If you don’t want a huge plot of the season 5 finale to be spoiled: AVERT YOUR EYES NOW.

I mean it.

Click X.

On blast: It seems someone has scooped up the finale twist before the episode has even aired (in the US) — the Dan/Blair/Chuck triangle will be coming to an end, and a choice will be made…but up until now, we just had to wait for the finale to air to find out whom her choice will be.

Wait no more. A clip (embedded below) from the finale shows that Blair has made a definitive choice as to whom she’s “in love” with. And that choice is — seriously if you don’t want to know click X — Chuck Bass.

Piecing together from what we’ve seen from other promos and clips, it appears that Bart Bass decides to take everything away that Chuck has created ever since his not-real death. Blair walks in on a sulking Chuck.

“I’m here because it’s time I was honest with you,” she begins. “I love you. I’m in love with you. I have tried to kill it — to run away from it — but I can’t, and I don’t want to anymore.” Well, if that’s not a definitive answer, then I will be surprised come 8PM tonight.

But Chuck’s not having it. After having his concrete empire being ripped from under him, he storms off, citing he doesn’t want to be “Mr. Blair Waldorf.” How this scene will play into the rest of the hour — which finds Serena trying to recover from Gossip Girl posting Blair’s diary, Blair trying to ruin her, and a lovesick Dan figuring out his summer plans with Blair (so everything is about Blair, basically) has remained to be seen. But one thing’s for sure: everyone’s talking about the finale before it’s even happened.

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  • Rover

    Michael, it’s only Monday. She may be in love with someone else by Thursday.
    Keep up!
    This woman has multiple personality disorder.

    • Firieness

      Duh.. which was caused by brain switch after the accident. I hope they will explore this storyline in season 6.

    • Personally, I’m hoping for a FOURTH guy to come into the mix. Really shake things up.

      • pfft does it have to be a guy? :p She’s about the right age for some girl kissy experimentation.

  • growup

    It’s the season finale. She never loved Dan. Get over it.

    • Georgina

      Was she lying when she told Dan he had her heart?
      Blair is an absolute bitch.
      She kisses Dan then decides she wants Chuck but ends up with Louis only to reunite with Chuck but then still marries Louis but runs away with Dan and then tells Dan he has her heart and Chuck that she’s not in love with him anymore only to tell Chuck she is in love with him after all.
      Anyone who buys this crap, chair or dair, is stupid.
      We should ALL stop watching as it is insulting to our intelligence.

      • I think she’s just very confused about everything, not like the old Blair. and even though she is hurting many people, I don’t think she’s a bitch because she doesn’t mean it.
        and it is insulting to our inteligence but I still love it, can’t drop it lol. it’s the kind of show (now) that you know it’s stupid but you can’t stop watching to know what will happen next. and to make fun of, obviously.

      • Wboo

        hahaaaha!! So true georgina! you’ve summed up why blair is ridiculous

      • x

        She never told Dan he had her heart – she said Chuck didn’t.

        • J

          That’s silly. First of all, apparently neither thing is true. Secondly, she said, “I realized it belongs to someone else…” with the implication being that it belongs to Dan.

  • Hey, they finally had Chuck relocate his balls. Fabulous! 🙂

  • Val

    This show just keeps plummeting further and further… nothing makes sense at all anymore, ugh.

  • Mandy

    OMG, You I remember the time when Serena was the most hated character on this show, but really, I mean REALLY how horrible had Blair become over the past seasons, seriously I am so tired of the Chair conversations that were all the same over the past 3 years – I love you, want to be with you….ughhhhh….they just exchange roles all the time, its either Blair who does not want to be with Chuck because of some ridiculous reason or Chuck who bails on Blair because some other ridiculous reason…I used to love this couple, but if your relationship is going in circles and you always come back to the same problems….you should not be together, yet the GG writers just keep forcing this relationship down the 20 viewers’s throats (yes, thats how many viewers I think GG still has left…in a mental facility).

    • cacherr1

      IMO Chuck has every right to not be with her right now as she needs to grow up (and see therapist like he did/doing). Blair has been entirely selfish all season and very ungrateful the second half. Also base on where they are Blair has once again telling Chuck something at the most inappropriate time. However this convo despite the comparisons is not the same as to what happen in 4×09 because Blair didn’t even do anything she said and virtually decided being a princess would be her goal in life. Chuck sacrifice his company to get Blair out that dowry which she accused him of trying to buy her even though he didn’t even say anything in the first place about it and all she was him was a text. And her and Dan can’t admit it was their making out which led to that dowry thing anyway. Blair has never actually chased Chuck before. She needs to do the work and put her running shoes on as Claire totally fucked up her life while been locked in a basement somewhere.
      I also am happy to hear that I’m Chuck Bass as it been way too effing long and Claire (Blair) seems to have forgotten.
      My other hope for the finale is Dan finally receives consequences for his actions as he somehow like his damn sister did when she was here get out of dealing with real consequences and blames others for being a little ish.

  • this is 4.09 all over again, with Chuck in Blair’s place.

  • J

    Just ugh. I can’t bring myself to watch this finale. I did expect Dan and Blair to break up, but to have it be because Blair never loved him and always loved Chuck? Wow, basically a big eff you to Dan who has had no love interests due to being hung up on Blair for the past two seasons. After all that build up the payoff should have been a real relationship that ended for non-Chuck reasons. Blair and Chuck’s relationship deserved to be rekindled in a natural and organic way, not these sudden dramatic changes with Blair lying to everyone to run away from her feelings for Chuck for no real reason whatsoever. Just boo. Her being with Louis or Dan if she really loved Chuck all along is unfair to them, cruel to Chuck, says horrible things about her character, and is pretty much unforgivable. Given that she WAS my favorite character, I now feel like she is ruined enough that I can’t put myself through this show anymore. I thought her relationship with Dan was supposed to be a growing experience for her character, but instead it was just her being afraid, immature, and irresponsible. Dan’s love for Blair is such a waste and there isn’t time left in the series for him to love someone else and be loved back the way he deserves. I would have loved for her to end up with Chuck if it had been done well and felt right, but this is just about the worst way I could imagine it happening. Also, Chuck rejecting her…again. This time because he’s mad at her because he decided to sacrifice to help her be happy? As if that’s her fault? This is just too absurd and doesn’t do justice to anyone’s ship.

  • dee.

    Dude, didn’t they say that the season finale would be centered around Serena, and how Gossip Girl is out to get her? This is still The Blair Show. Oh, writers.

  • Wboo

    I’ve seen chuck and Blair break up so many times that their love confessions during the finale didn’t even get a simple -Aww moment! I didn’t expect the last scene but i’m glad she decided to fight for chuck.It might be the smartest thing she’s done in years..The way she broke up with dan like he was nobody, after 2 seasons of “Will dair happen or not” was like slap in the face. I mean, the idea of dair was always ridiculous, but after all these episodes and the build up,it deserved at least a proper goodbye. Honestly, the only entertaining thing about last night’s episode was BART BASS and the fact that he’s still the same manipulative power obsessed douche. I want to know how he ends up, and that might be the only reason why i would keep watching this show. Lily goes back to a man she hasn’t seen in years,just like that? I hope rufus will never give her a chance again.Lily and her daughter are terrible people. Serena used to be my favorite character but the writers destroyed her so much. You know your show is really really bad if after 5 seasons, the characters go back to right where they started, meaning that all those experiences were worthless. Good job writers! I can’t help but wonder the secret writers of this show aren’t 15 year old teenagers….

  • Jai Michele

    I am literally shaking with anticipation of photo caps of the finale. I mean they pretty much laid out the red carpet for you on this one, Michael! LOL!

  • Awesomesauseyeah:)

    “I’m Chuck Bass!”

    Fuck yeah you are!:)

  • Done

    I am seriously dying to find out how you recap this one. I’ve never posted on here before now but am so disgusted with the way things went down on Monday that I haven’t been able to STOP thinking about it and therefore feel the need to hash it out online. I love your recaps and am hoping you rip this one to shreds. Please. For the love of all that is good.

    • Done

      ALSO–looking forward to revisiting Buffy with this bunch this summer!