The news has been out there for a long time, and we had a separate post of all the renewals and cancellations The CW made this week (RIP The Secret Circle) but being that this is a blog read by Gossip Girl watchers, it was only fitting that this had its own post.

Everyone’s favorite Upper East Siders and the accompanying antagonizing anonymous blogger (for how long, hm?) will be back this fall for their final eleven hours of schemes and what we’ve come to know as “#RichPeopleProblems.” That’s two episodes less than expected for the final season. More so, co-executive producer and writer Sara Goodman has been promoted to exec producer, and therefore showrunner. Goodman’s latest credit as a writer for Gossip Girl is “The End of the Affair.”

And although the news of when it will be back is not official, the Gossip Girl writers tweeted out that they would see us this fall — indicating that the show will return to schedule at the normal timetable, rather than midseason as most guessed once truncated season reports circulated. The move makes sense for two reasons: (A) 11 episodes is perfect for a fall-only run; (B) it allows the network to advertise new shows that will make their debuts in the winter.

The CW, today, canceled Ringer and The Secret Circle while giving a full season order of 22 episodes to Nikita, which joins The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and 90210. Hart of Dixie was also renewed today, but its episode count is unknown as of now. And, of course, America’s Next Top Model will be back. The CW also ordered new series The Carrie Diaries, First Cut, Cult, Arrow, and Beauty and the Beast.

But it’s still quite strange to imagine The CW without its flagship series. Only twelve more photo recaps to go.

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Source: TVLine

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  • I look forward to this last season… I kind of miss watching tv without tumblr and twitter and insta-blogging lol I felt like I was just able to enjoy it a little more. Then again… as I’m one of those people posting on tumblr/twitter/etc I really dont have anything to say lol :]] I just hope this season becomes one of the best! Like season four of the oc was one of the best (if not the best imo) of the show! :]] can’t wait to see how they wrap things up for our long loved (and hated) characters. Hopefully everyone will get a guest spot. I needs Eric back on the show! Also would be able to handle one episode with Vanessa and Jenny back (but only one) also hope to see Carter return, and maybe some old guest stars! :]] Kind of excited about next season…

  • Mandy

    Sara Goodman? As in the writer behind “The End of The Affair” …as in the person who wrote an episode about how Blair made a pact with God to save Chuck’s life, marry Louis and go to church with Dan? Wow, its a good thing I quit that show!

  • Right, the gurl who wrote “The End Of Affair” is the gurl to write the last episodes?
    I believe this is gonna be fun. 😛

    And I can’t even begin telling how much I’m excited for more 22 Nikita episodes.

  • dee.

    Aww, only 11 episodes? Meh, it might be best, this way. Less time for long, boring storylines. Here’s to hoping season 6 is going to be a worthy series finale, concentrating more on the four main characters and less on the guest stars, mops, and the living dead.

    So Bart’s a zombie now, huh? Cool.

  • Monika Alem

    Oh thank God, we will all be free soon -_- I don’t believe I have ever felt hostage to a show before.