Note: this is not solely a photo recap thing. Please read the post!

So, basically, I had the idea to watch a series I’ve never seen and week-by-week, I would review and somewhat-photo recap it. And if you’d like, you can watch along with me (and us) as well! We can watch TV together, kind of. I mean, we don’t have to watch at the same time, but we could watch on a schedule and then discuss it in the comments if you’d like.

I usually watch entire series of shows I’ve never watched during winter hiatuses. But I’ve never done that during summer. Which is weird, because there’s more time in the summer. Anyway, long story short: I’m ready to watch some iconic television that I have never watched before. But instead of being a complete hermit while doing so, I figured…since I have a TV blog…that I could share the experience with you guys — and we could both watch whichever series we choose TOGETHER!

Pictured are six series I’ve never watched. You’ve got AMC’s Breaking Bad, Fox’s Firefly, NBC/DirecTV’s Friday Night Lights, HBO’s The Wire, Fox’s The X-Files, and The WB/UPN’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’ve watched a couple of episodes but remember nothing about this show, truly; the rest I’ve never seen a second of). Now these are just the ones I’ve thought about on my own (and ones I can stream for free…legally…thanks to Netflix/HBO Go), ones I’ve been thinking of watching for some time now. But there’s plenty of television I have yet to watch. I was thinking of Teen Wolf and Supernatural too, but I didn’t want to do series people are currently reviewing.

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Does this sound like a cool idea?

If so, the series I decide to watch and review/recap is up to you. So nominate the series (singular and plural) you would like to re/watch and have me recap below! I’ll be constantly replying to veto any series in case I’ve seen it already. And then sometime this week, I’ll make another post to narrow down the choices. After that, we’ll come up with a schedule!


Those are just some shows I thought of on my own. Post any show below, and if I’ve seen it, I’ll reply that I’ve seen it. I don’t want to watch a show I’ve already watched is the thing.

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • Andrea

    Breaking Bad!

  • Friday Night Lights gets my vote, all time fav. A show everyone should watch tbh.

  • Buffy!

  • Sarah Lynn l

    The Wire and Friday Night Lights haven’t seen either of these but hear they are good and want to check out myself

  • Game of Thrones
    The OC
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Breakout Kings

    • I know too much about The OC to make it feel fresh. And I will never watch Lost. I couldn’t stand the first two episodes. The rest, however, are definitely contenders, though, Ally. I’ve been thinking of GOT.

  • Grace

    That 70s Show!

    • I’ve DEFINITELY seen That 70s Show. Every episode. But also, what’s there to review about this show anyway? XD

  • Buffy
    The O.C.

    • I mentioned why I don’t think I should do The OC above. About 90210, I actually watched A LOT of that show over spring break with my cousins. A. LOT. So I don’t think I’m qualified to watch it for the first time. And I watched it when it premiered, too.

  • Supernatural, please! you would make it so hilarious I can’t even… plus, I’ve been wanting to re-watch since the beginning since I don’t like it that much right now, so it’s a good way for me to re-watch and laugh about it xD

  • I love Buffy, so out of your current choices I’d say that one. But also, Wonderfalls is only a season and hilarious, it’s by the same guy who did Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me but this is my favorite series of his. Better Off Ted is Portia de Rossi’s best role ever and is only 2 seasons I believe. Popular is by the guy who did Glee but it’s actually hilarious and features Leslie Bibb from GCB. Samantha Who is great, it has Christina Applegate, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Esposito and Jean Smart are evil/silly.

    • I’ve watched Better Off Ted. I like that show :) AND I watched ALL of Samantha Who during a three day period one time. But the thing is, IDK if I want to do a sitcom. I need an hourlong. The rest seem like definite contenders.

  • Kristi


  • Ash

    Bones, or you could do Buffy + it’s spin-off, Angel (personally, I like Angel WAY more than Buffy, but either would be great)

    • Ash

      Or Castle(:

    • Well if I choose any of these shows, I’m most likely only doing the first season. I watched the pilot of Bones and could NOT stand it. Don’t think I’m going to do that xD

      And I’d do Castle, but it’s sort of on again / off again for me.

  • AMontemaht

    First, you haven’t watched X-Files?!? I’m appalled!! 😉 That or Buffy (seriously, how could you have missed both of them?!) would be great but A LOT of couch time for either. I’m intrigued…
    You won’t be surprised by this, but have to say Breaking Bad would be my ultimate choice. You won’t regret it! Would LOVE to hear your take:) Also, new season (which is the first half of the last season for the series) starts in July so you could do catch up then watch as they air

    • JAM

      Breaking BAD FTW!

    • LMAO I have not! And I’m only going to do one season during the summer (if that) because I’m going to be reviewing it. It’s a lot of work! XD

      • AMontemaht

        Poor Michael. Were you comatose during the 90s?
        I understand reviewing must be a lot of work. Seriously don’t know how you keep up. Based on that, I hat to say X-Files would probably be a tough choice. With 24 eps in the 1st season, I doubt you would be able to do it the justice it so richly deserves. On a side note, if you haven’t seen the Millenium ep from season 7 then watch it if nothing else. Out of all the twisted eps, it is the only one that *still* totally creeps me out :)
        Also, based on your restrictions, I would have to promote BB again. It has only 7 eps in S1 and hits the ground running SPOILER ALERT: (their first murder is in the pilot with hilarious but disgusting attempt at dissolving bodies by the second ep! How can you not love that ;)) so you could cover a lot of ground comparatively. I’ll warn you though that once you start, you’ll be hooked! It only gets more insane and addictive.
        bee tee dubz- you should give Bones another shot if you only watched the pilot. Sure I’m biased because I’m a Squint, but it is a great show :)

  • Name

    Pretty Little Liars? :(

    • That one episode I watch was absolutely horrible. IDK if I can subject myself to this show.

  • Leila

    One Tree Hill! The first four seasons. I miss it so much ):
    Veronica Mars would be nice too!

    • Leila

      And I think I would like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But in Brasil we just have 2 weeks on July, so i won’t have time to watch it ):

    • I’ve watched every episode of both of those shows :) Veronica Mars is one of three of my all-time favorite series ever!!!

  • BruNzr

    Merlin? I’ve watched till episode 5 or smth, and it’s good (:

    • The NBC version…or the other one? Are they the same thing? This could be good.

      • BruNzr

        Yes, NBC. What other one? I’m not very informed about these things xD
        Yes, please, do it! 😀

  • Freaks and Geeks!

  • VHppDth

    X-Files man! What can be better than aliens?

  • Supernatural, but start with first season! And totally Firefly! I am so curious how you do recaps with my favourite shows. And well, you have also Veronica Mars and Leverage!

    Oh! I know! How about the Gilmore Girls? Or Doctor Who?

  • Tresty

    How about Lost? I am also thinking from your recap-writing perspective, so much stuff to make fun of in this show, plot holes, over the top acting, symbolism… but also a lot of serious and pretty dramatic stuff (i still remember Boone’s death…)

    Also, if you plan on only doing a single season, i think there is no other 1st season better than the one from Lost.

  • Game of Thrones is one to watch. Everyone should do a summer rewatch of GoT

  • Carina

    – Supernatural
    – Pretty Little Liars
    – Game of Thrones

  • hjgjhg

    Nikita or Buffy

    • I love Nikita. Currently watch it so… /: but it’s amazing 😀

  • BUFFY BUFFY BUFFY. Or Supernatural is a good second. Or Teen Wolf. It sounds like I’m a mystical crazy person, but they’re honestly really good.

  • I was going to say Lost, since it’s the most amazing show ever, but after reading your comments I’ll go with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. It’s my forth favorite show ever. The acting is amazing, the writing and storylines make you have a lot of “feelings”, and Matt Saracen is one of the best TV characters of all time.

    GoT is pretty good too, but it’s the type of show where you have to be really into it to enjoy it even a little bit.

  • Buffy and Supernatural… Cause i haven’t watched them either… And i want to. I think…not sure…but i think Supernatural will provide you with more material for your recaps.

  • liz

    once upon a time!

    • I watched the first 7 or so episodes of Once and find it boring beyond repair!! XD

  • Eric Pharand

    The Lying Game

  • Laur

    Friday Night Lights! (Anything by Jason Katims is worth the watch – Parenthood, Roswell)
    OH do ROSWELL!

  • Monika Alem

    I think you should do Buffy because it is an iconic show. Buffy had a huge influence on television and I think anyone who is serious about television needs to have seen it. The first season or two can be slightly cheesy and a bit hard to get through, but trust me, keep going and you will be hooked by season three. If you are only going to do the first season of whatever you choose, then Buffy actually might not be a good choice since the first season was only 13 episodes and nowhere near the pinnacle of the show.

    As for the other choices, I gave up on Breaking Bad in the middle of season two. The show gets very slow in a lot of places, especially in season one. The acting is great but sometimes the episodes are just boring. Friday Night Lights is pretty good but I get confused by how much love the show gets because I feel like it’s just like the OC but with poor people, Texans, and football. I haven’t seen the others.
    If I were to nominate one show that isn’t on this list, I would say Misfits. It’s a UK show that you can find on Hulu. It’s funny, actiony, romantic, and just awesome. I 100% guarantee that it will be the funniest show you have ever seen. It’s next to Chuck as the best show I’ve ever seen. It’s about a group of juvenile delinquents that get caught in a freak storm and get superpowers. However, it is most definitely not a superhero show. The powers tend to just cause extra trouble for a group of kids who are already trouble-magnets. What’s also interesting is that the powers are derived from their personalities, which also makes the whole premise more fun.

  • Mikael Sikk

    YOU NEED TO RECAP BUFFY. I’m gonna get Buffy, season by season, during the hiatus and it’d be beyond awesome to have you review/recap it. It would be perfection.