  Before she walked in, Charlie set them up so they can do fancy things with the video feed and buy her a tiny little window to do everything they need her to do.   The boys worry a bit about her and notice that Bobby’s put his flask in Charlie’s bag.  Sam and Dean aren’t happy, but they point out the flask which helps with her.  They don’t want her to lose the family heirloom/good luck charm and THAT had never occurred to me until right now.  Thanks guys, I didn’t have enough to worry about.  Don’t lose Bobby, Charlie, or else my goodwill will be gone.

Sam gives Charlie a pep talk via Harry Potter history because she can’t seem to move.  Dean is incredulous at this, but Sam knows his audience and Charlie’s back in   Though the change from our introduction to her in which she practically skipped into work and did a little dance in the elevator to now where she cowers in the elevator is very evident and sad.  I’d be scared to death too Charlie – you’ll find a reason to dance again if you manage to survive this, I promise!  Plus, Bobby’s hitching a ride with you so you’ve got back up even if you don’t know it.

Charlie runs into a guard and we’re treated to Dean’s powers of seduction.  He insists Charlie flirt her way past, but Charlie insists that’s not possible because she’s into girls.  Dean’s advice is to pretend he has boobs and that doesn’t work for girls, Dean.  Yes, we can objectify the people we enjoy just like you guys do, but we can’t just visualize parts and make sexy happen.   This was the clip of the week and there’s no doubt in my mind that it should have.  Watching Dean have to flirt with the security guard is comedy gold.   It actually gets better the more you see it SPN Charlie’s Flirting Clip    Despite the “Shut up Sammy and Stop Talking Charlie” flubs, Dean manages to get the flirt back on track and she gets in.

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Turns out Dick is a Charlie Sheen fan and his password, w1nn1ng, is easily hacked by our super hacker.  Sadly, the guard is well aware Charlie’s not back yet and goes to check out the ladies.   Luckily for her, Bobby’s been working on his zen and bolts the door.  This buys her a bit of time to get into Dick’s bathroom and pretend she misunderstood.  Dean must Cyrano de Bergerac some more flirting because Charlie offers her up phone number and the disc finishes downloading and makes a clean get away.

Back in the truck, despite his wonderful flirting effort, Dean’s not feeling very useful and gets his pout on.  Sam stays logical and mixes up more Borax.  They agree that if Charlie gets in trouble, they’ll go in despite the fact they’ll most likely get killed.  Oh boys, don’t be silly.  We’ve got 2 or 3 more episodes left before the season finale.  You won’t die today.

Charlie’s downing what’s in Dean’s flask (you know that’s gonna be strong) and sending off everything to Dean and Sam.   Her boss Pete shows up and she promises results in a few hours.   They find out Dick stopped digging and whatever Dick wanted is on it’s way to the office tonight, guarded in a private airplane with security.   The boys manage to switch the suitcases after Charlie buys them some more time with a fake weather delay email and Dick gets a suitcase with a Borax Bomb in it instead.   Sam and Dean end up with the red clay.  No we still don’t know what that’s about.

However, prior to that, he shows up to talk to Charlie before she can make her getaway, Dick shows up all fake politician smile.    He wants to know what she’s found.  Luckily for the boys, she’s wiped the drive about them and the company so Dick has nothing.   Unbeknownst to her, Bobby’s standing behind them getting his vengeance up.  He tries to remain strong so Charlie doesn’t end up collateral damage, but Dick killed him and he’s pissed.   This probably won’t end well.  Dick’s called away regarding the package and Charlie makes her getaway.  Almost.

After being Borax bombed, Dick locks the building down and Charlie’s stuck.  Charlie’s a little lucky because Bobby’s there to crack the glass and allow the boys to be able to break in and help her out.  Unfortunately, he’s in vengy mode and throws one of the Leviathans into her and a wall, so she ends up with a broken arm.  Dean Boraxes the Leviathan, while Sam picks up Charlie and they make a run for it while Bobby uses his ghost vengeance to cause Dick some pain.  As Charlie passes out from the pain in the car, Bobby feels guilty.

Charlie gets her arm fixed and decides to disappear.  New name, new city, etc.   She tells the boys not to contact her again (which probably guarantees will be seeing her again), wishes them luck and is out.   Dean reflects that she’s like the little sister he never wanted and I was totally expecting him to give Sam some Samantha crap like season 1 and was sorely disappointed.

Sam and Dean have a pow-wow about the flask and Bobby.  Dean defends Bobby a bit, he’d have taken the shot, but Sam’s upset Charlie’s arm is broke.  I get it, Sam, I do, but all three of you living breathing human beings faced down Dick and managed to live to tell the tale.  A broken arm is not that big of a deal considering she could have been monster chow.   Bobby controlled his rage way better than you or Dean would have and I think he should get props for that.  Sam still presses on the dire, that if Bobby continues down this road, they won’t be able to pull him back, he wont be Bobby and they’ll have to…well, let’s not talk about it.  Always with the negative, Sam.  Dean’s worried too (I am not), but pulls a Scarlett O’Hara “I’ll worry about it another day.”  I’m with him, figure out the red clay situation, get rid of Dick and then Bobby’s rage wont be a problem.

So Supernatural fans, what did you think?  Love this episode?  Do you agree with Sam that something has to be done about Bobby or are you worrying about it later?   Next week, Cas is back and apologizing.  Maybe he can help us fix this mess.

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  • Well I didn’t like this episode. It was a little bit boring, but still better than some in season 7.
    I think that Bobby is just angry for being killed and he wants revenge. And revenge and ghosts are not very good idea, so Bobby can be really dangerous at some point. They should be aware that he might turn against them and he can kill someone in fury. I really loved Bobby and I still am, but he needs to move forward. There is nothing good for him. I know that Dean is still missing him, but he needs to ged rid of this flask and Bobby. It is hard, but this needs to be done.