So, basically, I’m a huge fan of this episode. And the following review is more like a conversation with my own mind. I apologize.

Where has this episode been all season long? Quite sincerely, I mean that — The Vampire Diaries finally felt like it “returned” tonight after four months of being an over the top soap opera with the supernatural element. (The keyword[s] there being “over the top,” which is how I would differentiate it.) And yes there still was that pesky, little triangle that we had to deal with in this episode. The show basically thinks it’s the main reason you’re watching; I know a lot of us aren’t mainly watching for the triangle (including people who wish I’d stop talking about it in my reviews, apparently…), but the show is all like “Nope! You’re watching for the triangle! Here’s a cliffhanger about how one of the brothers is going to leave Mystic Falls!”

Oh, what suspense! Will one of the series regulars who have appeared in every, single episode and are integral to the plot no longer be on the show!? I don’t know what will happen!

(Sorry, I just have a problem with that “suspense” sometimes.)

I don’t know what irks me more, that Elena really is that special to both of the Salvatore brothers (I feel like they’ve both classified Katherine in that sense; and also that final scene was…well, it happened), that they seem to tie their humanity to her existence, or that at this point, I don’t even know what differentiates both brothers. This is something I’ve been struggling with for about two weeks now when people went on a comment party in my review: what is the difference? what does Elena find attractive in one that she doesn’t in the other? does she remember her speech about not wanting to live forever? It appears that history is just repeating itself. Both brothers are completely enamored with a Petrova doppelganger — and now the doppelganger wants to keep both of them. At least she finally admitted it, which is something I believe she definitely owed the brothers. What will the outcome be this time, considering that Katherine apparently chose Stefan? Personally, I don’t think there’s been enough Damon and Elena moments to truly classify the triangle as “over” during the next episode. Like, I think they needed to do an episode that truly evaluates what Damon gives to Elena, rather than having people stating what it is. Sure, we got one Delena episode and then one Stelena one, but the Delena one was still an extension of what it meant for Stelena in some weird way. That’s not even remotely “fair” (as Caroline put it last week, or I believe she did). Even Elena thought she owed it to Stefan to tell him what happened during the trip — when in fact she’s supposed to be discovering what it is she wants without having to “report back” to Stefan, because it’s not as if he’s giving her permission or something or as if Damon is the alternative to Stefan. Obviously, they’re both each other’s alternatives but he should exist, to Elena, as his own entity. I think that’s part of the reason why I haven’t “gotten it” yet. (Just choose Matt, homegirl.) Does any of this make sense? And at this point, even though I know the show is basically yelling at me that everyone is dark, I would rather have cliché “good” and “bad” cutouts to differentiate the Salvatores. At least that way we’d know that they satisfy respective traits of her being (as I’ve been told the books did quite well).

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Speaking of good and bad, how awesome was it when Abby mentioned that doing this kind of spell could make her tap into dark aspects of her? For one, at least Bonnie finally somewhat told her off. (I thought Caroline was going to pop up to do that for her again.) It’s truly just small moments like these that we (nay, just me and people in the comments it seems) were asking for, writers. To develop her just a tiny bit. For that, I’m not even mad that she was just doing spells the rest of the episode. This episode serviced Bonnie more in five seconds than the previous three seasons. And as I’ve mentioned before, it’s extremely important to do that because Bonnie is the writers’ plot eraser[*] — and not developing her character creates a large audience of people who are just extremely ungrateful whenever she seemingly saves the lives of anybody they care about, because they think of her as that character who muddles up the screwed up moral compass on this show in the first place. It’s a mess. Secondly, how amazing would it be if Bonnie turned dark and there was some real internal struggle with the group? If the audience wants to hate her…well whatever, but let’s create that plot where there’s actual reason to do so. And for the rest of us, we’ll just appreciate the badassery that comes with it.

[*] Which they basically admitted. “There’s always a way to undo a spell.” Well of course there is! Just write a Bonnie scene, duh.

The cast for this show is so vast that it’s unfortunate most of the conflict comes with guest stars entering the small town. It’s why I was — and still am — a fan of the “Evilaric” storyline. Evilaric is, unequivocally, what Klaus should have been from day one but never was. And it was fantastic. Once again, the Originals proved to mostly be a moot point this season (and Rebekah’s gone? noooo!) when the show decided to create the Even Bigger Bad last week with Alaric. Nevertheless, that’s what I want to see: characters I care about in actual danger. (Plus, how awesome was that pencil scene really?) And of course, in true TVD fashion, the twist! Alaric only dies when Elena dies. Well, well. Does this mean that if she were turned into a vampire that he would die, since she technically needs to die as well for that to happen? And I know she may have been a bit dimwitted going to the school alone, but I like her quick thinking when not staking Alaric…and how she figured out why Alaric wouldn’t kill her. (Even I thought it was because his Alaricness was still there but nope.) That said, if everyone is dark then what about Elena — where is her evil? It’s upsetting because, as I said again, I don’t see why Elena shouldn’t just choose both Salvatores, y’know, beyond it being selfish and not really a choice at all.

And even though everyone has darkness, they also have good inside them as well. I mean, that’s why Klaus draws, people. But we got to see that a bit tonight when he somewhat-saved Caroline and told her to go home. That’s a scene where I finally understood his layers (and maybe even understood Klaroline for a second there, whoa!) — which has never been evident when he was drawing with lead, and painting murals, and perhaps tagging a street wall next week if he hadn’t been spelled. And although it was executed nicely in the scene with Caroline, I understand that the show is basically screaming out that Klaus is all alone. It’s not enough that he’s basically just constantly asking Stefan if he wants to hang, but Tyler had to spell it out this episode. Unfortunately for me, I was unaffected by him not-really-dying for two reasons: (A) He’s not really dying. This is True Blood all over again. They love this “villain” so much (quotes) that they want to keep him around so decided sleeping was the answer, besides now the gang has to keep him alive so that they survive. And (B) Because…uh…yeah this should have happened some time ago, really (even though Klaus is the biggest non-threat ever). I think I’m the only advocate for hoping these guys would have been successful in bringing Klaus down. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the scene was brilliantly executed and I was caught up in the moment as well. But…it was time, don’t you think? I’m glad the writers didn’t decide to just have Klaus stick around forever. Somehow the real threat here is the previously substantially irrelevant council who now know that Tyler and Caroline are supernatural.

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Overall, this was quite possibly the best episode since 3.09 (which I know a lot of people thought was too fast and made no sense but to me was the epitome of this season), so I’m quite ecstatic and pleased. In a sense it feels, however, that bringing down this villain they’ve been talking up for a season and a half was quite easy. You know, like in the same way that Matt killed and Original and you’re like, “Matt? HE killed an Original!?” Truthfully, I don’t know what’s coming up next, and I don’t know how they will rid themselves of Evilaric. I mean, I guess Bonnie could do the spell again…but that’s obviously not going to happen. And that’s truly the best aspect of The Vampire Diaries: the thrill of the uncertainty (not to be confused with “where the hell is this going!?”). Genuinely, I’m questioning whether or not Elena will turn, seeing as that’s (in my mind) the only way to get rid of him (besides the aforementioned spell, that Bonnie could stop her heartbeat too, that there could be another sacrifice like her father did), and they need to. And with the council developments, it somewhat does feel like no one is safe (Matt is so dead, right?) but we shall see. Who will Elena choose? And does that matter more than the reason she’s choosing whom? I don’t think so. And I also don’t think we’re going to be getting a concrete answer, really, if she does choose. But sometimes the entertainment overpowers the critical thinking.

So thank you for a fantastic installment of TVD, writers et all. I couldn’t be more thrilled for the finale!

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • Mikael Sikk

    I SO think Bonnie’s gonna turn evil. I feel like they basically spelled it out tonight.

  • Alyssa

    Really enjoyed reading your review! I also think this episode was the best I’ve seen in awhile. I was dying to see some excitement in TVD again, especially after last week’s over dramatic episode…and what do you know: they delivered! I was sad to see Rebekah go too, but am glad that Elijah will come back, I guess I got attached to these originals for some weird reason.
    The other thing I was happy about was that finally we got to see a true TVD episode, not one based only on the triangle and Elena’s confusion and “oh so difficult” choice (it’s gotten to a point where I don’t really care anymore…just choose already woman!). Anyway, I doubt one brother is gonna leave town for good, I bet it will be for one or two episodes max and then something will happen in Mystic Falls and he’ll have to come running back. Also, what you said about Elena turning, it totally makes sense, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen…I think they’ll come up with another way to kill Alaric and if they don’t…well, Bon Bon to the rescue!
    Overall I think it was an awesome, mind blowing, funny episode and can’t wait to watch the finale next week, especially with the cliffhanger they left us with…even that was missing from previous episodes that I missed.

  • [*] Which they basically admitted. “There’s always a way to undo a spell.” Well of course there is! Just write a Bonnie scene, duh.

    You made me laugh with that. She always does just seem to come in to undo something

  • Beatrice

    That scene at the beginning with Alaric dragging Caroline is awsome. It shows perfectly what you’re gonna see in the rest of the episode. I really enjoyed it.

    I don’t think they will turn Elena in the next season: the series is all about her umanity and innate goodness colliding with the supernatural and evil element. It certainly would be interesting but I don’t think the show is ready yet.
    She is always the victim who has to be rescued and if they wanna do six seasons they have to change the intire structure of the show in order to make her a vampire in the fourth season. It takes a lot of courage, doesn’t it?
    And plus: the only ordinary character would be Matt, if he won’t die next week (finger crossed ’cause he’s cute). It’s just too much supernatural stuff.
    What do you think?

    BTW always grat reviews 😉

  • Alyssa

    One more thing about last night’s episode: 2 things bothered me (just found weird):
    1- Caroline trying to open her car…c’mon woman, you’re a vampire and another vamp is chasing you…how about using your vamp speed to get out of there instead of your car?
    2- Damon and Bonnie get to Elena’s house, but instead of going downstairs to greet them and to help her friend (she must have heard them talking!), or at least to see who it is,,,she continues on painting the room! Seriously? Unless she received the phone call exactly at the same time…oh I don’t know.
    Anyone else think of something not quite right??

    • fifi

      because vampires don’t want everybody to know that they are vampires so
      they do normal things like…using a car!Plus she did receive the phone
      call at that time..because when the brothers started looking for
      her..She was already in the school! (plus the fact that she couldn’t
      hear them is not impossible)!! Plus the tiny little details don’t
      matter..else you will just go crazy :D!

      I loved the klaroline moment !! I just hate the fact that caroline was
      celebrating klaus’ death (dessication) with her friends..That kind of
      ruined it! I also loved the scenes where klaus was trying to get in
      elena’s house. It was funny and it reminded me when elijah used to do
      that with coins!

      I loved the scenes between damon and stefan too..But
      stefan really? Leaving town because your brother had the girl? Its the
      first time in ages that you’re in good terms with your brother and you
      just decide to leave the town and come back in Hum..50years? We all know
      that’s not gonna happen but still..that’s not the way to think!

      I loved the stelena scenes..It seems like writers are trying to trick us
      and make us believe that she’ll choose him..Which makes me think that
      she’ll choose damon! (Finally the love triangle will be over..For a few
      seconds..).. I thought for a second that jeremy was seriously injured
      (not dead..but in trouble) when bonnie was like Jeremy ,Jeremy! Great

      Overall it really was a great episode!! I’m so sad that the season is almost over..

    • munki28

      yeah I was wondering about those two things too. Caroline could’ve just ran home with her light speed. And how did Elena get out of the house with the Salvatore brothers inside the house, Klaus was outside, Jeremy just got told to get back upstairs only a few minutes after coming downstairs. But she got enough time to get out of the house quietly enough so those vamps couldn’t hear her and drove away in her car that even Klaus who was outside most of the time couldn’t hear or see.

      But then I just kinda ignore it. It’s TV and they’re [sorta] allowed to do these amazingly convenient things just so the story can progress LOL.

  • Tamara

    You are exactly right about that Klaroline moment! It finally made sense! That is why: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DON’T WANT KLAUS TO BE KINDA-DEAD AFTER THAT AND EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED THROUGHOUT THE SEASON :”( Awesome review btw.

  • Val

    I have a strong dislike for Bonnie, so I hope she does turn evil… if anything so she can stop saying “I didn’t do it for you” whenever someone thanks her. Maybe Jeremy will turn evil too!

    I really enjoyed this episode as well, but I’m starting to think that they need to do something new with Elena… I mean, her life is always tied to everyone else’s… Katherine, the Originals, the hybrids, Alaric… just give her something ELSE. Maybe there’s some other supernatural power and she decides to study it. Or something. Give her some sort of SKILL, other than just being alive! (Oh and other than everything being MAH FAULT)

    Would be nice to get a storyline for Damon as well… what was he doing while Stefan was being The Ripper? I think it goes in line with what we’re looking for in terms of what he brings to Elena – we don’t actually have much on his character; other than that he doesn’t like having to live up to expectations. They need to flesh him out a bit, then we might understand the attraction better, I think.

    Anyway… looking forward to the photo recap 😀

    • James_Evers

      IIRC Bonnie has only been thanked three times in the entire series. Damon in season one Elena thanked her for lighting Caroline’s birthday candles *RME* and the last episode she was thanked by Stefan. With all the times she has saved their dumb asses from the crap they keep throwing themselves into, Bonnie can say whatever the hell she wants IMHO.

      • Pellinore

        Amen. I was about to say, how many times have these mofos actually thanked her? That’s the only time she has ever made that statement, and quite frankly I agree with the sentiment. These ungrateful bastards love to use her and take what they can get with very little regard for her safety and feelings. This episode was ridiculous with Klaus and Damon tag-teaming in verbally abusing her. All she was allowed to do was talk about the mission at hand, like the action girl she is, and look at Damon like he’s some adorably incorrigible bastard. They never gave her credit for actually doing her job. Yet you have both Elena and Caroline as damsels in distress in this episode. When have any of Bonnie’s friends gone out to save her? And don’t give me the Julie “she’s a strong woman” bullshit. Bonnie is still vulnerable just like the rest of them. If she goes “Dark Willow” they’ll probably ruin it anyway. She’ll be the least sympathetic villain on the show b/c so many in the fandom want her to die anyway. Yet a do-nothing like Klaus gets so much attention and praise. *SMH*

        • munki28

          You are so right about Bonnie being the least villain in the show [if she ever gets a chance to be one]. At least Klaus is charismatic and charming enough for fan girls to drool over him [this is mostly thanks to Joseph Morgan and his amazing acting skills], so even if he is given a boring useless story line, people would still kinda care. Bonnie, on the other hand, being female on a TV show that appeals mostly to girls [although I know there are MANY fanboys out there as well] and has never been remotely interesting for the whole 3 seasons, it is really hard for many people to suddenly care about her character. However, personally I do want to see what it will be like if Bonnie turns against her friends, I just hope she won’t be the main villain of the show.

          • Pellinore

            I have no issues with Joseph Morgan. I wholeheartedly agree that he’s a good and talented actor. His character and Elijah have been some of the highlights of the show for me, when their characters haven’t been watered down by unnecessary drama. And of course he’s attractive, and that gets you somewhere with the hetero female segment of the fandom. But b/c so many people already feel so negatively toward Bonnie it unfortunately won’t bode well for her. The writers probably won’t do her justice if she were to ever become a villain. They don’t do her justice as she is now, so it’ll be much like we’ve seen with other POC characters who receive very little exposition and back-story. Suffice it to say, I doubt many people could name more than one favorite POC character on this show, and there have been several who were a part of story arcs (past and current). They’re just not being written to be likeable.

  • BruNzr

    Finally a TVD-level episode!!! I was waiting for it for so long, tbh. Last episode was good, but this one? AMAZING!
    I can’t be more anxious for the finale now.

    Best things:
    – Bonnie among them, having scenes where she speaks (not just in latin);
    – Klaus kind of helping them, but then becoming the the true villain we’ve been expecting for;
    – Elena little plan working;
    – Evil!Alaric (Matt Davis is just awesome);
    – Tyler standing up for Klaus;
    – NOT HAVING ANY EXTRAS > New treats, among the original cast (BEST PART)
    – Beremy and Stelena (I’m still a girl, lol)

    Oh, and I love that Klaus finally died. Really.

    In general, it was one of the best episodes of season 3!

    I just don

  • Chloe

    I loved the episode; but I’m a little confused. Since Klaus died, why didn’t Tyler die? Was it because of Bonnie’s spell or something? I did glance away when Klaus was dying but did that mean I missed something crucial? Please reply, much love!xo

    • BruNzr

      It’s because Klaus didn’t really died. He died the death that Mikael died. The same spell Abby did to “kill” Mikael, Bonnie used in klaus. Remember, when Katherine gave him blood he “woke up” of his “death”. Klaus is the same.

  • Chloe

    Just realised that he isn’t actually dead, just dessicated. Klaus will come back, it’d be wrong if he didn’t. So curious to see why Elena passed out ;)! Good job writers :)))! Oh, just saw your comment BruNzr, thanks ;)!

    • BruNzr

      Yeah, Elena is so irrelevant I even forgot about that! lol jk though
      I like Elena. Poor girl. But she was selfish this episode, being all Katherine and all.
      I love Katherine, but Elena is like, bad at being Katherine.
      Anyway, I didn’t understand at all what was happening like, she happened to suddenly pass out and then, with suspense music, they film the PAINT CAN. Like, wat

  • Pellinore

    I’m trying to remember my reaction word-for-word. But like another commentator I feel that there was no reason for Caroline to be captured in freaking broad daylight by Alaric. She couldn’t have run a LITTLE further from school? It’s not like someone was going to see her moving at super speed. And Alaric couldn’t have stolen her daylight ring from her? I wasn’t feeling the torture porn b/c it isn’t believable that Elena would kill one of her friends or that her or Caroline’s life was really in any danger.

    I’m getting tired of these circuitous plots that always come back to Elena in some way. Especially b/c she isn’t going to die. Other people die, not her.

    And I was confused about the victory party. I mean, was Klaus really that big of a threat compared to Alaric? I mean sure, you could never trust him to be alone with Elena after that reveal. But Bonnie’s spell was technically a misfire, not her fault of course. It was cute b/c it’s been a while since the whole gang just hung out together.

    And that product placement? I mean come on, and then Damon uses that to snub Bonnie again. Klaus and Damon were pretty much tag-teaming on the Bonnie verbal abuse. And Damon had the nerve to say that shit about Abby as though he had absolutely nothing to do with it. (Just like a commentator from last week, and I guess I called it when I said Damon would probably say something like that.) Ian isn’t all that so I’m fine hating his character for the douche-bag and murderer that he is.

    And how the fuck did Bonnie even find her mom? How did Jaime know where she was? That didn’t make any sense to me. And I’m wondering if she’s going back into the plot box after this episode.

    If Bonnie ever goes “Dark Willow” she will be well justified in doing so.

    And as some others have said, the Klaroline scene would indeed have been pointless if Klaus is going to remain dessicated. But they’re probably just putting him back in the plot box until later. Kinda like True Blood with Russell Eddington. Klaus was quite delusional regarding his relationship with his family. He had a chance to leave with Rebekah and he blew it.

  • Eric Pharand

    A good episode. Alaric catching Caroline was contrived. The Klaus Victory party was out of place. I wish Caroline would be better written. They’re blatantly saying Bonnie is useless. There was no suspense when Caroline was being tortured and no chance Elena would kill Caroline. “Im not your little bitch anymore!” Vomit! Elena has a neighbor! I think Klaus possessed Elena.

    • Pellinore

      Caroline wasn’t very well written this episode. I didn’t get why she and Elena had to be damsels in distress. And I wish Bonnie had been treated with much more respect given how much she has helped everyone. Her receiving verbal abuse from Klaus and Damon again was no bueno. Just wanted those mofos to shut the fuck up. I didn’t like Tyler’s line either. I wasn’t aware they could say “bitch” on this show. But yeah, terrible line to use.

      Elena did some stupid things, like taking a shot of liquor after being drained of most of her blood. So maybe it’s something anti-climatic that caused her to pass out. I don’t see how she could be possessed by Klaus. I think she passed out b/c of Alaric. Since his life is linked to hers, doesn’t that mean her life is endangered should he die or something? Or is this a one-way thing?

  • I was telling my sister that I feels like we’ve come full circle. The council is now the “bad guy” again, as they kind of were at the start of the show… Its funny but my favorite things to joke about when it comes to TVD has always been that they create a “bad guy” until the actor or character becomes someone they like and so they bring in someone much worse. So it’ll be interesting to see how EvilAlaric uses the original threat of the council against our characters. I wonder if its even possible to take that entire room of people and drain them all over their vervain to compel them not to remember…. or would that be too many of the towns people gone at once? lol

    Also, please tell me they will have something to say to the fact that the “man” now leading the charge is a vampire himself! like hello! Anyway, this weeks episode felt like it was a finale, so I don’t know what to expect next week.

    But I need to talk about how stupid Elena is, and I know you like her or whatev so maybe that’s why you didn’t mention it, but girl is a stupid hoe! I mean HELLO YOU WERE JUST DRAINED OF BASICALLY ALL YOUR BLOOD, and “little headache” or not, adding tequila to a body nearly drained of blood… lets just say I would have loved to know her blood
    alcohol content after that stupid choice. Also I know they wanted to “celebrate” but for people who work so hard to keep Elena alive It kinda seemed like they should have forced her to lay down. But whatevs… I just couldn’t even with her just going about life when she had that much blood drained from her…. when she passed out I was like “LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES!!!” UGH… Anyway…

  • Mandy

    Ok, wow…what was that? Seriously, TVD can’t just go and throw out an episode LIKE THAT after the last 10 were medium ok…haha, I wasn’t prepared for this one ending like that! I think this episode will be one of my favourite all season long and that now makes 3 episodes I really enjoyed this season. Before the Sunset was really of good TVD s2 quality!

    What I liked:

    1. First of all the scene where Klaus is “trying to get invited” into the house is just…AWESOME! I never knew a newspaper and a soccer ball could destroy furniture like that! Klaus was really at his best badassness this whole episode…now that is a guy who does not take No for an answer.

    2. Stefan stepping out and in one sentence laying out the problem they ALL had to deal with was just good writing, the whole scene where they all had to sort of unite against one seriously dangerous dude named Ric was great! Paul, Ian and Joseph work brilliantly together and their characters bounce off each other so well. I loved Damon’s Caroline burn to Klaus – Caroline is in there. Don’t you have a thing for her? Or did she reject you too many times to care? – I am a fan of That 70’s Show and I love good burn! This one was TVD style!

    3. How amazing was the battle scene between 1 day old Ric, 150 yearold Salvatore bros and 1000 something yearold Klaus and still they could not take him down…

  • Mandy

    4. I do not ship Klaroline but I could not help but feel for Klaus after he actually made an effort to make sure Caroline can get out of there knowing they will save Elena. Plus, I am confused now, JP said that Klaroline is not over and Caroline was so happy to know he died at that weird Yay Klaus Is Dead After-Party…after she thanked him for saving her..please explain!

    5. Ok, so how is it possible that Elena could still walk home, drink, chat and paint after losing like 10 liters of blood? And whats up with her collapsing? Why did TVD make it look so OMG?

    6. The brothers’s talk in the car was great, I know I prefer Stefan with Elena, but I am first of all Team Salvatore bros because The Bro Code, Article 1, clearly states Bro’s before Ho’s.

    7. Was I the only one creeped out by Bonnie’s face during that spell?

    And finally, HOW DARE THEY RAISE A HAND ON MY 2ND FAV ORIGINAL? You know I caught myself thinking that last year I would be all Lets Kill Klaus! but I love him too much to let go! Guys, I was really so sad about this, I hope that is only temporarily, I can’t enjoy TVD without him….and as excited as I am to see the love of my TVD life back, my fav Original – Elijah, I just can’t picture TVD without Klaus!

  • katherine_fan

    Michael,it’s like you’re reading my mind!I loved this episode and I loved this review!!!While I was watching this ep I felt like “Yes,TVD is back!!!What have I been watching since September,b/c that show was def not VD”!!!I’ve read the books and I have to admit I’m rooting for both Stelena and Delena!!It just feels right,you know.,whatever side you’re on ;Elena deciding to be with Stefan,that’s okay,I understand why!!Elena deciding to be with Damon,fuck yes!!!What they have is soooo good,please make it happen!!That’s why I agree with what you said about the triangle on the show!!!I’m not a big fan of the way it was introduced or the way it ‘s played out so far!!Evilaric is a real threat!!!And MD is so fucking brilliant in this role!!!I hate it when Caroline gets tortured and I definitely do not want her to die,like ever,but when Evilaric was saying that she’s a murderer and she likes it so she needs to die I thought to myself (for just a sec):”The man has a point.Maayyybeeeee Caroline deserves to die?!”Of course,my favorite part was when he said to Elena:”you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong”-Ooohhh,burn!!!It was the best quote of the episode!!The scene where Klaus was throwing stuff at the Gilbert house was hilarious!!!And I don’t think the writers’ intention was for that scene to be hilarious,but it really was!!Why is this guy regarded as a threat again??He’s useless!!Elijah throwing coins at houses and coffee shops-that was bad ass!!!Klaus throwing soccer balls at the Gilbert house-not so much!I’m so disappointed they didn’t kill him b/c a)he’s useless and b)I think he was lying about him being the Original who started their bloodline!!If that was true then WTH was 3×19 all about???Tyler was my second favorite character of the ep!!!The way he stood up to Klaus and what he said about true love…Ohhh burn,Klaus!!!!I really think/hope Jeremy will be a bad ass vampire hunter in season 4!!He doesn’t regard the vampire situation as a black and white deal;He acknowledges the fact that vampires have messed up his life as well as his sister’s and therefore,Evilaric killing them all is not such a bad idea,but at the same time he ‘s willing to kill Evilaric in order to protect Elena!!The scene where he lashed out to Stefan and said that what he and Elena needed is one day away from the vampire madness was brilliant and heart-breaking!!!When will Elena have a meltdown like that,anyway???In my opinion,it should have happened already like,10 episodes ago!!

  • Great reviews and good points. Bonnie as evil would at least add some depth to the character. Elena as a vampire? Maybe in the last season… But for now she’s the one everyone loves and saves. As for a choice, she will either choose both or neither. If she chooses both then it will be as family and not as a boyfriend. The funny apart is I just realized how selfish Stefan is tonight. I didn’t see that before… Funniest scene is Klauss trying to break in the house and his banter with Damon. Really good stuff!

  • Pellinore

    I just had a thought. What if Klaus is brought back from dessication and he has amnesia? XD

  • amy

    “The Salvatore Brothers are two sides of a coin, and they represent
    two aspects of life. One side is safe and familiar, predictable and
    stable – what you see is what you get. It feels good but it’s not
    terribly exciting.

    The other side is risky and dangerous. Step outside your comfort zone
    and who knows what will happen. It could be terrible or it could be
    wonderful, but you just don’t know until you take that step.

    You can’t steal second if you never take your foot off first base!”