Tonight’s the big one hour (but, mainly two episodes aired one after another) third season finale of Cougar Town. I tried reviewing the show earlier this season, but I find that it’s quite difficult to review shows I’m really a diehard fan of. I don’t want to think of them that way. It’s already muddled my view of The Vampire Diaries some, reviewing that show. So this season, I just watched and enjoyed the almost-perfect third outing of my favorite comedy. It’s absolutely unfortunate that they had to shorten this season. Goodness, you can tell there were some stories they wanted to tell.

But I want all of you to watch tonight’s finale, so much so I made this post on a day I’m super busy! (Not really, I’m writing this last Thursday. But I am supposed to be busy today, Tuesday, because of the Buffy thing.) It may not be as amazing as last season’s finale was (or the first season’s finale), but the show has truly figured out how to blend its comedic and emotional elements so perfectly. This finale sort of left some balls in the air — and it certainly doesn’t have the emotional urgency of last year’s finale — but it still wraps up quite nicely.

Thankfully, I was able to catch the finale last week. So, in effort to make you watch tonight, here are a few teasers:

1. Penny Can is in jeopardy, on a small-scale universally…but a huge scale emotionally.
2. Jules and Grayson’s marriage circumstances somewhat addresses the show’s shortened season.
3. Someone will get drunk. Like, blank-faced drunk.
4. One person will be thisclose to cheating on their partner, and another person, pertaining to another couple, kind of does. Somewhat. Not really.
5. A secret will be revealed (in the form of an imaginary grenade).

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There you go! My five, little teasers for tonight’s finale. I really hope you watch and enjoy the finale tonight, 8PM on ABC. It was a fun hour for me! And thank goodness it’s coming back for a fourth season.

Uncork the wine!

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  • Heba Bsat

    LITTLE teasers? After this post, I want the finale right now!!!! I can’t wait to watch it!

    (Thank you, TBS, for picking up the show. We won’t let you down.)