So producers may have said that this episode was going to have Elena choose. And producers may have mentioned that it was going to feel as if no one is safe. But those things don’t exactly translate to “the triangle is over” and “no one is actually safe.” The fact of the matter is: we got a finale in which the triangle is going to be as fierce as it has ever been and only one person passed — the obvious choice, seeing as we couldn’t have our characters dropping left and right. Albeit, “Klaus” died, but he didn’t really. What his soul has to do with his bloodline is beyond me. But regardless, he’s sticking around. And quite frankly, it was a choice I very much favored.

For one, it was something I did not see coming in the slightest (not the keeping him alive, but how). And secondly, are we finally getting progression in the ‘Bonnie Bennett is an actual character’ side of things? She actually, quite seriously and perhaps in a meta way, told Damon and the audience: “Hey, maybe give me a freakin’ second to be a character before a plot device?” (Quotes may be paraphrased, which is a paradox.) And although when she told Klaus that she saved him for herself, I was still a bit disheartened — seeing as that’s always Bonnie’s excuse and they were trying to make it something it wasn’t — I still very much feel vindicated. It’s not Evil Bonnie in any which way, but at least it’s a Bonnie that speaks and stands up for herself. For this reason alone, I may actually be extremely excited for a season four of The Vampire Diaries. (Let’s disregard the fact that it made zero sense for Bonnie to keep this a secret and that Klaus still is not dead.)

If not for that, then definitely because of the tensions that ran high during this installment. It’s insane that some of these people wouldn’t have been like “We are getting the Eff out of here” by now. And Jeremy and Matt (Regular Beings to the rescue!) teaming up against a group of vampires and lone-hybrid Tyler was the right kind of tension that’s sort of missing for the show lately. Coupled with Bonnie’s realization that she has been used as a crutch, the dynamics in Mystic Falls may finally be shifting into something thrilling without having to hire a bunch of guest stars.

Well, actually, the dynamics are shifting…in a huge way. Because Elena is no longer human. Unfortunately, this twist wasn’t too shocking (I talked about how this was the only solution this week in my review of last week’s episode), but it is most definitely going to shake every storyline up. For one, no one will be out for Elena’s blood anymore. And truthfully, that has mostly been every single story to date on this show. What else is there if not this?

I think, rather disappointingly, this shift in Elena’s being is mostly going to be used as a catalyst to amp up the triangle. And, quite frankly, I’m sort of done with it at this point. I mentioned previously that the triangle did need extra oomph, and I was excited when Damon and Elena shared a kiss in January. But then, Elena did a 180 and completely related everything she was doing with Damon to what it meant for Stefan and her relationship with him. She also, basically, stated it aloud in this episode as well when she was on the phone with Damon. Neither of these things helped develop an actual triangle, at least not for me personally. How was I to believe that Damon could be a viable option if Elena continued to make reference to every feeling she had for him to how it would end what she has with Stefan?

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That said, clearly, the show has just set up an endgame here and we’re just supposed to watch Elena’s choice for “right now.” I mean, the show was spelling out to you about love that consumes you and who had first dibs on Elena, apparently. Truthfully, it’s just…ugh…a less than ideal situation. So who the hell cares whom met Elena first? That completely belittles the triangle in the first place. And having Elena say “Maybe if we met first?” is a slap in the face to either side of this. It says that whatever Stefan gave to her only meant something because he met her first; it says that whatever Damon gave to her is lesser than that because he was second in line. Triangles aren’t about who saw who first; they’re about unequivocally loving two people and struggling with what both of them bring to the table. Anything less is absurd; and basing a lot of it on chronology from the show’s perspective and Elena’s is like saying that nothing either relationship went through and has overcome really means much since then. When Matt asked, “You feel like you owe him?” it felt exactly that way. (By the way, apparently Elena’s been fickle about relationships since 2009. And also, disregard what she said last season about wanting a normal life, because she didn’t want that with Matt.) Elena put a lot of her choice in Stefan being the one who made her want to live again after her accident — something anyone else could have done if she had just met him first (and yes, I know Damon met her prior to the accident). But I love the fact that she owned up to having to let one of these brothers go. They deserve at least that much.

In the past, I would argue that Elena being turned into a vampire could actually make the triangle something worth rooting for — now we’ve got a girl who wanted to stay human, struggling with both sides of her and doing so with two guys who satisfy both of those needs. These days, I’m not so sure which brother is which (even if this episode yelled out at you, “Hey look, Stefan says ‘whatever you want’ and Damon is all ‘no, this plan sucks!'” which is actually something I’ve been saying for some time now, too). Unfortunately, Stefan has made peace with his dark side, as long as it doesn’t take over him — and I don’t imagine Damon is going to want Elena to go on a killing spree like his brother, either. Despite this, it appears the triangle is just beginning…and this will be the basis of it.

And don’t even get me started on how the brothers think they’re dying and they want to say goodbye…to Elena. Who the hell cares about her? Screw Elena! God, the 180 within this relationship on its own is ridiculous, within one episode. Last week, Stefan went from him and Damon being closer than ever to “Yeah, I’ll leave town in like two seconds.” This week, he’s all, “To say goodbye to Elena.” Shut up. But I’m hoping there are questions here that are yet to be unanswered—like, did Elena know she had vampire blood in her? Did she sacrifice her human life for her friend or did she sacrifice her actual life?

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Moving on, it appears that Evil-Alaric tried to define those terms yet again when he told Jeremy to be on “the right side.” That doesn’t mean it’s “the good side,” but it’s something right? And speaking of triangles, how insane is that Tyler/Caroline/Klaus one going to get now that both sides are the same entity? Crazy! But also…I like it.

Overall, I watched this episode hoping that it would help tie in the season as a whole. And honestly, the setup for this episode did feel quite like a season finale. The production values, alone, tricked me quite nicely. The acting was unparalleled. But the episode was mostly a backdrop to the triangle. I’m hoping there was more here — that we got a story of Elena’s life prior to the pilot because it was the last time she was truly human and tonight was the last time she would ever be a human being again. But I’m inclined to believe that this final hour was a microcosm of the season as a whole. Remember season one when everything was leading up to Founder’s Day? This season did not feel like it was leading up to Elena becoming a vampire or…well, anything that happened this finale, truly. That’s probably a good thing, so that you didn’t see it coming (unless you watched last week’s episode). But at the same time, I didn’t except Katherine to show up in Mystic Falls even though the entire season was about her. This season, I thought Matt was going to reach his finality due to his heightened presence. I thought Jeremy speaking to the other side would bring a war. I thought The Originals would be a direct threat. Nope, nope, and nope. I can’t figure out if it’s unfocused or just twisty.

But you know what, I like the gusto. And I liked the episode…as a whole. There was great emotional payoff in some ways. Perhaps one of my favorite parts about the Evilaric storyline is the amount of suspense it gave this show, which was seemingly lacking. Even in this episode we got some of it, when Rebekah was walking the halls of the storage place. I’ll miss that. And if TVD is now a show completely about romances, at least some of those were given their quota of angst and fluff. And even though this season stumbled at points, I don’t think anything can truly keep me from returning to Mystic Falls this, uh, fall. Thank you to the cast and crew for another season of The Vampire Diaries; I’m eager to see what’s up your sleeve for next season.

At this point, I’d just like to thank every one of you reading this right now. Last September, I began NoWhiteNoise just writing Vampire Diaries reviews with about two views a week: me refreshing feverishly. And now, they’ve grown into something people actually wait for — which is beyond exciting, and I am beyond grateful for that. So I thank you wholeheartedly. I’m thinking of doing a review of the season as a whole. But if this is it, thanks for reading my reviews this season and I hope you’ll return (if I’m still reviewing Vampire Diaries this fall — or if not!). Until then, we’re doing a summer rewatch (kind of) and the competition is between Breaking Bad, Buffy, Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars. You should join. And if not, stick around for all the other content here!

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • Eric Pharand

    Thanks for freeing up an hour of my time, Julie!

    • Yikes. Did you really dislike it that much? I thought it was good episode overall; sort of like the sum didn’t equal the whole of its parts, but in reverse.

      • cacherr1

        I think triangle portion pissed people off as it was slap to both fans that made her choice out to be who she met first. So Elijah could have walked by and he her true love then? And the brothers relationship is bull.
        Also have bone to pick with that retcon flashback as I find it strange that he would take her word that she wasn’t Katherine. And he was bit nice for something that was pretty much season 1 Damon scene. It felt force imo as this was the Damon who still all about Katherine so to me, her meeting him first means nothing as he was still hopelessly in love with Katherine. It sort like when the GG writers in order to make Dair work decided they made up that thing about Dan supporting Blair at contest, TVD just decided to waste money on a scene is there difference. That flashback felt like they wrote this last minute (which base on JP’s tweets, they do write everything last minute)
        Also I did not get a sense of who the villain is suppose to be. Did you?
        Those things made me not enjoy this episode.

        However Scandal and Community was off the chang though.

        • Yeah, my first draft of this review talked about how the flashback scenes (specifically the Damon one) were a lot of retcon. At the time of viewing the episode, I mostly had a gripe with it being the series way of telling you “Well, she DID meet him first…so they’re meant to be” because it could have just been an offhand comment by Elena. Instead, the show is telling you that it’s not really. And it was an incredibly stupid comment.

          But as I started thinking about it, it was more of a retcon of Damon’s character. And the review was long enough without adding more about who Damon was in season one (though I can’t be that sure; I went back to watch Damon’s first scene in the series and it’s a bit … well, unsure in what state of mind he was when first saw Elena), who I believe has also been getting the short end of the stick sometimes this season. But anyway.

          • cacherr1

            I had always assume like Stefan he was also semi-stalking/watching her too. But you are right his reaction to her had always been vague but assume he had moment of freak out thinking she was Katherine. So I am colored confused but you are right there has been alot retconning of Damon character. Are saying Damon getting the short end or Elena is?
            I know some book fans are upset as apparently that was a Bamon scene in the book not a Delena one. But the books irrelevant. any who, I no longer conflicted on watching Community or TVD. Its Pop Pop from here on out. I do hope you write a piece on retcon though as I am intrigue by your thoughts. I mean I recall anger over the OTH retcon to pretty much ignore Brucas once season 5 hit.

          • The problem is that I was always under the impression that Damon returned to Mystic Falls because Stefan got there first. But I could be entirely wrong. (I’m trying to remember if the “animal killings” were happening before Stefan’s arrival.) Even then, it’s not that big of a deal, but I would figure that Damon, who had loved Katherine for — what, 150 years? — wouldn’t be so nonchalant about seeing her doppelganger like that.

            And I was saying that Damon has been getting the short end of the stick. Obviously, there’s a large portion of people who dislike Elena especially after this season, but I think Damon wasn’t really given a fair shot at the triangle (until this episode) and there has been a lot of his character being extra aggressive towards Elena and her loved ones this season (not including when he wanted to push Elena away), including this finale.

          • cacherr1

            yeah imo the pilot has been pretty disregarded as of late and alot statements made during the first few episodes have been contradicted particularly when it comes to Damon and to me I don’t like that. And one of the reasons I dislike Damon and Elena is because he is more aggressive towards her and it not a relationship he should be in. I also don’t get the quote that Damon consumes her though as nothing has come across my screen suggesting that. I also get the feeling Damon will never be fully happy with Elena (sort of like Sawyer and Kate weren’t fully happy hence why him and Juliet made the better pairing). I also think the show tries to make Delena to be Scarlett and Rhett relationship when in fact they fall into a Ashley and Scarlett category with Elena being Ashley and Damon being Scarlett.
            The animal killings started happening right when Stefan came back hence why Zach accused him of the attacks in the pilot.

          • OneOnOne1162

            I’m pretty
            sure Damon returned to Mystic
            Falls because he knew the
            comet would be returning soon and he was waiting around until then to free
            Katherine. Although I have to say his reaction to seeing Elena was a little
            strange, and I didn’t completely buy it. That being said I do buy the concept
            of him being relatively nice to Elena because of the reason above (Stefan hadn’t
            entered her life yet and he did it to antagonise him). Although it did annoy me
            that it made everything else about the triangle including Elena’s decision seem
            so useless in a way especially because as a vampire she’ll remember everything
            she was compelled to forget including her first contact with Damon (although
            thank god at least it might feel like it’s actually moving forward, or at least
            give that illusion).

            I also have
            to disagree with the “meeting first” thing. I think because she loves them both
            regardless, the fact that she met Stefan first and he helped her through that
            difficult time (the bond they created because of that) pushed them over the
            edge along with the fact that Stefan’s love is very close and caring and makes
            her indeed feel like she’s happy to be alive.

            I also have
            to kind of disagree with the whole Elena goodbye thing. Because on one hand it
            kind of felt like Stefan and Damon had gotten so close lately they didn’t even
            need a spoken goodbye and also because of the symbolism of Stefan wanting to
            get Damon back home to say goodbye to Elena. Plus I understand wanting

            I think
            Klaus’ soul keeping them all alive makes less sense than the body, but it’s not
            without sense. Basically what I see it as is, each original is like a
            moonstone, something that binds and holds their respective vampire spells like
            an anchor keeping it in place and that this spell was cast on their soul rather
            than their body so that rather than the body, the soul is the anchor. Again
            that being said, I think it was a bad idea to put Klaus in this position. I
            think they didn’t use his character well during this season so that they should
            have let him go (and I thought the desiccation scene was a fitting end to Klaus,
            killed by the two sides [Ripper Stefan, his former friend] and one of his
            Hybrids [who were supposed to be the few beings in the world that loved him
            unconditionally and whom he stayed in town without his sister for to keep their
            creation possible] and then left in the sea for all eternity [like he said he
            had done with his family], some poetic justice in all this I thought), it’ll
            only encourage the weird Caroline triangle and finally I’m not sure Trevino is
            up to the task of playing Klaus, at least not with the same power that Morgan

            Although I
            know this was a love triangle heavy episode on the surface, I didn’t even
            really notice it because of the emotional involvement I felt with the whole
            thing, and the whole episode in fact. Seeing how everybody responded to the
            clock that was ticking away after Klaus’ death means that we got some real
            inside into them, seeing how they’d act if they thought they’d die, who they’d
            want to be around. It heightened the emotions and gave a sense of unavoidable
            impending doom (which was eventually Elena’s doom).

            the flashbacks I had hoped would indeed provide more of a window into Elena’s
            life as a human and who she was then, who her parents were as well (who got
            only like 2 lines) I think they did provide that extra tragic tinge upon
            converging with the present during the car accident (by showing Elena so alive
            in one and so sad and distressed in the other but both ending in death and

            In the
            whole although I didn’t like certain plot points and certain developments, and
            you are right it felt like the season didn’t really lead up to the end, I must
            say for me at least it was one hell of an emotionally grasping episode and
            worthy of a finale. Oh and if you actually managed to make it through this
            comment, sorry it was so long.

          • I can agree with Damon’s returning to town not exactly being tied to Stefan (even though, he truly did want to antagonize him as someone said previously), and although Damon and Elena had scenes in the beginning of the series that were somewhat similar to this flashback, I just don’t buy him reacting like that the first time he met her when in a daze after waking up. And unfortunately, while I understand about the “met him first” thing, the point is that the writers put the flashback after that line. For now, we can only speculate on whether or not it was a throwaway, but personally it felt strategically placed.

            This whole episode made me question why Elena didn’t choose Damon, quite frankly. Even Stefan thought she was going to choose Damon. Stefan kissed her just in case there wasn’t another time, he wanted Damon to come say goodbye because he knew that he consumed her (at least, that’s what I got from it).

            I can only hope that next season we’ll see how Stefan struggles with being with a non-human Elena. Will he love her the same? And how will Damon deal with knowing that Elena didn’t choose him? You’ve got to wonder that if Elena is now a vampire, she’s going to be attracted to darkness in a sense. My only gripe is that Damon isn’t that dark anymore. So we’ll see.

            I think this finale was much better than last season’s finale, actually. (Though I could be mistaken, it’s been a year since I’ve seen last season’s finale, so who knows.) And ultimately, it paid off well in terms of entertainment and enjoyment. At this point, that’s all I can truly ask for.

          • I think he may have been that nice to her for two reasons. one has already been said, Stefan hadn’t known her yet. the other is that, since she looked like Katherine he may have decided to act that way. I don’t know if it even makes sense, if it was me I’d be really surprised, but he was surprised there for a moment so.
            Damon may go back to being dark after Ric’s death once and for all and after Elena chose Stefan. remember how he got when he found out Katherine wasn’t on the tomb? maybe something like that could happen and he could go back to some of his old ways.

          • Audrey

            I didn’t really like the Damon retcon because yeah, his attitude didn’t fit with what we remember from the pilot. However, I suppose I could buy it assuming Damon acted differently towards Elena in that flashback because Stefan wasn’t in her life yet. From what I remember, Damon’s jerk behavior towards her had a lot to do with antagonizing Stefan, so I guess in that first moment he saw and spoke with her he was different because there was no Stefan in between them yet.

          • That’s true; you do have a point there. Perhaps both Salvatores were stalking Elena and Damon only interfered once Stefan introduced himself just to antagonize him.

      • Eric Pharand

        Yes and no. Even ignoring the triangle, it wasn’t good. I want to see what happens in the premiere but I don’t want to invest in another season after the disastrous third season.

    • Carissa

      I won’t be watching anymore either, but I knew that before this episode aired, and the episode happened and sealed the deal for me.

  • Nindira

    i loved the episode.. i tought the whole “who met elena first” was just a way to level up the ground of stefan and damon, and more than who saw first elena it’s who entered her heart first and in this case was stefan, he helped through a really bad time in her life (not that they showed it to us, but it was), tough i am a Delena fan i understand that, for example i was really dissapointed about the whole “lets have a proper goodbye brother” turned to “lest say goodbye to elena” i love more the show when they focuse on the brothers relationship than on the ships, i loved the flashbacks, the parallels, i loved the doublecrosses, loved the episode in general, and i was kinda shock about elena turning, it was just something i never thought they would actually do, something i locked in my mind since the series started as a “no way they’d go there” specially since there was already Katherine (which by the was was MIA the whole season u.u i really love that character), and for last was klaus “body” destroyed? like no more joseph morgan? and what the heck happen to tyler then? :S
    Anyway the thing for me in tvd it’s that they have so many twists and good eps that the season finale just feels like another really good ep not the epitome of a whole season build up and i can’t say i hate the show for it, it’s one of it’s best qualities. sorry for the spam, wanted to share my thoughts and i really love your point of view on the show apart form you photo recaps XD and i vote for Buffy for a season rewatch mainly cause i don’t watch the others 😀

    • I am VERY disappointed in the “goodbye” scene. However, unlike you, I just knew it was going to happen. It felt like the Alaric thing was done ONLY to have Elena turn into a vampire, because there was no other option. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly even feel like much of a twist because it was…well, it was a beautiful scene, but that usually translates to “slow,” so I had it figured about before Elena started floating.

      I accept the who entered her heart first in terms of semantics but it’s still kind of the same argument. People fall in and out of love with different people throughout their lives, disregarding who was first. If Damon gives something to Elena more than Stefan, then who the hell cares that she met Stefan first? And I know it may have been a throwaway line, just to comfort him, but the show then put the scene where Damon met her first after it. It’s more than just a line now.

      And I believe Tyler’s soul is just on the other side until Klaus abandons his body — just like Rebekah’s when Esther possessed her and just like Alaric when Klaus did the same.

      As for the rewatch: it’s up to a vote (semifinals ends in 1/2 hour actually, but it seems like Buffy is in the lead). 😀

  • James_Evers

    Thanks Michael! I always enjoy your perspective as its clear and concise while giving an honest opinion without sounding bias. Its refreshing dude. I wish that we were able to see whether Bonnie’s conversation during the spell to know if Tyler went along with it willingly, or she just did it to save everyone and ask questions later. I just want the writers to allow the character the fleshed out development virtually ever other charcter has. Despite that, she’s still my favorite because of her objectives if nothing else. And now that she’s standing up for herself, I don’t care if she goes dark or morally ambiguously grey, just as long as we see the motivations behind them.

    Also, I plan on marathoning Game of Thrones as I haven’t watched it yet (I know, I know) so could you post when that will start so I can watch along? Since its my first go at it, it’ll be nice to have those discussions as I dive into it. Thanks again!

    • Yes, I completely agree with your comment regarding Tyler and the unanswered questions. Definitely, I will be looking forward to what this new development means for Bonnie. But I don’t exactly know where Klaus will go after this, you know?

      About the rewatch: it was up to a vote, and I think GoT just got kicked out :/

      (Also, thank you :D)

  • Beatrice

    I didn’t understand: is Klaus their bloodline sire but they didn’t die ’cause he isn’t actually dead or didn’t they die ’cause Klaus isn’t their sire?
    I’m confused ’cause the reason why Tyler died could be the spell Bonnie did to Klaus, not Klaus’ death and this would mean that he really is their sire.
    Otherwise if Tyler died because of Klaus’ death it means that he is not their sire, since they’re still alive. In this case who’s it?

    Did I miss something?

    • katherine_fan

      Don’t worry,you didn’t miss anything!It’s a stupid plot hole to keep Klaus for one more season *rolls eyes*.My theory is that the stake was made of silver so maybe that was a factor in Klaus not dying b/c SPOILER ALERT JP said we didn’t actually see Klaus’s body burning,so I’m guessing his body is not destroyed.Klaus should be dead!PERIOD!What’s the point in keeping him around?Why did they have to make HIM the originator of all the vamp characters’ bloodline??

      • Beatrice

        I agree!! Why keeping Klaus?
        I thought that Klaus was lying about being the sire just to protect himself in that particular situation and that’s why I was confused: Rebekah and Elijah stated that they didn’t create the bloodline and neither did Kol. Finn is dead, so it has to be Klaus, unless there is some other original around (here in Italy fans are talking a lot about Tatia, but she ought to be dead)…
        Plus, did Bonnie kill Tyler to let Klaus live in his body? I mean, why would Bonnie do that? What’s the point? What does she want from him??? Or maybe we should expect that Tyler isn’t actually dead either.
        The thing is: if Tyler died because Klaus died (and we know for sure that he is his maker) it means that Klaus is not their sire since they lived, BUT if Tyler died because of the spell it means that
        1) Bonnie killed him
        2) Klaus could actually be their sire (but we can’t be sure about that) and since he is not dead they lived.
        But this should make Rebekah and Elijah think, because if they really think that Klaus is the sire he CAN’T be dead since Damon, Stefan and Caroline are still alive. They should know that he isn’t dead.

        I know that it’s complicated, but it doesn’t make sense to me…

        • katherine_fan

          Me thinks that Tatia was turned by Klaus or Elijah!When Elijah said to Damon that Elena will never forgive him for turning her,it sounded to me that he was speaking from experience!;)))Maybe Tatia was a vampire that got killed a few centuries ago.
          Don’t overthink how Klaus can still be alive!It all comes down to this;JP will bend as many rules as she can in order to keep her precious Originals on the show!
          You know,lately I’ve been missing the show “Charmed” so much!They had established their rules and their mythology so brilliantly and it never felt that they betrayed them in order to keep a character around more!The witches on TVD suck!!And they can do anything without consequences!!:(

    • “And I believe Tyler’s soul is just on the other side until Klaus abandons his body — just like Rebekah’s when Esther possessed her and just like Alaric when Klaus did the same.”

  • kate

    I think it was obvious that Elena would choose Stefan, although I disapprove, for so many plot reasons I don’t care to count! I’ll just mention the main one which is, that if she chose Damon, then the 4th season would be all about rainbows and unicorns and pink clouds?? Noooooo. That would be a disaster for the series! But, now, more room for an even more excited love triangle! I think that the producers think to pull this triangle to the end, end then Elena will choose Damon and Stefan will be with Katherine. She has shown the same devotion to Stefan as Damon has with Elena. Elena definitely didn’t know she had vampire blood, that makes her sacrifice even bigger, because this is who Elena is. The thing I didn’t quite get, Boonie killed Tyler?? Good for the plot too, with Tyler there would be hard to bring Klaus close to Caroline!

    • Really? I thought it was going to be Damon. Even when she was telling Damon how she felt, and the overwhelming sense of Stefan being first and whatnot, she was going to say, “But…” and continue. But she she didn’t.

      • kate

        Really! It is damon, just not right now!!
        First ,I saw Ian’s interview, he was very ready to answer properly and rationally what his character will do if he is not the chosen one, but he gave a childish unprepared answer about what his character was going to do if he was not the chosen one, like he had never think how that would be, which means, not in the scenario!! Then, another member of the cast said that a part of the fans are going to be disappointed, I was sure he meant Delena fans, and I wasn’t mistaken!! I think they are more than the stelena fans, and definitely more eager!! Third, if she was choosing Damon, she could not go back to Stefan, ever!! I mean, Stefan, Damon, Stefan? No way! Unless he would die, but still would suck.. So the love triangle would seize to exist, so would the most interesting part of this series! Is is what keeps it going! Forth, by choosing Stefan and closing the door to Damon, would still be lukewarm, so what they do? They open the window!! And the show keeps on going! It was the rightest thing to do to keep us watching and wanting more!!

  • Val

    Thanks for the review! I’m really curious what Elena becoming a vampire will mean for Katherine. I mean… now there’s two undead Petrova doppelgangers. (and two brothers? hmm) Who knows what’s next in vampire lore.
    As much as I want to see Damon and Elena together, I just don’t see how it can work as an actual relationship.
    I do wish that Klaus had actually died. Not because I dislike him, but just… enough with the resurrections already and enough with Klaus. I would have preferred a storyline where the Originals figured out that there’s one other Original they didn’t know about (whoever made Katherine – how could Klaus have made her anyway? I thought he was supposed to keep her human?). Or something. And Tyler would survive, but how he’d be the Original Hybrid, leading to many other problems…
    Overall I enjoyed the episode, looking forward to season 4.
    I’ve been wanting to rewatch Buffy, so I hope you pick that one because it’s such a cult series and it’s fun to share.

    • katherine_fan

      I agree with everything you said about Klaus!Honestly,when I saw Rebekah and Elijah exchanging the look of “WTF,how are the Salvatores still alive” ,I thought there was another original out there!
      Klaus didn’t turn Katherine.Klaus turned Mary Porter,she turned Rose and Rose turned Katherine!

      • Val

        Yes, you’re totally right, I completely spaced out on who turned Katherine!

        @michaelcollado:disqus Who knows when the next doppelganger will come about… maybe Jeremy will live to have kids? But what I meant was that now there’s going to be two former-doppelganger, Salvatore-loving, unpredictable vamps running around.

        What is the show about now indeed 😛

    • Yeah, I’m really curious what it will mean for the show as a whole. So, you mean, no one’s going to be going after the doppelganger anymore? What the hell is the show about now? And yeah, people are resurrected a TON on this show.

      And I think Buffy might win 😀

  • katherine_fan

    Evilaric being a bad ass is what made the episode bearable!It’s funny you mentioned the season 1 finale,b/c that’s exactly the ep I was thinking about when I was watching this season’s finale;I kept thinking how amazing the finale of the 1st season was and WTH happened to the show this season!The whole season had no purpose ,therefore, the finale didn’t provide us with any kind of closure on any of the storylines!!Enough with the Originals!Why did they have to make Klaus be the originator of their bloodline?Why couldn’t it be Elijah or Kol (b/c I love him)?I love Tyler but I would be okay with him dying b/c they had to kill Klaus!Now,what’s really changed?And when did Klaus possess Tyler?When Evilaric staked him or before that?I felt cheated by this bloody possession trick,you can’t imagine how mad I am!Was it really Tyler I was rooting for in the scenes with Caroline or was it Klaus?I don’t know how to feel about their scenes anymore!!Evilaric attacking Rebekah and staking Klaus was the best scene of the episode!

    • YES! Evilaric somewhat made this episode for me. I couldn’t even believe it when he staked Klaus, and then a nanosecond later I remember Bonnie was in the storage room with him.

      As I said previously:
      And I believe Tyler’s soul is just on the other side until Klaus abandons his body — just like Rebekah’s when Esther possessed her and just like Alaric when Klaus did the same.

  • Jessica Sanchez

    I agree with you in everything! specially in everything concerning the “triangle”….which for me it has never been a triangle, it’s just Elena, who is in love with Stefan, but also wants to have Damon by her side for some twisted reason….I just can’t understand why the writers don’t let Damon move on if Elena is always gonna pick Stefan….I mean…Damon has done A LOT for Elena, some things good and other not so good, but everything he has done it’s been for elena’s sake….and she doesn’t see that….. but if that’s the story, then let Damon be happy on his own! that is so frustrating….. and what is most frustrating is that we are going to see another whole season of Elena trying to choose between the two brothers…. that sucks!

    • Your comment is so flawless!! However, now that Elena is a vampire, she’s going to remember the things Damon compelled her to forget. So it will be interesting to see how the triangle functions NOW — and I’m hoping it will be constructed better. That said, I’m a bit reluctant to get my hopes up because at the same time, I’m sort of just “over” the triangle already.

  • Mandy

    I can not say that I completely hated or loved this episode, I can say that I am just glad this season is over and HOPEFULLY they’ll do a better job with s4 plot line because a lot of ppl were excited about s3 being the season of the Originals…and somehow we end up with them being pushed aside to suddenly in the last two episodes hint at Elena turning, which did not connect at all!

    First of all, on Elena turning…I can’t say that I know anyone (from other forums) who was SURPRISED by this. A day before the finale sooo many spoilers came out that hinted that so even a two yearold would figure it out. Some are excited by this, I am not, I read the books and there was a build up to it which made it understandable and you could care for this epic moment. Here its like the writers have finally woken up and decided to just turn Elena into a vampire, cos “it feels like a good idea now”. Well, its not, not once has this whole season Elena ever thought about it or anyone discussing this with her, and I mean she saw how much pain and suffering Klaus was causing, couldn’t she just figure that by turning she will save herself and everyone else a lot of trouble. Plus, a lot of people are saying that this sudden turning is making Jenna’s, Isobel’s, John’s deaths pointless.

    Second, on the triangle, I so agree with you, Michael, even being a SE shipper, I felt bad for both my ship and DE because now it feels like they are downplaying both relationships and its come down to this childish argument of “I saw it FIRST!”. OMG, how could they do that to both fanbases – making Stefan the “safe” option and Damon “the second in line”, he is like Prince Harry – the spare! LOL! Plus, I know they hinted that Elena will kiss one brother and have an emotional moment with the other…but couldn’t they have come up with anything better than that flashback where Damon met Elena first? I liked how that conversation in the car started, Elena admitted to Damon that she loves Stefan and she never stopped loving him, and that she cares about Damon…and then she pulls the “If I have met you first”…and 2 mins later we get flashback? Ridiculous and stealing from something that served as a basis for SE, we know he saved her. Look, I would have found that flashback more appropriate if it was done earlier, like maybe back in s1. Now its doing more damage to DE than good to be honest because a) he thought she was Katherine, b) he talked to her as if he knew what he wanted when in reality he knew what Katherine wanted – danger, passion and adventure, why did he just assume Elena would want the same cos she looks like Katherine? I don’t get why DE are making such a big deal out this first meeting, Damon fell in love with Elena over the course of the show, he was still obsessed with Katherine, thats why he compelled her to forget him and wished her to find all that she wants in life – which turned out to be Stefan. Damon wanted Katherine, not Elena back then, even if she did meet him again, he would not be as involved in her life because his purpose was to find Katherine.

    3. Hello Dark Bonnie! Well, out of all the things that I could have predicted, I could not predict Bonnie saving Klaus…and Klaus is now Tyler? Wow, I have to say that is the only thing I am looking forward to because a) we haven’t seen Klaus’s body burn to the ground…Alaric staked him, it started burning and then he closed the coffin and we now that if you cover up flames….they might go out….so I am thinking and hoping that Mr. Morgan comes back soon….but not before he enjoys some more kissing from Caroline…and how will she figure out its him?

    4. I really liked Elijah and Rebekah hugging, it was so sweet because I always thought they weren’t really close!

    5. I didn’t like the Salvatores’ goodbye phonecall…like hello, you guys might die any second now…. apart from each other…who cares about Elena right now!

    Now what I did not simply understand:

    Elena made Stefan save Matt first…ok, so Stefan pulled him out….he opened the door….why didn’t she swim out as well or at least try or at least take of her seat belt?

    bTW, Damon is the only one who knows Elena chose Stefan, aside form Matt, but I doubt he’ll remember. So what do you think? Will he say anything to Stefan?

    • There’s a lot in this comment, so I’m going to condense my reply XD

      I didn’t read many spoilers, but after last week’s episode, Elena turning was the only outcome I thought was possible this finale. So it wasn’t too shocking to me. And you’re right. Previously, Elena has only mentioned that doesn’t want to be a vampire. She doesn’t want to live forever. She had a very profound speech about it…something I think is on of Nina Dobrev’s best scenes of this series…in season two. And she knows that her blood puts a lot of her friends in danger, so turning was the only option to truly keep them (somewhat) safe. But she doesn’t want to be a vampire. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see her struggle with it.

      And I don’t think Damon will withhold that information, but I also don’t think he’s going to say anything. She’s transitioning; I don’t know if he’s going to pull Stefan aside and go “by the way, now that everything has been turned on its head, she chose you…not really…” you know? We’ll see four months from now. I mean, Damon knew that he met Elena first and didn’t use that information. So I don’t think he’s going to do anything to sabotage Elena’s feelings.

      • Mandy

        Yes, I think s4 will not be as much about feelings but instead of both brothers helping her to deal with being a vampire, I just hope it will make Elena understand them more, cos now she is in their shoes! As for Damon, I also think he won’t withhold it or spin the truth around, Damon may be an ass sometimes but he does tend to end up doing the right thing eventually, at least that aspect of book Damon they have kept.

  • Monika Alem

    I wonder if Caroline will be pissed at Bonnie when she finds out that Klaus is now in Tyler’s body. I’m also confused if Tyler and Bonnie had agreed to the whole thing together or if Bonnie did it without asking Tyler at all. It would have been nice to have just one line to let us know.

    • Pellinore

      I imagine there was very little exposition b/c it’s a rule that Bonnie should only be present for five minutes or less. Perhaps they will care to explain this whole thing next season but I really don’t care.

  • I agree with everything you said, no need to add something. I was positive about Elena dying and her choosing Damon because of the build up earlier on the season, but apparently I only got one right.
    just one thing. now that Elena is a vampire and everything about her will be ten times bigger, imagine how many times she’ll say that everything is her fault? xD

  • gabbiii

    i don’t understand why her meeting damon for 5 seconds would make all the difference in her choice of brothers. he made her forget because he didn’t want to ruin his evil plan to mess up stefan’s life. i’m sure elena isn’t THAT specific as to literally which brother she saw first. i’d like to think that she meant if she had known the damon she loves now first, then her decision would be different. but the fact that damon compelled her to forget that he said he loves her could actually have an effect on her decision, and rightfully so. UGH it’s just too much for me, i’m still basking in the delight that human elena picked stefan, and the beauty that was stefan’s crying face over elena’s body.

    • fifi

      someone please explain to me what’s all the fuss about Damon meeting her first? Please? They were basically randomly talking and he compelled her because he didn’t want anybody to know he was in town.Its not like they were in love or something..The only reason why they showed that scene is because elena said: Maybe if i met you first..And Damon probably regrets not trying something with her instead of just letting her go !! What elena said is just another version of ..I heard that in the books when elena turns into a vampire, she forgets that she loved Stefan and think that she’s in love with damon..And then in the end she starts remembering that she really loved stefan..I wonder if thats what the writers will do..? I mean I love stelena it’s my favorite.Hearing Elena tell Damon : I love him, damon. was wonderful and the highlight..BUT if i were a delena fan i would kind feel tricked. I mean i DID not believe in their connection until that kiss in 3X19, where she was loosing her breath aand all ( God,she’s a good actress)..When i was like I don’t know what the hell that came from, but that was something!! I feel like it’s not really a triangle, they never dated! I can’t help but roll my eyes when delena fans talk about how much Elena LOVES damon, blabla..Like#LOVE people! I also want to see stefan with another person..People have been bashing him so much lately i hate that..He’s not Boring!! They should show a new side of him, not too good not too Rippah style, somewhere in the middle!
      I loved that last episode! I Want joseph Morgan, not tyler with joseph morgan’s voice.Ugh.But it’s still kind of brilliant! Caroline get the bost of both world :D! I’m so excited to see Strong Vampire Elena…!! Great review..!

      • fifi

        spelling fail much?!! Sorry!

      • The problem is just that. The show set it up as something more than a random talk.

      • Mandy

        I totally agree, I mean I find it ridiculous based on two things – a) do you remember every 3 min conversation you had with a guy in the middle of the night, in the dark, about life? No! Plus, Damon was clearly on the road to find a new victim, thats his way – lay on the road, someone will stop and he would have attacked them. THAT IS S1 Damon. So what were they trying to say? That Damon was as settle as he is now? BS! I also don’t get all that fuss, so she met him first…the events of that night would have been erased from her mind anyway without him compelling since Elena could hardly remember how she was saved…and I doubt the first thing she would think about after that crash, is about some dude named Damon she met the other night. Also why did he have to compel her? He said nobody must know he is in town yet…Ok, but who would Elena tell? The entire town? Like hey everybody there is this guy named Damon and he is new in town! Please….and even if she did tell anyone (as if someone would care) she only knew his name, he never said his surname, so it would not have made any impact…Srsly, that flashback was pointless.

  • mel

    hi! I liked the episode, and the twist of elena turning into a vamp is great! she needed some strengh! but, there are some many thing that don’t make sense that really bothers me.. I’m not sure if it is me who didn’t see that in the previous 2 seasons or the writers are getting down their level.
    Just two of them that I remember and you could use in that great photo recap of yours:
    – stefan leaving elena in the water to drown, when he could have break her lifebelt and let her swim to the surface.. and where was his vamp speed?? doesn’t it work under the water?
    – damon helping/saving rebeckah… after spending half a season trying to kill all the originals… I ‘m glad he did that, but why?

    Oh, I dont want klaus if he in not joseph morgan… I hope thay find a way to bring him back, hopefully season 2 klaus, who was much cooler than 3!!!!

    • As I’ve mentioned, I’m 97% sure that Joseph Morgan will be back and Klaus will be in his regular body. For some reason, I feel as though Tyler is expendable. But then I kind of remember he’s the only werewolf. That said, they didn’t make much use of werewolves this season.

    • AgedParent

      @mel – Elena wouldn’t let Stefan save her from drowning because she knew if she died then so would Evil Alaric, who she and Stefan knew was going to kill all her vampire friends. So Stefan saved Matt.

      • mel

        I dont really think she did that as a sort of suicide… And I wasnt complaining about elena’s choice, saving her friend over herself seem very much in character, I mean she spent the entire last season making that point! What I didnt understand was stefan having to chose one of them when he could have save them both!

  • Freda

    The flashback to Elena meeting Damon changed nothing for me. I don’t see how a several months long relationship could even be in the same league as a short conversation. If Damon had compelled her to forget some kind of secret affair they had going then I would be all for it.
    Aside from that, I really did enjoy the episode. Though I have to ask, at what point was Klaus Tyler? And did no one else find it weird when Tyler volunteered to call Bonnie, and Caroline was ok with that? I think I would want to say goodbye to my best friend on my own… And even though they showed Stefan saving Matt first (I still don’t see why he didn’t use his vampire strength to grab them both!) was Matt even alive at that point? We didn’t get a chance to see Matt catching his breathe or anything.
    And as excited as I am for dark Bonnie, I would rather they not do it if it means most of her storylines are off-screen anyways as was the case for all of season 3. I’m interested to see how she reacts to a vampire Elena.

    • I found the Tyler calling Bonnie thing weird as well, but I think we’re just supposed to “go with it,” just like how Stefan can’t save two people at the same time while being a vampire. Maybe they’re weak in water?

      As for the first meeting scene, I’ll be genuinely shocked if it doesn’t turn out to be important.

  • Thanks for keeping us happy with your reviews and recaps 🙂 I discovered you just about two months ago and I am so happy I did, coz you are hillarious!!! Thanks!
    I am wondering how everyone including Rebekah back and forth and Bonnie managed to came back to Mystic Falls and Damon couldn’t. This is weird and again – super vampire speed!
    And I am going to miss Joseph Morgan as Klaus. He was the best!

    • Why thank you and I’m glad you stuck around 🙂

      And I wondered the same thing. I don’t understand how, but it is what it is. And I’m pretty sure JoMo will be back. I think he’s signed on for a fourth season.

      • I just read about that. It is great that Joseph will be back. He is the only Klaus I really like and his “Rippah” is the best 😀 And this is great news for Stefan too 😀

  • jon

    gaaaa, the “if I met you first” comment was conciliatory in the face of damon’s seeming impending death. It wasn’t about who met who first. That she will remember meeting damon first will cause her to question stuff but what she has with stefan is love, forged from common struggles and experiences. She only has intense passion for damon, not love.

    • Mandy

      The funny thing I find about all of this is that now some DE fans are so overjoyed by this, and not taking into account one thing – yes, she’ll remember everything that happened between her and Damon but that does not mean that she will forget everything she felt about Stefan…

    • I think people are forgetting that this is TV and it doesn’t work that way. She mentioned the “if I met your first,” Damon witheld what he knew, and then the following scene was him meeting her first and compelling her to forget — all leading up to an ending where she’ll now remember. The scene is important. I’ll be genuinely shocked if Elena doesn’t wake up thinking Damon truly “got her” and understood her the first instant they met. And if that’s not the case, it will just be weird.

      • jon

        By “tv”: i assume the reference is to cliche teenage emotion-driven flip flopping and such? (emphasis on cliche part). This show has impressed me because it portrays the psychological impact/reality happening in elena’s head – both her feelings for stefan and for the affect of the trauma that keeps dogging her. The fundamental core of elena’s revelation in the truck is that no matter what she feels for damon -and I include her soon to be remembered memories- what she experienced and felt with stefan is constant and a reflection of her true self. If the writers were to push her towards damon simply because of a memory or two , the continuity would be broken and . . . well for me, this show would become just another teenage angst cliche of a show. Damon represents what she wants to be -possibly- and what she is attracted to (the life, the feelings anon). Stefan represents who she is and what she values when her heart returns home from wandering amongst her dreams. And yes, the show is cliche in many ways but stripped of all the drama and stuff, but elana’s story is quite mature and adult -far more so than other show of similar style attempt.

        • Wboo

          To me both delena fans, and You and most people, read too much into the i think we took the words literaly when we shouldn’t.The way i understood it, what elena said meant :…As in her decision has nothing to do with damon, he’s great and all ..If she met her first, there was a chance she could’ve fallen for him.To me, the flashback scene was more about damon, remembering that scene and having regrets..Because if he knew how amazing elena was, and that he would fall in love with her one day, maybe he would’ve just let her go…!
          While for delena fans it meant: Whoever met her first get the girl! As if they were kindergaten boys calling dibs on a girl they like

          • Beatrice

            I agree with not taking Elena’s words literally but I didn’t go beyond that: I didn’t see that scene from Damon’s perspective!
            You’re totally right, if you watch it this way it’s much more meaningful.
            The only problem is that it’s significative ’cause it defines Damon’s character and his love, but it doesn’t add anything to the plot; I mean, yes Damon loves her very very very much and he regrets he wasted so much time on Katherine while he could have hit on Elena, we already knew that, what’s that supposed to give to season 4?
            Anyway, thanks, now it’s a really good scene XD

      • kate

        Hm.. I think Elena will be so confused and scared and all that, that she wont care to be with the one she chose.. And blah blah blah, she will end up with damon!

  • I kind like the triangle, to be honest. I’m a Stelena fan, so the finale actually made me happy, even tho it was basically a Delena episode. And I’m looking forward for everything in Season 4, including the new aspect the triangle will have. And of course, Klaus in Tyler’s body, Bonnie’s attitude and of course, our new killer: Elena! She said so much about Stefan drinking blood, killing peeps and stuff, so fun to see her do that now.

    Anyway, season 3 was great, and like you said, nothing can keep me from returning to Mystic Falls this fall… I’m actually really excited about it.

  • And I forgot to say something, that is kinda selfish: TSC is cancelled, Kev might return to be more involved with the show, like he did on season 2, and we all know that season 2 was awesome. In any case, TSC was a great show… Gonna miss it.

    And I’ll watch buffy during summer. 😛

    • cacherr1

      Kevin stopped being involve with TSC after the third episode and admitted to the fact he was brought on last minute just to make sure th show got the green lit, the awesomeness of TSC had little to do with Kevin as he also stated he didn’t enjoy witchcraft that much. His new show for Fox got picked up. Emmy’s and GG recognize the Fox network, he is not going back to TVD anytime soon.

      • I actually didnt know that. Thanks for the information!

  • tutu

    So you’re mad because DE are endgame?

    • No…

      I’ve watched this season with knowing that they’re setting Damon and Elena for endgame. I’m annoyed that Elena made a choice for “right now” and we’ve just got to watch her with Stefan until the inevitable. Everything in this episode screamed Damon and Elena, so it’s just, like, why drag it out anymore? However, personally, I don’t think that Damon has been given a true fair shot in the triangle because everything that happened between him and Elena, Elena went on to compare it to what she felt for Stefan. She mentioned that, somewhat, in this episode. For example, when she kissed Damon, she felt she owed it to Stefan to tell him what happened. It’s things like that that didn’t allow me to think Damon was truly a choice.

      All of this I mentioned in this review, but I guess it didn’t come across.

  • epicknot

    Don’t leave us. Continue on reviewing next season. Your reviews are awesome. I loved the season finale. Season 3 sucked major balls—on average, but this show knows how to wrap it up! Have a great summer!

  • Mckenzie

    Julie Plec herself said that the “maybe if I had met you first” comment was just to soften the blow for him, a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ type situation.

    • LMAO I’m not saying she’s gonna remember she met him first and then go to Stefan “k bye this was fun peace OUUTTT!!!!” I’m saying that it was definitely an important scene. You don’t retcon for no reason like that.

    • Wboo

      I agree McKenzie..we read too much into the “Maybe if i met you first”

  • CarolineIsQueen

    What doesn’t make sense to me about DE fans being happy that they met first is the fact that they don’t seem to remember that in season 1, Damon was obsessed/still in love with Katherine, so even though they did meet first, it doesn’t change anything cause he didn’t want her; and at some point he wanted Elena to die. So I don’t see how them meeting first works in their favor honestly.