It beat Game of Thrones, it beat Pretty Little Liars (only by 9 votes, actually) — and now we have our definitive show. This summer we’ll be traveling back to 1997 and rewatching (and for some of us, me included, watching for the first time) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Yes, I understand the pictured image is of a later season, but.)

Now, here’s the thing, the first season of Buffy only contains 12 episodes (and from what I’ve read, most of them are suggested to skip. But we’re watching ’em. All of ’em!). This mostly likely means we’ll be done and ready to move on to season two in no time. But I don’t exactly know what scheduling we should have. At first, I thought maybe four episodes a week would be good. But that’s close to four hours when you think about it. Perhaps too much time. Maybe we should only do one episode a week?

So I’m asking for what schedule you guys think would be best. If nothing else, I think we need to watch the first two episodes in one sitting, at least. And more importantly, when do we start? I know it’s not technically summer for another month and a week, but come on — classes are letting out and the TV season is basically over. I was thinking two Tuesdays from now, the 22nd, would be a good start. I picked Tuesdays because there aren’t really any shows airing Tuesdays this summer (that I am going to cover) so it made sense.

Remember, if you’re watching with us and don’t have any of the DVDs (or VHS tapes!) that the entire series is available on Netflix, Amazon VOD (and free with Amazon Prime), iTunes, and Zune (Xbox); the first season DVD is available new for $19 (which I think is too expensive for a season a decade and a half old with 12 episodes, to be honest) on Amazon; and unfortunately, they don’t have it up on And, of course, there are other ways to get it. But we won’t discuss those here.

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Anyway! I’m excited!!! I’ve never watched Buffy before and it seems like something that I should have done ages ago. And now I get to share that experience with you guys. Please, suggest a schedule below and we’ll try to work this out.

The poll results, in case you didn't believe me.

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • I think that you shouldn’t make a schedule cos as soon as you start watching you will be come a buffy-junkie and want to watch them all at once- and dont be put off, season 1 is good but season 2 onward is all of awesomeness! X

    • Well the only reason I’m truly making a schedule is just in case anyone else wants to watch along, which is sort of the point. So I don’t want to watch a whole season in a day (which I can, on a lazy Sunday) when most have only watched one episode. xD

  • M

    What’s our time frame? If you wanted to be finished in 12 weeks (series finale on August 14), you would need to watch 12 episodes per week. 14 weeks would have us finished by August 28 and would require 10-11 episodes per week.

    Maybe we should always try for 2 episodes at a time, which would be 72 days. And if you could watch 2-3 nights a week, that would be 4-6 episodes per week. The only problem is that it would require 24-36 weeks to complete, putting us well into Oct/Nov.

    Hmm. If I had an end date, I could look at all of the episodes to see where we could break it up.

    PS. Planning is fun for me. Can you tell?

    • I LOVE planning myself, actually. And I CAN tell!!! So, I don’t think we need to only do ONE season this summer. We COULD do two if we wanted (or more depending on the scheduling, but I don’t think that’s going to happen). I think the enddate is mid-September, however.

    • M

      Oh, ha. I was planning for the whole series! Whoops.

      Here’s someone else’s calendar I found that was planned over a year:

      • I don’t want to watch TOO much because I know that *I* can do it, but I don’t know if OTHERS can xD I like this plan. I was thinking 4 per week, which would be a bit quicker.

  • OMG I watched it like ten years ago 😀 Long time 😀
    You really want to watch it one episode per week? Seriously? Because it is like a madness to me 😀 I am not able to watch only one episode when I have the whole season on DVD 😀

  • Jen

    YES! Best show! I usually rewatch this once a year anyway!

  • Im currently watching revenge, but I think I will watch all the episodes at once, because its too amazing. As for Buffy, I really want to check it out, but… One episode a week? I think i’ll be way ahead of you guys. It was on my plans to finish the whole series before fall season.

  • Kristi

    I say two episodes a week

  • maybe we could watch two episodes a week. it’s not too much, only two hours. I’ve never watched Buffy either, so I’m excited to watch it with all of you!

  • Rynblk

    I love Buffy TVS it’s a great show, I honestly believe you’ll enjoy it. I literally JUST finished watching the entire series for the first time like a month ago so it’s kind of weird that I know someone is going to start watching it for the first time. I’m confused though are you watching the entire series in 3 months? or just a few episodes? It took me about a year (but mostly because I watch several things at the same time). I would’ve recommended you watch Roswell it’s only like 61 episodes, you’d finish it in 2 months by watching 1 episode a day. Anyways season 2 of BTVS was by far my favorite in so many ways, and season 1 is mostly stand alone episodes which is probably why it’s not highly recommended.
    BTW the picture above is from the end, So yeah MUCH later season!! 😀

  • Polinka

    Omg, i knew that i have seen georgina from gg somewhere before. But it was sooo long ago

  • Anna

    I just discovered your blog and I’m really interested in all the reviews and reports.
    I am a huge Buffy fan, it was sort of (along with Xena and the X-Files) what got me started on TV shows. I won’t be watching it along with you (as I’ve just seen the show too many times and want to wait until I really feel like watching it again), but I’m excited to see if it will be as great for you as it is for me, so I’ll be checking in from time to time 😉
    Have fun!

  • omg Buffy is so great!!! I watched when I was 13 and I watched last year, ten years later, and I found many many reasons for love it again.

  • @TheNDofUO

    I finish exams on 22nd June – so I cant lie later the better but… i see how that can be annoying. SoEXCITED!

  • AMontemaht

    My schedule flexes each week depending on what city I am working in. I have *a lot* of plane and hotel time while I’m on the road so I can pretty much work with any schedule you come up with 🙂 So excited!!

  • Sovanna

    I am so excited! Especially since although this is one of my favorite shows, I’ve only seen the entire later series and was just filled in about the earlier ones by friends. I am so pumped to experience it from the beginning!

  • Jennifer

    Well, there are SEVEN seasons of Buffy, sooo, if you only watch one per week, you are NOT gonna finish before the summer is over. lol

    And I can’t BELIEVE you’ve never seen it!! You’re gonna LOVE it. 🙂