There’s a thing about TV addicts, like myself, they become too involved with the characters they watch on screen that they somehow become part of their lives. (See Gossip Girl & The Vampire Diaries fandoms) And this season was excellent for one reason: We got to be obsessed with even more characters. There were so many new television shows and so many new characters to cheer for!

Here are my top 5 (because there’s nothing cooler than obsessing about TV characters together!):

Chloe, Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23:

We’ve only got to watch 6 episodes of the show so far (Its season finale is tomorrow!), but this show is by far one of the funniest new comedies of the season because it basically has  a few of the funniest characters EVER! (James Van Der Beek is all kinds of epic in this show, by the way.) But the breakout star of this show is by far Chloe (Krysten Ritter) whose rudeness, vulgarity, and insanity make her AWESOME. She’s a bitch, basically. And she’s awful to her roommate June half of the time, but the rest of the time, she’s a great friend – in her own way.

Nolan Ross, Revenge

It’s probably his eccentric clothing or his unbeatable wit, but Nolan Ross has somehow become even more important than the Daniel/Jack shipping war (And that never happens!) on Revenge. What makes him even more fascinating is how much he’s willing to do for his friends, mainly Jack and Emily. He cares about them so much and his loyalty is ONLY to them, and I love that about him. (They better not kill him in the finale!)

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Victoria Grayson, Revenge

She’s evil. She put the only she ever loved in prison. She hired a man to beat up her son so that he will get house arrest. But she’s still one of the most popular characters on TV today. It’s probably because we know she’s not a complete sociopath, but she’s still a badass one. Even when she smiles, you can tell it’s cruel. Even when she’s trying to be nice, you know she’s up to something. I really want her to team up with Emily to bring Conrad down, how cool would that twist be?

Wade Kinsella, Hart Of Dixie

What is it about Wade that makes him so irresistible? Oh, yes. His abs. HIS ABS. And that accent. At first, he was a jerk. But then episode after episode, we started looking beneath his attractive figure and into his heart. He fell for Zoe and she broke his heart – all the time. I just wanted to punch her, sometimes. And that’s saying a lot, because Rachel Bilson is not someone you want to punch, really. I’m just glad he got his happy ending in the finale – even if it’s gonna turn out horribly next season. Wilson Bethel was seriously a wonderful addition to our TV hunks this season.

Olivia Pope, Scandal

Okay, let’s face it. Every character that Shonda Rhimes writes becomes a kick-ass character because she writes them so well. I mean, we’ve all had to battle our Shondaland obsessions every now & then: McDreamy, McSteamy, Bailey, Christina Yang, and now Olivia freakin’ Pope. This woman can do ANYTHING. She’s like the female House: She’s damaged goods but she’s a genius. And, apparently, has a heart. (I still cannot get over episode 6, you guys.)

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Honorable Mentions:

Faye Chamberlin, The Secret Circle
Snow White/Mary Margaret, Once Upon a Time
James Van Der Beek, Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23
Schmidt, New Girl

Who were YOUR favorite characters from a freshman show this season?

Heba could watch television forever. And she LOVES writing about it. She was never meant to be born in a land so far away from TV Land! Her favorite shows are Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Happy Endings, Community, Cougar Town and MUCH MUCH more. Follow her on twitter: @ClumsyHibz
  • Eric Pharand

    Faye Chamberlain (TSC), John Reese (POI), Chloe (Apt. 23), Real Amanda (Revenge), Munroe (Grimm)

    Honourable mentions

    Deedee (Are you there Chelsea?)
    Emma Becker/Sutton Mercer (The Lying Game)
    Mitch (The Firm)
    Gary (Alphas)
    Kenzi (Lost Girl) It’s new in the US

    • Heba Bsat

      Real Amanda IS awesome.

  • GuinevereDeRaymaeker

    Cassie Blake, she was superbadass! And the new guy Rudy from UK show Misfits, he was all kinds of awesome

    • Heba Bsat

      And now my heart hurts 🙁 #SaveTheCircle

  • Definitely love me Real Amanda on Revenge like @google-bb930f0a4639d7f0d79f2a0305581e78:disqus. @GuinevereDeRaymaeker:disqus are the only ones who like Cassie Blake. Carrie on Homeland. Olivia Pope. I think I like June more than Chloe on Apt 23.

    • Heba Bsat

      Carrie is probably my FAVORITE but I totally forgot about Homeland! I think I’m gonna have to update this article!

  • Spike

    Mine is definitely Emily Thorne – you just don’t want to cross that girl! She’s the definition of a BAMF!

    • Heba Bsat


  • xrnzaaas

    Chloe from Apartment 23 – definately. 🙂 Also: Monroe from Grimm, Schmidt from New Girl, Carrie from Homeland and Tessa from Suburgatory.

    • Heba Bsat

      I LOVE all the characters that you mentioned. (Except for Monroe because I’ve never watched Grimm. I definitely have to watch this show in the Summer!)