Note: This is another one of those long, stream-of-consciousness things. I’m sorry.

It’s a difficult thing when you begin to review a television show. I mean, obviously, I’m just here reviewing it for my own blog — not anywhere important — but still, you begin to look at it differently. I suppose I can still watch an episode and find that there’s a great entertainment value in it, but otherwise it may have fallen flat…and yet that’s still very hard for me to do. It’s difficult to separate yourself from the entertainment value and the storyline and the characterization.

Should I just begin reviewing on entertainment value alone? I feel as though in the beginning of this season, I was doing just that — and certainly, tonight’s episode was entertaining. It always is. But now, I focus way too much on the ifs and hows and whys in the quest of who these characters are.

For example, when Tyler found the drawing Klaus made for Caroline and questioned why she had kept it, I questioned the same thing. Why would Caroline keep the drawing the mass murderer in town who tried to kill her twice and sired her boyfriend and threatened everyone she loves made? Why? It mostly irks me because in the beginning of the episode, it seemed like Caroline’s heart was set straight. But if that scene was actually inputted to test whether or not she’s reciprocating feelings, I don’t know how this is a logical step for her character.

The same goes for Elena who planted one on an almost-half-naked Damon as they then proceeded to dry hump against a column only to be interrupted by her brother. In other words, they were interrupted by the guy Damon killed close to six months ago (in show time) who happens to be Elena’s brother. Can we actually forgive that? As I was watching with my sister, I reminded her of that and she responded with, “Ah! He’s a vampire! They do those things!”

Those things? Like kill people? I mean — what now? It’s completely unforgivable. Completely! Now, Stefan obviously has murdered countless people, but it wasn’t her own brother. And what gets at me the most is that Elena is not one bit attracted to Damon’s darkness. Not at all. They aren’t even trying to make you believe that’s what’s happening. She only stares him down when she learns of how he put Rose out of her misery, because it displays the “good” in him. It’s only a hard decision to admit her feelings for Damon because he very well may be “good.” I mean, she admitted herself that if he had screwed up, the decision would have been made for her.

Listen, everyone knows I’m rooting for Stefan and Elena. But that doesn’t make me some dramatic weirdo who just cannot stand Damon and Elena together. Make it happen. I couldn’t care less. But do it in a way in which when I watch it, I’m not thinking Elena’s attracted to the exact same aspects in these brothers. It’s hard enough for me not feeling any chemistry between the two characters, but I’m also watching a relationship develop from the idea of the former relationship with the other brother. I don’t understand it.

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And so when Rose said that Stefan’s love is “pure” but Damon’s may be the best or worst thing because it makes her question life, I’m still dumbfounded. First off, what is so awful about pure love? Second, who is Rose to be an authority on Elena’s relationship with Stefan? (Because she’s a ghost creeper?) And third, what else in Elena’s existence isn’t making her question life? The girl, just in the past two years or so, has lost her parents, her biological parents, may be losing her guardian, found out vampires existed, found out werewolves existed, found out witches existed, became the number one commodity between these beings, learned she was a descendant of doppelgangers, lost her boyfriend to his own darkness, and had to navigate it all without dying every single day. What is there to question? Evilness exists.

At least, with the Alaric storyline, the show has decided to ride that level of ambiguity a bit better. Although, Stefan did have to basically state it explicitly: there is darkness in all of us. And thus, with that statement, it seems the show is headed into a place of allowing the characters to acknowledge their own evil but being “okay with it” as long as that evil doesn’t overtake them. Or something to that effect. I guess, for the most part, I’m fine with this definition of “good” on the show. (Even if, as aforementioned, it completely contradicts the Elena and Damon relationship, which could be a great storyline.) Though, I’m not exactly a fan of Stefan determining that everything he went through is all for not if Elena has feelings for someone else. YOU COULD HAVE GONE THROUGH THAT JOURNEY FOR YOURSELF. Elena is not the end all and be all for justification.

And if I don’t stop there, I will continue with this topic forever. So let me get on with what else happened.

Elsewhere, this was a pretty shipper-heavy episode. Caroline and Tyler did it and then had issues. Damon and Elena went there with their hot and heavy kiss. Stefan and Elena are a bit estranged during the episode. Klaus and Caroline are mentioned. And Rebecca and Matt have sparks. Rebecca is perhaps my favorite Original at this point, mostly because she very well may be the most well-layered character this show has ever created. She’s just fantastic — either the writing, or the acting, or both, but you can just see how much goodness there is inside her, just how vulnerable she is. And her line, “I haven’t lived a day in my life,” just absolutely killed me. And then her mother had to possess her. Nice going there, mom. In any case, I think Matt is becoming the Caroline of the show, where people may start shipping him with everyone. And since, over the past few episodes, I have become a huge fan of Rebecca’s, I’m okay with Matt and Rebecca.

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And here’s why I like them more than Caroline and Klaus: Rebecca feels. And that’s really all that matters. Besides, it’s not so out-of-nowhere. And she didn’t try to kill everyone. I mean, she does want to kill Elena… so it’s complicated. But if the show has to go there, I think it makes a bit more sense.

Meanwhile, Kol is finally useful and was fun as the ruthless villain. And now the Scooby Doo Gang has no idea where they descended from. Ruh-roh! I’m sure there has to be a way to get around this. (It’s probably that the Originals will stay indefinitely.) Needless to say, I’m only okay with this storyline if it actually goes somewhere. And, to be frank, I don’t care if both Klaus and Tyler are collateral damage. Buh-bye. Something’s gotta give. These people cannot just stay around if there’s no purpose.

Speaking of which, I don’t know what to make of this whole possessed story…only because, as I mentioned, Rebecca is my favorite. So I want her back. Other than that, it’s most certainly compelling. I mean, here I am not caring which Originals die, but knowing that if one of them dies, all the vampires in their bloodlines die — and it’s like a game of Russian Roulette, so now I have to care. It’s a fantastic storyline, currently. I enjoyed Damon, Elena, and Jeremy hunting down clues and Kol pushing Elena down. Good stuff.

In that sense, the episode had great entertainment value. I would categorize this as one of the more interesting episodes this season. But I still find myself questioning a bit of the characters’ actions. I don’t think I’ll be able to judge the episodes by one aspect or the other, solely, anytime soon, and I think that’s okay. I think it’s okay to either love or hate an episode because you thought it was entertaining or made no sense or was boring or was true to the characters. Personally, there were enough twists to keep me on my toes. But I’m hoping that seeing this season through pays off in what I think is lack of sensical development. But hey, it’s an hour of TVD — so it was good.

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • viovio

    i really like what you said about Elena only being attracted to the good side in Damon, i never thought about it that way but it makes sense after this episode! and thats why it seems like Elena would never choose Damon because his darkness is part of who he is. i guess thats why ppl even though i like Delena i dont see Elena in love with Damon, because she doesnt accept all of him yet she has tried to accept Stefan’s dark side. 🙁

    also, since the Mary Potter (?) vampire died, wouldnt Rose be able to connect with her since they will both be ghosts?

    i am really excited about the Rebecca being compelled story, but at the same time it reminds me of Alaric as Klaus…it is very interesting but at the same time it seems like a recycled storyline!

    anyway i enjoyed this episode but found it a bit slow. TVD is becoming disappointing and this is so sad cuz i love it so much!!!

  • Iamfandom

    Hmm I feel like I need to see it all again from the beginning. See seasons one through three all the way and then judge those three factors because I feel like with all the breaks between episodes this season that it needs to all be seen again through fresh eyes. Maybe opinions I have now about why people are acting the way they are might change when there are weeks between one scene and another. :]]

    I had considered starting to blog about tv shows I loved but I found myself not about to just get lost in the emotions of the episode and I guess for me that’s the end all of these shows “how do I feel about the characters and the story” for me it doesnt have to be completely explainable by logic and reason why a character or characters do what they do if I’m emotional in favor of the choice :]]

  • Vick

    Hey Mike <3 Long time since I've commented lol

    I kind of feel like you. I can't see Elena in love with "Damon". I see her in love with the idea that even monsters like vampires can feel love and can be good – the thing is, she fell for Stefan before she learned he was a vampire, so it feels a little truer to me. As for Damon, I cannot shake the idea that he loves Elena because of Katherine – because he's fascinated by her and by who he is when he's around her. It reminds him of how it was to be human and how it was to love, like before he was turned. So, for me Elena wants a Stefan and Damon wants a Katherine, so I just can't buy their relationship : I see chemistry though 🙂

    As for Caroline/Tyler. Oh well. Let's just say I kept wondering if Tyler was jealous of Caroline or of Klaus when he saw the drawing? Hahaha. And they keep trying to shove Klaroline through our throats.. But I must say. The only Car ship I'm digging right now is Matt/Caroline.

    Kol must be ridiculous but he sure looks like a improved Elijah. And I feel bad for Rebekah as well. I want them all to die but I don't, at the same time. It's a hard life. Hahahahaha.


  • Annamarie Vsr

    THANK YOU!! For stating the truth. I could care less if Delena happens, but if it does, it needs to make sense. And this Klaroline ship is going absolutely no where. I can’t wait for the photo recap. 

  • Eric Pharand

    The technical quality of a storyline, episode, or series is directly related but not directly equivalent its entertainment value.  All fiction requires some suspension of disbelief. The rule of cool covers a multitude of logical sins. 
    Retcons can be good or bad. Additionally, one must consider the theme of the series and its target demographic.For example, I’m fairly certain that many viewers of the episode think the episode was amazing or total crap based purely on the Delena scenes and conversely don’t care that Damon beat up Kol easily despite their extreme age difference.

    I liked the episode. I thought it was a good episode. Good pacing and plotting. I liked Caroline’s plan to get out of planning the dance. I liked Becky’s line about never living a day. Esther possessing Becky was a cool reveal. I liked the Stefan/Alaric scenes. Still, Rose was extremely anvilicious, Tyler and Caroline had drama for drama’s sake which is bad. I understand Caroline keeping the drawing not because she likes Klaus but because she likes the gesture. However, Caroline would have thrown it out or put it away somewhere if she was going to be with Tyler at her house. If Tyler is so in love/devoted to Caroline then a note/drawing shouldn’t make him act super petty. A rushed storyline. I won’t write about the love triangle since it’s the point of the series but it is stupid and ridiculous.

    • Careforcar

      Excellent points. This is also similar to Stefan leaving the picture of Katherine out while Elena was around. Too easy.

  • Pellinore

    I don’t think they made any mention of Bonnie throughout the entire episode. Not unusual but given what happened in the last episode I wanted something. I mean we’re “planning” another school dance for peat’s sake. No one can take a break to inquire regarding her whereabouts? No search party? No scene with her visiting the school counselor to discuss her trauma (as all the characters should be doing)? But then that would take too much attention away from the real characters . . . I find it hard to believe they could not give her a moment for emotion and self-reflection especially given that she hardly exists within her circle of so-called friends. 

    Also why is it a suspenseful moment that Damon doesn’t care that by killing Klaus Tyler might die? I mean, Bonnie and her mother’s lives were decided on a coin toss. Damon would “heroically” let Bonnie die to save Elena. Damon has raped Caroline and raped and killed several characters, predominantly female, on this show. His brother is certainly no better and I don’t like how they try to liken his murderous rampages with an actual disease.

    I would only hope that killing Klaus means that Tyler can revert back to his original form. And with his new-found comfort in transforming into a werewolf perhaps he can better deal with the way he is. And perhaps his activity as a hybrid may bestow upon him some amount of control over his transformation. I don’t see them killing him b/c they would have no werewolves in the main cast unless by inducting someone new into the main group. With that in mind it would be funny if they got rid of Bonnie and just replaced her with another black witch.

    I can better understand where Rebecca is coming from. I do like her character. She and I share a similar level of dislike for Elena. And I can understand that since she’s lived in a vegetative state in a coffin for most her eternal life that has lead to some arrested development in her case. So far she’s adjusting to life without that limitation. But still there are challenges.

    And I liked Kol getting “even.” It’s okay for Damon to suffer a bruising here and there. Damon can be an incorrigible beast for all I care, but I’d like to see him face some realistic consequences for wrong-doing. Same goes for Stefan. I don’t feel these sorts of things go out the window if you happen to be supernatural.  And Elena, she’s never really going to be in any real danger. Although she’s suffered some terrible circumstances, such as being force-fed vampire blood.

    Comparing the love scenes, Damon and Elena seemed a bit ridiculous to me. It didn’t make any sense and it’s upset many fans from what I’ve seen. The music, the wind, the kissing. I just wasn’t feeling it. Tyler and Caroline was okay.

    And you’re right that Damon could not possibly be the only thing that has challenged Elena in these two years. Stefan challenges her as well, since clearly he can’t be what she wants entirely so she will have to accept him for what he is.

    Caroline should have told Tyler something with more conviction. Like: “Oh that old thing, I forgot to to throw it away. Surprised you even found it here.”

    Twist at the end was nice. Hope Rebecca comes out of it in one piece.

    • girlintime

      Well, rhey didn’t need a spell so why would Bonnie show up? That and the fact that this eisode is full of DE has made me skip it. Just enjoying all the recaps instead. If the SL actually improves I might consider watching the rest of the season.

      • Pellinore

         Haha I know. But must they remind me of how much she doesn’t matter all the time? My heart can only take so much abuse. I figured I would keep watching until the end of this season and then make my decision. Mostly likely I’ll quit watching and just stick to the recaps, too. I was considering doing the same with True Blood, but since Alan Ball will no longer be working on that show I might wait and see what’s in store for next year’s season.

        Like another commentator stated, I’m mostly here for a few characters not including the main trio. But I can’t support a show that is so blatantly racist, homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic. I think that the show can be salvaged, but it feels like the writers are feeling so above reproach that they’re probably having a fart sniffing party every time they write a new episode.

  • Mikael Sikk

    Well, I have to admit I kinda want Delena to happen because… well, that has to be the hottest kiss/make out session ever seen on TVD. I mean id you see Elena, she was ON, ON!, you guys.
    Nevertheless, I don’t see that relationship justified on logic. Then again, I don’t se Stelena as logic, either, so whatever. I’ll keep hoping for ehr to hook up with Matt in the end.
    Also, I went to the forums and read this girl who wrote something among the lines of “Delena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameBLAHBLAHBLAHDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgameBLAHBLAHBLAHDelena is endgameDelena is endgameDelena is endgame” So maybe she rubbed on me.
    As whole, I think this episode was OK and interesting. It certainly tops that branch of episodes that gave a lot of trouble to like, but I wouldn’t count is as one of the best. It was good, looking forwood (see what I did there?) for the 1920s Decade Dance, which by the way means they have two of this per year, they surely got a lot of money in Mystic Falls, I wonder what do people do for a living there…
    And I love Rebekah, can’t say no more, gonna marry that girl one day I promise.

  • Big

    ITA about Rose comment…terrible..I really love Stefan’s character and I don’t like it when they use that words like good and save to reflect the SE relationship because it doesn’t reflect it at all. We all know DE has to happen, so be it, but to reduce SE on being good feels so wrong. I mean Damon might challenge Elena about plans, risking more in a plan and he also tried to push her to admit what she feels for him, but Stefan challenges her imo more. He wanted her to find out what she truely feels and he wanted her to be honest with herself and him and Damon.  He wanted her to be honest about not becoming a vampire in 2×20 and about her to acknowlege his rippah rampage in 3×04. He offered her to talk with him about their future, but he is not forcing her into things. He is talking with her, trying to get her to places she doesn’t want to go herself. This is for me a challenge. It is a different one then the one Damon is challenging her, but it’s a much more personal challenge and i don’t like that they don’t adress to that. Feels like a failure. Ughhhh

    • Pellinore

       Definitely agree with your statement and glad you brought up that pivotal scene from 2×20. It was right on the heels of Damon force-feeding Elena his blood. There’s a lot of bad things associated with both Damon and Stefan, so it’s odd that they keep using this good brother/bad brother dichotomy. Given their list of sins they’re both pretty bad.

  • katherine_fan

    Michael,I love this review!I will hit the tweet button until it breaks!You ‘re right!Stefan should accept himself for himself not Elena!She won’t be around forever-he will!

  • I liked this episode, but still, I’ve seen better.

    I totally agree with you about Damon and Elena! He killed Jeremy for god;s sake! it was just lucky coincidence that Jeremy was wearing this ring. But he wanted to kill Jeremy just for fun, just because he was angry. And she is just kissing him like that.

    I am not rooting for Stefan and Elena. They were so boring together and when I was seeing them so sweet and too perfect I just wanted to turn off my tv. Seriously.

    As I said before I don’t know what in this show character supposed to do to be hated by others. Alaric killed Caroline’s father and everyone is ok with that. Stefan is a killer and Damon is a killer and everyone is like, ok, you are a vampire/this was just your bad alter ego. This is just pathetic!

    Rebekah is awesome and well, I knew that Esther is up to something, but I didn’t expect her to posses Rebekah’s body.
    And yes, I think Rebekah and Matt would be perfect for each other. And I am so sad that she’ll be suffering again.

    Caroline and Klaus is the funniest relationship ever. But not in a good way. Seriously, Klaus murdered a lot of people she knew, he turned Tyler into hybrid, he told Tyler to bite Caroline, he is just bad and she is still into him. It is so wrong!

    I loved Kol since I saw him. the faisty one, something was definitely wrong with him, but he have something! In this ep he was funny and I loved him with baseball bat and I was woowing, when he hit Damon couple of times, but… Well Damon killed Finn and Kol just wanted them to be even and he just hit him a couple of times and he called that even? Seriously? I mean, vampires can regenerate so those hits were just like spider’s bite, it was hurting for a while and then it was gone. I am so not happy about that. I mean, even Rebekah was torturing Damon and that was better than faisty Kol trying to show off.

    • munki28

      Agree with you. Especially Kol’s part. I think he seems like the Damon of S1. Wish he hadn’t said “now we’re even”. They’ll never be even unless Kol kills Stefan. THEN they’re even

  • Mandy

    Yes! Finally someone sees it too, Elena is only attracted to Damon’s good side and we all know his good side is only for her,it does not stretch out to Jeremy, or Bonnie or Matt even…Look I have read the books, and the beauty of the DES triangle was that you had 1. 3 unique people involved in it. 2. a strong and confident woman in between. 3. Elena was loved both brothers for who they are – complete opposites. Damon loved the darkness, he hated being human, he despised the all, he was a vampire by nature, violent and cruel. Stefan was lighter, more mysterious, a human by nature, hating himself for causing pain to others, he would give anything to be human again. Elena knew what she wanted – both of them, she admitted to herself that she loved them both – Damon brought out her dark side, which Elena did not hide from and enjoyed it. But Elena was also human and she wanted life to be simple and normal and for her Stefan was the person she wanted to be with in such a life. THAT IS WHY SHE WAS TORN BETWEEN TWO BROTHERS. What we have here is a whole different story: we have a girl who loves a guy who is a vampire, and she is trying to change his older brother into a better guy because she sees and likes his good side…See the difference. So when all this nonsense with her feelings for Damon ends and gets resolved, the question Elena should be asking herself is – isn’t she fooling herself and her heart into thinking that she loves Damon just because he is sometimes nice and can be better, or did she just get carried away and has been leading this guy on when in reality she loves Stefan and he is the one she wants to be with in the life that she prefers –  normal one, she is not cut out for the darkness, she is only cut out to be a human.  

    As for Rose, OMG, I laughed so hard at her speech because it sounded like a pathetic little speech written for her by the annoying part of Delena fans (I respect the sane ones, who actually have solid reasons for their ship)….since when is pure love not enough?!  Sorry, lady, did not like you when you were alive, can stand you when you are dead and a stupid ghost. Yeah, Damon does make Elena question her life, like, maybe I am going crazy for liking a guy who has tried to kill my brother and turn me against my will? Just a little crazy maybe? Yep. Anyway, Rose, I have better words of wisdom on love for Elena – Love is not just a feeling of the heart, but a deep involvement of the mind too. Yes, she is in love with Damon, but she loves Stefan because her heart and her mind feel right and at place with him. Its very simple.

    Anyway, you might think I say all these negative things about delena because I am a hardcore Stelena fan. Look, if you ask me, I would say I prefer Elena with Stefan and if the DES triangle had been developed correctly along with all three people involved would have been outstanding characters – I would root for both and let the series finale decide. But here I can’t, honestly delena felt fake, forced and unnatural last night, like “Can is just happen so that we can all move on with our lives”, like lets finally please (some) Delena fans or they will stop watching the show. This is how delena felt to me last night and I really don’t know how they think it is right to put Elena with Stefan next week, dancing as if nothing has happened. Sometimes,I honestly feel like the main reason why delena is happening is because Damon is played by Ian Somerholder, and everyone just can’t wait to see him shirtless and in bed with Elena. Would it have been the same around if it had been a different actor playing Damon?  I doubt it.

    Wow, ok, said way to much about delena, but as for everything else, I am a little bit glad I can see where this season is going.

  • Apart from killing Jeremy, Damon also repeatedly raped and fed off Caroline, killed Vicki and Lexi, nearly killed Bonnie, turned Bonnie’s mom in to a vampire and murdered half of Mystic Falls. This is one of the heroes of the show and he is just as bad as the main villain, lets not forget about his brother, who occasionally every few decades goes off the rail and literally rips people apart. 

    What annoys me is how the main characters are hypocrites. Stefan, Damon and Alaric can kill anyone like its nothing but if a non main character does it he/she must be stopped and collateral damage doesn’t matter to them. They killed Finn, the least threatening vampire in existence to get to his brother, and there is actually no reason to kill Klaus since his main priority is to keep Elena alive and make sure she has children to continue her bloodline

    Why doesn’t Klaus just kill the Salvatores, Alaric, Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy and Tyler. He can then compel Elena to forget vampires exist and live a normal life, and also compel Caroline to fall in love with him. Then he can live with his hybrids and not worry about anyone killing him.

    • Pellinore

       You’ve essentially cracked the code. But that would be too much like, right, you know? Obviously the writers of this show can’t lead it to it’s logical end. There would be no more show. That’s why I hate it when writers use stupidity and gimmicky shit, suck as love triangles and polygons, to progress a story.

      • brittany

        lol except i don’t see how this love triangle helps the story progress at all o.O is the love triangle the main plot of this show? because i honestly don’t know what it is anymore.

        • Pellinore

          I don’t know myself. I feel the main plot is just Elena and her friends’ misadventures and discoveries involving supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves and witches. Always with an undercurrent of danger to Elena’s existence, but in the show it never seems like there is any real danger to anyone other than a few regulars. It could just be money-making filler, until the writers actually start writing like they give a damn about the story. I’d compare it to the most recent Twilight film where there was hardly any plot. Just three events: wedding, honeymoon, birth. That’s it. But it was allowed to fill up three hours of viewing time. I assume to make money and to make sure there’s another movie/season to accomplish something.

  • I guess I

    • Cacherr1

      IMO she don’t know Elena enough to give that advice.
      I too was baffled at what challenge does Damon present other than one’s ability not to want to bang him?
      Rose shouldn’t talk you were in love with that Trevor dude. That alone makes you unqualified to speak.

    • Mandy

      I have to say I am not an Elena fan at all, look I am only 22 myself, but I was not that brainless when I was 18. No freaking way! Look, even though I prefer Stefan to Damon, I still see flaws in his character too AND believe me, a lot of Stelena fans said that until he gets his shit together and apologizes – he is does not deserve Elena. I completely agree that s1 Elena would have slapped s3 Elena so hard because what we see here is just ridiculous – she is letting her belief in Damon’s good side blind her judgement on all the bad stuff he has done over the seasons – kill her brother in front of her, rape her friend Caroline, turn Bonnie’s mom, ready to sacrifice Bonnie for the ritual, his mission to postpone the ritual his werewolf bite forced Stefan to sacrifice himself to Klaus for the cure. Damon admitted it himself – he will always choose Elena, which means whenever she is in danger, he will not mind pushing other people under the bus if it means saving her life – and it could be anyone from innocent stranger to her close friends and finally to Jeremy. She needs to see also the danger in being with Damon, not just the fuzzy good side of things.

  • S.

    A-fucking-men about Stefan and his twisted sense of self-worth residing in Elena. Get it together, man. Seriously, I just can’t even with the main three 98% of the time. You captures brilliantly what I see as the fatal flaw of Delena (and of Elena with any other vampire actually). I don’t know where the writers get their logic. Is it so hard to write with some sort of consistency? At this point, for me, the minor characters are what makes this show worthwhile.

  • munki28

    Great review as always. Thanks for writing them every week and the photo recaps as well.

    On to this episode. There are a few things that I like [but not totally impressed]: Caroline v Rebekah moment added with a bit of cute Matt -> could’ve been much better if it didn’t turn out to be just an act bcuz i don’t know why Rebekah would give a damn about Caroline’s whereabouts; Stefan v Alaric addressing their darkness together and Matt Davis’ awesome acting; cute evil Kol; and the ending twist.

    Other than those, this episode was a little weak compared to the previous one. But I understand we can’t have great episodes all the time.

    The main problem that I have with this ep is Rose [like many other people]. Her speech sounds good and beautiful at first, but when I tried to link it with the actual triangle we have here, its logic fails. I don’t get why she had to make it sound like [as u said] “pure love” seems to be a bad thing. I also don’t know why people thinks Damon is a wild choice. It may be wild only because choosing him means she’s officially “switching Salvatores” and that is wrong for a moral person, it has NOTHING to do with who he is. Damon and Stefan are just as good and as bad as each other. Being with Stefan is NOT safe as well because he’s no longer the Stefan of season 1 & 2. And they are both vampires. Choosing any of them is wild. However, we can also say choosing any of them is safe because she’s gonna make them be good anyway. Damon for the most of season 3 was not that much different from Good Stefan except that he sometimes acted like he didn’t want to be good.

    I can see that Elena has changed Damon, but I don’t see this Damon changing Elena. He changes NOTHING in her. The whole vampire and supernatural world did and by that, if we were to name a specific person, that would be Stefan. he introduced it to her and her love for him made her accept this reality and changing her beliefs and maybe values. The danger of being with him and dealing with supernatural villains made her into a stronger person. Well, maybe you can say Damon changed her bcuz he used to be one of the villains of the show. But personality-wise, during the time Stefan was away, Elena didn’t change at all. she might have become  more baddass and a bit more fearless, but that’s thanks to Klaus and the danger he brought, and The Ripper. 

    Some DE fans says Stefan makes her become some sort of little princess who always needs protecting and that’s why it’s boring. Damon is exactly the same. In fact, back in the Original Ball, Stefan let her make her own decision, he treated her like an adult who was capable of taking care of herself. While Damon went around stopping her from going to the ball, trying to take her home after finding out she went anyway, etc. Isn’t that what your dad does to you when he knows you’re hanging out with bad people? If Elena didn’t go to the ball and meet Esther, would there be a chance for Damon and his weird obsession with killing the Originals?

    I’d love to see DE happens at this point bcuz while I miss SE, there’s no point to continue the triangle, which is the premise of the show, if she’s gonna choose Stefan everytime. And I want to see Stefan with someone else for a change. But please make it in some other way, not by trashing SE and their love with a fail logic and via a character who should have NO say whatsoever about these people’s love life. Rose wasn’t there when SE went through horrible things together. She appeared out of nowhere and had sex with Damon, then acting like she knows it all. And do not force it on Jeremy [and the viewers] by the reasoning “I’m older so I know better. I’m also a ghost who has been lurking around all the time so I know it all”. Actually you should show what Rose said, not having her say it.

    I understand Elena is only 18 and it’s extremely hard to choose between these 2 hot guys who are equally good to her. BUT they could’ve had her admit she loves both and then make her struggle to make the choice. Not making her repeat “I don’t know what I feel” in every episode and to everyone she knows, even after her make out session with Damon [which she started herself], and she still dared to say to him she didn’t know. I don’t like DE and don’t even care about Damon, but I wanted to punch her in the face at that moment as I was so angry for him. Admitting her feelings to him doesn’t equal she’s choosing him. He’s not gonna force her to be his gf bcuz she may be in love with him, but she doesn’t say she has stopped loving Stefan.

    Last thing, I don’t care about Forwood. They are both pretty but all they do is either having sex or arguing about sire bond. Caroline with Matt was a better romance. Caroline with Klaus would be the real WILD ROMANCE [not the DE crap] although it’s a bit wrong judging from what he’s done. But he promised her the world of new beautiful things. Tyler gives her nothing new. Same as Damon to Elena. Damon gives her nothing that Stefan hasn’t. Maybe they can pair Stefan and Caroline together. It’s not wrong to date your best friend’s ex when she left him for his brother.

    Sorry for the long post. 

    • brittany

      Caroline with Klaus would be the real WILD ROMANCE [not the DE crap] although it’s a bit wrong judging from what he’s done.”

      Okay I agree with this statement but that same thing can be applied to Damon. Earlier in your comment re: the triangle you said elena choosing Damon isn’t a wild choice because of who he is. Now see I think that is precisely why he is a wild choice. The guy is a bastard through & through maybe not to Elena, but he’s treated her close friends and family like crap (and continues to do so). He makes apologies for that…to Elena and not to the people he’s directly hurt. Elena forgives him and the cycle of his crappy behavior continues. That makes him a wild choice and Elena more than foolish for even considering a romantic relationship with him. 

      I got such a kick out of Jeremy side-eyeing Elena after catching her with Damon, won’t lie hehehe.

      Also did anyone shake their head in amusement when Caroline said that line to Rebeckah? It was the pot calling the kettle black in my eyes.

      • munki28

        Maybe I wasn’t clear in my comment. What I meant by Damon is not a wild choice is as compared to Stefan since Stefan might have not killed people Elena loved but he killed a lot of people too. They are both bad and being with either of them is dangerous. Both of them can be the wild choice in that sense, but both can also be safe because they both can be good and protect her. What I meant is I disagree with how Rose made it sound like Stefan is too safe [and seem boring] of a choice while [the current] Damon can be wild and exciting.

        I didn’t mean Klaroline is wild romance only because he’s tried to kill everyone she knows. But more like he’s bad, but then he actually has sth new to offer that her current lover can’t. But honestly, I don’t really want this pair to really happen that much due to the crap that he did, so I was joking a bit there.

  • Cam

    I am a Delena fan, although the past half season has made me really not like Elena, BUT I think that she has the potential to return to her more compassionate and less whiny self. Regardless, I can see what your saying about her not accepting Damon’s dark side, it is as much a part of him as blood is to a vampire. But I don’t think that Elena is that in touch with Stefan’s dark side either. The judgment in her eyes when she caught him drinking blood, she doesn’t like him drinking human blood, unless its hers. She has to deal with the fact that vampires need human blood and get over it.  As far as Damon’s concerned, Jeremy forgave him, so why shouldn’t Elena? I know people are caught up on the “he killed Jeremy” but Jeremy isn’t dead, unlike Andy whom Stefan killed just to prove a point to Damon. Damon’s action was in a haze of rejection. He snapped, I don’t think the writers should have had him break Jer’s neck, but after being rejected by the woman he spent 145 years loving, for his younger brother, who forced Damon to turn into a vampire, a lifestyle Damon only wanted to be with Katherine, and THEN rejected by Elena, I’ll give the guy a crazy pass and move on. Think about what you’d feel if that happened to you, and not only that, but imagine that you’d turned on your humanity after a century just for this one girl, who you felt a deep connection with, and then be rejected. The guy has just begun to feel again, its understandable that he doesn’t have full control over his emotions. I didn’t like that Rose said Stefan’s love was pure, so is Damon’s. Except that Damon has to fight it all the time, whereas Stefan just seems to fight being with Elena, despite her continually trying to get back with him. I’d much rather be with Damon. He saved Elena HOW many times? How much has he suffered loving this girl, and all without actually BEING with her! Damon has never broken Elena’s heart, snapped Jer’s neck, but never actually rejected her. Whereas Stefan has pushed and pulled her for 3 seasons, threatened her and almost killed her, all while he’s in love with her. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be with the guy who actually wants to be with me, who loves me and challenges me and excites me, rather than the guy who broods, sulks, and rides a high moral horse, rejects and confuses the person he loves.

    • brittany

      He did “kill” Jeremy though and he did it without even knowing he had his ring on. That’s not something one’s sibling should forget or easily move on from. I think you’re making excuses for Damon, him pining for Katherine shouldn’t absolve him of guilt and give him a free pass to kill or get violent. He’s at least a century old now, he’s a big boy who needs to own up to his mistakes and handle his emotions and stop letting Elena baby him.

      • munki28

        Agree. If Damon wasnt that hot, people would have realized that people get rejected/heartbroken all the time but we’re supposed to get passed that and move on, not go around killing random people (let alone the girl’s bro) and say “sorry i was just sad”. Imagine we were Elena and theres this guy who love us so much (regular guy, not Ian somerhalder) but we already love someone else. He then feels upset and turn around kill ur family. I wonder people would still think “he’s sad, give him a pass”.

    • Mandy

      I don’t find it fair when people say that Damon has spent 145 years loving a woman that rejected him and therefore – poor Damon. Stefan spent those 145 years dealing with the fact that he loved the same woman as his brother, a woman who came in between them, turned them into vampires, and destroyed their relationship for a century! Both brothers were distraught by this, except Stefan realized that Katherine was not worth it while Damon pined for her all this time. Stefan was the first one to realize Elena is not Katherine. As for your argument about Stefan pushing and pulling Elena for 3 seasons? Um, it was only is s3 that he pushed her away. s1 and s2 was all about Stefan and Elena going through all those difficulties together. They could not just get back together like that after all he has been through, right now he understands that he does not deserve Elena because he needs to regain control of himself and he acknowledges that she has feelings for Damon. Stefan is btw, the only one who realizes that until Elena defines her feelings for Damon, their relationship can not evolve because Damon will always be the third wheel. People say he is pushing her into Damon’s arms, no, he wants her to resolve her feelings for his brother so that they can move on. Stefan still loves her, he said that in the previous episode, in case you missed that part. He is not confusing her, he wants to resolve this.

      As for your comment on Stefan threatening and almost killing her, don’t find excuses for Damon – he is the same, even worse – Damon forced Elena to drink his blood in s2 and wanted to turn her into a vampire against her will, Damon raped and wanted to kill Caroline when she became a vampire, Caroline – Elena’s friend. Damon raped and turned Vicki. Damon was ready to sacrifice Bonnie to Klaus, Elena’s best friend. Damon turned Bonnie’s mom into a vampire, causing Bonnie to drift from Elena. Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck in front of Elena. Not to mention Damon’s irrational plan to postpone the ritual led to him getting bitten by Tyler and Stefan having to sacrifice himself to Klaus for the cure for his brother. Yes, I know he killed Andy, but as horrible as it was, he was protecting Elena and Damon as if they continued on their search for him, Klaus could have send someone to get rid of Damon and in the process find out Elena was alive.

      You say Stefan broods, sulks, and rides a high moral horse, rejects and confuses Elena. Stefan is being realistic, he understands that their lives can not go on in circles and he is trying to find a way out of the situation they are in. He is not riding a high moral horse because his decision and actions lately have not proven that, as in the situation with Bonnie’s mom. 

      • Ali

        In fairness to Damon he forced her to drink his blood because he was scared that she was gonna die and he would lose her, he would rather she was alive and hating him than dead, irrational yes but love is love. Damon @1fa403b25b54c41e22ea2007d39fb006:disqus aping caroline is a bit much, yes he used her for alot of stuff and if he hadnt compelled her not to care about the biting she prob wouldnt have slept with him but he didnt force her to have sex with him. he tried to kill her but if it wasnt for him she wouldnt have been alive/undead anyway plus it was elena that stopped him (love), Him and Vicki were having fun no rape there…. yes he turned her but Stefan killed her killed (but im sure THAT was ok cos he was protecting elena). Damon and Bonnie… well he did say he would always choose her and it was Bonnies choice too, i know id die for my best friend and her and elena discuss this, its no different than elena and the ritual. Bonnies mom…. he was trying to save elena and he did take that off stefan as it was suppose to be him. as for the ritual thing, he was trying save elena and (can we see a pattern here) lol Basically everything he has every done has been to save elena, to keep her alive bar the jeremey incicident and people are allowed to make mistakes

        • Pellinore

          But Elena wouldn’t have only hated Damon. She would have hated her life as a vampire b/c clearly she wants to continue life as a human. She wants to have children and grow old and eventually die. Sure she’d hate Damon but she’d probably never be happy, either. It wasn’t Damon’s choice to make no matter how he felt. It was utterly selfish. He would have ruined Elena’s life. And she would have probably been forced to coddle him b/c of his hurt feelings. Poor Damon. 

          Also look up the definition for rape. It’s a matter of consent. When you compel someone to do something that person cannot consent to what they are doing. They have no choice. Thus he raped Caroline and several other women including Andy.

          Also you can’t excuse him trying to kill Caroline by referencing something that happens later on. Hypothetically she may not have been alive for that scene to even take place.

          And the conversation regarding Damon choosing Elena over Bonnie, Bonnie wasn’t even privy to that conversation. Bonnie’s desire to protect Elena is completely independent of Damon’s desire to let other people die so that Elena will live. Certainly Bonnie doesn’t sacrifice her life as a favor to Damon, so I found his statement completely arrogant and just plain horrible.

          Both brothers were complicit in the act of Damon turning Bonnie’s mom against her will. Neither of them are innocent in that situation. Again with the whole good brother/bad brother dichotomy, it just doesn’t work.

          Also, when is killing someone just a “mistake”?

        • Mandy

          I see what you are trying to say, however I can not agree with your last sentence about the Jeremy “incident” – “people are allowed to make mistakes”…First of all Damon is not human, he is a vampire, second, killing someone is a mistake?! That’s cruelty! And I know people defend Damon by saying he was distraught after what Katherine told him, however, it is not an excuse to kill a boy who is weaker than you are, and that just proves that Damon is also uncontrollable when he is in such a state. 

    • girlintime

      That scene where Damon killed Jeremy gave me chills. I kept thinking ‘omg he’s gonna rape that girl someday’ Yeah, irrational for the series, but that’s what I couldn’t help thinking. That scene was utterly and completely wrong and there’s no way to absolve it. This was his brother’s girlfriend that he was pressuring. Her rejection and Jeremy’s interuption caused him to kill the latter- and he intended for Jeremy to stay dead. I kept thinking ‘what if Jeremy hadn’t come in? Would he have killed her instead?’ Ruined Damon completely for me. And I didn’t like him much after what happened with Caro and the show just moving on from it.
      Also, not absolving Stefan of killing Andy (another point of creepy with Damon) but didn’t Damon kill Lexi for no reason?

  • It’s funny how much your photo recaps have stuck with me… After Damon and Elena’s kiss, I thought “everyone needs a mop” 

  • Openopin

    Nice recap as usual! I love your style. I now come to favor you over many other popular reviewers of this show. I think the idea that you do it for yourself and not for a job makes your comments more organic and less orchestrated by puppet masters from above. It gives you the opportunity to truly sharpen your critical eye. Yet, even with such power and freedom you’re still fair in your assessments. So kudos to you!

    Also, I want to say that the show’s writing has been poor as of late. There’s just no other way to put it. The SL is unpredictable in a not so great way. I am not really excited to see how any of this ends especially not the triangle any longer. Who cares? It’s hard to be invested when you don’t like one of the main characters due to inconsistency-Elena or because they don’t make any sense-Stefan or because they’re just a douche-Damon. The good thing is these characters haven’t always been this way (okay so Damon’s always been some sort of douch). My point is I think there is time to fix the wrong that occurred this season.  Therefore, I am glad we’re all sticking in there trying to see where this off track train will land. Hopefully not in a wreck. But if so there’s always next season.

  • xrnzaaas

    Dear NoWhiteNoise, have you noticed that you have a copycat? A crappy one if I may add. 😉

    • munki28

      The photo recap by Price on Tv.con has been around for quite a long time. He has done it since season 2 or sth. I’m relatively new to these reviews/recaps myself so not sure which one started 1st but i dont think any of them is a copycat. Both are very funny depending on ur preference.

      • Xrnzaaas was just being funny 😀 Price has been doing this for a WAAAAY longer time than I have 😉

  • vzhik

    I find myself often agreeing to everything you say Michael and this review just hit the nail on the head. Having Damon portrayed as her grand love, who pushes Elena and presents a challenge must be the most hypocritical and false writing I’ve seen. Especially when it’s Rose who we saw for all of 2 episodes preaching to the choir, the same Rose who interacted with Stefan for about a minute. This all does a great injustice to the S/E relationship, tainting it to make it appear as if Stefan was just a safe and comforting choice on the wayside. What wrong is there with pure love? In my opinion, that’s the only love worth having.

    The prospect of a Damon and Elena’s relationship had much potential in the first season when they weren’t hitting us over the head with it and he hadn’t done the unforgivable act of killing her brother. There are some things that you can’t come back from and I’m pretty sure the old Elena would have never excused that. 

    • Pellinore

      I think they really killed the potential of the D/E ship by attempting a rather short-lived redemption story for Damon. It simply isn’t believable since he’s often in the company of his former/current victims who are hardly allowed to put him in his place. Or having Elena completely ignore the fact that generally she is the only person safe around him, save a few horrific incidences. It would have been better if Elena challenged him to be a better person, or gave him ultimatums should he harm the people she loves again. Or we see her actually struggling with her feelings for a dangerous person. I feel he would have a great deal more respect for someone who doesn’t put up with his shit. The writing has just been piss poor lately.

  • Nat

    Hey Michael! I don’t tend to read your normal recaps, I’m
    not really sure why. But I love your photorecaps, which is actually why I’m
    here right now. Anyway, I saw this and had a read. I know you’re an SE
    supporter and all that, but as a huge Delena fan, a few things you said really
    stuck out to me. I’d like to address them, but obviously I don’t mean to do
    this in a way where it seems like I’m trying to change anybodys opinion. I just
    thought you might appreciate another perspective on certain things. Anyway…I
    know most people that comment here don’t seem to be big fans of Damon and
    Elena, and that’s fine. But I hope my comment can be taken for what it is; a
    genuine attempt to explain why so many of us love them, without in anyway
    disregarding why you guys don’t.


    So, the first thing that stood out to me was that you said
    that Elena is only attracted to Damon’s good parts. Firstly, I think that goes
    for Stefan too. It would be kinda crazy if Elena saw the brothers doing
    horrible things and thought ‘oh, that’s attractive’ you know? The difference
    for me is that Elena has fallen in love with Damon despite his dark parts.
    Damon has never hidden that side of himself from her. She has seen him at his
    worst, she has been hurt by him at his worst, and yet she has fallen in love
    with/is still falling in love with him. Obviously, when she sees him do good,
    it warms her heart. BUT there is no deceit there. I mean…even in that bed scene
    alone, Damon made it clear that yes, he does good, and will try to be good, but
    he is who he is. I think this is part of the reason why Elena is so afraid to
    admit her feelings for Damon. Because she knows all the wrong that he has done,
    she knows the risk that is involved, yet she loves him anyway. You say that she
    admitted that if he did something wrong, it would make the decision for her. I argue,
    that if that were the case, then Damon would have lost any chance that he had a
    long time ago. There have been bumps, Elena has gone onto hate him, but each
    time, she has also gone on to forgive him, despite knowing that there might be
    another bump in the future. So to me, she’s not just attracted to his good
    parts. It’s his bad parts that are perhaps preventing her from admitting her
    feelings, because she feels that her feelings are ‘wrong’ (which I’m sure a lot
    of you here believe also), but she has fallen for him regardless, good and bad.
    With that in mind, I don’t see how the Damon and Elena relationship is
    developing in any way that is similar to the Stefan and Elena relationship, or
    on the same basis. Elena fell in love with the best parts of Stefan, but he
    didn’t reveal his bad parts to her until he was forced to by circumstance and
    this happened multiple times. Honestly, and I don’t mean this to bash, their initial
    relationship was built upon…not deceit, because I think that word has a lot of
    negative connotations, and Stefan’s motivation was never negative…but there was
    a certain amount of dishonesty there. Damon is a lot of things, but he has
    always been honest with Elena.


    Onto Rose’s speech – I can understand why people were
    annoyed that that speech came from Rose. I guess the writers wanted to spell it
    out to some people, and Rose was the only vessel through which they could do
    it. I find it interesting though that a lot of SE fans seem to have interpreted
    it as the ‘pure’ love = bad love. It’s less surprising from DE fans, for
    obvious reasons. As a DE fan, I am most definitely happy with how the two
    relationships were defined because it’s, more or less, how I have defined them
    for a very long time. That being said…I don’t think we were meant to interpret
    Stefan’s love as being bad. (I actually had more of an issue with them saying
    he would ALWAYS be good for her, because we’ve seen examples this season of how
    he might not be if he falls off the wagon again) But yeah, Stefan’s love will
    always be there and be good for her. There is nothing negative about that. I
    guess the issue for some people is the idea that Damon’s love can be better for
    her? Just to give my two cents on why I think this is accurate. I really do
    agree with the speech, in that not only does Elena change Damon, but Damon
    changes Elena too. Most obviously, he brings out the sparky, fiery side of her
    that I love to see. He also makes her stronger. In the first half of season 3,
    Elena spent a huge amount of time with Damon (and Alaric). She became
    physically, and emotionally stronger in this time, and Damon had a huge part to
    play in that IMO. Stefan himself even pointed it out in 3×12.  I believe that the relationship between Stefan
    and Elena holds her character back. Elena really increased in popularity in the
    first half of the season but since Stefan came ‘back’ people have gotten tired
    of her again. (Elena is my favourite character so this upsets me greatly). The
    scene between Stefan and Elena at the end of 3×14 was really difficult for me
    to watch in particular. Hardly any time before this, the whole Wickery Bridge
    moment had gone down. Yes Stefan had apologised (only after finding out that
    she had kissed Damon), but I really hated that my girl was back to begging him
    to feel and insisting that she had hope. Now, don’t get me wrong – I understand
    Elena. She is forgiving, she is compassionate, and she loves Stefan deeply. It’s
    not surprising that she would feel these things. But I wanted her to be
    stronger in this scenario. I wanted to see Stefan having to work a bit harder
    for it first. I see a lot of people in the comments bringing up the bad that
    Damon has done, and how they don’t understand how she could forgive him. But
    something I have always liked about Damon and Elena is that while she does
    forgive him in the end, she still holds things against him. She holds grudges.
    She gets angry. Even when she’s hurting and wishing things were different, she’ll
    actually hate him for a while.


    Now I can practically hear people screaming BUT DAMON KILLED
    JEREMY. Firstly, I think if you are watching this show with real life morals…then
    hardly any character is worth rooting for anymore. You’ll just go round in circles.
    At the end of the day, Elena has forgiven Damon. Jeremy has forgiven Damon.
    Fair enough if you never could, and haven’t. Fair enough is that is the reason
    you could never support Damon and Elena together. But it happened, and the
    characters collectively have moved on from it. I also think that if you use
    this argument against Damon and Elena, then it can be used against Stefan and
    Elena. In 3×10, if Alaric hadn’t gotten to him in time, Jeremy would be dead.
    Okay, Stefan didn’t do the deed himself, but it would have been his fault. He
    was focused solely on revenge against Klaus at the time, and he knew that Klaus
    would in turn seek revenge. But at that point in time, he did not care. Elena
    went to him, and he did not care. At least when Damon killed Jeremy, it was in
    the moment. Damon was emotionally broken and he snapped. Does that make it
    okay? Of course not. I would never argue that it was okay. But the instance
    with Stefan was something he thought out and planned. He had time to think
    about it logically, cover all outcomes and he still didn’t care. This
    comparison isn’t mean to start a Stefan vs. Damon debate because wow, aren’t
    they the most tiresome things in the universe? It’s more to point out how it’s
    really gotten to a point now where if you point the moral finger at Damon, you
    should point it at Stefan too. Unless you ship neither, in which case, go ahead
    and point the moral finger at everyone!


    Oh wow. This is so long. I actually meant to talk about the
    rest of your recap as well, but maybe I’ll stop here. For the record, I agree
    that Stefan shouldn’t pin everything on his relationship with Elena. He had a
    great YOU GO STEFAN moment in this episode, when he told Klaus to get the hell
    out. Stefan should be happy IN HIMSELF. But yeah.


    I really hope this post doesn’t kick off some war. I like to
    think I’ve been respectful. As I said at the start, I thought you might
    appreciate hearing the ‘other side’ lol. Of course, it’s just my opinion at the
    end of the day. I’m entitled to it, as you are to yours. Anyway, looking
    forward to your photorecap!!

    • monika

      I LOVE THIS COMMENT. And not just because I support Delena. I was actually somewhat swayed by a lot of the other Stelena comments I read on this post (lots of great discussions here) but this comment was such a great response to those comments that it reaffirmed by love for Delena. Seriously great post you have here

    • munki28

      This is a very nice comment. I may not agree with everything you said, but most of them are very rational and you pointed out some aspects of Delena’s love that I didn’t think of before. I really like it. This is coming from a hard core Stefan’s fan. I prefer Stelena (wouldn’t call myself a shipper though) and I’ve never felt the chemistry of Delena after the first half of Season 1 and their intimate scenes (I admit Delena’s kiss scenes are mostly hotter than Stelena’s maybe because the latter’s love is gentle).

      It’s good to finally see a rational Delena’s fan who doesn’t just love their ship because of the hot Ian Somerhalder or Nian.

      • Nat

        Thanks 🙂 The thing is with this fandom…both the SE side and the DE side have some crazy people involved. Those crazy people are very loud, and give each side a bad reputation. For example, the large majority of the SErs I come across spout so much rubbish, that all I can do is roll my eyes. But I KNOW not to generalise, you know? There are DErs that do the same. But I do think that the large majority of DErs are like me.

        Just to comment on your last little bit…I must admit that I’ve never really understood why people say DErs only ship DE because Ian is hot. Firstly…isn’t that kinda insulting to Paul? 😛 Paul is hot too!!! Secondly, if that were the case…all of us DErs would ship him with anyone he hooks up with (Kat, Beks) The large majority of us don’t enjoy his random hook ups. We really so ship them because we appreciate the build up, the journey and the story between them. Likewise with the Nian thing…the first tangible rumours of a real life relationship between Ian and Nina started in the summer hiatus after S1…and I can tell you that the Damon and Elena fanbase was already HUGE during S1, especially the second half. So I really don’t think it’s fair to say that DErs ship DE because of Nian. Obviously DErs love Nian, because it’s nice to see people in love, and we love both actors. But we can tell the difference between the two.

        I hope this doesn’t come across as me picking on you or anything 😛 Just wanted to put that out there! I know that there ARE people out there that ship DE just because of Nian, but it’s a shame that they seem to be the DErs you have come across. The majority aren’t like that. 🙂

        • Cacherr1

          Actually the Nian rumors started happening during season1 and many fans thought if they were together in rl, the show would have to put them together. As for Ian being hot, there are a lot of people who do not find Paul attractive, for me I am really attracted to Ian’s beautiful eyes but to me he not that hot. And in interviews prefer Paul more as he more funny imo than Ian (imo gets laughs because he is cute because some his jokes are lame) and Ian likes to dominate the conversation. I get the same feeling about fans in the whole TB triangle when comes to Eric and Sookie lovers as most of the answer for them being together is because Alex is hot. 
          However In my case most DE fans I’ve come across their relationship has more to do with Damon than Elena and it is about Damon getting what he wants, whether if storywise and for character it is good or even what he needs. IMO Elena is not what he needs. Alot season 2 made me believe they would not make a good couple. Spice Girl’s Wannabe song actually has merit, Damon imo can not be with Elena until he APOLOGizes not to her, but to those he wronged.

    • Shhh

      You know I’m not really a Delena fan…AT ALL lol. But I wouldn’t have a problem with them being together if the writers actually made it believable. Which they haven’t. Having people (like Rose) say something is different then being able to see/feel it on screen. I don’t see how Damon challenges Elena. In fact, it was Elena who said that one of the things she liked about Stefan was that he let her make her own decisions. We’ve seen Damon try to control her, I feel like. I get that he loves her & I do believe that she changes him, that is obvious. But, as of yet, I don’t think they’ve shown us in the slightest how Damon is good for Elena. I think Damon needs to work on putting his family first anyways lol. Idk that’s just how I see it. I think I’d honestly be happier if both brothers dropped Elena….

      • Pellinore

        I agree. It’d be better that neither brother is involved with Elena and Elena finds another cure to her need for permanence and family. And the brothers just need to get over themselves. Stefan, get it together. You need to be in control of yourself for YOURSELF. And Damon, dude, you’ve been cruising for a bruising ever since you got on the screen.

        And it’s true that Stefan has encouraged Elena to make her own decisions and my most vivid memories of Damon’s interactions with Elena involve him trying to control her, sometimes to very horrible extremes. Elena is extremely flawed b/c she tends to ignore the long list of victims trailing behind both brothers. I mean, Elena saw Stefan’s list of names etched into a wall and didn’t seem particularly alarmed. What was up with that? I mean realistically aren’t you going to have some kind of reaction when you find out your boyfriend is an on-again, off-again serial killer?

        In my mind I don’t think it’s a good idea for Elena to be with a vampire. A safe endgame pairing would be Matt and Elena.

    Seriously – I’ve been visiting this page 3 times a day. AAAAaaaaaahhhhhh…..

  • Fatou2024

    I am all for stelena, but about what you said about elena only being attracted to the good side of Damon..Thats not it..Of course, when you’re attracted to someone you like their good side, But its about knowing that someone is Neither Good or bad, and taking a chance. Just like rose said :Damon can be the worst or the best for her.
    Like you, i felt no chemistry between them before, i just felt like elena cared about damon, and because damon is so hot, delena has more fans than stelena so the producers are kinda forcing it. But 3×19’s Delena kiss was really well done.The fact that she could barely breathe showed that she does have feelings for him ( a desire to try the unknown)..She’s attracted to him in some of weird way.She loves both brothers in a different way
    And I love the KLaus/caroline thing.I agree with the fact that how they met was kindof random..But i loved seeing this side of klaus,trying to court caroline.Klaus is so smart and always ahead of things, i can’t help but think that love could be his one weakness

  • millay24ify

    Finally I found some reasonable discussion:-) Sometimes its really hard. I am sorry for a long comment, I am happy that I can discuss it with somebody normal:-)
    I am personaly Delena fan. But I liked your review very much, its written from another point of view and I enjoyed it
    I hope, I will express myself right because English is not my native language.
    Regarding Roses statement you were right in few things. I totally understand why some fans didnt like her commentary. I like her very much, but when she said, what she said one part of me was very happy and the other part was like it just isnt right to put it in this way, it may appeared to some people as forced. And actually this is what happened:-(
    Regarding the content of that statement I will describe my opinion to each part of the statement separately.
    I dont think Rose wanted to say, that there is anything wrong or less important about pure love among two people, I understand it in the way, that when Stefan is in a “good behaved mode” his personality is more pure and less conflicted than Damons, which makes his love for Elena more pure and less conflicted, because I think the way how each person love somebody else is highly influenced by the type of his personality.
    Of course he can be off the rails again sometime in the future, but it seems unlikely to me, because last time when he was totally off the rails Klaus had to compel him to switch of his humanity and all this situation wouldnt have happened, if he hadnt been trying to save Damon. And except that now he seems to take different approach to his dark part and I think in future he will be able to control his cravings in much bigger extent than anytime till now. So we can say in a simplified way „he will be always good for her“.
    Regarding the part of this statement about Damon. Of course not only Damon influenced Elena, definitely it was everything what have happened in her life. But I don’t think Rose wanted to say, that only Damon challenges, influences and changes Elena. I think what she wanted to say was that if she was dating Damon (and maybe living with him in future in some other place without Stefan), her life would be probably richer in these kind of potential dangerous, challenging and self-reflecting situations than with Stefan. And this can be sometimes the best thing for her and sometimes the worst. Whether the worst would be more often than the best we don’t know for sure yet, because Damons character is in some kind of transformation, and we don’t know how stable is this more gentle and moderate side of him, but I personally think he is on the good way to stay in this mode and in most cases he would be the best for her.
    But of course his character is still very “grey” (- I mean not black and white), his decisions probably often will be in grey zone of morality which makes another person question his own morals and by answering these questions the other person is growing and changing. For example when he forced Elena to drink his blood before the ritual it was of course selfish and impulsive, but it was reasonable as well. If you have like unpredictable chance to survive some ritual by using some old elixir and then on the other hand you have 100 percent chance of surviving as a vampire, isnt choosing elixir only escaping from hard decision? Isnt it only giving up? As well inst this decision just selfish to other people and friends who love you? To Jeremy for example …? I am not saying that there is definite answer to this question, but this is what I like about Damon … I think Elena and Damon can give each other very much, but Elena will have to choose who from Salvatores is more suitable for her.
    I could write more, but it would be really too much, so I will add something later

  • Liz

    In fairness to Damon he forced her to drink his blood because he was scared that she was gonna die and he would lose her, he would rather she was alive and hating him than dead, irrational yes but love is love.

    Yes, but later when Damon was alone and nobody could hear him, he said- to Elena’s dead body- that if she came back as a vampire he would kill her because he can’t stand the idea of her hating him forever. So the whole “I would anything for elena even if she hates me because he important is that she is alive and tha’s why i’m better than you for her” that Damon has repeatedly said to Stefan? It’s actually a lie. Until now, Damon never really feared losing elena because she showed him that she will forgive him: he probably thought that she would forgive him eventually for killing bonnie and tha’swhy he was no worried about that when he kept suggesting that they should kill bonnie. But he doesn’t think she would forgiven him for turning her against her will and if he has to choose between suffering watching her hating him and killing her… he prefers to kill her.
    I’m not a fan of Damon, I’m indifferent as I’m indifferent towards Elena as indifferent I am about Sfefan. (Frankly, the only characters I care about are Caroline, Katherine and a little Jeremy and Tyler. Caroline and Katherine are the only ones that seem “real” to me, that are not fake, that are not what suddenly comes into the mind of the writer. Tyler too, a little.) But I really can’t understand HOW people can think that this: ”
    If you come back as a vampire, I’ll stake you myself. So don’t.Because I can’t stand the idea of you hating me forever. ” is romantic!